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Modern Cuckolding Works - Chapter One

I give my husband the Cuckold treatment he begged for.
My wife and I were avid Internet fans; always looking something up, checking out new places, things, and activities. One day, while cruising the web I came across a Yahoo group called “Cuckoldry Couples”. Interesting, I thought. Investigating further, I found out that this once shameful, humiliating practice had become the newest rage in couple’s sexual play.

The object is for the wife to find and engage other men while she denies her husband sex, either permanently, or as part of an intricate dance of sexual power play. The husband willingly accepts, or even demands that his wife ‘rule” the bedroom. He often will willingly accept being held in a chastity device that eliminates all contact with his penis. Masturbation, intercourse and fellatio are impossible. The wife will control when and if he receives satisfaction, all the while being free and able to find, and engage as many men as she sees fit.

The husband must totally facilitate her needs and desires. He must buy her sexy outfits to wear on dates, cater to her needs, treat her as his princess, assist her in dressing for her dates, and both see and experience all that has happened as she tells him every detail of her trysts.

In many cases, he is required to clean her up upon her return home using his tongue to cleanse the deposits that her lover left behind. He may even undergo the humiliation of seeing her lover come to their home to pick his wife up...and sometimes, see them climb into the marital bed while he stands by and awaits her trysts completion.

In a few cases I read, the husband was required to suck the cock of his wife’s lover clean after he finished fucking her! I could not believe the level of detail that the website went into, just reading it was very exciting.

I spoke to my wife, Bobbi-Jo, about this lifestyle and although she listened intently, she did not profess any real interest. I brought the subject up a few times, but not much response. Then, one day we were out to dinner with friends and looking at the girl’s Tee shirt, I saw the imprint “Cuckoldress, interested?”

Bringing the subject up, she told about her liaisons, the many men she had met and conquered, and the phenomenal sexual tension that it had brought to their marriage. She told of her finding men everywhere she went, something that she had never thought of doing before.

Her husband told of his denial, and how he eagerly awaited his wife’s return home, now as often as three times a week. She told my wife about her loving to be a sex object once again, and how she felt so wonderfully complete as a sex object. Bobbi actually listened to her and seemed very interested in what she offered. After parting, we drove home, on the way she brought the subject up and confessed interest, and with my eagerness, said that she would see if it was something she wanted to do.

A few weeks later, we decided to go out for the evening; dinner and a dance club. My wife dressed, as I had not seen her do in a few years. She wore a fetish outfit that I loved on her. A very short pleated black latex mini skirt, a red satin crop top with one sleeve, and black knee high spike heel boots. Her makeup and jewelry were perfect, and she looked so radiant that I felt absolutely turned on just seeing her.

We climbed into our car and began the drive to the restaurant that she had selected. It was a very upscale steak house with a bar, known as a ‘hot spot' in town. On the way, she asked if we could stop by the local beach for a minute to look at the surf. Romantic, I thought. Arriving, she directed me to a remote parking lot that was nearly empty.

Looking around a lot, she pointed to a new Escalade parked by the back of the lot. “Park over there, but not too close to that car, okay?” she said.

Sure, why not, I thought. Parking about a hundred feet away, she turned to me and asked me to shut the motor off. I did and she looked at me, took my hand and said, “Love, you wanted to be a Cuckold, so now you are getting what you want. In that car is a guy that I met in the mall yesterday. I deliberately struck up a conversation, and I gave him my phone number. He is handsome, hard bodied, and looked at me with unmistakable lust. He called this morning and asked me to meet him here. I have every intention of either fucking him, or sucking his cock while you sit here and wait for me. I will be back in about a half hour. Do not honk, come to the car or anything, just sit and wait. Oh yes, as you can see, I am not wearing any panties, so if he fucks me, you can watch his cum drip down my legs all night long.”

With that, she gave me peck on the cheek and hopped out of the car, skipping happily over to his car. She jumped in and because of the very black windows, I was able to see nothing. I sat there in disbelief. Half jealous, half excited as I imagined what was going on.

In almost exactly a half hour, she exited his car and came back to ours. Getting in, she looked like she had been making out continuously. Her hair and makeup were askew, and her face was plastered and dripping with fresh cum!

Saying nothing, she slid over to me, took my head in her hand and pressed her lips against mine. Mouths open, we kissed as I tasted the cum being pushed from her mouth into mine. She had saved it for me! Passion overtook me, I immediately pushed my hand down and under her skirt to masturbate her clit, but she withdrew and slapped my face.

”I am in control now, hands off unless I say so! ” she barked.

I withdrew at once and said, ”Sorry, mistress,” without thinking what I was saying.

“That’s better, now behave and drive.”

On the way, she told me all about him, his super hard large cock, his lust for her, and how she was so excited to have met him. My cock was near the bursting point just listening to her. Dinner was a blur, she spoke non stop about her lust, and how turned on she was. Finishing dinner, she excused herself and said she was going to the ladies room, for me to go to the car and wait; she would be out in a while, maybe 20 minutes or so. Odd, I thought, but I didn’t say anything.

About a half hour later, she appeared. Getting in, she kissed me, and took my hand and slid it under her skirt, placing it on her pussy. It was soaked and sticky. I looked at her with a questioning look. “I have to tell you, the guy at the beach was so hot, that I invited him to come to the restaurant and wait fore me. Try as I did, it was impossible to fuck him in the car, so I decided to do it here. He was at the bar all the time we were eating; I could not keep my eyes off of him. So, I approached him and he dragged me into the men’s room, bent me over the sink and fucked me until we both came. It was the hottest sex I have ever had,” she exclaimed.

I eagerly masturbated her until her swollen clit once again felt the rush of sexual release. As I pulled my hand out, she took it and sucked my fingers clean of his cum, then took my hand again and slid it into her pussy. This time, it was mine to lick clean, which I did eagerly. “You like eating other men’s cum, I guess?” she said. “Well, that’s good, because you will have plenty of it to eat from now on.” 

A few days later, Bobbi-Jo came to the dinner table dressed to kill once again.

“Date night, honey!” she exclaimed. “He will be here in a half hour to pick me up, so be nice to him, okay?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Of course I will.”

“You have to get ready too. I want you to wear your latex catsuit and my pink thigh high boots and latex gauntlet gloves with my locking neck collar when he comes to the door. You will stay that way until I call you on the phone, you will then put the latex hood on you that has only a mouth hole, and you will handcuff your wrists together, and kneel on the floor until I arrive. Understood?” she proclaimed.

I agreed, and went to the bedroom, only to find the entire outfit laid out for me. I quickly got dressed and returned to the living room to wait with her.

The doorbell rang. I got up and went to answer it. Opening the door, I saw what she had meant; he was a hunk of a man, 30-ish, tall, bronzed from the sun, devilishly handsome and very well spoken as well. Ushering him into the living room, Bobbi-Jo got up and with a smile from ear to ear, opened her arms, threw them around his neck, raised one leg and passionately kissed him for a long while. Letting go, she stepped back and twirled around showing off her outfit, it was exquisite.

Her top was sheer see-through black sleeveless crop top, her skirt was a bright red leather micro mini that barely covered her behind, and her shoes were two inch platform spike heeled come-fuck-me ankle straps. Around her neck was a stainless steel slave collar with a “D” ring, which had been locked on to her.

After introductions, she took his hand and left the house, giving me a peck on the lips as she closed the door behind her. Several hours later, the phone rang. “Get ready, slave,” was all she said, and then she hung up before I could say a word. I complied at once...

It seemed as if I waited there, kneeling for an eternity. Then, the door opened. I heard footsteps approach, and was greeted by her taking the top of my head and pushing it towards the floor. “Lick my shoes, Cuckold,” she barked. I did as ordered, with my tongue I washed every inch of her patent CFM shoes until she was satisfied.

Allowing me to kneel again, she held her hand under my chin and told me to open wide. With that, I felt a cock pushing into my mouth...Something I had never felt before. The taste of my wife’s sex, mixed with her lover’s cum was unmistakable. I did my best to do as she asked; I sucked and licked him until his cock was rock hard and ready to explode.

The taste of his precum was starting to fill my mouth as I took him deep into my throat. As I felt him stiffen his body against mine, he shot a gargantuan load of cum straight into my throat. I gagged and choked as he came, but luckily, I was able to swallow his juices without spilling a drop.

When she was happy with my work, I felt the cock slide out of my mouth, I heard her kiss him “goodbye” and show him to the door. She came back to me, told me to lie on my back on the floor, and then carefully placed her pussy against my lips, sitting down on me carefully.

I spent the next hour ministering to her needs; I licked and sucked her clean, and tongued her clit to a wonderful squirting orgasm. Finishing her needs up, she stood me up, removed my hood and handcuffs and unzipped the crotch of my catsuit, which was soaked with precum.

“Okay, I guess it’s your turn now,” she said. ”You are a good cocksucker and a great cuckold, and an even better husband.” For the next hour we explored each other’s bodies as we had never done before in our many years of marriage.

We undressed, showered and fell into bed. We talked for a while before sleep overtook us, and she told me that she was leaving next Friday for the weekend.

“Paul has something very special in store for me,” she said with emotion. “I am not sure what, but I sense that it is a very involved and special treat.”

“You must realize that I am going to need a whole new wardrobe if I am to be a wanton slut, don’t you?” she admonished.

The next morning, we awoke, got ourselves ready for a day of shopping and hit the roads early. We spent the entire day looking at and buying her a collection of tiny tops, halters, bikinis, hot pants, jeans micro shorts, and super tiny skirts of all types. She tried everything on for me, and made sure that it turned me on before she bought it. Of course, commentary was included with each try on, like, “Wouldn’t this look great to go man hunting in?” I agreed, of course.

Each day following was a fashion show of sorts; she made sure to dress in a new sexy, tiny outfit each day, regardless of her day’s activities.

Friday evening came quickly. Bobbi-Jo made sure that she picked exactly the right outfit to wear; she prepared herself fully and completely before Paul’s arrival.

She was the picture of sexy, standing there in our den, dressed in a pleated jeans flare skirt that hardly reached to the bottom of her behind. A crop top of white open mesh, and white platform heels with ankle straps.

Just before she left, she gave me a present of sorts; she made me drop my pants, and slid a stainless steel cock tube over my penis. The tube was arced downward, and had a closed end with a small hole for drainage. The tube had a ring that closed behind my testicles and locked shut with a tiny brass padlock. “No fun for you this weekend, Cuckold!” she exclaimed. ”I want you hot and horny when I return home Sunday night.” 

Paul came to the door shortly, and with a brief kiss she walked out, arm in arm with him and drove off.

End Chapter #1

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