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1st Kiss - How I Became an Exhibitionist

How i becam an Exhibitionist

  I love being an Exhibitionist.

I love everything about it.

Even now, my clit is twitching as I tell you how turned-on I get when I'm naked and being nipples just popped-up...I know that I won't make it through writing this without having to stop to vibrate myself into an orgasm or two...


I was, of course, not always like this. There was a time when even walking around the house naked, in front of my husband was something I would never do. Sex was for the bedroom, and occasionally outside or in the car, but never, never , ever if there was a chance someone might see us. I wasn't a prude. I love sex and hubby and I were like rabbits when we first got married, but to me it was always supposed to be something special and private and certainly nothing that would involve others participating in some way.

NOT ME!!!! YUK!!!!!! NO WAY!!! was typically how I reacted or responded to hubby's little urgings. He wanted to explore some things...always respectfully..and lovingly...but I always shut him down cold. Thankfully he was not offended and was very patient with me...and eventually something happened, by accident, that allowed me to experience a little of what hubby and been wanting me to try..and with my interest now “stimulated”, literally, we then began creating some “accidents” that are still very much a part of our life. I eventually learned to separate our love making from our “sex making” and now, more than 20 years later we still love each other deeply and have unbelievable sexual fulfillment on every level, due in part to our wonderful “sexcapades”.

So, how did I become an Exhibitionist?

As I said, my first experience was an accident and I believe my intense sexual reaction was even more of a surprise to me then it was for my unintended voyeurs....

We were in San Diego, attending a conference for my hubby's work. The hotel was amazing....very high end...access to the inter-net (which back then was a big deal...and allowed me to open myfirst ever yahoo mail account)....beach view rooms...and I spent each day enjoying the pool, the ocean...and the sun while hubby worked. The company was very large and had over 200 attendees and so the meetings were always ended by 4 and then everyone got together for an arranged happy hour around the main pool area and for the first couple of days we all mingled and had fun talking and drinking. Some of the guys and ladies would wear casual clothes and some wore their bathing suits with covers. There were lots of great looking half-naked men running around everywhere and I was really enjoying all the visual sensations that I was experiencing while also meeting new people and laughing and talking. It was great. At first I wore shorts and a top...but hubby kept saying how hot I looked in my bikini, and that I should just slip on a cover. Again, I shut him down...lecturing him a little on how it wasn't about me “looking hot”...etc..etc..Don't get me wrong, I am woman....I do like being admired...but I had always thought that anything over a little casual looking was going over the line...but I had to admit that I couldn't stop thinking about all those guys...

On the third day, I was by the pool, and noticed that several of the guys were skipping some of their meetings and were hanging around the pool. I was wearing my smallest bikini that day....not thinking I would be seeing some of the men I had met. It was white...and the top gave my boobs a great “push-up” and if I got aroused...there was no way you wouldn't notice.

After awhile the poolside waiter walked over with a drink, and when I started to tell him I hadn't ordered another..he just pointed to a group of about (10) guys...sitting around the pool...who all waived at me as I looked over while the waiter told me it was from them. I smiled and waived back...and while trying to be discreet..I enjoyed watching them all smile...and nudge each other apparently talking about me. I recognized a couple of the guys from the past two evenings and found myself looking at their bodies and remembering how cute I thought a couple of them were...I soon started to enjoy a nice warm body glow from my “innocent” fantasies.

It had been awhile since I had cooled off in the water...and all this extra little heat was having an effect on me...I looked over at the ladder and realized that in order to get to it I would have to walk directly at all the guys. Like I said, just like any woman, I do like being admired, but the thought of me, in my very skimpy bikini walking right at (10 ) guys, who had just bought me a drink, were obviously talking about me, and I in turn had been thinking about them...sent a shiver all the way through me...

At first I decided, “no...I'm not going to get up”...but I couldn't stop thinking about them...and finally decided, “oh goes”... and so I stood up and turned to walk toward the ladder. I immediately noticed that several of the guys were watching me...and as I started toward them..I watched as all the guys turned to was then that I saw their eyes....I had sunglasses I could actually look right at them as they watched me...again, their eyes.. on me...moving up and down my body as I came closer and closer...seeing their eyes..and smiles as they took me in sent another waive of electricity through me and just as I reached the ladder my nipples exploded and pushed hard against the material in my top. I knew right away that they could all see that I was aroused. As I lowered myself into the water I caught a glimpse of one guy mouthing “holy shit”....I then I turned to wade further into the pool.

My heart was pounding and my kitty was pulsing as I tried to settle into a corner against the wall and calm down. My thoughts kept going back to their eyes...enjoying me...which did nothing to stop the excitement I was feeling. I wanted to touch myself...but was to afraid...and then it hit me...I was wearing my white bikini...Hubby had commented more than once about how when it got became slightly transparent...and he could clearly see my nipples and the outline of my clit pushed up against the material...almost like I was naked he would say. So there I was...turned on like crazy and then realizing what would happen as I got out of the water. Me “ almost naked” coming out of the water in front to of all those guys.

At first I was a little afraid, kind of like how you feel when you are a little buzzed then something happens that requires you to have to sober That's how I was feeling causing me to cool my sexual excitement...and begin looking for an alternate route....I glanced over at the guys...and could see them smiling and laughing...and as I lingered on a couple of guys in particular...noticing their bare chests...and admiring them. My thoughts went back to their eyes...looking at me...not the way some guys do that you meet who undress you crudely with their eyes making you feel uncomfortable...but eyes that were enjoying I... put myself in front of them. They were enjoying me...and it was right there that I understood what hubby had been trying to tell me...that “ getting caught” or being seen naked while we enjoyed each other wasn't about sex...but it was about being seen and enjoyed by someone while we stimulated each other physically...we weren't putting on a show for them...but more like us watching them as they “looked” at us. I liked being “looked at”...I liked seeing them react to my nipples popping up...and the “holy shit” that followed...OMG...I was back to full arousal thinking about all this...and decided I see them enjoying me again...

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes...filling my mind with their faces and eyes looking at hand brushed my breast and my nipple responded even more....I then slipped it down my tummy and gently and slowly began touching my clit through the material in my bikini...I was getting hot and hotter by the second....exciting myself to the point of near climax... so that I wouldn't chicken out....and then moved toward the ladder.

I took my heart was nipples were hard as hell...and as I got closer to the ladder I could already see that they were turning to look...I thought they must have been waiting for this moment...waiting to “see” me again...”they were waiting for me”. Watching their faces as I approached the ladder caused my kitty to pulse wildly..and I started to ooze warm liquid from inside as I began to climb the ladder. I looked right at them and smiled...looking into their I stepped “nearly naked” from the pool to face them. Time just stopped as they all took me in. One guy just leaned back and said WOW! I saw their eyes all over me and another shot of electricity rushed through me...OMG this was great.... I was standing kitty pulsing like crazy...wetness oozing from inside me....watching them me...I was excited beyond measure...

It was then that I surprised myself even more...Instead of turning to walk away...I actually walked toward them...and seeing their eyes and reactions to that almost made me cum right there...I was moving my “almost naked” body even closer to them...close enough to touch...and I could “feel” all of them enjoying me...I reached down and touched one guys shoulder...and that contact almost did push me over the edge...I leaned in and said...”thanks for the drink guys”...There I was...within a couple of feet of (10) handsome nipples and breasts clearly kitty throbbing with excitement...and me standing there letting them enjoy me... As I turned to walk away I heard one”no thank you for the show””...and I knew they all must be watching my nearly naked ass as I walked away...

I didn't stop when I returned to my spot...I just slowly gathered my things...bending over a couple of times and then looking through my arm to see if I was being “watched”...and headed quickly for our poolside room...I was filled with excitement from mind was racing through all the images of being “watched” that I had just experienced...I needed to cum...and cum hard...

When I got to the room I walked over to the sliding glass doors and did something that Hubby had urged me to do before...but I had refused...I walked around the room and turned on every light...then I went over to the window and doors which faced the pool and opened the curtains all the way.... I then opened the sliding glass door completely...and even though it was the middle of the day...and we were very close to the pool area that was now filled with many people...I pulled my top off...slid my bottoms down my legs...and stood there completely naked in the window....

I'm not sure if anyone could see me...but I was now on fire...and letting loose...and I was excited...

I positioned one of the chairs near the window...and sat in the comforting chair...feeling the breeze blowing on my body...hearing the sounds of people close by...I laid my head back with my eyes closed and my mind filled with thoughts of men..their eyes all over me...smiling...enjoying me..I let my hands take me....I build myself to a shaking orgasm....and after as I lay back...satisfied...and my mind running through all these new feelings...I heard the door as hubby came into the room...

Tell what you think...I am LouC97

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Posted 24 Feb 2014 10:11
Looks like this story keeps getting great reviews... and here's another one! Col and Carol
Posted 02 Jan 2014 15:51
I love this story !!!

Posted 05 Nov 2013 14:30
Smoking Hot Story!! Thank you!
Posted 15 Aug 2013 09:10
very nice story. I'm an exhibitionist also, thanks , now I'll shower.
Posted 21 Jul 2013 05:27
A very enjoyable read.
Posted 02 Jun 2013 11:34
simply fantastic
Posted 22 Aug 2012 15:55
Still my favorite story of all of Lush.
Posted 29 May 2012 08:50
Very erotic, love the exhibitionist in you
Posted 16 Nov 2011 15:59
Loved your story. Liked the expression of her emotions as her desire changes.
Posted 30 Sep 2011 05:53
I loved your story....I could relate to this as an exhibitionist myself.
Posted 15 Jul 2011 20:23
I love, love, LOVE, your story. Thanks for sharing. Also, by seeing your pictures, I can understand why the 10 guys enjoyed looking at you. Thanks also for the recording. That is even more intimate. Please write more experiences you have had! PLEASE!

Posted 18 Mar 2011 08:05
This is an erotic tale like few others. Well written and totally suggestive as well as descriptive. Hoping for more....... GR8- 5+++

Posted 05 Sep 2010 22:27
Fantastic story. Well written an a pleasure to read. Kept my interest, so young lady you get 5's across the board.
Posted 20 Jun 2010 10:19
Excellent story. I like to be able to visualise when reading and your story enabled that, very easily. Well Done.
Posted 03 Mar 2010 13:44
that was fucking hot to hear your voice and to feel like I was there watching you was a great turnon. thanks
Posted 02 Jan 2010 20:09
Yes, a very well writen, HOT STORY indeed! Would have liked to have been one of the guys watching too!
Posted 02 Jan 2010 12:22
Wow-hot story-like to have had an accident while reading it!
Posted 26 Sep 2009 14:16
Great story! From what you described, you made a dramatic change during that first 'sexcapade'. Please tell us about more of your experiences (or fantasies).
Posted 27 Jul 2009 19:48
I'm like your husband. I get aroused when my wife gets horny and "displays" herself in public, or in a place where she can be watched by men.
Posted 06 Jul 2009 12:03
mmmmmmmmm love to show off toooooo
Posted 04 Jul 2009 07:00
A very good story - caught my attention totally from the first word to the last. Excellent, more please.
Posted 17 Jun 2009 12:04
NiiCE..! =]
Posted 12 Jun 2009 19:30
loved the story. Please write more. I live in New Orleans. You should visit.
Posted 15 May 2009 18:55
just found this site on my cell phone and read your story WOW doubt i will read any better well done!!
Posted 15 May 2009 14:56
Congratulations....once you experience the thrill of exhibitionism... you won't ever want to will be creating more ways to show yourself and may already have decided you want to be watched having sex...starting with mastuerbation (as you have) then oral sex and fucking. It works for me. Please let us all know of your adventures. Good Luck !
Posted 03 May 2009 12:39
very horny story, is there a part 2? thanks x

Posted 03 May 2009 11:13
Very nicely written. I could see the sceene in my head all the way. As when they shoot a movie from the characters perspective. Though you had me very confused with "Tell what you think...I am LouC97" But it doesn't matter the story was over by the time i read it.
Posted 02 May 2009 19:10
Great topic... wonderfully well developed and written with a straightforward tone that works just right for this kind of "confessional." Suppose a few less ellipsis wouldn't hurt, but then again, they didn't bother me. What counts is that your story grabbed and held my attention from the first line to the last... and perhaps equally important, left me with a raging hardon!
Posted 02 May 2009 17:19
Gee thanks for the writing lesson..
Posted 02 May 2009 15:39
An Ellipsis attack... ... ... kill them off and you have a good first story

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