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How To Cuckold Your Husband: A Practical Guide

A guide for the modern, and horny, housewife to become a Hotwife
I am very fortunate to live a life of permitted sexual abandon, thanks to a wonderful husband.

I have been asked many times how I have accomplished this, so here are some guidelines and ideas.

First, and of paramount importance, your relationship with your husband MUST be 100% rock solid. Any jealousy, insecurity, or lack of total trust, and this is NOT for you.

We have both been very active in the B.D.S.M. community for over a decade. We are used to playing with others in this world which does not include sex. BDSM is a tactile game of touch, feel, and emotional paring.

In addition, we have been couples-swingers for quite a long time as well, so the idea of swapping partners is not new to us.

In the passing of time, I had observed that my husband’s greatest enjoyment was watching me, with whomsoever my sex partner was, as we engaged in sex play as swingers. His participation with the female half of the swinging couple we were engaging was fun and exciting to him, but not as exciting as watching me and my fuck-buddy partner.

When my girl friend Tina came to dinner, and we both decided on the spur of the moment to go to a singles club together, my exposure to the Hotwife lifestyle began. (You can read all about this in my story titled "First Time Cuckoldress".) This is required reading for the prospective Hotwife.

As the story says, my husband was so excited by this encounter, we decided to take it to its extreme, not only to excite me, but to serve his needs as well.

Cuckoldry is not just about you, it is about you both as a couple. As a Hotwife, you are serving a basic sexual fetish of your husband to see you with another male. I’m not a psychologist, but it seems that a bit of humiliation of the Alpha male is what is being sought by your mate. My husband is very Alpha, with a strong personality, very strong-willed, and extremely successful in business. In our BDSM play, he is the master, without question.

Sometimes, men seek release of responsibility in the form of submission. I have seen this many times over the years. It does not diminish the male, it strengthens him to cast his Alpha state temporarily to the side. I am told that this is a sort of a "mental vacation", where the male casts aside his role as Alpha and allows things to happen to him, rather than he dictating how things will happen.

Once you have put forth the suggestion of your dating another man to your husband, I suggest a night out alone to test your ability to engage as many women can’t once the green light is given. Go slow, maybe a co-worker or divorced friend that you know will serve as a good first subject.

You can start the ball rolling by pointing out to your husband the sexual charms of male movie stars, men on the street...

"What a bulge he has... Wow, what I could do with that!"

See his response, and act accordingly, amp it up if you get at least a positive acknowledgment from him.

"How would you like to see me climb that pole?" is always a good one.

Be sure to always let him know that you love him, but that the presence of another man would simply be a tryst for the sake of pure sex, nothing more, and that he is your soul-mate forever.

Never use another man as a wedge to get what you want from your husband, this will quickly be the end of your marriage.

When I return home from a date with my hottie-stud of the day, I always make love to my husband and make sure to tell him that I love him so dearly that it hurts. The fact that I am usually dripping cum at the time, is only a plus to our lovemaking, it drives him crazy with lust for me.

It was my husband's suggestion that we stop couples-swinging shortly after my first encounter, and that only I go out, thus the term 'Hotwife'. I agreed. Since then, I have learned that his desires to be the second lover in our relationship has brought forth my additional steps of his humiliation, all of which he loves, and many of which were his ideas:

*All his male underwear has been thrown out, he only wears satin Victoria’s Secret panties, which I select for him.

*He wears a "cuckold" charm locked around his neck 24/7, for everyone to see.

*I always model the latest sexy outfit that I have purchased for him, and make sure he is told that I bought it especially for Mr. X to see and enjoy.

*I make sure that he checks my dating ads online for me, and relay the requests for dates to me, as my secretary.

*I recently made him throw his guy jeans away, and now he wears girls jeans only.

*I have taught him to walk in four-inch heels. He now has ankle ,and knee high boots that he wears at my request.

*At home at night, he wears a denim or leather mini skirt and a long blonde wig for me.

*When I am out on a date, he must be butt-plugged and a stainless steel cock cage is locked on him to prevent masturbation.

Now, I make my regular dates pick me up at my house, and come inside to greet him before we go out. I make sure that I throw my arms around my dates' necks and kiss them passionately as he watches. I always make sure to tell my date how horny I am for him, and that I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me, while my husband watches and listens.

A few special friends come to our home, and we have sex in our own bed as my husband sits tied to a chair. He is fully cross-dressed as a girl: complete with false breasts under his blouse, fully made up by me, and waiting to clean us both up after we are finished fucking and sucking each other to climax.

Recently, I instructed him to place an ad on a cross-dresser dating site complete with photographs of him fully made up.

So far he is very popular and has several "girlfriends".

Please understand that I "force" him to accept these actions and humiliations, but in name only. He loves them and complies with eager anticipation.

Upon my return to our bed, our lovemaking is wilder, hotter and so much more intense than ever before.

Girls, I hope this gives you some insight into being a good Hotwife.

I have to get ready, my date will be here in an hour.

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