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Roommates Part 4: Missy's Magic Wand

Missy brings her toy out to play.
It came as a big surprise the following Friday when my girlfriend Jane and I came in late and heard some moaning from both Missy and her date when we came home the following Friday night. Missy was our roommate. She was a petite little redhead, with a cute round face, small, lovely breasts and a bottom which set a standard for female backsides everywhere. Cute as button, and hot as a firecracker Missy had a date anytime she wanted. But for all her dating she hadn't ever brought a guy home before, at least not into her bedroom. In fact, we thought her a virgin. From the squeaking and rattling sounds, not to mention the moans, she was taking another step forward in her sexual initiation. Jane and I exchanged a long look and decided to head back over to the Gas House to watch some movies and give Missy some privacy.

Everybody deserves special privacy now and then. Especially their first time.

Turned out we were right to go. When we got in about two A.M. Missy's date was left by then and we found her was wrapped in a bathrobe and rummaging through the bathroom looking for Tylenol. Her auburn locks looked kind of ratty and out of control and her makeup was gone, two rather unusual circumstances for our lovely roommate.

“Hi Missy,” I ventured, noticing that she didn't look totally happy. In fact she looked rather unhappy. Which is not what I expected.

“Hey Troy,” she said, looking distracted. “Jane, do you know where we put that bottle of Tylenol.”

“Finished it Saturday morning,” my sweetie said, rummaging around her purse. “I've got some aspirin though.”

Missy stuck her palm out. “Gimme four.”

Jane finally fished out her bottle and doled out the drugs. I found myself wavering between my curiosity and a desire let Missy say something when she wanted to. She was clearly unhappy, which seemed quite at odds with what we observed earlier. Most people are darned happy after making the sign of the beast with two backs. But not Missy, which made me plenty curious. Discretion won out so I didn't say a thing as Missy popped four aspirin with a big slug of water then headed for her room. Right as she was about disappear behind the curtain which divided her 'room' from the rest of the apartment, she stopped and turned to us and said “Why must it be so hard?” And then she disappeared inside.

Jane and I exchanged another long look and decided we should talk about this later. With our apartment's cobbled-together layout, privacy wasn't something anyone really enjoyed. Instead we both undressed for bed. Naturally I ogled. My sweetie was extremely curvy with curly brown hair and big full breasts that even a loose nightshirt can't conceal. She liked me looking, but somehow we both understood this was not the right moment for she and I to get all warm and runny. We could make love later when we had some privacy. Maybe after Missy told us what really happened. If she told us.

Missy woke us up at six, begging for a few more aspirin. I rolled over and looked at her, while Jane just handed her the bottle. “You okay?” I asked, figuring that a simple expression of concern couldn't get me in too much trouble.

She sighed and leaned against the door which divided our room (and the only route to the bathroom) off from the rest of our apartment. “I'm alright,” she said and grimmaced slightly. “But it really fucking hurts!”

“What hurts?” I asked before thinking, something that always gets me in trouble, but in part because Missy was not the kind of girl who routinely dropped f-bombs

Missy glared at me and if looks could kill I'd have been toast. “The first time hurts for girls.”

“Oh.” Boy did I feel like an idiot. And apologized immediately.

Jane bolted out of bed and went to hug our roommate. And they sort of folded together right there in our doorway, with Missy laying her head on Jane's shoulder. They stayed like that for a good long time. Then finally Missy raised her head, and she was crying. “Sorry I snapped at you, Troy. It's just so frustrating. It's just that watching you two, what you have I've been a good girl for a long time. I guess I finally had enough and wanted to find out what you have is like. Well, I did, didn't I?“

“It won't hurt like that again,” Jane said. “Tomorrow you'll probably feel fine, but I'd give it a week or two.”

“I'll give it a lot more time then that!” And her face turned into a frown like she might cry, and Missy sped out of our room.

For the first time I think Jane and I felt a bit embarrassed. It never occurred to me it wouldn't be good for her. Jane and I exchanged a long look hoping the other had any idea what to do. She shrugged, then crawled back in with me, but I could see she was worried. I felt my sweetie's head on my shoulder, her breath in my ear and her big, soft breasts pressed against my chest. Her arm wrapped around me, and I wrapped my arm around her. I just held her for a while before whispering, “Does it really that bad for girls?”

Jane sighed for a long moment. “Not for me. Definitely for others. Still, I think there's something else going on.”

“Girl talk time?”

“Maybe." Jane was thinking fast and parsing her words carefully. "Missy may not be in a mood to share. Even if she is, I may not be able to share.” I understood. Missy had gotten hurt somewhere inside, and well, roommates or not, I was still a guy. I just couldn't understand how something I'd found so gread could ever taste bitter. Maybe that's what happens when you go in expecting the crème brulet and end up with jello. My first time with Jane I'd had no expectations yet received everything.

And more. I ended up with Jane.

Plus I'm a guy. Sex just doesn't ever “really fucking hurt” unless you're into whips and chains. Which I'm not. Sex is good down to the last drop.

For a little while we sorta went back to the way things were when I first moved in. Jane and I tried to keep our hands to ourselves except when Missy was out. It seemed more polite with her so upset. Unfortunately for us, Missy stopped going out for a while. The guy she'd given her self to kept calling but she'd either put him off or tell us to do it. She didn't say yes to anyone else either, which was so different Jane and I got worried. She stayed home and studie. If she went out at all it was with her girlfriend Carla. But mostly she stayed home and studied. And we did too. Which frustrated me, as my lust for Jane knew no bounds, and well, I wasn't getting any.

Which taught me how little time it had taken for Jane to spoil me, which was a relief for everyone. She didn't go out as often as the semester was winding down schoolwork was winding up, but the old smiling Missy was back. She made that clear the first time she pulled out her vibrator and gave herself a couple loud ones. Granted school was pressing down hard. We slept less. Still, with Missy smiling again and Jane groping me daily life was good. It's amazing how much tension hot sex releases.

One Thursday in April I came home from the library to get some dinner. I hadn't seen Missy all day and figured she was out as the curtains were drawn to her 'room' and I heard nothing. Jane was having dinner with her faculty advisor. I turned on the stereo softly, and prepared dinner. I ate, cleaned up then settled down in our living room couch to finish the calculations on my lever design.

I was halfway through my first set of calcs when Jane walked in. She'd dressed for this dinner. She'd gotten a perm recently so her dark hair hung over her shoulders in tight curls. She wore a pale green cotton top, just tight enough to remind everyone that Jane was totally stacked over a pleated khaki skirt. She came into the living room and sort of swirled her skirt at me with a wicked grin. I did a double take, not so much because Jane has nice legs, which she does but because I'd never seen her in a skirt. And I told her so.

Jane smiled at me, and arched her back a bit, pushing out her breasts for me to ogle. “You've seen me in a skirt before. Last year before the Kappa formal.”

That I had, and she has looked hot. But not for me. “I think it was more a little black dress then a skirt. Besides, you were going with Mike then. Not me.”

Jane sort of grinned at me again and danced around the room though I had no music on. “My mistake. Going with Mike that is.”

“So how'd your meeting with Doctor Waldersohn go.”

“Pretty well. He mapped out a good thesis plan, and suggested some grad schools.”

I perked up. “He thinks you should go to grad school?”

“He suggested I think about the PhD.” Jane danced around a bit more. “And he wants to fuck me.”

I let my notebook drop at this. “He told you that?” Which pissed me off a bit even though I couldn't blame him for wanting a piece of Jane.

Jane sort of giggled. “No silly. He's not stupid. But it was obvious. He tried not to but kept staring at my tits. Every time his eyes dropped he started mumbling. Then he'd stare at the ceiling out the window a bit before he drifted back to me.”

Now I figured most of the male faculty might want to check Jane out. She might not be a tall, leggy candidate for homecoming queen, but Jane had curves to burn, so a thorough eye inspection was to be expected. Besides, she'd left a couple buttons undone on her top, and an open button offers intriguing possibilities when ogling a girl built like Jane. But to lose it like that? It wasn't like Dr. Waldersohn didn't have other hot girls in his classes. He was pretty young for a prof, maybe forty, and had this sensitive Swedish male thing going for him, a piece of info I'd picked up from Missy. Surely he'd seen boobs before. “Were you doing anything to encourage him,” I asked, eyeing her suspiciously.

Jane giggled and bent over very low, giving me a good look down her shirt. “Not I thing. I am purely innocent.” Then she sat down on the chair opposite the couch and pulled her skirt up a bit. I got an eyeful of thigh. I could see she'd shaved her legs today and rubbed lotion into her legs. Her thighs seemed especially smooth and shapely, and seeing them jolted memories we'd made together. Memories of my lips on her thighs. Memories of her thighs wrapped around me while I fucked her.

Naturally, Jane was horny. She wiggled and stretched right in front of me, careful to keep her legs just open enough to invite glances. Her dark eyes were narrowed and her full lips coated with pink lipstick. She arched her back, giving me a good look down her top. I admit I liked the way my lady love was teasing me with glimpses here and there. So my mind began formulating plans on the ideal way to get my sweetie bent over this couch.

Jane settled it for me. She pulled up her skirt a little higher. It was then I realized she wasn't wearing panties.

Seeing her pink pussy lips exposed like that took my breath away, and disrupted my whole thought process. Jane knew it too, and grabbed her skirt and began to waive it like a can-can dancer, flashing me every now again with a quick glimpse of her bare sex. My eyes followed hypnotized by her moving thighs, her fingers and the occasional glimpse of pink lips framed by her dark brown pubic hair. And I began to wonder if she had flashed Dr. Waldersohn. Was he distracted less by her cleavage, full as it was, but by a quick glimpse of her womanly lips?

In his shoes I would not have been able to concentrate. I could only think about one thing now, Jane, moving before me, dancing and flashing me with a wicked grin on her face. My cock had swollen in my pants, it was tingling in my groin, tight and stretched. I could feel the whole length of it against my pants, calling for release wanting what my eyes caught intermittent glances of, Jane's tight, pink pussy.

Jane, being Jane, leaned all the way forward, keeping her head up, her eyes tracking my swollen crotch. Her breasts hung down and her blouse as well. And the two buttons she'd left undone parted, giving me a good view of her milky white breasts and her pale white bra. She danced back and forth, and her heavy breasts moved and swayed despite her brassiere. Then her fingers came up. Her fingers began to toy with that third button, and the she let it drop to dance around me. She turned and wiggled her bottom in front of me. I could see her looking back at me, lips pink and moist, dark eyes full of laughter. She mouthed me a kiss. As she danced. Soon her round bottom was only a foot in front of me, moving and wiggling, sliding side by side. She pulled on her skirt, waving it, flashing me with occasional glimpses of her round bottom, and the bottom of her sweet pink pussy.

I'd had enough, I could take no more. My hands came up to her skirt. I lifted it pushing up until I could wrap my my hands upon her thighs and pulled her closer. Jane bent over, raising her sex to me. My eyes fell naturally upon her crack, with her tight pink rosebud an the thickening bush of pubic hair outlining her sex. I hungered for the taste of her I'd missed for so long, for the need I felt, for the desire to again take the woman I loved, the woman I needed, the only woman for me.

And so I did something I'd never, ever done before. I leaned forward and extended my tongue into her crack. Her flesh was warm, but she shivered the moment my moist lips and tongue made contact with her bottom. Jane gave a quiet little sigh when I pushed my tongue into the top of her crack and began to sweep downward. When I felt the crinkled flesh of her anus she cooed and pressed her bottom back into me. Because this was Jane, I traced her backside with my tongue. It did not taste dirty, or fecid, but of her, the woman I loved. I felt her catch her breath as my tongue found the tight entrance. And her hips began to move again, this time synchronized with my tongue. And her fingers fell downward, to assume the task of lifting her skirt and baring her round bottom to my lips and tongue. And that freed my fingers to touch her. I slid my right hand between her thighs up to the crease where her mound lay. My fingers passed through her tangled pubic hair. She'd trimmed today as well, and I wondered if she had trimmed to flirt with Dr. Waldersohn. Or had she done it for me, to make the pink lips of her pussy so much more apparent. And then I found her, pale pink lips puffy, and most importantly damp. It was that touch I loved, the bit of dampness meeting my finger, and the way she shivered and cooed when my fingers found her slit.

I heard her sighing my name.

I felt her hips undulating as my tongue pressed deep against her backside, probing her, tasting her. My fingertip traced her sex, softly, gently, dipping inside for some juice, then spreading it out across her pussy lips. My fingers grew slippery and I craved more, seeking my way by touch between her puffy lips, dipping just a touch inside, and feeling the sweet moisture dripping out on my fingers.

Jane gasped aloud, and I pushed my tongue into her back door, pushing it open, delving into the wonderful, brilliant woman who had given herself to me. Her crack cupped my nose, and her dark curly hair hung down her back. I heard her give out a soft cry of desire and it fired my passion, made me want to go deeper into her to take her as my own.

I felt her fingers above mine on her sex, stroking her own clitoris in her need, circling it, stroking herself even as my finger delved deeper into her sweet pussy. Her muscles gripped me as I eased my fingertip deeper, joint by joint until the tip was up behind her pubic bone. I craved this, as much as my cock wanted out of my jeans and into Jane, I loved sitting behind her, tonguing her most intimate self, fucking her with my fingertips, and most of all hearing her breathing grow deeper and faster, and mixed with little sighs. Her voice was deep for a woman and her sighs grew louder and more ragged, and it thrilled me knowing that I could turn her own so much that she needed to touch herself. I was thrilled she wanted me and went to the trouble to tease me in our living room to get things started. And I was thrilled that I could thrill her, and feel her need through her breathing, her soft cries and trembling muscles.

“Fuck me,” she whispered and I moved to comply, pushing my finger deeper into her sex, twisting and thrusting, delving deep into her. Her probing fingers sped up and she rubbed her clitoris faster, and seemingly harder. Her ass undulated beneath my tongue and she tried to push it into me, to force my tongue deeper.

Fuck me,” Jane repeated, louder now, her regular speaking voice. I withdrew my index finger, pressed it and my middle finger together and pushed them inside, spreading wider her lips and sex. Her inside muscles were tight as a drum I could feel her bearing down on my probing fingers, trying to suck them deeper inside. I pushed them up behind her pubic bone, spread them lightly and began to rub.

“Fuck me!” Jane cried out loud loud enough I wondered if the upstairs neighbors might hear. But I heard nothing but her breath, hard and hoarse now, moaning in time with each thrust of my fingers inside. Her bottom was wet with my saliva, pink and clean, my fingers dripping with her juices.

Jane let out a long cry. Her pussy spasmed around my fingers, her anus contracted about my tongue. Her cry was long and loud, and sounded a bit like my name twisted into a scream.
Twice, three times five, her pussy muscles clamped down and released on my fingertips. Jane's hips bucked and she practically shoved her ass into my sucking face to grind on my lips and tongue. And then she bent over panting, her ass in the air, her pussy a puddle with liquid running down my hand and her thighs.

I heard Missy's voice say,”Oh, wow.”

I turned my head to find her standing behind us. She hadn't been out as I thought, but asleep or studying quietly behind the curtains which divided her 'room' from the rest of our odd apartment. She was clad only in a tight pink t-shirt and white cotton panties. The nipples capping her small, shapely breasts were poked into the taut material and I could see a growing wet spot on her panties.

I heard Jane manage a breathless “Hi Missy” in between the aftershocks of her orgasm. I turned around for a moment to see Missy rummaging through her bedside cabinet. She came out with a long cylindrical electrical device capped by a soft looking ball on one end and an electrical cord on the other. So that was her famous vibrator. She grabbed a small towel from a shelf by the dividing curtain and stepped into the living room. She peeled down her panties and kicked them off on the floor in front of us and took a seat upon a wide, overstuffed chair. She plugged in the cord and then sat back and pulled her knes knees up, legs open wide so we could both get an direct view of her soaking pussy. She'd shaved since our last mutual session, and her thin lips seemed especially pink and prominent. “Don't let me stop you,” she said, and reached down to begin rubbing her sex.

Jane bent over again and pulled her green skirt back up. “Fuck me,” she commanded, her bottom upturned and ready. “Only this time I want your cock!” I was already halfway there, and pulled down my jeans and shorts in a single motion. My cock sprang free, hard, sticking straight out and Jane reached back to guide me. Pre-cum coated her fingertips, as I'd already juiced up from touching her. Jane didn't hesitate, she pulled me forward and guided me into her soaking slit. I was in no mood to hesitate. As soon as we found the n right spot I pushed into her. Jane gave a gasp and lurched forward as I entered her, tipping forward to catch her balance with her hands on the arms of Missy's chair. She came to rest with her eyes directly facing and only a foot or two away from Missy's dripping sex.

"Fuck me," Jane said and I pushed it home. Our sex was almost brutal our bodies slamming together. Her hips ground into me, wiggling and turning. She was bent over, her eyes faced directly at Missy's pussy. Jane kept her eyes on it, even while she talked to me, told me how great my cock felt inside her, how great it felt to be fucked. My thrusts were deep, strong and fast. I felt like a battering ram at her gate as our hips. I pounded her as I never have before, and she cried out urging me on.

Missy covered her pussy with a white hand towel then placed the round end of her vibrator on the fabric. In a moment its mechanical buzz joined Jane and my cries of passion. Soon Missy too was crying out as we all drove toward orgasm together.

Missy was the first to cum, crying out in a long moan and writhing violently, so much so that her towel got swept away. Clear liquid squirted from her sex, painting a wet line down Jane's green blouse and brassiere. Jane moaned "Oh Fuck" and came again.

Once again Missy surprised us. As her spasms calmed she took her vibrator and reached under us to put the vibrating end directly on Jane's mound above her wet pussy and my thrusting cock.

That did it. Even indirect vibrations proved so powerful I could feel them through Jane's body. Jane shrieked. Her pussy spasm were powerful, squeezing me, pulling me deeper. And she just kept coming. Within seconds I joined her, pushing my cock as deep as I could to fill my lover with cream.

Missy held the vibrator on Jane's mound, and my sweetheart writhed with pleasure, her whole body shaking as she came again and again, until she cried out “Stop” and pushed Missy's toy away.

Jane didn't move. She shuddered from her aftershocks with me still inside her. Her muscles kept contracting and releasing ans she swayed back and forth. Only her hold on that chair kept her on my feet. “Oh, my God,” she said, voice hoarse and weak. “What the hell was that?”

Missy grinned like a cat who has her mouse trapped. “Pretty good isn't it?”

“I gotta get one of those,” Jane said, shaking out her hair.

She straightened and pulled away, releasing and my shrinking cock from her pussy. We leaned together, holding each other, still trembling with pleasure. Nobody moved, not Missy, not Jane, and definitely not me. But finally, I leaned back and Jane went with me. We collapsed on the couch. Jane kept her legs open, and I could see Missy's eyes locked on my sweetie's pussy. Not that anyone cared, as we both had a clear view of Missy for long moments until our petite roommate slid her legs together, unplugged her vibe and disappeared back behind the curtains dividing off our room.

I put my arm around Jane and listened to her breathe until we both fell asleep.

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