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A Business Meeting Leaves Young Sara Excited

They just have to stop on the way home
‘Gosh! That was so exciting! They really liked it!’ Sara was in the car with Mike and Rachel, on their way home from a business meeting with the country’s biggest sex toy distributor, and Sara had been thrilled with it: her first meeting.

Mike didn’t think it had been exciting at all, he hated meetings, but Sara loved anything new. And for her, with her charisma, new relationships were easy things, whereas for him his diffidence made them a bit of a trial.

Mike and Rachel had decided to take Sara to the meeting, since so much of their product was her project and it wasn’t as if their lives depended on the outcome. She’d dressed up into a business look for the first time ever, trying to make it less obvious she was only sixteen: her hair up, some modest makeup applied by Rachel, and a suit. Mike had suggested a trouser suit but Sara had insisted on a skirt, and quite a short one at that.

The guys at the meeting had been checking out her thighs and Mike had to acknowledge it had been the right call: they wanted to see more of her. Sara wasn’t a girl who worried about being looked at anyway.

She'd been in two minds about the heels and the painful effect on her broad, healthy feet, but she had worn them, albeit for the shortest possible time. She was back in flats now, but at the meeting she’d had a new sophistication that Mike had found to be a delicious contrast with her normal youthful self.

It had been Rachel who’d really carried the meeting, he knew. She was so calm and so glamorous. The other people had started off talking to him, the male and by some margin the oldest, but gradually they’d been forced to deal with the woman, as it became clear she was making the decisions. She’d done a lot of meetings with her former husband and knew how they worked.

She’d also done her homework and knew the value of their product, and Mike knew that underneath her sweet nature and supermodel looks she was tougher than he was. During the meeting that had come across, too. He was the brains and Rachel, however unlikely it might seem at first glance, was the brawn. Like Sara she didn’t look to anybody else for her self-esteem, and her self-belief transcended her moderate height and slender build.

Sara was really far too young to be there at all, but she’d done her side of the research, with help from Mike, and knew where their product was going to be manufactured and the processes involved. She’d made an effort not to say too much, but what she had said had been to the point and the other guys had been forced to treat with it respect, having started off a bit surprised and patronising. Mike reckoned she still didn’t look a day over seventeen, dolled up or not: her skin was so perfect and her big grey eyes still had their naughty glint, whatever she wore.

Anyway it had gone well. In the end the distributor’s people had liked their computer-controlled vibrator and kept the prototype for evaluation. Mike thought with a smile they’d been quite keen to have further meetings with Rachel and Sara as well.

Sara leaned forward from the back seat and stroked a sexy little hand around his neck, then the other around Rachel’s. ‘It’s ages till we get home’, she said.

Mike laughed. ‘You little sexpot, what are proposing, that you can’t even wait an hour and a half to get fucked?’ He knew the highly sexed teen responded to most excitements with her pussy; he could just imagine it moist under that short grey skirt. And to be honest he had been captivated by her extra height in the heels, her sophisticated new look, and her neck, which was newly on full display with her hair up. It was quite long and so slender, between her wide shoulders and her fairly large, round head. And not one wrinkle on it.

‘I know you feel like it as well,’ Sara giggled, ‘I could see you perving me all the time. What were you so interested in, not my little tits was it?’

‘I think it’s your neck, darling,’ Rachel was smiling, ‘Mike can get into any little detail about girls as we know, and I must say it’s a new look and rather nice.’ She turned and smiled at the teen, who was her lover as well.

‘My neck? Wow Mike you are such a total sex fiend, is it really that?’ Sara was delighted.

‘Well,’ Mike used to feel guilty about this sort of thing, but not any more, ’it’s a very lovely neck, so smooth and slender and perfect, so feminine, it just makes me want to stroke it and enjoy it. Sniff it and lick it, then blow on it. Each side. Then I’d undo your hair and let it down, and know your delicious perfect neck is under it, somewhere, and I’d move your gorgeous thick blonde hair out of the way, running my fingers though it, and kiss your neck some more. And it would be really sensitive, since it belongs to a complete teenage sexpot, and you’d be all mad for fucking... oops sorry!’ He steered back into his lane as Rachel made to reach for the wheel.

They all laughed. ‘Well how about all these trees and woody bits all along the side of the motorway?’ Rachel could feel her wild side coming steadily back as her repressive marriage faded into memory and Sara’s influence took her back to when she’d been an impetuous and rebellious girl. ‘I’ve always thought they looked just made for a quickie, or even a longer one now it’s warmer. And the trees are all in leaf, lots of cover and secret little places.’ It was May, and a warm, still day.

‘You too?’ Mike grinned at her, ‘looks like you two make each other worse; or better.’ He stroked a hand up Rachel’s gorgeous, slender thigh, exposed below her skirt which was only slightly longer than Sara’s.

‘I was much worse than Sara, in my young days,’ said Rachel, ‘I fucked all sorts of different guys and girls; in the gang I was with we did everything. We’d crash a party and see if we could turn it into an orgy. We had bets like if the parents turned up whether we could fuck them too. And we managed it a couple of times!’

She and Sara smiled at each other; they were very close. Kindred spirits in many ways. It had taken Mike a while to realise it, and that that was how he’d ended up with both of them. Rachel seemed a lot quieter and less extrovert on the surface, but as her new life developed she was opening out.

‘Trouble is finding somewhere to stop,’ he said, knowing he’d fuck both gorgeous women if they stopped and now he couldn’t think of anything else. ‘If we park just anywhere the cops’ll be along; it needs to be a junction.’

‘Service station,’ said Sara, ‘one with woods next to it.’

‘Woods the far side of it,’ grinned Rachel, ‘then if anyone spots anything they won’t be able to stop.’

Sara, who was a bit of an exhibitionist, gave Rachel’s neck an extra little stroke up into her hair.

They had to stop at three service stations before they found one with trees on the far side where they could park and get out of the service area into them. Mike stopped by the side of the wide exit road, where nobody would take an interest, and fiddled around in the boot until there was no traffic and no-one to see. Then he took out a travel rug (‘fancy you having one of these,’ said Sara) and they all walked off over a section of grass, along a disused bit of track, past the end of the service area exit road and into the trees.

Sara led them up the bank and then down the far side, till she found a small space between all the branches. The traffic roared by thirty yards away, screened by hazels and field maples. Glimpses of cars, vans and lorries could be seen between the leaves, but they were doing sixty miles an hour at least; the people in them would have no time to see anything.

Sara started taking off her clothes. ‘Do you need them all off?’ asked Mike.

‘No,’ Sara ginned at him without even pausing. Rachel started on hers, grinning too, and Mike started on his, realising he was outvoted.

Sara spread out the rug, but then stood facing the motorway, leaning against a tree. A few rays of sunshine shone on her naked body; a strong, feminine young body in perfect condition, lean, smooth and with an all-over tan. In a moment Rachel joined her, pressing her gorgeous naked body up against her. Mike marvelled yet again at how a thirty-five-year-old could have such a teenage-looking body: so firm, slender, and with barely a wrinkle.

Rachel and Sara were into it straight away, kissing and rubbing their clits against each other’s thighs. Mike saw Rachel paying particular attention to Sara’s neck, and smiled at the shared little in-joke. Though Sara was responding to it. She and Rachel had had sex almost every day for the best part of a year, and the attraction was if anything getting stronger rather than weaker. Now they each knew exactly what the other liked. Right now they both wanted Mike’s big cock though, more than anything.

Mike joined them, stroking them and rubbing his hard cock against them while they decided who was going to get fucked first.

‘You go first Rach,’ Sara was saying, ‘you’re so ready!’

‘No no you go, darling,’ said Rachel, ‘this was your idea. I can wait a few minutes. I love watching you anyway.’

He took that as the decision, kissed Sara’s gorgeous neck for a few seconds and then drew her down onto the rug. In a second his cock had followed its familiar route into her eager teen pussy, so tight yet so easy to enter, sliding in to the hilt in one move. He felt her sexy little hands on his sides, urging him on, and heard her breathing in rhythm with his pumping. He could feel she wanted a quickie. She was aroused already, what she needed was release.

Rachel watched as her middle-aged partner fucked her daughter’s sex-mad girlfriend, and played gently with her pussy while she waited for her turn. She really deeply fancied each of them. Mike so sensitive, so giving, so handsome, and clever. but so insecure; and Sara so confident, so complete in herself and not caring about Mike’s mild pervery born of shyness and his colossal sex drive.

Rachel loved Sara and her potent little gymnast’s body. Mike’s body was incredible too: he was small, but kept a lot of super-toned muscle. And boy was he hung.

Mike was pumping Sara with a long, fast stroke, landing each time with a bump on her vulva. In only a couple of minutes she was cumming, her strong young pussy clamping round his cock, pulsating and creamy, and setting him off to orgasm with her. They had done it several hundred times but it never palled. Mike slowed to a stop, smiling down at the gorgeous teen face, more sophisticated than usual with her makeup and her hair up.

Sara kissed Mike and wriggled out from under him. ‘Your turn Rach,’ she grinned.

Rachel lay down with Mike, then rolled him onto his back and lay on top of him. Mike found a girl’s weight on him very sexy. She kissed and caressed him and moved around a little, rubbing herself on him and brushing her bush over his cock and balls. She was waiting for one of his most endearing features: he could get hard again in a minute, especially with a change of girl.

Sure enough his big cock was soon ready again. Rachel moved into a straddle and slid her pussy over it. She was not very big and it really filled her; in the beginning she’d had to learn to relax her pussy enough to accommodate it. Now she moved up and down, enjoying the feeling, and knowing that Mike would soon take over the action, fucking upwards while she crouched over him. He was an incredible sex athlete, he could fuck really fast like that.

Sara eased through a couple of braches until she could see the cars and trucks going by. Nobody in the cars noticed her. How much would she have to show herself before they did? She took a step forward, the branches brushing against her skin as she moved them. She could just hear Rachel cumming behind her; Rachel always came super-fast. Then often she was ready for Mike to start again in a minute, for a longer main course.

Now though Sara felt Rachel’s sensual, delicate fingers run through her hair from behind, unpin it, let it fall into its usual cascade over her shoulders, then move it to one side. Rachel’s lips kissed the side of her neck, as her slender body pressed into her back. Sara felt a push, and took a step forwards. More branches slid aside, leaving her feet out in the open and the rest of her only partly hidden. How much could people see?

Rachel moved around to her side, stroking over her ass. Sara knew Rachel was keen on her ass.

It was deeply sexy, being kissed and fondled like this. Mike was right, her neck was sensitive. She started to gasp as Rachel’s fantastic fingers began to roam over her nude body, arousing her again.

Sara felt Rachel move back behind her, starting to nibble her neck now as well as kiss it. One hand traced down her body to her little blonde bush, while the other stroked its fingertips over a little pert tit. Her tits hadn’t been that sensitive, originally, but Rachel and Natasha had been working on them.

Rachel pushed her again, and she took another small step forwards. God. Only one branch was across her now, between her and all the traffic. She looked to the side: fortunately the next tree stuck out a bit further, so the drivers and their gazing passengers couldn’t see her until they were almost level. And then she was camouflaged by the leaves, at least, if not actually hidden any more.

Rachel was stroking through her bush now, and then down over her clit. Involuntarily she moved her feet apart, and a finger immediately slid down and into her pussy. Sara tottered half a step forward on the sloping, uneven ground.

She felt Rachel’s breath in her ear, then her teeth at the base of her neck, biting her shoulder muscle. God, that made her tingle all over, she was close already. She could feel Rachel’s super-desirable body all down her back, pressing into her. The finger was slipping in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. Then the thumb rubbed wetly over her clit.

Rachel gave another push and Sara staggered out into the open as the last branch swung back behind her. At the same time Rachel bit down and her other hand slid swiftly up from her tit to around her throat, grasping her. Sara had never felt anything like it. She saw a car full of people looking, then a lorry driver, as she started to cum.

Rachel held her by her throat and pussy as she orgasmed, now in full view of the busy motorway, her nude young body lurching and writhing as the climax ripped through her, her pelvis thrusting at all the strangers. Surely the beautiful and equally naked Rachel was visible as well.

As her senses started to return to normal Sara saw a car slow down with the occupants gawping at what they were seeing. Traffic behind backed up behind it. A car was late noticing and swerved into the middle lane to avoid running into the back of them. Rachel and now Mike were pulling her back into the trees.

Rachel was laughing, her face alive with fun; Sara laughed with her and pulled her into a quick kiss. God that was new and sexy. Mike was trying valiantly not to be a worrier, and half succeeding, as they quickly put on their clothes.

They ran back up the bank and along the track, Rachel and Sara giggling and teasing Mike with conjecture about whether that car had actually stopped. As they got back to the service area they slowed to a walk and strolled to the car, people passing on their way out having no idea they’d been doing anything but stretching their legs after some business meeting.

Mike opened the car and Sara pulled Rachel into the back with her. He set straight off, anxious in case someone had called the police and there was a patrol hanging around in the service area. It had been quite dangerous and irresponsible. There was no pursuit though.

‘This is a nice car, Mike,’ Sara said, still giggling, her arm around Rachel, ‘and the windows are a bit tinted, aren’t they?’ Mike quickly tilted the mirror, to see Sara’s sexy little hand disappearing inside Rachel’s blouse, several buttons undone already.

‘Alright, alright.’ he said, ‘we’ll get a car with privacy glass, whatever you like. What about just waiting?’

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Posted 28 Jul 2013 02:39
Nice story. Enjoyed it very much.
Posted 18 Jul 2013 01:38
Thanks jonesam, mashman, curious and mj

Yes Fiona...Hmmm...
Posted 11 Jul 2013 12:32
Hobe you continue this story line as like to hear more especessally Fiona
Posted 07 Aug 2012 07:55
Great story, will have to look into the others.
Posted 15 Jul 2012 04:53
A great story and audio added to pleasure
Posted 22 Dec 2011 02:53
Thanks rune, great to know you read the series through, it's quite long!

Not sure about doing any more on it, I ran out of steam a bit, but comments always make it more likely!
Posted 13 Dec 2011 16:48
nice. . . you have a great story, putting all your series in one read it feels like one erotic novel. . . can't wait for another one
Posted 18 Jul 2011 08:15
Great story, my cock loved it
Posted 18 Jul 2011 01:54
Yes it's a sequel to the Secretary series and the Chalet Maid and the New Member ones.

This time I avoided the house in the woods with the 'sex centre', in case they were making it harder for readers to connect with the stories. ???

I have an idea I made the introductory meeting bit too long though - what does anyone think?
Posted 18 Jul 2011 00:17
Nice story, is this some kind of half sequal to How to Choose a Secretary ?

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