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Roxy and I Enjoy the Forest

My girlfriend and I Outfuck another couple in the woods.
I walked down the beach as the sun hung low in the sky over the lake. The beach was all but empty. I passed the edge of the trees, when I heard a noise. I stopped and listened. My eyes went wide. I knew that sound. The moans of sex were unmistakeable over the gentle lapping of the waves on sand. I moved towards the trees and listened to the moans getting louder. I looked through the trees and saw the source.

The couple was behind a tree, the man was pounding the woman from behind. My bathing suit suddenly went tight. I sat there watching in silence, my dick getting bigger as I watch. I quietly squatted down where I had a good view and pulled my throbbing dick into the open air. I began to slowly stroke my manhood as I watched intently. They were just going at it right here in the forest.

So wrapped up in watching them, I hadn't noticed my girlfriend Roxy appear behind me. I gasped and whipped around, trying to cover up.

"What are you doing?" she whispered, glancing at the couple behind the tree.


"Who do they think they are?" she said. Before I could respond, she dropped down and devoured my cock. I had no idea what was going on. She pulled her head up and said, "Let's show them how it's really done!"

I was surprised. I had never seen this side of her.

I loved it.

She began to quietly moan as her head bobbed up and down. Then she began to moan louder, the vibrations driving me wild. My eyes rolled back, and I began to pant heavily. This was the best blowjob she had ever given me. I let out a moan of my own, just as they decided to switch positions. I saw one of them look at the trees in our direction. Then they both walked over and looked through the branches.

On the other side, they saw my girlfriend wearing nothing, with her bikini on the ground, giving me an amazing blowjob as I sat on the ground. I pretended to not notice, but Roxy, having heard them approach, began to moan loudly.

Not to be outdone, the other woman grabbed her man's cock and started sucking. With only leaves between us, both girls began to go nuts. Roxy then stood up and crouched over my cock. She slowly lowered herself down. "Oh Dave!" she moaned as she slowly impaled herself on my pole. The she started to bounce up and down, her perky tits bouncing right in my face. I quickly began sucking one, as she let out another moan.

I looked over and saw that the other couple had begun to fuck as well. I then grabbed Roxy and lowered her to the ground. I stood up and looked at her with a wild look in my eyes and a devilish grin. I let out a low growl and pounced on her. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up. I spun her around and bent her over against a tree. I then began to fuck her like I never had before. I let out low, grunting breaths as I pounded her mercilessly as she moaned.

I pulled myself out of her dripping pussy and began to push against her ass. Normally I would give her time to adjust, but my animal instincts had taken over. I forced my cock in and began to furiously fuck her, grunting with every thrust. She let out a series of quiet screams as I fucked her ass with all of my strength. I could feel sweat pouring down my face as I grabbed her by the hips and slammed her against me. I grabbed her head and pulled it back.

As I bent over her and pulled her in tight, I started pumping as fast as I could. I reached down with one hand and began rubbing her furiously. I suddenly realized that I was nearing the edge. I pulled out of her ass and turned her around. I lifted her up and put her back to the tree. There I began to fuck her pussy as hard as I could.

Within a minute she reached the edge, causing her to tighten up as she screamed. Not able to hold on any longer, I blew my load deep inside her pussy. I felt stream after stream flow up into her. As I held her, panting, I could feel our mixed juices flowing down my cock. As we made out pressed against the tree, I felt it run down my thighs and towards my feet. I put her down and let her drop down to my dick. She began to suck every bit off of me, which, to my amazement, made me start to get hard again.

She began bobbing up and down once again, and I started thrusting into her throat. Within a minute, I Was ready to blow. I grabbed her head and pulled her all the way forwards I let out a long moan as I emptied myself deep inside her throat. With that, I collapsed onto the grass and pulled her close.

I suddenly remembered why we started and looked over her shoulder. There I saw the other couple staring through the trees. I smiled and kissed Roxy. The taste of our juices mingling was amazing, and we stayed there long after the other couple had gone.

Later, we walked back to the cabin after washing off in the lake. "How was the beach?" my sister asked from the couch as we walked in.

"Amazing," I smiled, giving Roxy a kiss. "Best beach day ever."
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