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Curing Boredom

A traffic jam presents an unexpected opportunity!
I turned up the volume as Rammstein's industrial dance music began filling my car with heavy sounds. Sitting snugly in the driving seat I began moving my body to the rock guitars riffs and with my head bobbing to the pulsating rhythm, I was really in the groove. I was on my way back to Holland from a dirty weekend in Hamburg and this sort of music helped pass away the time and kilometres. My joy was short lived because as I passed the famous port city of Bremen the autobahn was backed up due to an accident. Of the three carriageways available, all were blocked and everyone was moving forward at a snail's pace.

Anyway since we were going nowhere fast, I lounged in my seat and really let myself go. The deep bass reverberated through the Bose audio system and my body rocked and jerked in time to the powerful rock beat. Through the tinted windows of my Volkswagen, I could see cars everywhere and wondered if anyone had seen me going crazy. I needn't have worried. To the left of me was a large business-like BMW with blacked out windows and to the right a long line of juggernauts waiting resignedly like the rest of us. I'd never really paid any attention to trucks before as I whizzed past them but now sitting next to one, I was quite surprised how big they were. The one beside me seemed enormous and towered over my little car.

Gazing forward I could see cigarette smoke snaking out of the driver’s window. He was probably just as bored as I was, I assumed. Contemplating his job, I couldn’t think of anything more tedious than day in, day out driving hundreds of thousands of kilometres, when the cars in front of me moved up a couple of meters and glad of a distraction I pressed the clutch in and selected first gear. The truck hadn't moved and now I was almost next to the cab and through the open window I could see the profile of a young man sporting a wild mane of hair.

As if knowing I was watching him the truck driver looked round and stared down at me. His hair falling over his handsome angular shaped face obscured his view but I could feel his intense stare. His five o'clock shadow was clearly visible against his tanned aristocratic features. Above his toothpaste commercial smile, which was beaming deliberately at me, his regal nose moved up and down curiously as he gave me the once over.

A large masculine hand ran through his long fringe, pushing it over his head and out of his eyes, and his piecing blues momentarily took my breath away and caused shivers to run down my spine. Jesus he was good looking. I felt a tingling sensation run through my veins as our eyes locked on to each other. As we continued our staring contest, I was aware of moisture forming inside my panties.

Suddenly a loud growling engine sound coming from deep within the truck made me jump and I broke off visual tug of war. Powerful vibrations caused my car to tremble slightly as my victorious opponent let out the clutch and brought the monstrous behemoth to motion. The driver averted his eyes from me, glanced briefly at the road ahead and then he looked back in my direction. His eyes were laughing and then he gave me a saucy knowing wink. I watched fascinated, smiling stupidly as my admirer slowly pulled away, his gaze still fixed on his mirror. I couldn't deny the ego boost his attention was giving me and felt myself wishing for some more. I inspected my face in the rear view mirror and then looked down at my thin summer dress. It had risen so far up my legs during the journey that he could almost see my panties through the split in front and would have if my legs hadn’t been clamped together.

Then the penny dropped. Shocked, my hand moved in front of my mouth as my jaw dropped in surprise. That's why he’d been so interested I thought, almost certain of my convictions. The cheeky bugger hadn’t been interested in me; he’d been ogling my legs the whole time, seeing if he could get a glimpse of between my thighs. My surprise grew into a knowing smile as I thought about what just happened. I never really consider what I'm wearing when I'm in the car but now the realization that truck drivers are getting a free peep show when I wear anything short or sexy, certainly made me smile.

I inspected my outfit and frowned in puzzlement. The line of buttons down the front of my dress could have given my admirer a much more tantalising view, but for some reason I'd dropped the ball. Normally a few would, no not would, should have been undone, displaying my feminine wares but obviously I'd been distracted. I have a good body and I’m not ashamed of showing it off and couldn’t understand why I’d been so chaste. Admittedly I hadn’t realised that truckers were quite so lecherous but what the hell. Without thinking I quickly addressed the issue and loosened the top three or four buttons. I pulled my neckline open and saw my perfectly shaped breasts encased in a sexy bra appear. The garment was designed to give an impressive cleavage, and it worked, but when my dress opened up the scent of spent cum wafted in my nose and suddenly I remembered why my dress was arranged so primly.

In the hotel car park, minutes before I'd started my homeward journey, my latest conquest insisted on getting a very messy last minute blow-job before letting me go. I wanted to oblige him and sank to my knees. After a couple of minutes of high risk fellatio, he'd shown his appreciation and showered me with a huge load of cum. As he turned and walked away, he left me kneeling beside my car with warm spunk dripping down my face on to my chest. I'd tried cleaning up, but knew I'd missed some, especially where the creamy liquid had soaked into the soft material of my clothes. Now, the intoxicating aroma penetrated my nostrils, a potent reminder of how depraved I was. The traffic in front of me began moving again and I returned my attention to the present.

"God I'm a slut!" I smiled to myself enthusiastically as I released the clutch and began creeping forward. As I drew up beside the truck again, I saw my young man look down fleetingly and then stifled a giggle when he did a double take. My new clothing arrangements obviously found favour because after giving me the thumbs up, a muscular arm reached up and grabbed something that looked like a microphone.

My admirer pulled the microphone towards his sensual mouth and began talking. I kept watching him and when he looked again I decided to emphasize my assets. Puffing up my chest and arching my back as much as I could, I showed off my girlies in the best possible way. By the look in his eyes, my provocation was definitely having an effect on him. Unfortunately for both of us, our enjoyment was short lived because whilst he looked wistfully down at me, I continued moving forward motion until I eventually disappeared out of his field of vision.

A loud klaxon, like one of those American freight trains sounded behind me and in my rear view mirror I saw a large ball of light illuminate the vehicles around it. I was momentarily puzzled. The bright lights belonged to a truck some way back in the traffic. Another loud klaxon sounded but this was much closer. I looked over my shoulder and heard the noise coming from the truck I'd just past. I suddenly realised that both vehicles were travelling together and they were communicating via the walkie talkie. An indulgent smile lit up my face. It didn't take a brain surgeon to guess what they were talking about.

This was exciting and my wanton side wanted to do something really outrageous, something that would really get the airwaves crackling. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute and my nipples were straining against the soft material containing them which was no surprise because I was horny as hell.

I watched the tucks and in particular the one I was interested in, start to move and my breath quickened in anticipation. I hurriedly reached inside my bra to adjust my girls, to make them more prominent but as I finished, I saw my efforts were in vain because my truck stopped just a few meters behind me. Although it was tantalizingly close, as far as I was concerned he could have been on the other side of the moon, for all the good it was doing.

A wave of disappointment swept over me because in the far distance the numerous blue lights of the emergency services could be seen. At this rate it wouldn't take long for us to pass them and my naughty encounter would be over. Then all the lanes started forward, but frustratingly the distance between our two vehicles never seemed to diminish and I began cursing out loud.

I contemplated slowing down to let my admirer catch up and even took my foot of the gas, but as soon as the gap began closing, illuminated red lights in front of me meant I had to stop, in a hurry. I stamped on the brakes and halted in time but unfortunately for me, the right hand lane kept moving and Mr Lover Boy, unable to react in time sped right past me. Now he was back in front and I could see him sitting there, occasionally glancing in his mirrors. I decided to make his wait worthwhile.

Undoing some more buttons, I revealed my scantily clad 34C's and adjusted them to show off their full perkiness. I knew the whole world could see them now but I was only interested in them being seen by one person. Lady Destiny was obviously on my side because moments later the two outside lanes began moving and after I released the handbrake I started catching him up. As I approached his truck I watched him look in the mirror and then turn his head to look out of the open window. Slowly moving beside him I waved and then blew him a kiss. I saw his bright blue eyes light up in delight and watched laughingly as he blew one back. To really grab his attention, I turned and faced him, placed my hands around my breasts and tilted them upwards as if offering them to his mouth.

His reaction was exactly what I wanted. Although a huge grin split his face, his eyes displayed a hunger; a hunger for my body. To take me, possess me and make me obey his carnal needs. A shiver ran down my spine as I acknowledged his desires, and imperceptibly nodded my acquiescence. As he watched my reaction to his unspoken wishes, he reached for the microphone again. I guessed his colleague was being informed as to what was happening and it gave me a thrill to think that two strangers were getting hot and bothered by my actions. I wondered briefly if I was to blame for a couple of stiffening cocks, and fantasized wildly about where this was going.

My lane of traffic kept moving and due to the car behind me signalling impatiently that I should keep up, I had to end my lurid exhibitionism. Sighing audibly I pressed in the gas and drove a infuriating few car lengths in front of me and stopped.....again. The impatient car behind drove next to my trucker and then halted, soliciting a moan of frustration from me. The headlights of my fan flashed briefly, and I waved my hand out the sunroof back at him.

The moistness I felt when this flirting began was now out of control and now I was dripping wet between my legs. My clitoris was throbbing in time with my accelerated heartbeat and I desperately needed some relief. I placed a hand between my thighs and felt another shiver surge through my body, beginning in my core of sexuality and expanding through my whole frame. My erect nipples trembled and I longed to feel some teeth biting them.

With my fingers pressed urgently against my mound, my sensitive bobble welcomed the pressure my fingertips applied and an involuntary spasm caused my legs to clamp together tightly. I was so fucking randy but there wasn't a lot I could do about that right now. As I continued massaging my sex, my cunt began aching and my stomach cramped up due to the sexual tension building up inside me. I needed to feel something warm and hard slide inside my pussy. I wanted my sex to be stretched to the point of being painful. I longed to feel large workman’s hands squeeze my tits as he pounded uncontrollably into me from behind.

Another spasm ran through my body as I imagined a big prick exploding inside me, filling my cunt with spunk. My fantasy felt so real, I swear I could feel the gooey liquid running down my thighs. As I continued gently caressing myself and thinking lurid thoughts, I kept my eyes on the rear view mirror and saw a sight that quickened my breathing. My truck was on the move again getting closer but just as he reached me, my lane of traffic began moving as well and ‘Mr impatient’ behind me, began gesturing that I should do the same. I looked forward and saw the flashing blue lights only much closer now. I didn't have much time or traffic jam left.

Throwing caution to the wind I undid the remaining buttons and flung my dress open. I looked down at my exposed body and felt a naughty grin spread across my face. I was for all intents and purposes naked apart from my lingerie which was designed to display my wares, not hide them. My dark neatly trimmed bush was clearly visible through the thin gossamer fabric and due to my rearrangements my chestnut brown nipples were poking above the lace cups supposed to support them. However being nearly naked wasn't enough, I needed more.

My stud to be had to be in absolutely no doubt as to what I wanted. Amid some exquisite handy work, I removed my bra and threw it on the passenger seat. Then wiggling my bum and hips, my saturated panties followed suit. The heat from my loins was incredible and the top of my thighs felt sticky from the copious juices leaking from my slit. I let both garments lie where they landed and then pulled the sides of my dress together, covering myself. Then I waited.

Even though the car in front of me had moved I determinedly stayed put, waiting for the right moment. Unnecessarily adjusting my mirror I could see my truck approaching behind me and I selected first gear. I began rolling forward as he pulled up alongside me, smiling down at me and together we moved forward, slowly but surely towards the first line of police cars barricading the road ahead.

As we trundled along I held up first my bra and then my panties and waved them at him. He just started acting like a sex starved hound dog, barking wildly and then howling at the moon. This crazy macho act tickled my sense of humour and I felt a fit of the giggles well up inside me. In front of us the traffic had quickened and everyone was filtering from three lanes to two, then to one until only the hard shoulder was left. We stayed side by side and continued moving forward. I didn't have long until it was obvious I would have to switch lanes.

My eye candy gestured down to his lap. I raised my eyebrows inquisitively and saw him smile wickedly. He then stood up on his chair and to my surprise I saw his erection pointing skywards. Apparently I hadn't been the only one doing some preparation. He had pushed his jeans and underpants down his thighs, and had waited for the right moment. He obviously wanted me to see what effect I was having on him. He placed his large right hand around the thick girth and began jerking off. As he leisurely masturbated I decided it was my turn to spring a surprise. Without further ado, I flung open my summer dress.

If my admirer had enjoyed looking at my exposed tits earlier, he was ecstatic when he saw my nakedness. He poked out his tongue and began drinking in my sweet least he would have done if we weren't in separate vehicles. He then stopped his cunnilingual promises and began pumping his hips wildly. I answered his actions by tensing my muscles and straightening my body. My legs were spread apart as far as I could get them and my loins hovered above the car seat.

I ran my fingers up and down my slit, feeling my cunt lips parting, allowing access to my pink tunnel. As my fingertips disappeared between into the slippery opening, the sheer outrageousness of what I was doing almost made me cum on the spot. Pressing my fingers deep inside, I held them there for a moment and, despite the rigidity of my body, a powerful shudder racked my frame so hard it almost made me collapse back in my chair. I slowly removed my fingers, totally covered in love sap and looking deliberately at my stud, raised them to my cherry red lips. As I swallowed them and tasted my desire, my travelling companion pointed forward.

The two lanes were now merging into one and moving on to the hard shoulder. Another gesture, this time ‘Ladies first’ although I’m sure he knew I was no lady by now. I nodded at him conveying both thanks and longing. I saw him brake, to open up a gap in front of him and pulling my dress across my body to make myself decent, I moved across the white line and passed the first policeman shepherding the traffic along. His lights flashed briefly in my mirror and I smiled satisfactorily.

Concentrating on the situation I was aware my dress fell open again, but I didn’t care. Gradually the traffic began speeding up as it passed the scene of the accident and all three lanes opened up again. I kept watch on both my speed and my mirrors and when I passed a sign for a parking area I switched on my indicator. A quick glance in the rear view mirror made me smile expectantly. Moments later I pulled up my handbrake, switched of my engine and smiling in anticipation, waited…

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