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Getting Retribution

Regaining some self respect and showing wife it's a two way street
In the twenty-two years that my wife Jennifer and I have been married, I had always chosen not to stray. Don’t get me wrong. I would be an incredible flirt with all the ladies. However, if a girl was to actually accept my advances, I would wittingly get myself out of the situation and run home to the wife.

After catching my wife Jennifer fucking her coworker, I gave her my blessing to fuck anyone she wanted to. Since then, our marital situation has changed dramatically. We could choose to be with anyone we wanted to, without the guilt of hurting the other or the fear of causing a divorce. However, I just could not seem to find a willing sex partner. It didn’t help that I was ordinary looking guy, in an industry of young, tight bodied construction workers

I guess you could say that it was my own fault. Whenever I would go out with people from work, I would take my wife along with me. My wife was so nice, as well as good looking, that the women either yelled at me for potentially hurting such a sweet wife or were too threatened by her good looks to compete with her for her man.

My wife on the other hand, never took me around people from her office. As a result, none of the men in her office ever made a personal connection with me. So, they had no problem feeding their fat cocks into her wanting cunt.

Even if they had met me and still gave it to her, I would have not blamed them. I always said, “If a guy can’t satisfied his woman, he deserves to have her wander.” Now, it was me that had the wandering wife. I just had to accept it.

My wife continued to take her coworker's cock deep in her cunt and swallow his load after an afternoon of cock sucking. Jennifer had never been happier! She enjoyed going to work because she knew that no matter how bad of a day it may be, she may get to have a little fun.

To be honest, I was benefiting from her new freedom as well. My wife and I had enjoyed an incredible sex life. We had made love while she told me, in great detail, how deep her lover plunged his cock into her soaking wet pussy. Other times, she sucked my dick while she told me about her mischievous play. For example, how she sent him a text to check his desk drawer for the panties she removed and left for him. This would always cause me to shoot a massive load of semen down her throat.

Even with all the enjoyment I received for her wandering ways, I just could not help but realize that the other man in my wife’s life had something over me. I met Mark for the first time at a cocktail party. My wife’s company threw a party for all the people in her office, as well as their clients. Although I truly wanted to, I refrained from telling Mark that I knew all about the affair and that I did not object.

I would have loved to tell him that the stories of him fucking my wife on his desk, with his huge cock, had given my wife and I fuel for hours of incredible love making. If he only knew that my wife would tell her story of infidelity, while sucking my dick and running her tongue around my asshole.

This guy should have been thanking me for teaching my wife how to suck a cock so well, that it made him moan deeply and spray load after load on her face. Instead, Mark spoke to me in a macho tone, as if he had something over on me.

I felt this feeling of resentment until I met Mark’s girlfriend. Lisa was beautiful. She was about five foot, three inches and about 115 pounds. She was blond. I would guess she had to be a C cup in breast size. At that moment, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to use his girlfriend to regain some self pride.

I initiated my plan by recalling everything my wife described about their love making. I wanted to find that one thing that Mark did not do. I also watched his mannerisms throughout the night, to find his flaws and use them to my advantage. In essence, I wanted to find that one thing that I could do to his girlfriend that would make her think of me at night, while he was between her legs, giving her his best.

Although we all spent the evening laughing and caring on, I could tell Lisa did not appreciate the attention my wife was getting from her man. I watched intently as she tried to put her finger on just what might have been going on. I also noticed Mark treated Lisa more like a trophy than a lover.

Mark spent so much time and energy wiping down the silverware before using them to eat, I knew right there that he would not have been willing to do dirty things to satisfy his girl. I realized that this was what I needed to do to make Lisa mine. My plan was coming together. I made sure to tell Jennifer that she should find a way to slip away with her lover and take his cock for a ride. 

Meanwhile, I got to know my new friend. We talked about everything from where she worked, to where she liked to go drinking. I was happily surprised that she worked as a teacher near my job and hung out at a pub I liked to frequent.

Lisa and I spent most of the meal trying to find out if we ever ran into each other at the pub, as well as comparing stories about funny things that happened at the pub. We were getting along so well, that Lisa spent less time watching the wife flirting with her boyfriend and more time trying to find ways to one up me with bad jokes.

While we spoke, I made it a habit to touch her arm and leg with my hand. I would leave my hand on her longer and longer, as I told my joke or story. Eventually, she didn’t seem to notice my hand getting higher up her leg. If she did, she definitely didn’t let on. Lisa definitively enjoyed the attention. Mark subsequently enjoyed the ability to make time with my wife, without worrying about the two spouses noticing.

As expected, Jennifer and Mark found a way to break away for some alone time. They said they had to seek out and give one of their big clients at the party some attention. Lisa and I agreed that we would have more fun sitting at the restaurant bar than at the table.

When we took our seats at the bar, I made it a point to position my bar stool in such a way, that my legs straddled Lisa‘s legs. I made my move by telling my worst dirty joke and placing my hand on Lisa’s knee. As she squirmed at the bad punch line, my hand rode high up her leg and rested on the inside of her thigh.

My hand caused Lisa’s skirt to rise high up on her leg, showing a great deal of her with fleshy skin. When I was not told to move my hand and she did not immediately fix her skirt, I went for broke.

I asked Lisa, “What was the nastiest thing Mark ever done to you?”

She looked disappointed and said, “Not much!”

I leaned into her, with my hand squeezing her thigh oh so slightly. I told her that if she was my girl, I would have looked for any opportunity to do nasty things to her.

The booze must have started kicking in. Lisa blushed slightly and asked me just what kind of nasty things would I have done to her. I told her that I would just have to show her. I suggested that we take advantage of our spouses being busy with a client and sneak out to the parking lot. To my delight, she smiled devilishly and agreed to go.

Being that I had a large SUV, with tinted back windows, I suggested we get into my truck. As soon as we shut the door, she sighed nervously and leaned back into the seat. I leaned in and began kissing her lips and neck. I placed my hand on her thigh and began sliding it up her leg. I didn’t stop traveling up her leg until I reached her silk panty covered pussy.

As we made out, I moved her panty leg to the side and began tracing my finger up and down her vagina lips. She was soaking wet. I knew she was ready for anything that I was going to do to her. After kissing her neck, I inhaled softly in her ear.

I then whispered, “Turn over.” 

Her eyes widened as she wondered just what I had in mind. She slowly but obediently turned away from me and knelt on the car seat. I gently pushed her head down, so that her face rested on the seat. This caused her ass to stick way up high in front of me.

I lifted her skirt to reveal her silk panties and her beautiful ass cheeks. I began to kiss the globes of her ass, while rubbing her pussy through her panties. She began to breath heavily and moaned with approval.

As I worked her panties down her legs and under her knees, I began to run my tongue up and down her soaking wet pussy. She was in pure ecstasy as I darted my tongue deep into her cunt.

As I began using my tongue to explore her sweet asshole, I asked Lisa, “Would your boyfriend ever do this?”

This was something that she must have never experienced because the loud moan that came out of her could have been heard back inside the catering hall. She began to shake as she had her first orgasm.

A mixture of Lisa’s cum and my saliva left a trail of wetness on the inside of her legs, as it ran down her thighs. When I thought she was over her shock wave, I reached between her legs and began playing with her clit like it was a mandolin. All the while, I was fucking her sweet asshole with my tongue. She remained quiet as she enjoyed the complete service she was getting.

I wasn’t sure how she was going to react, but I slowly took out my camera phone and snapped a picture of her ass and pussy, sticking way up in the air. She asked nervously what I just did but did not move out of her comfortable position. I told her that I took a picture, just so she can see what being dirty is all about.

When I thought Lisa had enough fun, I sat back on the seat and began removing my pants. She turned over and thanked me for such a great orgasm. I told her she could thank me by sucking my dick with all the love she can muster.

Knowing just how big her boyfriend was through stories from my wife, I knew Lisa should be able to take every bit of my normal sized cock. Lisa sucked my dick for what seemed to be an eternity. She also played with my balls while she worked.

I continued to separate myself from her clean cut boyfriend by telling her to play with my asshole while she sucked. Lisa smiled broadly. She began using her middle finger to penetrate my anus and then returned to sucking my swollen cock.

This service was more than I could take. Knowing that we had to go back in before we were missed, I shot my load into her mouth. To finish the fun, I took another photo of her using her tongue to clean the remnants of my cum off my cock.

After we gathered our clothes and regained our composure, we returned to the bar and waited for our spouses to find us there drinking. When they returned, my wife had that familiar smile on her face. That face that told me she had been with her lover and will have some cum in her panties to show me when we got home.

As Jen and I went to get our coats from the coat check, I took that opportunity to show my wife the photo of Lisa licking the cum off my dick. She threw her head up to look at me with a look of pure shock. That’s when I returned to the valet parking area and gave Mark that look of “I have something over you.” 

I gave Lisa a sweet kiss on the cheek and told her that I hoped I get to see her at the pub next time I went there. She agreed sweetly and gave my wife a peck on the cheek, while Jennifer had that “taken for a loop” look.

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