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Hard to Flash

True story about my frustration of wanting to flash
Ever since I can remember I have loved to be naked. As a teenager I grew up in a rural area so it was easy for me to wander around naked. I loved the feeling of being nude outside, there was just an amazing level of exhilaration.

I am 5'9" tall and weigh 160 pounds. My penis size is probably normal, but I am not really sure. It is 7" long and pretty large around. My wife says I'm large and to this day she says it hurts when we start.

My wife is very conservative when it comes to sex. We do not have sex often and when we do it is pretty straight forward. She will not perform oral on me. Cum grosses her out so we usually use a condom even though neither of us are fertile.

My next goal with her is to have give me a hand job with a condom on so she does not have to be grossed out by my cum.

I masturbate a couple times a week, usually with my wife's underwear wrapped around my dick. I love to cum on her undies. Sometimes I will lick my cum off her underwear, but not always.

My biggest frustration is that I love to flash and be naked. My wife hates it if I even walk around the house with no clothes on.

Girls have it easy when it comes to flashing. I find it difficult and I am always looking for new ways to indulge my needs. Some times I will sit in my pajamas and pull my penis out while I am watching TV with my wife. I know she sees it, but she ignores me. It still excites me.

I have taken to going outside early in the morning completely nude. I live in a busy neighborhood so it is risky, but I can not stand not to do it. I so want someone to see me, anyone. We have a big panel on our front door that opens and has a sunscreen shade on it. I will open the panel and stand nude as the neighbors walk and drive by. The screen blocks their ability to know I am naked, I think, but I am doing it for my excitement.

I now take the trash out while I am nude at night or in the early morning. I am getting braver.

I just want to be seen. I am not sure why, I just do. I am getting an erection just writing about it.

A couple of years ago I was on business trip. It happened to be in the same town as my sister-in-law and she invited me to stay with her and her husband. The wine was flowing freely as we talked into the night. I got my courage up and said I wanted to get out of my suit. I excused myself to the guest room and slipped into my pj's and forgot my underwear.

When I came back in I was very deliberate in positioning myself in ways that my sister-in-law was exposed a full view of my cock. There was no way she was missing it. I caught her looking and it would start to get hard and swell. I even noticed my brother-in-law catching a view and he looked at me in such a way as to say, keep showing her that thing.

She never indicated that she was unhappy with what was happening. I was aroused like I never had been before. I was in heaven. I just did not know what to do next. After about thirty minutes of me displaying myself, everyone had had enough to drink. We all turned in and called it a night. It was so fun, my emotions were hard to describe.

I was so excited and hard as I climbed into bed. I stroked myself slowly at first, running back over what had just happened, then faster and harder and I came so hard that night.

I often wonder what their sex was like that night.

I think about that night so often and hope for another chance soon. I get hard just anticipating the next opportunity.
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