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Catwalk Object

closet exhibitionism fully exposed pussy audience participation submissive sucking teasing
Catwalk Object

Tags: closet exhibitionism,   fully exposed pussy, audience participation, submissive, sucking, humiliation, emotion, being filmed, intense excitement, teasing, craving for cock
A group of us had just graduated from Modelling and deportment school and this was our big night out to celebrate….

As the ringleader of our group, I suggested to everyone on the day of our graduation ceremony that we hit the town that night, it was a Friday and I knew there were a group of clubs not far away from our modeling school where we could just hang out, talk a bit and admire the local talent.  The others agreed and nearly all of set out about 9 pm to the Trio in Ascot about 5 kilometres east on Westwood Street.  The Trio complex was made up of The Music Club, The Coffee Club and The Adult Club all housed in the same building and although I’d never been there before I’d heard from friends at UQ, that the atmosphere was great, it was reasonably priced (this was important to budget minded students) and the surroundings were tasteful.  There were 8 of us, it was late November, nearly summer and we were all in the mood for action. I didn’t realize just how much.

A bit about me. I’m Sonja, long black curly hair (it reached my bum), green eyes, Size 36 D cup, 176 cm tall 5’10, voluptuous, happy and smiling.  Average looks.  Sex drive over active.  Average everything else.

Boyfriends in my life were divided into 2 categories.  Social Boyfriend and Bedroom Boyfriend and I had 2.  My best friend once said:  Why have only one man, when you can have so many?  I dutifully followed this piece of advice.

A social boyfriend gave me, love, tenderness, commitment and acceptability.  The bedroom boyfriend fed my desire to follow the darker side, wild, passionate, irrational and craving for volume sex without question.  I was always been told I was a woman of contrast.  Some people listened to hip hop, rock, classical or country.  My CD player was tuning out opera and heavy metal in foreign languages I couldn’t understand.  

Having left the country of my birth across the Tasman after Year 12, I started my Bachelors majoring in Linguistics.  Playing 5 instruments, being bi-lingual and speaking 3 other foreign languages you could say I had a very good sense of hearing and the sound of the human voice had the biggest influence in my life, academically, socially and sexually.

Adjusting to life in Queensland is no easy feat.  The climate, the culture and the campus were all wonderful experiences except I felt very alone for a long time.  Other girls were jealous of me.  The better my grades got, the less friends I had so with a bit of manipulation to get my grades to go from A’s to B’s I found at least 1 good friend and it was worth it.  As for the weather I found it hard to get used to wearing mini skirts, low cut tops with thin straps and g-string knickers (these were all the rage when I first came over here!).  Finding boyfriends was the easy part and I had a steady stream of them.  It was like a pattern.  The social boyfriends were usually tradesmen and the Bedroom Boyfriends were usually Engineering Students (I must have been attracted to their Maths ability as it wasn’t a strong subject of mine!)

As you probably tell I suffer from low esteem and self confidence.  So an acquaintance of mine came up with the idea of enrolling in a modeling an deportment school course in order to help.  Maybe I could make some new friends.  One thing I must point out here is.  I don’t spend hours looking in the mirror, putting on cosmetics or fussing about by body or figure.  Any spare time I have is spent in the bedroom sucking cock (my second favourite pastime after being licked out!) or in a book studying for mid terms.  So against my better judgement I paid the course fee and started 2 weeks later.

I had poor expectations of the course content but found I was pleasantly surprised and within a week I found a whole new set of friends.  Not competitors like at Uni, not fair weather friends, but down to earth girls I could share a joke with, laugh about men, talk politics to and play clothes games with.  It wasn’t long before I felt like an accepted part of the crowd and I knew I wasn’t being judged on my academic ability, I didn’t need to live up to anybody’s expectations and I could just relax and have fun. My circle of friends made me feel good about myself and I was taken seriously.  Their opinion mattered.  We started going out on a regular basis and I became the leader of the “brain gang”as the non  members called us.  So when I suggested going to the Trio for our graduation present to ourselves it was a unanimous decision.  

“Did you see this sign?” Nicki says to all of us as we were waiting in line to show our ID to get into the Music Club.  

“Yeah great idea.  They want contestants for the Catwalk Object for tonight. Bad news.  Been there.  Done that.  Ticked off the list.   Let’s find ourselves some randoms for the night.  What do you think?” I replied.

“Oh come on Sonja we all think it would be fun to get you up on the stage to parade around those big tits of yours.  Give the guys an eyeful.  You can rake them in.  We’ll benefit from the guys you draw in and jump on the ones we like.  If anyone is gonna win, it’ll be you.  Let’s all vote” said Nicki.

“SONJA IN.  SONJA IN.  SONJA IN” the gang shouted.

“Girls calm down.  This is embarrassing.  I’m not going on stage again tonight in a strange club.  Beside I don’t have anything to wear” I whispered in a low undertone.  At the back of my mind I was starting to get turned on by the thought of being on stage with a predominantly male audience watching me.  I had always been a closet exhibitionist, shy and scared about being the centre of attention but at the same time loving every damned minute.  It was a recurring dream.

Pushing dirty thoughts aside, I was jolted back to reality as the girls all wanted an answer from me.  Yes or no.  As if I had much of a choice.

“Ok I’ll do it but I’ll need a bit of beauty assistance first” I pleaded with them.

It took 30 minutes waiting time before we reached the top of the line, showed our ID’s and got inside the very dark building.  In the meantime Rita had left the line, gone back to the car to fetch the “tools of the trade” as I needed a change of clothes, shoes, hair accessories and camera equipment for my appearance.

In a last minute rush I went to the organizers to fill out the application form, got a chance to look around the room, it seemed huge with an estimated 10 metre long runaway in the centre, seating on each side and a long pole at the front.  In a semi circle an elongated bar serving drinks could be seen and my first impressions of the surroundings were favourable.  It was cosy and it looked as though it could seat about 150 people tops.  Some very danceable numbers could be heard on the loud speaker system, the lighting was subdued and I got the distinct impression, it would be a night to remember.  In more ways than one.

I had 1 hour ‘make up’ time before I was due to go on and the girls said I was to strip down naked.  My clothes were taken off and I lay down on the long wooden table.  At this time of the month I feel very horny and any removal of my clothes sends shivers down my spine.  My body was on high alert and I hadn’t seen either boyfriend for 5 days.  No sex.  I was feeling very horny and I was getting desperate almost willing to try anything.  When Linda started touching my pubic hair my sex fantasies came to life. Cock to pussy.  Sucking endless cocks.  Mutual masturbation. Erotic showers.  I couldn’t help myself.  My nipples became erect, pussy juices started flowing and I was getting turned on.  I felt ashamed in front of everyone so I shut my eyes and prayed they would prime my body quickly for the show I was about to put on before being discovered.  I needed my strength to get through this one in my horny condition.

At long last.  Finished and ready to go.  I stood up, I was dressed and Sharon led me away covered in a gown to the wings of the stage while the MC spoke a few words to the audience about me.  I started being nervous but not overly so as I was a practiced at catwalking and knew the ropes.

Dressed in Linda’s white Billabong lycra bikini, Nickki’s black Diana Ferrari shoes and my diamond imitation jewellery I drew the red curtains away from me, stuck my shoulders back, tits out and with a strong swaying movement I walked out on stage to a faceless audience with a wide smile and open body language.  I was going to enjoy and want all eyes to be on my body.

I walked down the catwalk the first time stopping, slowly turning around trying to make eye contact with as many faces as I could, turned around to saunter back.  This was really a lot of fun.  Every body was watching at me, I was the centre of attention, the talking stopped and the staring begun at my tits, arse and long hair.  To the sound of an old disco song “Tainted Love” at loud volumes I started dreaming and fantasizing about blow jobs.  The song was good to move to.  We had learned to take dramatic pauses on the catwalk at various times which is what I did.  A man down below was staring wide eyed at me.  He looked good.  So I tried something.

I bent over and showed him my arse.  With a G-string bikini bottom my arse cheeks were on full display but to emphasise them even more I repeated the gesture.  I then stuck out my chest so he could get a better view of my tits, shaking and moving my hips in suggestive movements.

With my index finger I motioned for him to join me on stage.  Without hesitating, he jumped on stage and came behind me.  Both hands lifted my arms up into the air, his hands touched my sides all the way down to my knees and he stopped.  I felt incredibly sexy and my resolve was weakening.

“Do you want more” his foreign accent whispered into my ear.

I closed my eyes and strong hands turned my body around to face him.  He stuck his hand over my bikini bottom and rubbed and he looked at the pussy juices going down my leg.  I felt ashamed at being caught like this.  He massaged my skin lightly up and down very quickly and stopped.  Then I felt my tits being teased, massaged and my body was beginning to respond.  I was wet.  He kissed me and I felt a big erect cock bring pushed up against me and I moaned.

“OHHHHH  God.  Please don’t…. Not here…People are watching…” I said.

My pussy reacted and I couldn’t stop it.  I wanted his hands, his cock, his whole body.  I hated myself for this.  The next thing I knew a chair was being brought on to the stage.  I was pushed down.  My legs were spread and I was blindfolded.

“This for the pleasure of the audience.  I want your pussy exposed to everyone” he said quietly.

“Do not protest” he went on “it is also what you want” I heard.  I couldn’t say anything.  I didn’t even want to.  All I could feel was that my pussy was tingling, my body temperature was rising and I was curious.  I tried getting up from my chair but two men either side of me pushed me down.  

“But….” I wanted to argue with him.  But I couldn’t.

My mind wandered out to my audience.  The people and their thoughts of me. I was turning them on.  There was almost silence.  Nobody was talking.  I was the centre of attention.  More precisely, my body was what they were staring even glaring at.  And I felt good.  Being admired and wanted and looked at.   I was losing control.

I waited.  And waited.  And Waited.    

As I couldn’t see what was going on, I relied on my hearing.  I heard voices, distant voices in a language I didn’t understand and it sounded as though people were coming nearer to where I was sitting, the music was being changed and I felt the spotlight suddenly burning as it turned to my triangular centerpiece and caused even more juices to flow down.  I have never been wetter.

It must have been about an hour but then I heard footsteps on stage.  The anticipation was killing my insides.  Not knowing.  Hoping.  Praying. Wanting.  Desire.

“You are to accept everything that happens to you on stage.” I was told.

“No…please I started to say.. but more hands pushed me down to the floor.  I was made to spread my legs even wider for literally everyone to see. My clit and pussy juices were on full display.  It was humiliation.

From behind I felt an erect cock stroking my hair, up and down, up and down and I wanted to turn around to confirm the feeling.  This made my nipples harden and my body shake.  Maybe I was going to get laid now.  I really hope so.  But the footsteps away from the stage told me no.

“Smile and pretend you are having the time of your life” the man said.  Being submissive I did just that.  A hot cock was jammed into my mouth and I was ordered to suck him until he came without touching.  I wanted to stand but I was prevented.  

With long slow gentle strokes I took another cock in my mouth.  I felt happy to do so but also it was degrading.  My body wanted more and I was tempted to bite but the feeling of having a large object in my mouth to control was sensational.  He wasn’t far from cumming I could feel the blood rising but he pulled out of my mouth and I was sprayed with his hot spunk.  

Hands pulled me up on the floor, the blindfold was taken off, my bikini top was undone and I watched it fall to the floor.  I stared in horror.  At the same time I couldn’t help but be aroused.  This caused my tits to swell in size, erect nipples and more dirty disgusting thoughts entered my head.  I felt dirty, like a sex object being put in a shop window and it made me want a cock even more.  Fuck me someone please I screamed out silently.  

The bikini bottom was undone and it was thrown away to the audience.  My eyes became glassy eyed as the last part of my security behind skimpy clothes was being withdrawn.  I was now officially out of control.  

Standing to face everyone wearing only my diamond imitation jewelry I was made to walk up and down the catwalk 5 times in various erotic poses for camera shots, smiling at anyone who would give me attention, pussy being on full display, raw and uninhabited.  I never felt so good.

“Come with me” and I was lead off the stage and a leather string was placed on my hands.  The audience was told the “goods” could be sampled for a price.  So I watched as money was exchanged. Men would grab my tits, kiss me, one cock after the other would be stuffed into my mouth, men and women would touch me in places previously unknown, all of my holes seem to be filled with strangers fingers, cocks and cunts.  All around the room I went, being led like a prize whore on display.  My pussy juices were licked, my legs spread, legs, arms and arse cheeks slapped and this lasted for it seemed many hours.

“Now for the Grand Finale” were words I listened to next.

My body couldn’t cope.  I said I can’t do this anymore.  I needed a cock inside my pussy, something denied to me all night.  

“WALK and faster…”   a voice shouted at me.  Like a servant I obeyed.

With surprise all over my face, I hurriedly took to the catwalk causing my tits to bounce up and down very quickly as though I was riding a giant cock, my exaggerated swaying of the hips was longer and my hair seemed to fly in the hair due to the speed at which I was walking.   I had to parade down the catwalk with a wet pussy and I advertised to it to each and everyone who looked at me.  I twisted and turned to give everyone a good view, sticking my fingers all the way inside myself for as long as I could get away with it.  No masturbation was allowed. My arse was slapped.  As punishment a variety of cocks were stuffed in my face and I had to make them come or else regardless of size or width which I enjoyed.

After hours and hours I was tired and exhausted and couldn’t go on.  Without warning I felt a giant cock enter me from behind.

“OH MY GOD” I yelled out to the audience.  “Please don’t take it away” I was so emotional I started to cry.

“PLEASE BRING IT BACK” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Then I was led away to a private room.  A man and woman in the bedroom were lying on a bed and I was shouted at to sit in the chair next to the bed and take notes which I did.

 ““Ohhhhh…… Yeah………..Oh…….. Fuck………….More………..HARDER ……|Ramming his cock in and out of her, the woman turned to me and smiled.  She turned to me and said “This is how it is done”.  I felt degraded and humiliated again.  

The taste and smell of sex in the air, the noises, the excitement and I felt like a voyeur watching a very intimate moment between two people but feeling left out, outside the circle not being invited to come in.  

By this time I was getting thirsty and took the opportunity presented to enjoy some wine which calmed my nerves and helped me relax.  I found being intoxicated was a great way to enjoy the live porno production.  I was allowed to touch his cock and massage his balls which I really liked.  I am a natural sock sucker and I am of the opinion you can never have enough cocks to touch or suck.  

“Mon Cherie …..     Fuck me again………..    Yes ……………… Higher…   Lower…. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  MY GOD ………………………

The stud performer sprayed his hot liquid all over her and then the show was over.  

Hands came to pull me up and back to centre stage.  Back to a new audience I could tell.  It was way past midnight and a new crowd had gathered, louder, drunker and demanding live entertainment.  Maybe I was in a different club.  The Adult one.  It looked different and my friends weren’t anywhere to be seen.  Oh well.  What the hell.  If I was going to be a slut for the night, then so be it!

“ Come on stage” he said.

My pussy was still wet but I was getting tired.  I was becoming scared about what might happen next.

“WALK” came the orders.

So in naked good form I walked.  This time when I got to the front of the catwalk, I turned around to show off my arse and a cock was rammed into me almost making me lose my balance.  I lifted my body up to see who it was and it was lowered back.

“Stay where you are” were the shouting foreign words as my arse cheeks were slapped red.

“Oh yeah .  On my fucking God………….Please stay in me  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE’’ I screamed.  This time let me cum.

The big cock kept on with the rythmic movements, sliding faster and faster in and out of my pussy.  The cock was taken out to show the audience and I was told to stand and show my excitement, rub my tits and spread my legs for everyone to see.  If I pleased the audience I would be allowed to keep the same cock inside me but more often than not it would be taken away and be replaced with another.  This was judged with the words “KEEP FUCKING” and this meant I was doing well.

“It is your job to please the audience, be there for them, not yourself.  GOT THAT GIRL?” came the loud disrespectful words.

“Yes ok” totally submissive.  My body was in control not my mind anymore.  I was happy to be fucked by faceless strangers and I wanted to be treated like a sex object, I craved and needed the attention.

Just after 4 am I was exhausted so the foreign man said I had learned enough for the night.  I was dressed in a mini skirt, my dirty bikini top and no knickers and told to return the next night for Part 2.

As for who won the catwalk object title, I don’t know.  My life as an exhibitionist pro was only just beginning………………….

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