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Taking The New Toy For a Spin Part II

Husband and wife continue their road trip with the new toy
I only let the toy run for a few seconds and then hit the button. Lynn continued her walk to the restroom. The guys at the table turned and watched her walk all the way. As soon as she entered the restroom they all started comments. They were speaking Spanish so I didn’t understand most of it. But I heard “Puta” “mujer caliente” and “fuck en al asno.”

After a few minutes Lynn emerged from the restroom. The Mexican construction workers all turned to look. I was close enough to see the view they were getting. There was no question she was naked under that dress. Her nipples were poking through the thin material and her bare vagina was clearly visible. What a sight. As she got to the table one of the workers stood up in front of her. She told me later he said his name was Samuel, told her how sexy she looked and asked if she would join them for a cold drink.

Lynn looked around the tall Mexican at me. I let her know I was right here if she needed me. I didn’t think they would do anything in such a public place in broad daylight. Without an answer Samuel guided her over to the picnic table. He introduced her to the other three, who all stood and offered her a seat. Samuel wasted no time telling her how much they enjoyed her teasing, but they wanted to see more. I started to get a little nervous. I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with four large Mexican construction workers if they wanted to just grab her and throw her in their van. They knew she was with me, but didn’t pay any attention to the fact that I was there.

Samuel reached up and moved Lynn’s hair behind her ear and then let his hand slip down her neck to her shoulder. He started to move the spaghetti trap off but Lynn told him “wait, this is my show.” She thought if she took control of the situation she could say how far it went. I was amazed when Lynn reached up and pulled both straps off her shoulders and exposed her tits to the lustful workers. She kept her top down for a few seconds and then covered up before anyone else at the rest stop knew what was going on. My cock was twitching in my shorts.

Samuel exclaimed, “My god you are a beautiful slut.”

Lynn swung her leg over the bench, leaned back against Samuel and lifted her dress and put both feet on the bench. I couldn’t see, but the other guys at the table had a clear view of my wife’s freshly shaved vagina. She said she could feel Samuel’s hard on pressed against her back and reached back to squeeze it. This was the first cock other than mine she had ever come in contact with. She also told me that Samuel had reached down and ran one of his thick fingers up her slit and felt how wet she was. He was also the first person, other than me, to touch her pussy. It was at that moment that a state trooper pulled into the rest stop and parked near the table. I beeped the horn to let Lynn know it was time to get going.

Lynn stood and said “show’s over boys.” Samuel escorted her back to the car and opened the door for her. I couldn’t stand at the moment. As she got in he looked at me and said “you’re a very lucky man” he leaned over an gave Lynn a kiss on the lips. I couldn’t help but think he wasn’t just talking about Lynn, but that a trooper had interrupted the action. Samuel went back to the table and the guys were high-fiving each other.

As we pulled out back on the interstate Lynn said, “Oh my god, that was hot.”

She looked over and saw my shorts still tented. She said “You must have thought so too. I’d better take care of that.”

She got on her knees reached over and pulled out my cock. She licked the pre cum from my slit and then swallowed the entire thing. I reached over and lifted her dress exposing her pussy and ass to anyone we passed. She didn’t care and kept bobbing up and down on my shaft. I was able to get a couple of fingers in her wet box. She had obviously enjoyed the attention she got at the rest stop.

We passed a few cars, pick-ups and semis. Every driver got a good look at my wife’s ass sticking in the air and my fingers in her box. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to hit. She sucked the cum out of me like vanilla shake through a thin straw. I really had to focus to keep control of the car. I realized we were doing 95 Mph and let off the gas. I was really rubbing her clit and she was about to cum. She kept my shrinking member in her mouth and moaning delightfully. We pulled up next to a big black semi and I slowed to match his speed. The driver was looking right at us when Lynn began to cum. Her hips were bucking and her pussy expelled more fluid than I ever remember. It actually ran down my hand and wrist. The driver gave us a couple blows on his horn. Lynn re-situated herself blew him a kiss and we drove off.

The rest of the trip to the hotel was uneventful. She had taken the toy out and tucked into her handbag at the rest stop. We met our host at the casino and he made sure got to our suite. Once we were alone we were on each other like the proverbial “white-on-rice.” Kissing, groping I pulled her dress off and pulled my shorts down. She kneeled on the bed and I entered her in one quick stroke. We fucked like animals. I lasted longer than normal since I came earlier. I thrust and thrust. Lynn began to cum violently and that took me over the edge. One final thrust and I exploded into her. I collapsed on top of her and we slept like that until dinner.

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