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Winner “Humor Month” Competition.

Pyramus and Thisbe

A spot of nude sunbathing leads to a romp in the garden
(See Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” (and Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”) for the story of Pyramus and Thisbe, two lovers separated by a wall. My modern couple don’t let a similar barrier stand in their way.)

Summer Sunday in the garden,
Basking quietly in the sun.
Red bikini’s been discarded,
Being naked is more fun.
Reading Lush tales on my laptop
With a hand upon my bush
Stroking gently at my clitty,
Feeling much too good to rush.

Breasts so bare enjoy the sunshine,
Nipples hard as cherry stones.
Let my hand caress and pinch them,
Trying to suppress my moans.
All these stories make me horny,
Reading how they love to fuck,
Or masturbate until they climax.
My turn next, with any luck.

Finger circling round my button,
Hard between my open thighs.
Flick and flutter, slipping downwards,
Reaching for the final prize.
Puffy lips so pink and sticky,
Juices leaking warm and wet,
Tingle thrilling through my body,
Holding back; I won’t come yet.

Think I’ll go and get my Lelo,
Charged and waiting in my room.
Run upstairs, my titties bouncing,
Grab it quick, back down I zoom.
Switch it on: the gentle throbbing
Fills me with a naughty thrill.
Part my lips and slide it in me
Let it lie there, humming still.

Twist it round and push it deeper,
Feel the gentle throbbing hum.
Find my g-spot (oh so lovely),
Rub my clitty with my thumb.
In and out I slide it slowly,
Up and down and round and round.
Finding all my softest places,
Deep below my pubic mound.

Close my eyes and ease my breathing
Perfect joy, so pure and deep.
Warm and naked in the sunshine
Almost makes me fall asleep.
Love the heat upon my body,
Breasts and tummy, legs and thighs.
Drifting off on clouds of pleasure:
Then I get a big surprise.

From next door I hear a rustle,
Followed by a muffled grunt.
Quickly stop my sticky probing,
Pause my naughty treasure hunt.
Is there someone in that garden,
Listening to me gasp and moan?
Do you think that someone’s seen me,
Masturbating on my own?

In the fence I spot a knot-hole,
Shaded by a mulberry tree.
Could it be that I’ve been spied on?
Something I did not foresee.
Next door lives a lad named Danny
Rather hunky, young and fit.
Bet it’s him, the dirty bugger;
Though I fancy him a bit.

Through the hole I glimpse a movement,
Blinking eye, an eager stare,
Gazing at my naked body
Lying here all tanned and bare.
Does he guess how much I love it?
Does he know I’m such a tart?
God, I’m getting hot and horny
Faster goes my beating heart.

Just a little smile I give him,
Blow a kiss and make a wave.
Show my Lelo, wet and sticky 
How I love to misbehave!
Teasing him just makes me horny;
Wonder if his cock is out.
Is he wanking in the garden?
He’ll be randy too, no doubt.

Now I see the fence is moving
There’s a plank that’s going to crack.
Causing quite a lot of damage,
Hope he’s going to put that back!
Just about at waist-high level
Suddenly a hole is there.
And through the hole a cock comes poking,
Long and thick and ringed with hair.

O my goodness what a whopper,
Must be half a yard at least!
Like a massive wobbly hosepipe.
Lick my lips, here comes a feast.
Eagerly I run to touch it,
Take it in my hand and squeeze.
Kneel and flick my tongue across it,
Ready now to play and tease.

Round the knob my wet tongue flickers,
Kissing it with lips so hot:
Licking round the tender helmet,
Poking at the little slot.
Taste a little drop of precum
Squirting out onto my tongue.
Love that taste so warm and salty,
Promise now of more to come.

Then I put my mouth around it,
Hold it in my lips and suck.
Take it deep towards my tonsils,
Hoping that it won’t get stuck.
Sucking, tonguing, slurping, pumping:
Halfway down my throat it goes.
Any thicker it’ll choke me,
Ever more it swells and grows.

‘Tween my legs my pussy’s tingling.
Would he like to put it there?
Can I stretch enough to take it?
Offer up a little prayer.
Turning round and bending backwards,
Bum against the fence pressed flat,
Hands on knees, I feel his penis
Nudging at my eager twat.

Juices bubbling from my pussy
As his knob-head pushes home,
Through the fence and up my passage,
Feel him thrust and hear him groan.
Makes my pussy stretch and widen
As he enters inch by inch,
Bending up inside and throbbing.
Bite my lip, try not to flinch.

Now at last it goes no further
Feel it pulsing against my wall.
Never managed one that massive,
Can’t believe I took it all.
Slow and sure he starts to fuck me
Pulls it out and shoves it in.
Each bang makes my titties jiggle
Feel my head begin to spin.

Cock inside me thrusting upwards
Hear the sloppy squishing sound
With each thrust he bangs me harder
Almost knocks me to the ground.
Brace one hand against the fruit tree
Other squeezing at my tit
Feel my nipples hard like acorns
Juices flowing from my slit.

Oh my god the fence is shaking,
Hear it creaking more and more.
Weakened by the rhythmic humping,
Never rocked like this before.
He on one side, me on t’other,
Fence between us cracks and groans.
Not sure which noise is the louder;
Fence’s creaks or Danny’s groans.

I can feel my climax coming.
One hand rubbing at my clit,
Like a pebble, wet with juices,
As my pussy’s almost split.
Here it comes: I feel the tingle
Rise within me, full and clear.
Crying out, I reach my summit,
Scream so anyone can hear.

Roused by my ecstatic screaming,
Danny gives a final thrust;
And the fence gives up the struggle -
Can’t stand up to human lust.
With a crash it falls to pieces,
Throwing me onto the grass.
Face down with the fence atop me,
Splinters sticking in my arse.

On the top of both is Danny
As with one climactic squirm
He ejaculates inside me,
Filling me with pints of sperm.
And I feel a final spasm
Through my clit so bruised and red.
One last horny little climax
Fizzing upwards to my head.

So we lie there, bruised and battered
Wishing that the pain would stop.
Like a crazy sort of sandwich:
Me; the fence; then him on top.
Danny’s cock still lodged inside me,
Juices running down my thighs.
Pussy aching from the bashing
From that prick of massive size.

Slowly Danny pulls his cock out
With a soft and squishy plop;
Rolls onto the grass beside me,
Coming to a final stop.
Lifts the broken fence from off me,
Sees my bum all red and sore.
Kindly pulls a splinter from it;
One, then two, then several more.

Rolling on my back I lie there,
Legs apart, lips gaping wide.
Squeeze my pussy, watch the semen
Oozing out from deep inside.
Grass stains on my tits and tummy
Where I smashed into the lawn.
Nipples squashed and boobies flattened,
Looking terribly forlorn.

But it really doesn’t matter
‘Cos I’ve had an awesome shag
Even though the fence is knackered
(Which will make the landlord nag).
Next time Danny wants to fuck me
Think I’ll let him in the door.
Then perhaps stuff won’t get broken
Though I wouldn’t be too sure.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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