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The woman is insatiable

my wife's new found freedom is working wonders for her confidence and love life
Ever since I confronted my wife with my suspicions and she told me all about her affair with a man in her office, our marriage has never been better. Rather tha become angry or hurt, I told her that I wanted her to be happy and if that meant she strayed from our marriage and shared herself with a lover, I would support her completely.

As a result of this new found freedom, Jennifer has come out of her conservative shell. Although we have kept our new agreement to ourselves, people that knew us for years continue to tell me how differently she carries herself. Many of our male friends tell me how sexy she has become and have begun to playfully flirt with her. All the attention she has received from all their flirting has had great results on her. In fact, I have to admit that she has become insatiable! Not only does she have two steady guys servicing her desires, but she has enjoyed the freedom to choose to be with any other stranger that catches her desire.

The most important agreement that we reached since my discovery was that if one of us was to be with someone else, he or she would tell the other, in great detail. However, when it come to the missus, she simply has to look at me and I know that someone in our group has made a pass at her or kept a hand on her back or leg a little longer than necessary. When we are not together, she simply walks in the door and I know she found a new plaything. The good news is that every time she comes home and she’s got that sly smile, I get to hear about her escapades and get to prove myself as the better lover, if definitely not the biggest . She simply walks past me, goes up to the bedroom and waits for me to come up to retake what is mine

I found out however that openness does not always mean full disclosure. When Jennifer met up with her office lover for an afternoon of fun in his back seat at a nearby park, she told me she had him take a photo of her giving him a blowjob. Although she told me in great detail how she traced her tongue under his eight inch cock, causing him to take hold of the back of her head, stroking her hair approvingly and causing him to moan deeply as she came to his large dick head with her newly talented tongue, she did tell me that the photo was only for her to view. I promised her I would not look at it on her phone as I recall her confession and imagine his huge cock separating her lips and causing her cheeks to bulge out.

It is driving me nuts (in a good way of course) knowing it’s there and I could secretly take her phone while she is in the shower and look at her servicing her man. Then I think of all the things she said he did to her and wonder if she had him take pictures of his huge gland parting her quivering pussy lips and rubbing her engorged clit with his thumb.

 To ease my desire to break my promise, I simply take it out on her pussy. I playfully hold her down and tell her how much of a bad girl she has been for straying and then allowing someone to capture her act of infidelity for future viewing. I resolve to do anything that comes to mind sexually on her while asking her if this is what he did to her and if he has hit places inside her pussy with that huge cock that I simply can not reach with my ordinary member.

The other day I came home and Jennifer had that familiar look on her face. It turned out that the young man sent to fix the AC unit was hitting on her the whole time he was there on his initial visit. Now that he had returned to finish up the repair, she made sure she gave him something to notice.

Jennifer and I retreated to the bedroom so she could tell me what transpired. As I removed my work clothes, releasing my straining cock from its containment and then began removing her clothes, she told me that she wore a loose top with no bra and those shorts that seems to make all the men at the stores stop to take notice. Although she knew he was coming, she pretended that she had forgotten the appointment and he simply caught her dressing comfortably while doing housework.

He obviously liked what he saw because Jen told me he transfixed his eyes on her free hanging breasts beneath her top. She continued her tale of infidelity by saying she felt a tingling in her groin when he asked her to stay with him while he worked on the unit. He said it was in case there was something he needed to show her. 

At this point, I had my wife lay down with her legs over my shoulders as I traced my tongue up the inside of one of her thighs and down the other, stopping momentarily at her vagina to get a good taste of her growing wetness and filling my nostrils with her sexual scent. When I thought she had gotten enough attention to want tell me more of her encounter, I instructed her to switch positions and practice her cock sucking skills as she continued her story.

Jennifer was definitely in the right mood to confess her crime of passion. She began her servicing of me by starting at the skin under my scrotum, using the tip of her tongue to stimulate the sperm that was waiting to come out. She licked my balls and ran her tongue and lips up the underside of my cock. The warm breath felt incredible on my dick as she continued to tell me about her time with the AC guy. I felt I was in a sexual trance as I laid there watching her enjoying the new skills that I taught her in giving head and telling her story.

She smiled smugly as she told me she kept following his instruction to bend low to see the parts on the AC unit he must change, while he got a good look down her loose shirt or at her tight ass. She told me she finally put him out of his misery and rewarded him for his hard work by letting him take her in a blind spot between the two houses, knowing that the old man next door was sitting on his porch. He would be able to hear them if they got too excited but would be too old to look over the high privacy fence.

Jennifer’s story was too much for me to hold off on my imminent ejaculation. I told her to wrap her lips around my cock head and then I shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth and down her throat. I have since cleared a spot in that area and we’ve returned to it to re-enact the action she had with her new friend.

We plan on making it our spot for lovemaking (unless our ac unit breaks down again)
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