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Cuckold Husband Under The Bed (Chapter 1 - Amy's Secret Fetish)

Amy reveals her secret cuckold fetish to Paul, will he storm out and leave her or play along.
Amy and Paul had been together for about seven years now, and for the most part it had been an extremely happy relationship. They would fight as couples do every now and then but that’s nothing out of the ordinary and as far as Paul was concerned their sex life was great.

It had been a typical rainy Sunday for them today and they had decided to rent a few movies and chill out on the bed doing nothing. Amy lay on top of Paul, he was a tall well-built man and Amy found this to be a real turn on. As Paul lay there running his fingers through her hair she looked up at him with her big brown eyes.

“Paul, can I ask you something?”

“Yes of course you can, ask me anything.” He loved her eyes, they were so big and round he could very rarely keep himself from gazing into them.

“You know years ago when we first met, and you said you were experimental in the bedroom and would be up for trying anything.” As she asked him this he looked a little confused but excited.

“Yes I remember saying that, what have you got in mind?” he asked her genuinely interested as Amy never suggested anything to do with sex. He was always the one who had creative ideas.

“Well I’ve had this fantasy for the last six months after talking to Jenny in work. She’s tried it with her boyfriend, and apparently their sex life has been the best it’s ever been, even better than when they first started having sex with each other.” Amy could see that Paul was thinking about what it could possibly be. She continued,“They’re now in a cuckolding relationship, which I think is a very sexy idea. Please don’t be mad though as it’s just a suggestion, we don’t have to do it.” Amy looked up at her boyfriend; her heart was racing as she waited for his reply.

“What’s a cuckolding relationship?” Paul asked her looking confused. She felt nervous but was determined to discuss it with him, hopefully he wouldn’t react.

“It’s basically when a boyfriend has knowledge that his partner is having sex with someone else. So for instance there could be many scenarios where you could watch me get fucked by someone else, or listen to me getting fucked by someone else. It would only work if you got off on the idea of it though.” She felt even more nervous, hoping that like most guys he wouldn’t kick off.

To her surprise he smiled whilst contemplating the idea. “We've been together for seven years and I can’t believe I’d never even contemplated that. Whenever we've done home-made videos I always liked watching you, your body is just so sexy. And to be able to watch and listen to you getting fucked by someone else would actually be a real turn on.”

Amy smiled and breathed out a sigh of relief as he said this. “Are you serious? I’m so glad you like the idea I thought you were going to be angry that I would suggest such a thing.”

“Not at all, I like the fact that you’re honest. Most women would just go behind their partner's back and get found out, but you actually came to me first I really appreciate that; it’s a sign of trust. I’d still get to have sex with you though right? I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t getting any.” He looked serious as he said this and Amy quickly responded.

“Of course you would, you’re still my boyfriend. I wouldn’t want to lose you. But seeing as you like the idea of orgasm denial, this could really play into it and make both of our fantasies come true.”

This was very true and Paul hadn’t considered how much of a fetish he had for orgasm denial. “I have to admit I never thought I would agree to something like this. How will the first time we try this work, will I be watching or…?” He looked at Amy to finish his sentence.

“Seeing as we’re both new to this, I thought we’d ease into it without being too full on. Imagine if you were tied up under the bed and I’d been teasing you for an hour, stroking you up to the point of release and stopping just before. Then I’ll leave you under there whilst me and the other guy fuck on the bed so you can hear everything. After he’s done and gone home I’ll untie you and suck you until you come in my mouth and swallow it all.”

Paul’s cock got hard instantly at the thought of this, Amy never gave blowjobs and he loved them so much. “Wow, this turns you on so much that you’d suck me off afterwards, I’m definitely down for this. When were you thinking of trying it?” He looked at her eagerly anticipating her answer.

“Well I was kind of thinking we could do it tonight… if that would be okay. If it’s too soon then we can hold off until you’re ready.”

“No tonight sounds great we should definitely do this.”

Amy smiled as she sat up. “Okay you jump in the shower and I’ll make the call, Jenny said that she knows someone who loves doing this.” Without hesitation Paul went into the bathroom and Amy could hear the shower turn on from down the hall. She picked up her phone and called Jenny.


“Hey Jenny, it's Amy you’ll never guess what.” Amy sounded ecstatic as she spoke to her friend on the phone.

“No way, you’re not telling me that Paul actually agreed to it?”

“He did and he loves the idea, he’s in the shower now. Do you think you could call the guy and get him over here in an hour?”

“Yes of course I’ll do that for you. And by the way Amy, just so you know this guy is hung like a horse. You’re going to be screaming.” They both laughed down the phone to each other as Jenny said this.

“Okay well I’m going to have a shower with Paul and get ready. I’ll phone you later to let you know how it went.” They said their goodbyes to each other and hung up the phones.

Amy joined Paul in the shower and they both washed and dried off. Once they were done they walked into the bedroom where she grabbed her handcuffs from under the bed.

“Okay are you sure about this now? Once he’s here it’s too late to change your mind.” She looked at him expecting him to say he didn’t want to do this, but once again Paul surprised her tonight.

“No I’m definitely sure I’m ready for this, the blowjob tonight is going to be amazing.” After he said this he got under the bed and lay on his back. Amy quickly followed handcuffing his hands and his feet together ensuring that he couldn’t move.

She began to stroke his cock back and forth slowly whilst kissing him; Paul had never been this aroused and quickly came to the verge of orgasm. She quickly let go and he let out a soft moan. She looked at him again with those big pretty eyes that he loved so much.

“You’re going to have to be quiet under here I don’t want to hear a peep from you, do you understand?”

Paul loved it when she told him what to do. “Yes I understand completely, when will he be here?” As those words came out of his mouth he heard a car door slam shut. Both their hearts racing, she kissed him quickly.

“I love you for this. Starting from tonight our sex life is going to be the best it’s ever been. Now be quiet and don’t move, I’ll let you know when it’s safe to do so.” With this she slid out from under the bed and pulled the covers down so no-one could see underneath.

John lay there as he heard the front door open, his cock more aroused than ever and his heart racing like a train. All he can think about is how sexy this is and how amazing the blowjob he’s going to get later will be.

He could hear Amy and the other man laughing as they walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. This is it; he is now officially the Cuckold Boyfriend Under The Bed.

End of Chapter 1

Thank you for reading and Chapter 2 will be coming soon.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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