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Cuckold Husband Under The Bed (Chapter 3 - Amy Makes Him Watch)

Amy has a surprise for Paul today, and it's not one he's going to enjoy.
Paul had been stuck in his chastity belt for a few days now and Amy loved every moment of it, even he had to admit that it turned him on. He had hinted to her the other day about getting release but she simply looked at him and smiled as she went about her business; this didn’t make him angry as he liked being told what to do.

Amy walked up to him with a big smile on her face and kissed him firmly on the lips, she had been getting herself all dressed up today and Paul was curious as to what the occasion was. She looked beautiful in her long black dress and the perfume she was wearing smelled amazing.

She looked at him with her beautiful eyes as she put her arms around his neck. “So I’m going to be going out for a few hours for a meal with the other guy, I know how much you like it. And maybe if you’re lucky later, I might let you out of your cage for a couple of hours. Come with me into the bedroom there’s something I want to show you.” Paul did as he was told and followed her into their bedroom.

It looked as it always did, clean and tidy. He failed to see what she was going to show him. She instructed him to lay down on the bed and began handcuffing him to it ensuring that he was completely unable get away.

She pulled out something he had never seen before; it was like a purple oval with white straps on it. He watched closely as she wrapped it around his chastity belt making sure it was nice and tight. She then pulled out a black remote with a white button on it and smiled at him.

“You may be wondering what that thing tied around your balls is. This remote I have in my hand here will make that thing I’ve tied around your balls vibrate, and I have to say it’s a very strong vibration.” She giggled as she said this. She pressed the button and instantly he could feel the vibrations on his testicles, it didn’t hurt but it made his cock press firmly against the cage. He moaned out loud as the vibrations continued.

She pressed the button again and it stopped. He let out a sigh of relief as she did this. “Well it certainly seems to be working, here comes the fun part.” Paul’s heart began to race; he wasn’t quite sure where she was going with this. “While I’m out having a nice meal with that guy who was here a few nights ago, I’m going to leave this on and you’re going to feel these vibrations for a good 2 or 3 hours. When I get back later and only if you’re lucky I might switch it off. But if I’m really tired and just want to go to sleep, then you’ll just have to hope that the batteries run out.”

She pulled out the duct tape and put a strip of it over his mouth making sure he couldn’t talk. “Well I guess I’d better get going, I wouldn’t want to keep him waiting.” As she said this she stood up and pressed the white button on the remote. He could feel the vibrations instantly and he began moaning through the tape around his mouth. As he looked back over at her, his eyes wide as she opened the bedroom door, she looked back at him. “See you soon slave boy, don’t bust a nut while I’m gone or you’ll be cleaning up the mess with your tongue.”

She closed the door behind her and left the house. Paul lay there unable to do anything about the vibrations torturing him every second. He hoped they would stop soon, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to take 3 hours of this.


Four long and gruelling hours had gone by and there was still no sign of Amy, the vibrations hadn’t stopped and the remote was nowhere to be seen. He struggled against the handcuffs to no avail and sat there waiting for her to return and switch it off.

He could hear a car pull up in the driveway, it had to be her. As he looked out of the window his beautiful girlfriend was walking up to the house. He felt happier than ever to see her, he didn’t know how much more of these vibrations he could take. After a few minutes had gone by she opened the door in the bedroom and walked in smiling at him.

“How’s my little slave boy doing, I see the vibrator hasn’t failed yet what a shame that would’ve been.” She sat down next to him on the bed and began massaging his balls. “I’ve got to say my little pet; you really are well behaved for me. I expected to come back with cum dripping all over the bed but it’s clean, this makes me very happy.” As she let go of his balls she stood up and let her black dress fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath and this aroused him.

She slowly began to peel back the tape from his mouth, the cool air feeling great on his lips. “Seeing as though you’ve been a good boy and there’s no mess to clean up here, I have a little mess that needs cleaning. Me and the other guy ended up going back to his place and one thing led to another.” As she said this she turned her ass towards his face and squatted over him, he could see that there was a butt plug firmly inserted there.

“What I want you to do is open your mouth for me and stick out your tongue all the way, don’t close it until I tell you to.” Paul did what he was told and opened his mouth. She slowly began to pull the butt plug. Out poured a load of cold cum, quickly filling up his mouth.

“Does that taste good? Oh I bet it does. Swallow it for me slave boy.” Paul swallowed the load of cum in his mouth and could feel it going down his throat. As he looked up he could see that her ass hole was still sticky with it. “Now lick me clean, I don’t want any cum left there.”

Paul stuck out his tongue and she backed up onto it, almost putting her whole body weight on his face. He licked for a good ten minutes, his tongue went in and out of her ass hole many times before she was satisfied that it was clean.

She got off his face and lay down next to him, the device still vibrating around his balls. “I really would like to turn this off but I seem to have left the remote in the other guy's house. Oops, silly me.” She giggled to him and he asked her to unwrap it from around his balls, she refused and stood up again.

“Now that I’m all clean because you’re such a good boy, I thought we’d watch a movie together. It’s been a few days since we’ve done that and I know how much you enjoy watching movies.” Paul smiled as she said this; he did love watching movies with her.

She pulled a CD from out of her bag and inserted it into the DVD player before quickly getting under the covers next to him. “I really think you’re going to enjoy this, I had a lot of fun making it.” Paul’s heart began racing again, he knew exactly what she had done and his cock pressed firmly against the cage of his chastity belt again.

As the movie began to play, he could see Amy on all fours in front of the camera. Her body was so sexy and he only wished he could fuck her again, this truly was torture. As he watched her on camera, 3 men got on the bed, their cocks big and hard and Amy smiled into the camera as if looking directly at Paul while he was tied up there.

One of the guys lay underneath her slowly inserting his cock into her pussy while the other two went on to fill her mouth and her ass hole. The man who had his cock in her ass grabbed her hands and held them behind her back, while the guy filling her mouth grabbed hold of her hair and began fucking her mouth.

Paul could see Amy gagging on the cock and trying to moan as the other two guys started ramming her, she was filled in every hole. As Paul lay there watching his beautiful girlfriend get fucked by three well-endowed men, Amy crawled on all fours in front of him facing the TV.

She slowly lowered her pussy onto the vibrator that was attached to his balls and began moaning. He could see her pussy lips contracting and this turned him on, he was so close to feeling his cock inside her pussy he only wished the chastity belt wasn’t in the way. Amy began to moan softly as her and Paul continued to watch her getting fucked on the TV.

The other guys were relentless, they just kept on going, fucking her harder and faster every second and he could hear Amy trying to scream as she had a mind blowing orgasm, her whole body shuddering.

Suddenly they all stopped, apart from the guy who was fucking her ass, and lined up one behind the other. The guy fucking her ass quickly came inside her before moving out of the way for the other two guys to fill her up. Once they were all done, one of them grabbed a butt plug and pushed it firmly into her ass.

The movie stopped and Amy switched the TV off in front of him. She shuffled back up to him resting her head on his chest, his balls still vibrating as he wished that it would stop. Amy looked at him. “One thing I forgot to mention about the vibrator, it’s not powered by batteries, it’s actually plugged into the wall. You just can’t see the wires that I’ve hidden under the sheets.” She laughed as she said this. Paul looked at her hoping she was going to unplug it.

“The only way that’s going to stop tonight is if the power goes down, so good luck sleeping, slave boy. I’ll see you in the morning.” As she said this she turned off the lights and went to sleep. Paul lay there only hoping that the power would go down so that he could get release from this torture for 5 minutes.

End of chapter 3.

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