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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part VII

Alistair receives more revelations from Julie about her Turkish adventures
It was 12.00pm, UK time, when Julie rang Alistair at his work. It was just a quick call to let him know that she and Abdul had returned to his apartment. He was pleased to hear her voice and glad to know that she was safe and well.

“So you had a good time then?” he asked her.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, “a very good time.”

“Oh yes?”

“I’ll tell you in an email,” she told him, “but we all had a good time.”



Alistair fell silent. He wanted to ask but his office door was open and Janice was wandering about.

“I know you can’t talk properly,” she told him, “but Abdul’s brother and his wife are swingers. We had a great time.”

“I see.”

“Bajram and Ceren are a lovely couple,” she told him.

“They both...”

“They both fucked me, yes, “she told him. “It was a wonderful experience.”

Alistair felt his cock stirring.

“Anyway darling,” she told him, “I’ll let you get on and I’ll send you an email.”


“And if I don’t speak to you before, I’ll see you at the airport tomorrow.”

“5.30pm,” he told her, “can’t wait.”

She blew a kiss down the phone.

Alistair turned as the call ended and saw Janice standing there. “Is that Julie coming home?” she screeched.

He was annoyed.

“She’s back home tomorrow then?”

Alistair took a deep breath, smiled and nodded. He wanted to throttle the damned woman. His office phone rang though, saving him from a possible charge of murder.

The afternoon couldn’t pass quick enough for him. His imaginings of what had taken place drove him wild. Julie had been with another woman. There had never been any hint of her having feelings for another woman before but now...

And there had also been another man. Abdul’s brother had fucked her as well. Three men in one week! Julie had gone wild.

He rushed home and switched on his laptop. As it started up, he poured himself a large glass of wine and then he sat down to read her email.


It was good to hear your voice. I have missed you so much. I have had a good time, yes, but I have missed you.

So... you want to hear about my Istanbul adventure hey?

Well, on the journey to Abdul’s brother he told me that Bajram and Ceren were swingers. Actually, Ceren used to be his girlfriend. He went out with her for about two years. She wanted to settle down and have family but he felt that he was too young. They were both twenty five years old at the time. Bajram is five years older and he was eager to marry so when they split, Ceren started going out with him and they eventually married.

Before that however, Bajram and Abdul had experienced the pleasures of sharing a woman. Bajram was the outgoing one and he was adept at picking up girls. One night Abdul caught him making love to a girl. He looked through the window and watched them fuck. Bajram spotted him and beckoned him in. The girl was willing and they shared her the rest of the night.

Not long after Bajram and Ceren became lovers, Abdul joined in their trysts. Ceren loved sex and she enjoyed the pleasure that two virile and well endowed brothers could give her. Abdul even spent the night with her on the eve of her wedding and when they came back off honeymoon they quickly resumed their couplings together.

Ten years on and they still get together every now and again, although Bajram and Ceren regularly meet with other couples.

Anyway, I knew even before he asked that we would be joining in with them. Abdul had slipped his hand up my skirt and was pleasuring me with his fingers when he told me that I would enjoy Bajram.

“He has a cock like mine,” he had told me.

He then asked me if I had ever been with a woman. I told him no. He smiled at me as he fingered me. “You will like Ceren,” he said. “She has a wicked tongue.”

A week ago I wouldn’t have entertained the idea but now? I was ready for anything.

Anyway, we arrived there. Had a few drinks and something to eat and then Ceren asked if I wanted to go shopping with her and I said okay. Ceren wears Islamic dresses, not the full dark clothing but colourful silk dresses and head scarves. Anyway, we are about the same size and shape so we went off to her bedroom and I tried on some of her dresses. She had a lovely orange and red dress and she said I could borrow it. She got changed and I was surprised to see her take off her panties before she put the dress on.

“I like the feel of silk against the whole of my body,” she said. “It’s so sexy.”

I thought what the hell and I took my knickers off as well.

So we all went out. Abdul and Bajram went off to a local bar and we went shopping. We bought some nice underwear and a couple of dresses and scarves each and then went and found the men. We had one drink with them and then headed back to their apartment. Abdul went off to the bathroom and I found myself on the settee sitting next to Bajram, with Ceren sat the other side of him. She suddenly reached across and started stroking his crotch; it quickly got hard. Ceren then unzipped his fly and pulled his huge cock out.

I watched her stroking it for a few minutes and then she leaned over and started to suck him. I have never watched anyone have sex in real life before so it was fascinating watching her suck him. After a few minutes he put his arm around me and started to pull me over and before I knew it, I was sucking him as well. Ceren cupped his balls and gently fondled them as I sucked him.

Abdul had returned by this time and he stood in front of Ceren and she unzipped his trousers and quickly had his cock in her mouth.

A little while later we were all fucking. Ceren and I were side by side on the settee with our legs pinned back and getting fucked by the men. Bajram was fucking me and I was looking down at Abdul fucking Ceren. She was very vocal. I found it such a turn on watching Abdul’s cock thrusting in and out of her. I could see his cock getting wetter and wetter as she came again and again. Barjam’s cock was also getting wetter and wetter because I kept cumming as well.

Then Abdul came. He usually lasts quite long but he must have been in quite an excited state. So it was just me and Bajram. Ceren reached across and touched my breasts; they were bouncing up and down from Barjam’s fucking. Soon she began to play with my nipples and then she started to kiss and nibble them. It drove me wild.

Moments later her hand moved down to my pussy and she began to play with me. Next thing I knew her tongue had replaced her fingers. I just kept cumming and cumming. She also had her hand around the back of Barjam’s thighs and she was holding his balls in her hand. She kept urging him on to cum inside me. He did a few minutes later.

When he pulled out a little while later she sucked his cock clean and then she got down between my legs. She told me that it is always nice when a man cleans you up after another man has fucked you but it’s even nicer when a woman does it. She was right. It wasn’t just nice it was fucking fantastic!

I kept opening my eyes and looking up and seeing Abdul and Bajram standing there watching us. They were stroking their cocks. It was so exciting.

When she had finished she sat back down and spread her legs wide. Abdul and Bajram pulled me up and made me kneel between her legs. I knew what they wanted to see. I knew they wanted me to go down on Ceren. I didn’t mind.

It was my first time of touching a woman down there; my first time of tasting another woman. It was beautiful. I loved the musky aroma. I loved the taste of her juices and I loved tasting Abdul’s cum coming from her. Best of all I just loved giving her an orgasm. She grabbed handfuls of my hair; pressed me hard against her and screamed her head off as she came. I loved pleasuring her.

A while later, the men dressed and went out to get something for us all to eat. Ceren and I got into bed and began to kiss and cuddle and we found ourselves making love. I use the term ‘making love’ because that was what it was like; gently and lovingly pleasuring one another.

The guys came back just as we had finished and fucked us both again but it wasn’t the same. My orgasm, at least, wasn’t the same degree of intensity.

I must do it again. Ceren wants me to hurry back and visit them again. She told me that she would like me to spend some time with them. It is tempting?

So has all that given you a stiffy?

I bet it has.

I had two stiff ones this morning. Ceren had to go off to work early and so I was left with Abdul and Bajram. I thought they had finished with me and had a shower and got ready to go but they wanted me again. The randy pair stripped me naked and dragged me off to the bedroom for one last round. I had to wash and change all over again.

So, not long left now. I am packed and ready to go. Abdul is taking me out for dinner tonight and then it will be back home for one last night in his bed.

Can’t wait to see you and have you fuck me. I also can’t wait to talk to you about the future. I want to mention to you, Jeff and Alan. They have both asked me out over the years and I think it’s time isn’t it? Time I dated them that is.

You don’t mind me cuckolding you with them do you?

Obviously I am not going to say anything about you being compliant in all this. I want them to cuckold you in the conventional way; the unsuspecting husband whose wife is being fucked by his friends. I won’t tell you when we fuck. In fact we won’t even discuss it again after this email but you can rest assured that they will fuck me and it will be regularly. You want it that way too, don’t you darling?

I will let you take care of that stiffy of yours now, darling.

See you tomorrow.

Your loving Cuckoldress,


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