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A Different Kind of Haunted House

All my work is fiction. This story contains consenting adults in explicit nature.
Children ran up and down the block dressed as creatures of the night, hobos, and a few princesses dotting the pavement with their sparkling crowns. Jack-o-Lanterns lit up numerous doorsteps, the stoops covered in leaves before the brief breeze brushed them off the concrete.

One of the few stoops that stayed dark belonged to twenty-nine year old Steven. He was upstairs in nothing but a thin layer of water and a towel, freshly showered and talking to his nineteen-year-old girlfriend, Sophia.

“Soph! I don’t wanna go to this haunted house hon; I really don’t,” he warned her, his naked form bent over as his hands worked the towel over his damp locks. Sophia came out of the closet with a black corset and black mini skirt beginning to cover her legs. She looked at her boyfriend’s cock and slowly licked her lips.

“Well, here are your choices: go or don’t get laid tonight.” She simply smiled at him, feeling satisfaction as she noticed his shocked face under the towel.

Steven heaved a sigh. “Fine. I’ll go to the fucking thing,” he said in a defeated voice. Sophia passed him to put her make-up on while he dressed in a pair of jeans and a shirt.

When they were ready to go, the couple drove to the college campus teeming with scantily clad students. Steven followed Sophia’s ambiguous directions until they came to a building decorated with black and orange crepe paper, costumed forms walking into the front doors.

Sophia met her group of friends in the lobby of the transformed school building, Steven sulking in the back of the group as they made their way to the beginning of the haunted house.

The door had fully shut by the time the group noticed that the room resembled a normal class. A petite woman dressed in a slutty witch’s outfit tried the door, but found it to be locked from the outside. “Great,” everyone groaned in dismay.

“Who’re they?” one of the guys hesitantly asked, the green glove of his Robin suit pointing at the front of the room. Near the boards, a middle-aged man stood against a desk; his hair was beginning to thin and his shirt was a mess with untidiness, unlike the rimmed glasses that perched on the bridge of his nose. Before him sat a young woman whose large breasts were straining the buttons of her small, white button-up. She wore her shoulder-length blond locks in two neat pigtails as her prim white stockings clung to the slender form of her legs. The soft flesh of her thigh peeked between the hem of her plaid skirt and the angelic white of her stockings, some abdominal skin poked out above her skirt in a strangely cute fashion.

The student and teacher did not look at the group, nor did there seem to be any actual teaching going on. In fact, it seemed as if the teacher was staring at the student’s bulging breasts.

“Ms. Thompson,” he lectured seriously to her as he walked to his seat, “you have such a low grade that you wouldn’t even be able to pass if you were capable of acing the finals! And, now, you expect me to pass you? You show no effort yet you want to pass. I just don’t understand it.”

His student sighed as her glistening teeth bit down on her lower lip. Her foot lolled about in the air as her ankle slacked, her lips pouting as she looked up at her professor from beneath her lashes. “Please, professor,” she begged coquettishly, “I’ll do anything to pass. Isn’t there anything I could do?”

Her pouting pink lips smirked as her suggestion slipped from her lips. The group watched the student stand up and stride over to her teacher, her steps flowing together lightly, and stand between his spread legs. His eyes were now level to her busting breasts as she toyed with his silk tie between her fingertips. “Anything at all?” she questioned softly to him.

A guy dressed as Dracula smirked at the show, knowing exactly how this would play out. Dracula pulled Elvira close to him so she could feel his growing member. Elvira and Dracula let their hands roam over the other’s body as the student began to kneel down. “Depends how much work you’re willing to put in,” numbly commented the instructor as his student’s slim fingers pulled down the zipper of his pants.

Dracula watched the school girl take out the older man’s cock and lick his length with joy; he had always fantasized about watching the taboo subject of a teacher being seduced by a student and his cock was hardening at an alarming rate, straining the button of his pants.

The other guys in the room whistled and began rubbing their cock through their trousers as they watched a naughty school girl work for her grade. Steven stared in shock and confusion as he watched the spectacle in front of him.

“What the hell is going on here, Sophia? What kind of place did you take me to?” he hissed into his girlfriend’s ear as the teacher’s first moan reverberated around the room. He had never been into older/younger relationships and felt as if they were all walking in on some top secret lair.

Sophia gave a sly glance to her a boyfriend, pertly whispering, “A special, school-funded, sex-based haunted house you silly goose. What else would it be?” Steven blinked at her answer, painfully aware that Dracula was nibbling at Elvira’s neck as they grinded against each other. Their soft moans were beginning to elevate but were still no match for the screams of ecstasy the teacher was expressing.

“Mmm fuck yeah, little girl. Earn that grade, baby. Don’t forget to swallow every inch of my cock, you slut,” the teacher groaned in pleasure, his head falling back. Ms. Thompson’s spit lathered his throbbing prick as her pretty lips swallowed him down her throat, her neck bulging out as it accommodated his girth.

Dracula moaned at the sight of the cock-swallowing slut and began to massage and pinch Elvira’s firm tits. He squeezed them roughly, pinching at her sensitive nipples and rubbing her smooth skin through the fabric. When the school girl slipped a hand between her legs to reveal her white cotton panties, Dracula moaned louder than before, and ran a hand down to Elvira’s feminine mound.

Now, Steven was painfully aware of his shallow breaths and the tightening of his pants as his cock slowly began to harden. More of the guys were moaning, playing with their exposed cocks as they watched a sexy woman blow a thick cock for good grades. The women felt their breath catch in their throats and the tingle in their hardening nipples, but didn’t touch themselves like the boys did. The witch’s nipples were tenting the fabric around her chest and she was breathing heavily as her gaze switched from Dracula and Elvira to the kneeling student to the Tarzan that was jacking off right next to her.

Tarzan flexed his muscles as he eyed the witch’s delicious tips, his free hand reaching out to pull the fabric of her top down. He smiled as he pinched and teased her hard nipple for a time before bending over to suck the nub into his mouth. The witch moaned as Tarzan suckled her teat, Elvira’s dress rising around her waist so her shaved pussy could be manipulated by her Dracula.

Steven’s cock was stirring uncomfortably as he pulled his girlfriend by the arm to the next room. The door slammed behind them as they came into a dark room, the middle of the floor clear save for a single paddle laying atop of a table. Chains rattled from the other side of the room as a woman led her slave to the table, his body bound with a leather mask and white rope. Her tall, black heels clicked with every step as she shoved her slave to his knees. Stragglers from the group opened the door and entered the room as the Mistress forced her slave’s face to her dripping snatch.

“Eat, you cum hungry whore bitch,” she barked to him fiercely. His tongue immediately lapped at her parted labia and slithered in her warm cunt. Latex slid against her clit as her slave drank her leaking pussy.

Steven let his back go rigid; he did not like the idea of female dominance and he didn’t like seeing a guy bounded and treated horribly. To his shock, a girl in red tights and tube top crawled over to the table, her hands and knees softly padding on the floor. She went to work on the slave’s growing cock, working her tongue over the rope around his cock to get to his hot pole. Without skipping a beat, the mistress started ordering the slaves around, calling them dirty names as her moans grew louder.

With a jolting pull, Sophia was dragged to the next room. Her stomach lurched as she felt her body move to the next room. She knew that the next room was Steven’s most desired fantasy and that he was going to love the showcase she had set up. He didn’t know it, but she had set up the whole haunted house by what turned him on. The last room would finally make him hard enough to not care about his inhibitions and fuck her in public, she had made sure of it.

More people followed them, a chorus of feet moving into a room filled with candles. The soft haze of flickering flames dancing with each other as the red and white wax dripped to the floor. Candles floated on iron pedestals that surrounded the mattress in the middle of the room. A soft, white sheet covered the bed and it was wrinkled by the almost naked woman laying on it.

The woman was clad in a bright pink bikini as her small hands ran over the tanned skin of her athletic torso. Her smooth legs writhed as her hands scratched and tickled her skin in a delicious way. Mewls and moans began to bubble from her lips as her hands gently teased the round areolas, making the fabric of her top scrape against her skin. Another female wearing a shiny bikini was standing next to the bed, watching the other as she nervously bit her lip.

Sophia heard Steven’s breath catch and quicken, the feel of his hard cock nudging her hip as she leaned back on his. The girl in the shining swimsuit smirked as she let a bowl of melted chocolate drip and coat the neon-clad woman before smearing the dessert. Melted chocolate thinly covered the girl’s tanned skin, shining in the candle light as the girl who was standing rubbed her finger through the slime.

“Mmm, Terry,” the girl on the bed giggled as her top slipped past her nipples. Watching the two women tease each other was forcing Steve’s cock to grow longer than it ever had before, his bulge exciting and shocking Sophia.

Sophia’s hand ran up Steven’s leg and groped at his bulge. She gasped at the size of his member, unable to remember a single time when he had been able to reach that state of arousal. His tent was damp with pre-cum and Sophia shivered as she thought of the load building in his balls for her, how it would feel as his cock exploded in her spasming cunt.

Knowing that he wouldn’t protest, Sophia unzipped Steven’s jeans as Terry bent down to lick the chocolate off her lover. Sophia’s hand rubbed against the velvet skin of Steven’s large cock. At the touch of his skin, Sophia moaned in pleasant shock, her pussy beginning to leak like a sieve; Steven moaned with her as he felt his cock jerk with excitement.

The bed was softly squeaking as Terry and her lover began to animatedly make out with each other, Terry’s manicured fingers rubbing her lover’s pussy through the bottoms. Steven watched with a transfixed stare as his hips bucked into Sophia’s stroking hand, her grip tightening as she went to the tip.

More pre-cum leaked out of his slit as he watched Terry lick her lover through the bottoms of her swimsuit, Sophia playing with her nipples as she jacked her boyfriend off in public. Steven let his hand cover hers and helped her pump his dick faster.

“Do you like that, baby?” Sophia whispered to her boyfriend. His cock throbbed in response and thickened with his load, his tongue begging to burrow itself inside a warm, wet pussy.

As his cock continued to throb and twitch, Steven watched Terry lick chocolate from her lover’s clean shaven pussy. His will broke and Steven reached between Sophia’s leg, surprised to find the soft fur of her cunt uncovered by panties. With another moan, Steven shoved two fingers into Sophia’s flooded gash.

Sophia gasped and moaned as Steven’s fingers worked in and out of her hole, her hand flying up and down his slick pole. Steven turned her around and forced her onto the bed with the lesbian lovers, his pants dropping around his ankles as he guided his cock into his girlfriend’s aching pussy.

One of his hands went to Sophia’s disheveled corset and played with her stiff nipple while the other one went to work a few fingers into Terry’s sweet cunny. He thrusted powerfully into Sophia’s box as his fingers pleasured Terry, making the lesbian moan into her lover’s muff.

“Oh yes, Stevie, pound my little cunt!” cried Sophia as Terry’s lover sucked on Sophia’s other nipple. “Oh yessss!” she moaned.

Steven worked his hips harder, his thrusts going deeper in her sweet pussy. Their groins slipped together with each other as Sophia’s inner walls massaged his veiny shaft. One of the lovers beside them took Sophia’s corset off and covered her hard nipples with some of the melted chocolate. Steven’s fuck lust continued to ravage Sophia’s willing pussy as his mouth clamped down on her chocolate covered tits and sucked at her eagerly.

From the corner of his eye, Steven saw the girls next to him eating each other out as their fingers filled each other’s asses. His cock throbbed with unexplainable excitement and emptied spurt after spurt of cum into his girlfriend’s massaging pussy. He continued to fuck her hard through his orgasm and felt her tight pussy cover his cock with her pussy juice.

“Oh yes, baby. Get my cock coated with your girl cum. Ooh yeah, Soph! I love it when you come on me!” yelled at her as he let one final rope of cum shoot out of his exploding cock. His cock kept pistoning in and out of her tunnel, his cock never softening as he watched the lesbians share a dildo and a vibrating strap on for the rest of the night, unaware that he had been watched by numerous crowds.

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Posted 16 Dec 2013 09:01
Great job. A very enjoyable read.
Posted 24 Apr 2011 06:11
Intense and erotic. The devious way she drew him to a public display was well done Anna. Love every detail.
Posted 06 Oct 2010 20:37
Great story! Keep up the great work.
Posted 05 Oct 2010 23:07
what a great story!! very hot....made me wet!
Posted 03 Oct 2010 18:33
all in all a great story
Posted 03 Oct 2010 13:58
very hot good job keep up the good work sweety
Posted 03 Oct 2010 01:06
WOW let me be the first to tell you, GREAT JOB!!! I LOVED IT, SUPER HOTTT

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