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Naked in my neighborhood

Letting it all hang out close to home
Thanks to one of my readers I decided to try something new. I live in the back of a cul-de-sac about six houses from the main road, near the Alderwood Mall. The mailboxes are out on the main street about an eighth mile away.

I started out kind of slow, just going out on my porch in a bathrobe in the evening, around 9:00 PM. I would sit down on the steps and spread my legs, letting the cool night air touch my moist hole. Then I untied the belt and let the robe start to open on its own, eventually opening it completely. I would then play with my boobs and nipples. By the time I was through I had the robe off entirely and was fingering my pussy to orgasm.

The next night I didn’t bother with the robe. I just walked out and sat down on my porch completely naked, masturbated, and went back inside. It was time to take things further.

I waited until around midnight when I figured all of my neighbors would be in bed, or at least not watching what was happening outside. Both of my sons were out for the night so I would have the house to myself. I drank two or three glasses of wine to calm my nerves. I stripped off all of my clothes and walked to the front door. I was quite nervous thinking about what I was about to do, in my own neighborhood even, but also had a little buzz going from the wine. It was now or never. I opened the front door and stepped outside.

I walked out onto my porch and closed the door behind me. I walked out to my steps and sat down for a minute. I wanted to make sure nobody was around. After a couple minutes I stood up and started down my walkway to the driveway. My heart was pounding, but I was also very excited just thinking about what I was doing. I walked to the end of my driveway, which just happened to be under a streetlight, and paused for a moment, still no signs of anyone about. God, I was so turned on!

I could hear an occasional car drive past on the street around the corner, but nothing I could see. I started up the sidewalk toward the mailbox. I noticed a few lights on in a couple of my neighbor’s houses, but I didn’t see any movement.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said out loud.

I suddenly saw headlights nearing out on the main road. I thought about running back to the house, but froze instead. The car drove past the cul-de-sac without even slowing down. I started walking again. Once I reached the corner I stopped and looked back toward my house. It looked so far away. I figured I had made it halfway I may as well go the distance.

I looked up and down the main street, all clear. I started walking toward the mailboxes. Once I was away from the corner I realized I would have nowhere to hide if a car came down the street, as there is a fence next to the sidewalk in this spot to keep people out of the creek below. I kept walking toward the mailboxes. Just as I got near it, I saw headlights coming my way. I moved behind the boxes, but stayed upright. The car passed by, apparently without noticing me.

I was now so excited that I could feel my wetness starting to drip down my inner thigh. I stayed behind the mailboxes and started caressing my breasts and lightly pinching my nipples. I slid one hand down to my now soaked pussy and stroked my finger up and down my slit a few times. I needed to cum. I walked back to my house and sat down on my porch steps. I spread my knees wide apart and dove right in with three fingers in my soaking pussy. I came immediately, but finger fucked myself through two more orgasms. Now spent, I got up and walked into the house on wobbly legs.

The next night I started earlier, around 10:00, still nobody around. This time I walked straight out without pausing. I made it to the mailbox without even a car going past. I walked back to the corner and sat down on the curb. I spread my legs and started teasing my clit with one hand and pinching my nipples with the other. There was still no traffic in sight. I stood up and started back toward the house.

One of the neighbors near the corner hadn’t mowed their lawn in a while and the grass was maybe eight inches tall. I stopped and lay down in the tall grass, rolling around a few times. The soft blades felt like tiny fingers on my bare skin. I sat up onto my knees, spreading my thighs as much as I could, opening my pussy lips to the tickling grass. I wiggled my butt around trying to get as much contact on my clit as possible. It was a nice tease, but left me wanting more.

I looked around and spotted a garden hose laying a few feet away toward the house. I bent over, grabbed the end of it, and returned to squatting on my knees. The hose didn’t have a nozzle on it. I felt around the end for any sharp edges.

“This will work nicely,” I said to myself.

I pulled the end of the hose a little to get some slack, licked the end real good and slid it down between my thighs. I pressed it into my waiting pussy about six inches and let out a little moan. This didn’t feel half bad. Once I had it comfortably into my pussy as far as it would go, I tucked part of the hose under my leg to hold it in place, and started to move up and down. I must have been a real sight, bouncing up and down, fucking a garden hose in my neighbor’s front yard. Unfortunately nobody was around to see, or so I thought. I humped the hose through a couple of orgasms and then laid back in the grass and relaxed for a little while, with the hose still hanging out of my pussy. After ten minutes or so, I got up and walked home.

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Posted 16 Feb 2014 05:08
*CLUNK...(sound of my jaw hitting the floor) So you're the one who slicked up my nozzle...(I live in Canada not Washington but have traveled through the State many times)

Posted 06 Oct 2013 13:46
Amazing, and, sounds like it is a true story.
Posted 06 Oct 2013 10:56
Nice, you sound like one horny lady :-)
Posted 06 Aug 2013 19:12
Great ideas
Posted 27 Jul 2013 10:24
Very good story. Exciting and new adventure. I was riveted. I was also very hard!

Thanks for sharing it with us.
Posted 20 Jun 2013 19:36
Looks like I am in the wrong city
Posted 06 Jun 2013 14:00
Risky and hot.
Posted 09 May 2013 20:51
mmmmmm very hot exciting and risky I love it
Posted 08 Apr 2013 13:10
Great story! Would love to try!!

Posted 13 Feb 2013 09:14
So daring I would love to catch you, you wouldn't need the garden hose!!!!!
Posted 18 Jan 2013 19:30
I'm never going to be able to shop at Alderwood again without trying to figure out where your house is at. lol
Posted 18 Nov 2012 23:31
Mmmmmm ...... :-D
Posted 18 Nov 2012 14:02
I absolutely loved this story and can't wait for more.
Posted 15 Nov 2012 12:15
Hope you write a part 2 and hope you get caught this time.
Posted 12 Nov 2012 05:41
So well written waiting for more please

Posted 11 Nov 2012 14:11
superb adventure Barb... wish i lived in the neighborhood.... wecould have got a thing going ... you walking naked to my hose for a night of passion and me reciprocating in similar fashion ... wow...Please write more and like i suggested,hook up with some one similarly alone in the house and ... may be an orgasm or two..
Posted 11 Nov 2012 08:45
Great story hope you have more to cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 11 Nov 2012 03:36
Great story complete with the nervousness and insecurity. That brings so much to the erotic atmosphere...
Posted 10 Nov 2012 21:59
Posted 10 Nov 2012 20:59
Well aren't YOU the risk-taker! :-)
Posted 10 Nov 2012 19:35
Way to go, Barb!! 5+
Posted 10 Nov 2012 19:31
Am going to have to head up to that mall and check that area out...maybe spot you some night...

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