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Cuckold Husband Under The Bed (Chapter 2 - Amy Gets Fucked)

After agreeing to Amy's cuckolding fetish, does Paul really know what he's let himself in for.
As Amy and the other man walked into the room, he could hear Amy climb on the bed and breath out deeply. He could only imagine how sexy she looked as she lay there naked.

The stranger began to undo the belt around his waist and his trousers fell quickly to the floor. As they fell to the floor Paul could hear Amy let out a gasp. “Oh my god, I don’t think I can take all of that.” She giggled as she said this and the guy began to walk over to her.

Paul’s heart was beating faster than it ever had before in his life, this guy must be huge because Paul was very well endowed with a healthy 8” penis. As his cock grew harder he felt the urge to stroke himself but wasn’t able to move, the restriction of the handcuffs turning him on even more.

He could hear Amy moaning loudly. “Yes that’s it, lick my clit it feels so good. Oh my god that feels so amazing.” Her breathing was getting shorter now and Paul was finding it harder and harder to stay still under the bed, he tried his best though just thinking about that blowjob at the end of the night and how amazing it was going to be.

The bed began to creak as the other man put his full weight on there. Paul could hear him entering her; Amy wasn’t exactly being quiet about it either. He knew it turned her on that he was under the bed whilst she was about to get fucked hard by the other man.

Suddenly Paul heard the first thrust and Amy let out a loud moan. As the thrusting got harder and faster, Amy’s moans got louder and more intense. He could see the boards under the bed bending a little as the other man continued to fuck his girlfriend. This was turning Paul on a lot and he could only imagine how much it was arousing Amy.

Amy was now screaming at the top of her lungs struggling to find her breath as she came to the point of orgasm, her breaths becoming shaky as the other man continued to fuck her wildly.

Paul had never heard her scream like this in bed and he wished now that he could watch, his dick was harder than ever with pre-cum dripping down the side of his shaft. Orgasm denial had always been something he’d wanted to experiment with and this was perfect.

The moans coming out of Amy’s mouth as she got fucked directly above him were beautiful; she was always so sexy in the bedroom. She was a beautiful petite lady, her silky smooth skin and those big brown eyes. Every time she moaned in a sexy way Paul found it hard to resist her.

The bed began to shake as Amy got pounded on the bed above him. Paul felt slightly nervous that it might break and fall on him, but at the same time this added to his excitement as his heart raced faster.

Amy came to orgasm again very quickly and the other man fucked her harder and harder, making her scream louder and louder. Paul's cock was now soaked with pre-cum, any longer now and he might have a hands free orgasm.

They didn’t stop, Paul could hear the other man thrust into her every time and he could only imagine how much Amy’s legs were shaking right now.

Suddenly they slowed down, their heavy breathing sounding loudly throughout the room. Paul thought to himself could it really be over so soon?

Suddenly he could hear Amy gagging on the other man’s cock and his heart began to race again. As she continued to suck him off Paul was more aroused than ever, he imagined watching her beautiful lips around this big throbbing cock and only wished that it was his own. He knew that later it was going to be him that Amy sucked off.

The other man began to moan louder as Amy sucked his dick. He heard the man whisper to her, “Oh my god I’m going to cum.” He let out one loud moan before he released his load into her mouth and Paul could hear her swallow it all.

They both lay down on the bed breathing heavily. Paul could hear them talking to each other.

“I’ve just got to say that you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever slept with.” Paul liked this, not only was he getting off on the thought of the other guy fucking his girlfriend but he was also respectful.

“Oh my god you’re making me blush.” Amy giggled as she said this. “You have got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. That felt absolutely amazing.”

“So how long have you and your boyfriend been into this lifestyle?” He asked her sounding interested in both Paul and Amy which was a good sign.

“Well I only mentioned it to him tonight actually, and he loved the idea of it. We’re going to talk later but after tonight I think we could make this a regular thing.” Paul began smiling to himself, he was definitely up for this.

“Well I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of thing over the years, and I’ve got a lot of things that could drive you and your boyfriend wild if you would like to try them out.”

Amy looked at him as he said this.“What kind of things?” She sounded excited and Paul was keen to know too.

“If you give me your number I’ll call you through the week. From past experience I’ve always found it turns the boyfriend on a lot more if he doesn’t know what’s going to happen on the night. I know he’s in here somewhere but he’s out of sight for his own reasons so I will never intrude.” Paul really liked the sound of this guy, he knew what he was talking about.

“Sure I’ll definitely be up for that. Here’s my number.” Paul could hear Amy writing on a piece of paper and handing it to the other man.

“Great, I’ll go now and let you talk to your boyfriend and find out if this is something you’d both like to continue doing. There is one thing that I would advise to you though.”

“Oh really what’s that?” Paul was interested to know but was confused when he could hear them both whispering to each other. Amy began to giggle out loud.

“Oh yes, I’d never thought about doing that. Paul is going to love it.” Paul had no idea what they were on about but he could hear the other man reaching into his trouser pockets and handing Amy something. What could it be he thought to himself?

He could hear Amy and the other man kiss each other. Quickly the other man walked out of the room and Paul knew he had gone.

Amy lifted up the covers under the bed and loosened the handcuffs around his wrists and his ankles. Paul climbed out from under the bed and lay down next to her, she was smiling at him and his cock was hard.

This was it, he was going to get that blowjob he’d been waiting for all night, or so he thought. Amy looked at him with her big brown eyes.

“So how was it for you? I just want to say that it was amazing for me.” She looked at Paul eagerly, although she could tell that he enjoyed it from his hard cock.

“It was amazing, you’ve always been so sexy in bed and listening to you get fucked was just a wonderful experience. I never thought I would enjoy something like that so much.” She smiled as he said this. He changed the subject quickly. “So is it time for me to get that blowjob now, I feel like I could blow my load any second now.” He looked at her expecting her to wrap her warm lips around his cock and start sucking him off, but instead she giggled at him.

“Oh I’ve got something else in store for you that you’re just going to love. I know how much you crave orgasm denial and it would be such a shame to take it away from you so quickly.” Paul looked genuinely confused as she said this. She reached under her pillow and instantly he knew what she had pulled out.

Staring him in the face was a see through plastic chastity belt, and he couldn’t lie that he hadn’t thought about trying one before. His heart began to race as he stared at it.

“I want you to put your hands behind your head okay and don’t move until I’m done.” She began telling him what to do again and this turned him on.

“Do I get a blowjob first?” His dick was hard seeing her lips so close to his cock as she climbed over him.

“Not tonight you don’t, let’s just say it’s going to be a while before you’re going to cum again. Seeing as though you crave orgasm denial so much, and the other guy is going to be fucking me so well, I don’t need to let you cum. You’re dick is no good to me at the moment.” Paul’s heart began to race, this was a cross between torture and a dream come true for him.

“I’ll decide when you get let out or when you get to cum, and you will do whatever I tell you to do. Starting from tonight you’re going to be living your fantasy, and I’m going to be living mine.” She smiled at him as she closed the plastic ring around his testicles and the base of his shaft.

She grabbed the small plastic tube and began to slide it over his cock until it was tight against the ring. She pulled out a small black padlock and slid it through the hole, a small click and the chastity belt was secured.

“How does it feel, knowing I control your cock now, it belongs to me and I decide when it gets let out. I might never let you out.

Paul could feel the cage getting tighter around his balls; he so desperately wanted to release himself but knew he couldn’t. “Surely you won’t keep me in this forever though?” He looked at her with his heart pounding in his chest.

“I haven’t decided yet, you’re going to be in it for a while though. That man’s dick is huge and yours just isn’t going to touch the sides anymore, I’ll use you as a human clit licker when I’m bored. I might even put on a nice big dildo and fuck you with it, you’ll be like my little slave boy.” Paul found himself being turned on by this in some sort of weird way, he’d always wanted to be controlled but never thought it would actually happen.

“Now slave boy sit up and put your hands behind your back.” Paul did as he was told and she put the handcuffs around his wrist. She lay down on the bed with her legs parted and pulled his head towards her pussy.

She spread her pussy slightly and pushed his lips inside her so that he was unable to speak. In a weird way this was quite comfortable as he lay there with his hands tied behind his back.

“Listen to me slave; this is where you sleep from now on. You don’t get up until I say you can because this is your bed now.” She looked at him smiling whilst rubbing her hands on the back of his head.

“Good night slave boy, starting from now your life is going to be turned inside out.” As she said this she reached up and turned the light off. Paul lay there unable to move as her hands held his face tightly against her pussy.

As he lay there, he couldn’t help but think to himself what he had let himself in for.

End Of Chapter 2

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