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Model Mishap

My name is Laura. I’m a housewife but I do a little part time modeling, mostly fashion modeling for several local stores. Jim Clark is the fashion photographer under contract to do the photo spreads for the Ad agency responsible for the sales fliers. Jim and I have worked together for a number of years and our families get together mostly during the summer for pool parties and cookouts. Jim’s kids are the same ages as Joe and my two children and we’ve become close friiends.

Occasionally, Jim will ask me to do a lingerie shoot that gets Joe excited. Joe says it turns him on seeing me provocatively dressed in bras, underpants and sheer sleep ware in the fliers knowing that there are guys out there that are probably beating off to my pictures. I told him he’s crazy, but he’s usually a dynamo in bed for a while after the shoot and especially when the fliers hit the paper as inserts, so I let him have his fantasy. Joe thinks Jim has a constant erection when he’s taking pictures of me but I assure him that Jim is a professional and that’s just not true. Joe doesn’t believe me.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Jim called and said he has a problem and asked if I might help him. Jim does various types of photography ranging from family portraits to soft core porn for startup web sites. Startup soft core web sites usually don’t have the modeling contacts and sometimes hire photographers like Jim to supply various types of photographs that they can use. Jim said he has a contract that’s due in a few days and the modeling agency he uses came up short of help and he wondered if I might be interested.

I had never done modeling like that and asked him what kind of poses he had in mind. Jim said they were vanilla type of soft porn that wouldn’t show any intimate details. I thought he wasn’t being completely truthful and pushed a little bit more. He finally blurted, “OK, total nudity but no crotch shots. We’d keep your front hidden but we’ll need topless close ups.”

After some serious discussions between Joe and I and another conversation with Jim, we agreed to do it and set an appointment for the next day. Joe was a wild man in bed that night. Jim was paying good money, but Joe’s increased stamina was almost payment enough.

When Joe and I showed up for the shoot, we were surprised to find two guys there besides Jim. A young man named Tom who ran the lighting and an older man named Jose who did makeup. I went in the back room and got undressed and put on a robe while Jim explained to Jim what would be happening. I came out and dropped the robe so Jose could dust me all over with powder to keep the lights from glaring. Joe was drooling at the mouth as I stood naked in front of Jim for the first time. Tom and Jose being there just added to the sexual atmosphere.

Jim posed me in various positions standing, sitting, and lying. We had to stop every so often so Jose could powder me because the hot lights were making me perspire. The three guys couldn’t help seeing between my legs as I moved around for the camera although Jim didn’t take many pictures like that and would eliminate those from his submission. At least, that’s what he told Joe and I.

The shoot lasted several hours and when it was over, Jim gave me a check and said we might have to reshoot a few poses depending on the client’s review. In fact, Jim called the next day and asked me to come in the following day to shoot some additional scenes with a male model. When I protested he said the client loved the pictures and raved about how sexy I looked and specifically requested me for the layout. I told Jim that I had to talk to Joe and would get back to him. Joe had mixed emotions. He wanted me to do it, but he couldn’t be there as he had an important meeting to attend. We finally agreed that I would do it, but that Joe needed to approve the photos that would go to the client. I was surprised that Jim agreed to this.

I showed up the next day and saw the male model was Tom, the lighting guy. There was another guy doing the lighting but I forgot his name. I had checked out several soft core sights and saw what kind of pictures they were showing. Mostly simulated sex without penetration, either oral, anal, or vaginal. So I was not put off when Jim told me to hold Tom’s erection and pretend that I was going to put it in my mouth.

I didn’t object when Tom got his head between my legs and stuck his tongue a hairs-width from my clit; or when he spread me open with his fingers and his tongue was positioned at my opening; or when he raised my legs and placed his cock between my ass cheeks so from the side where Jim was shooting it looked like he was in me. I was getting worked up at this point and agreed to let Tom put the head of his cock just at my opening, but not inside me. I was on my back with my legs over Tom’s shoulders. He was resting on his hands and just as his cock touched me his hand slipped and he fell forward burying his cock all the way in my vagina. Jim is clicking away as I’m screaming at Tom to pull out and trying to push him away. Tom finally got his balance and lifted off of me all the while apologizing. He was so embarrassed and I was furious. I wanted to quit right there, but Jim begged me to complete the layout. Being a professional, I did finish.

Jim didn’t show Joe the penetration shots, but Joe saw and OK’s the rest. I have a set of secret photos that I plan on showing Joe sometime in the future.

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