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The Cuckold's Reward - John's Story

More from the series about husbands receiving their cuckold's reward
John opened the front door and stood back to let Ann and Marlon enter first. He was always the gentleman. Ann took off her coat and handed it to John to hang up for her. He noticed Marlon looking at her. He was checking her out, as they say. He should have been annoyed, any decent and normal husband would have been. But John was not normal. John fantasised about Ann fucking another man. John was one of those males who wanted to share their wife with other men. John was a cuckold.

Technically, of course, he wasn’t one yet. Though he had shared his fantasy with his wife Ann for a couple of years there only excursion into it was to role play together in the privacy of their bedroom. Tonight however there was the possibility that his fantasy might be fulfilled. It been a hard slog but he finally managed to get Ann to meet a suitable male that he had found on a well known internet site that catered for men like John.

Ann had been reluctant to meet him but in finally agreeing had told John over and over again that meeting Marlon did not mean that she was going to cuckold him. Though she enjoyed the role play she was wary of venturing into it for real. ‘There were dangers,’ she had told him.

John was well aware of the dangers. She might fall in love with the man. She might want to continue seeing him while John didn’t want her too. It could ruin their marriage. John knew that cuckolding was fraught with danger but he just couldn’t get the idea out of his head.

It had taken a lot of patient grooming to get her to this stage and tonight had been very exciting so far. He had fulfilled part of his fantasy already. That afternoon he had taken her out to a well known lingerie store and bought her some underwear and nightwear. Marlon had told him his preferences; he liked white, virginal white. Which was appropriate because it would be their first time. Her panties and bra were see-through and she also wore a white lacy suspender belt and white stockings. He had also bought her a new blue dress.

Late afternoon he had bathed her and helped her dress. He had also shaved off all her pubic hair, Marlon preferred naked pussy. His final act before taking her out was to change the bedding and lay out a white, see-through baby doll panty and nightie set. He hoped that later he would fulfil another part of his preparation fantasy by getting her ready for bed in the presence of her lover.

The only thing that he had not been completely open about was that the date that he had arranged for her was with a black male. Marlon was of West Indian origin.

He was much older than John and Ann. They were both twenty-five and he was forty. They were young and inexperienced but he was older and experienced. Marlon had shown photographs of him with other white couples as well as a couple of video clips. He was impressively well-endowed and he was agile in bed. The ladies he had seen being fucked by him were by no means faking their orgasms. John was very excited at the thought of Ann getting fucked by Marlon.

They had agreed to meet at a local hotel. It was neutral territory. When they arrived at the lounge bar John spotted Marlon immediately and walked over to him. He could see the shock in Ann’s eyes when he introduced them. When Marlon went to the bar to get some drinks Ann had turned to him and said, “You didn’t tell me that he was black!”

Despite that, the evening seemed to be going well. Ann seemed to get on well with Marlon which pleased John. The hotel was normally a pretty quiet place but a coach party arrived and soon the place was buzzing. They had just started getting into conversation about the purpose of their meeting when the party arrived and it put a damper on things.

“Is there anywhere else we can go that is quieter?” Marlon asked.

John shook his head, “Not really,”

“There is home,” Ann said. “Just to talk though!”

John could see Marlon’s disappointment. But he had warned him that Ann might take some time before she came round to actually doing anything.

Ann and Marlon sat down next to each other on the settee and John opened a bottle of wine. He was quietly pleased that they seemed to be getting on well. John joined them on the settee, sitting on the other side of Ann, and they chatted about things in general for a short while. Then Ann broke the ice, so to speak. She asked Marlon if he was married. He shook his head.

“I prefer the single life,” he told her.

“And you like doing this sort of thing?” Ann asked him.

He nodded and smiled.


He was a bit taken aback by her direct question.

“It’s fun,” he told her. “I like white girls. I prefer married ones and I like being with them in front of their husbands.”

“Wouldn’t it be better with single girls?”

He smiled at her.

“Single girls want commitment for a start and once into a relationship it starts to get boring,” he replied. “Being with a married woman is always exciting.”

“So the husband’s presence is a bit of a superiority thing then?”

Marlon nodded.

“What do you think of husbands who like to watch their wives with other men?”

John could see that Marlon was intrigued by her direct questions.

“It’s hard to say,” he responded, “I don’t despise them or feel sorry for them. I suppose I get a bit shocked at times but I am more grateful to them than anything else.”

Ann took a sip from her wine glass.

“How many relationships have you had?”

Marlon thought for a few moments, “Twenty, maybe.”

“Long ones?”

“There were about five that lasted over a year.”

“You prefer longer ones then?”

Marlon nodded, “O yes,” he replied. “I like to get to know the woman well and the husband too.”

“Have you ever got really close to any of them?”

He nodded, “You can’t help it,” he told her. “Can I ask you a question now?”

Ann smiled, “Fire away.”

“What did you think when John told you about his fantasy?”

Ann smiled and looked at John for a moment, “A bit shocked at first but then...well I got to enjoy fantasising about it.”

“And can you see it getting beyond a fantasy?”

Ann smiled, “That’s a leading question.”

“Well you’re a very attractive and sex woman,” he responded. “I just wanted to know what my chances are.”

Ann laughed.

“Fifty – fifty?” Marlon asked.

She laughed again, “Maybe.”

“Phew!” He said. “When we first met I thought that there was no chance at all for me.”

Ann laughed again. “John never told me that you were black.”

“Never been with a black guy then I take it.”

She shook her head, “Not in that way,” she told him. “But when I was at college a black guy in the class gave me a lift home one night and Mum and Dad saw me getting out of his car. Mum was quite relieved when I said that he was a just a friend.”

Marlon laughed, “Didn’t want a big black boy corrupting her little girl hey?”

Ann smiled, “Something like that,” she replied. “And are black boys all big?”

Her question took both Marlon and John aback.

“Well I can only speak from experience,” he told her. “They few black guys I have seen have all been quite big and the white guys I have seen have all been smaller.”

Ann took a sip of wine and put her glass down again, “And if I asked to see yours, without any commitment of course, would you show me it.”

Marlon leaned back on the settee, “Help yourself,” he told her.

Ann didn’t have far to move. They we already almost touching. John gasped as she turned to face Marlon and reached for his belt. The atmosphere was filled with tension as she unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. The sound of the zipper filled the room as she pulled it down. Marlon raised himself slightly so that Ann could pull down his trousers. He sat back down when they were around his knees and Ann kept tugging. Kicking off his shoes he allowed Ann to take them completely off.

For a moment she just sat there looking at the huge erection straining inside his dark cotton briefs. Then she took hold of the waistband of his briefs. Marlon raised his bottom again and they quickly joined his trousers on the side of the settee.

“It is big,” Ann said as she took it in her hand.

John knew that his five and half inches were of no match.

“Thick too,” Ann remarked as she tried to close her hand around its shaft. “Never seen a circumcised one before.”

John looked on as she held it. Her hand looked so small around it and there was also the contrast of her white skin against Marlon’s dark skin.

Ann let go of it and ran a finger down one of the large veins that ran almost the whole length of his shaft. “How big is it?” she asked. “Ten inches?”

“Ten and three quarters,” Marlon shot back.

Ann laughed, “Mustn’t forget the three quarters, hey.”

Marlon laughed.

“It’s nice.”

Marlon smiled, “Help yourself if you wish.”

She laughed again.

“Do I get to see yours now I have showed you mine?” he asked with a smile.

Ann smiled.

Marlon rested his hand on her knee. There was no adverse response from Ann and so he began to slide it upwards. Tension filled the room once again. John looked on wondering just how far Ann would let the hem of her dress rise up her legs and Marlon was obviously thinking along the same lines as well.

Inch by inch it rose. The tops of her stockings came into view; white lacy flower patterns. The suspender straps appeared along with soft white flesh. There was still no movement from Ann. John could see Marlon’s lips twitching; it was almost as if he was quietly praying that she wouldn’t stop him.

The dark flesh of Marlon’s hand was now meeting the white flesh of her thigh. Fingers were between her legs rising slowly to her mound. As her mound came into view Marlon took a deep breath. He was now in a state of heavy excitement.

Soon her panties were in full view as the hem of her dress was pulled right back. Her pussy could be clearly seen through the thin, see-through material. It was inviting. John watched as Marlon’s fingers touched her. He looked up at Ann and saw that her eyes were closed and then looked down as her thighs began to part.

Marlon was stroking her groove; running a finger up and down the furrow between her pussy lips. Now it was Ann who was breathing heavy. Suddenly he pulled his hand away reached for the waistband of her panties. This was the moment of truth. If Ann lifted her bottom up it was an act of surrender.

Both men gasped as Ann lifted.

John moved across a little as Marlon pulled them all the way down her legs. He knew that once completely off his face would be between her spread thighs.

He had fantasised that he would be but the one to take off his wife’s panties for another man but he wasn’t complaining. What did excite him though was Marlon handing him her damp panties to him. He clutched them in his hand as Marlon sank to his knees on the floor between Ann’s parted thighs. Her body jerked and her hand gripped his arm as Marlon’s tongue flickered over her labia lips.

John knew just how much Ann enjoyed oral sex. She could be quite vocal in her appreciation. She was vocal now. One hand clutched the back of Marlon’s head while her other one clutched John’s arm and she began to moan quite loudly. Her hips began to writhe and thrust and she began to scream out obscenities. It wasn’t long before she was begging Marlon to fuck her.

He ignored her pleas for a few minutes but then her cries go louder and louder. John had never seen her like this before. Marlon stood up; his huge erection standing out before him. He grabbed Ann’s legs and spun her around on the settee so that she was lying flat on back with her head resting on John’s lap.

He had the perfect view. Ann’s legs were wide open and Marlon was inching his way forward. He watched as the tip of Marlon’s cock touched her pussy lips and saw Ann’s hand reach down to take hold of it. She pulled it into her opening and groaned loudly as it slowly started to penetrate. John looked on as Marlon’s huge dark manhood disappeared inside her inch by inch.

Marlon paused for a moment. Ann was breathless and he could see from the grimacing on her face that she was finding his size and thickness a challenge. When she began to thrust against him he started his pounding. John could see Marlon’s cock moving in and out of his wife’s pussy. It glistened with her juices. He could also hear her reaction to it. Ann was screaming again, telling both of them that she was coming.

He reached down and pulled her dress back over her breasts so that he could play with her nipples as Marlon fucked her. He also wanted Marlon to see more of his wife’s body. He could feel the orgasms surging through her body. It was almost like electric shocks going through the both of them. Her head rocked from side to side on his lap and her screams were almost deafening.

He could also see Marlon’s face was well. His eyes were closed and his face was contorted up with ecstasy. He too was groaning very loudly. John saw just how much he was enjoying his wife’s body.

A few minutes later their cries and groans reached a crescendo and then silence fell around the room. All that could be heard were the soft whimpering cries coming from Ann’s lips. John found himself caressing his wife’s forehead as she recovered. A short while later he watched as Marlon’s cock slipped out of his wife’s pussy bringing a trail of his cum in its wake. John was left in no doubt now that he was now a cuckold.

When they finally disentangled Ann reached up and kissed him before sitting back on the settee. John could see Marlon’s cum seeping out onto the leather upholstery.

“Better get cleaning John,” Marlon said.

John looked at him as he moved off the settee and onto the floor.

“That will be both of us course of course.”

John pressed his face forward between her open thighs. Ann reached down and gripped the back of his head to pull him closer.

He glanced up briefly as he savoured the flowing juices and saw the smile that lit up her face. She was enjoying giving him his cuckold’s reward.

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