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Red Light, Green Light

It was getting dark out as my wife and I drove down the highway. The weather was nice so we had the roof down on our car. Both me and my wife were dressed nicely because we had just left a wedding reception. The sky was purple. Part of the sun could be seen still. I had just turned on the headlights.

I still had on most of my attire from the wedding. Except for the tie and jacket which I had earlier tossed into the back seat. My wife on the other had only had on a dress. The dress had a low cut back so she went with out a bra for the event. She had on a maroon colored dress to match my shirt. It gave off a good amount of cleavage and the hem went down just above her knees. I knew she did not like that dress. She wanted out of that dress as soon as we found a hotel.

My wife was half asleep as I drove into a small town off the highway. Hopefully there would be lodging. In the distance, I saw a red stop light so I began to slow down. I came to a slow rolling stop at the traffic light. In the lane next to me was a jeep with its roof down as well. I looked over and there was a young couple in their early twenties, a few years younger than my wife and I.

The guy was at the wheel but the girl was almost in her lap. She and her man were full blown making out. The girl was a curly haired brunette with hair down to her shoulders. She was in a floral sun dress held up by two skimpy straps over her shoulders. Her right tit was out and the guy was playing with it. Suddenly, the guy drove off. I sat in my car for a second still processing what I just saw. I turned my head and saw that the light was now green. I jammed my foot on the gas and shot forward, trying to catch up to the jeep. The jerk of the car shook my wife awake.

"What just happened?" my wife asked flipping her blonde hair back.

"Umm," I lied, "I just avoided a pot hole&sun dressthe road."

I lowered my speed so we would not catch up to the jeep. I did not know how my wife would react to the couple. The road winded through the town. We drove quietly for the next five minutes. By now, the sun was gone and the only light was from the street lamps and our headlights. All of the sudden, I came up to another red light. Like the first one, the jeep was stopped in the right lane.

I rolled up next to them to see they were still going at it. The girl was on his lap. Her bare feet were even hanging out of the jeep. Both her tits were out. With the little light there was, I could see up her dress. It was no surprise to me to see she had no panties on.. I tried to make it look like I was not looking so my wife did not notice. Suddenly, the guys saw me starting and drove off.

I drove off as well. My cock started to stiffen. I could see my boner take its shape underneath my thin pants. My wife did not see the couple, even though they were a few feet to her right. Once again, we came to a red light. I peeked over and looked over at the young couple. They suddenly had my full attention. The girl had her dress down to her waist and was riding her man's cock. The guy was looking dead at me. When he saw me look back, he gave me a thumbs up and slapped the girl's ass. The girl gave of a moan causing my wife to glance over.

As soon as she turned her head, the jeep sped off once more. My wife now finally saw the couple. She turned and looked at me and laughed.

"That looks like a fun couple," my wife said jokingly, "did we ever do something that crazy?"

"I don't know," I replied, "Refresh my memory."

I grabbed my wife's hand and placed it on my hard cock. She began to rub it through my pants. All I could do was sit back and steer. I could feel the pre cum drip out. My wife broke her hold on my cock and unbuckled her seat belt. She sat up and reached underneath her dress. A second later, she dropped her panties to the floor. She tossed the in the back along with my jacket and tie. She lowered the straps of her dress off her shoulders and free her perky tits. By then I already had my cock freed from my pants. It was pointing straight up to the night sky.

My wife, like the other girl, climed onto my lap. I rubbed her bare pussy as I reached down to grab my cock. I positioned it into her pussy and let her do the rest. She road my cock vigorously. Occationally the road would bounce so she would not have to do all the work. My head rested on her shoulder as I drove the car. Suddenly, we came to another stop light and pulled up right next to the couple in the jeep. They were finished, the girl was in her seat. Both of them were watching my wife and I copy them.

"I'm ready to cum," I whispered to my wife.

My wife got off my cock but suddenly bumped the accelerator. My car shot through the red light. I shot off a batch of cum smacking her in the chest. Suddenly, I heard a siren and saw red flashing lights. A cop had caught us running the red light. My wife quickly got into her seat and made herself presentable. She then help me button back my pants as I pulled over. We sat still as the officer came to my window. It was a woman cop, she had a flash light in hand was shining it in our face. I looked over to my wife. There was a bit of cum on her chest. I hoped the cop did not see that. I looked back to the cop. Behind her the jeep went by. The cop's flash light dance aroud the car. At one point, it stopped on my wife's panties in the back.

Eventually, she let us off with a warning. My heart was racing, I was sure my wife's was too. We drove down the highway once again. It was a long stretch of road, the jeep was not in sight. All of the sudden, we came across a motel just off the highway, the sign out front read "vacancy". I pulled into the lot and the only car there was the jeep from before.
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Posted 10 Jun 2012 19:29
please tell about the motel
Posted 08 Jun 2012 11:34
Great set up more more of this story. Can't wait

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