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Late Night Business Call

A naughty story!

Late Night Business Call

I want to share a naughty story about Jackie.

She was married for how long I don’t remember, and while she stayed in the marriage, sex was boring and there wasn’t much affection.

Together they operated a multi-million dollar business in Jamaica where labor was cheap. Data input of those manufacturer coupons, rebates etc. you know the kind. The data was then sent stateside to generate the checks to be mailed. I suspect that they stayed together for business reasons.

The few times she slept with him was done to fulfill her wifely duties, and she hated it. Thankfully he left the island for long periods sometimes as much as 3 months, she would sometimes sacrifice a week to meet him in one of the cites where they had an office and that would keep him away from the island for another month or so.

One day I got a call at work, it was Jackie.

“Meet me at your mom’s in 30 minutes”

Something in her voice left no room for objection.

So I said “I will try!”

I looked at my schedule and arranged with a coworker to cover my shift then took off on my bike and rode like the wind, still when I arrived I found Jackie seated in her car. We often used my parent house as a rendezvous because my mom taught school during the day and my dad was away at the farm, the house for most times was empty.

We entered the house quickly, wearing nylon runners short with no underwear and strap sandals, that showed off her beautiful toes, I lifted and without hesitation carried her to my old room.

I still had stuff at home, it was still a place I could escape to, when I needed to get away from any of my other women.

She was hot and ready as I threw her on the bed, and after eating her juicy pussy for a while I mounted her and rode her till I came like a bull. With a twinkle in her eye she got up and left, no need to dress as I never removed her shorts opting instead to slip in through the side of the leg band.

“I’ll see you later at my place” she said before kissing me goodbye.

I lay on the bed for awhile before showering and heading back to work. The only downside was, now I had to stay a few extra hours to compensate my friend who covered for me.

Later that evening I played squash at the club where I saw Jackie again, we played a few sets and I coached her till close, then I followed her back home. Once at her place we showered together and I soaped up her lithe body paying specially attention to her small and perky breast, her nipples stiffened and I closed my lips around them, my hands continued to soap between her legs as she stroked my prick. Gently, she told me to wait, so we dressed, had dinner and a few beers; while she waited on a phone call.

Sometime later the phone rang, I lay across the bed reading, while she nonchalantly massaged my ass as she conversed with her husband. Muttering something about needing to turn the computer on she walked to the den which was adjacent to the bedroom, she motioned for me to follow her; as she continued to talk business on the phone, giving numbers and assorted data.

Then looking at me she silently mouthed.

“get on your knees!”

With the crook of her finger she motioned to me to crawl over to the desk

Swinging the chair around she exposed her pussy; then pulled me forward, pressing my head into her musky womanhood. I could see the wantonness in her eyes, then with a swift motion she ushered me underneath the desk while swiveling the chair to trap and close me beneath the desk.

I needed no further instructions and proceeded to lick and worship her. Sucking her toes into my mouth, I bathed ever inch, licking each toes as I separated them with my tongue, I continued to lick and caress her ankles and calves, the back of her knees, her inner thighs, and seeing that she sat scrunched off on the edge of the chair I began to probe her delectable asshole with my tongue, her pussy juices flowed and mixed with the leather of the chair providing me with a very potent and powerful aphrodisiac, sex and leather is a very heady scent and in the small confines of the desk I was completely intoxicated.

The business call lasted for what seemed forever; yet I remained trapped, my head pinned by Jackie’s hand and her legs wrapped tightly around my neck, yet above she remained all business, continuing to churn out numbers and data.

Finally concluded; she hung up and rushed me back to the bedroom, I was so hard I lifted her up and threw her on the bed, mounting her from behind I entered her and we rode each other to the brink of emotion.

Sensing I was about to cum she ordered me to lay on my back and mounted me, then she began to talk real dirty, recounting how much she had enjoyed our time together earlier, and more importantly details of the events that followed after she left me.

She came straight home, her pussy freshly fucked, filled and cuckolded with black cum, she proceeded to seduce her husband, she thought it was a fitting payback to have him eat her soiled cunt. The knowledge that he was getting sloppy seconds made her enjoy it even more, she told him to look in her eyes, as she ground her cream-pie pussy into his mouth. Watching him eat my cum unknowingly she squeezed the remaining portion by pushing the inner lips out till she had expelled the sticky liquid onto his extended tongue. She admitted this was so hot, and she felt so wanton that it made her cum, and was the first time she had cum with him. Chuckling that she sent him off on his trip with a little extra sauce.

It made her even more horny thinking about me while she carried out the first part of her plan and planned the later episode knowing that her cuckold would be far away. Under the impression, that she, his sweet wife was working hard, yet while they talked on the phone, his slut wife was having her cunt serviced and her ass licked by her black lover. These thoughts made her extremely horny she almost creamed while waiting for the call.

It took her all self control to contain herself while we lay on the bed, her fingers had often dropped between my legs to brush my semi-hard cock and the thought of sucking my cock and feeling it grow and pulse in her mouth left her with deep desire she planned to pursue later.

I was so hard from hearing these things I pounded her pussy hard till I felt her velvet lips tighten. Arching her back, she threw herself backwards so that my cock was now thrusting against her sensitive inner walls gently massaging her “G-spot” while she fingered her now swollen clit, her long auburn hair brushing my legs driving me wild ...we exploded together.

I miss my times with her, even though I am naturally dominant, I guess you understand quite well the sensual side when you are dominated. There was something quite intense and unpredictable when I was with her. She could be like a wild animal biting my lips, scratching me or tweaking my nipples as I was cumming, She had a way about her, and with me and; I was hers for the taking.

Later that night her head resting on my arm, she slid into a spoon position snuggling her ass into my crotch she nestled for the night. With my cock now ensconced between her cheeks and my eyelids heavy; I heard her breath a sigh before telling me.

“You did an excellent job tonguing my ass tonight.”

“...if you are good I might let you have it” she moaned.


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