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Tanning In My Hammock

Tanning In My Hammock

Peach finds tanning more fun with a spectator.
It was such a beautiful day today that I just had to get outside in the sun. My husband had taken the car to work so I was stranded in the house; I decided to lay out back on the hammock and get a little tan. I picked out one of my smaller bikinis to avoid too many tan lines. I chose a black and turquoise string bikini, tying it around my neck and back and tightening the ties on my hips. I liked how it looked on my small frame and tied the bottoms just right to make it hug my ass perfectly.

I stood outside beside the hammock and starting rubbing my tanning lotion up my body, starting at my legs and working my way up. The lotion smelled amazing, I love he tropical scent of it and it left a nice sheen over my skin. I hopped up on the hammock and relaxed as it swung slightly, socking in the sunshine. It was getting really hot really quickly; I could see little beads of sweat already forming between my breasts. I figured the only way to cool down a bit was the hose on the back of the house.

I went over and turned it on and waited for the water to start coming out, feeling it with my hand first. It was way too cold for me normally, but I splashed it up my body anyways to cool down. Goosebumps covered my skin and my nipples hardened instantly from the cold, it felt so refreshing. I sprayed the water quickly up from my thigh to my chest then turned it away from me before bending down to turn the water back off.

When I turned around to walk back to my hammock I noticed my neighbor sitting up on his deck in his lounge chair looking over at me. As soon as I looked up at him, he pulled his book back up to his face. He is older than me and married as well; I have never talked to him but he’s caught my eye a few times out mowing his lawn. I was smiling to myself and started to get really turned on wondering how long he was watching me play in the water.

I got back on the hammock facing his direction, my hammock was set up on the lawn and his patio was up a little higher so I imagined he could see me pretty well from there. I put my big sunglasses down over my eyes and got comfortable again, this time glancing over at him and thinking about how he likes what he’s seeing. I watched in his direction for him to look over his book again. When I could see him looking again I slid my fingers up the front of my bikini and along the strings in the front, tracing the lines up to my neck before untying the top.

I rested the strings to either side of my body and let the little triangles of fabric sit loosely over my breasts as I rocked back and forth. I closed my eyes and pictured him watching me, feeling the top sliding ever so slightly off my body. The bathing suit was still wet and cold from the water, combined with light breeze and the excitement that he was still watching me my nipples were still very hard.

I felt the breeze a little more directly now and could tell my nipple must be slightly exposed now. My pussy started getting a little wet with excitement and I opened my yes behind my sunglasses to peek over at my neighbor. His book was down on his lap and he was still looking over in my direction. I tried my hardest not to smile because I didn’t want him to know I saw him. I was getting even more turned on now and feeling a little more daring so I pulled down on one of the strings hanging by my side and let the top fall off me completely.

I could feel my pussy tingling now, with my breasts exposed to the air and my neighbor watching. I watched him stand up and move to another chair even closer to me. When he stood up I could see his cock was hard and tenting up the front of his shorts as it pressed against them. I loved that even more and caught myself let out a little moan that only I would have heard. I moved my fingers on one hand up to my nipple and started running the tips over it and then letting it squeeze between the sides of two fingers as I ran it across. I watched him rubbing his cock through his shorts while he looked over at me.

I kept playing with my nipples and watching him watch me, giving each nipple attention separately and then squeezing and rubbing them together. I loved that he was so turned on watching me that he was playing with himself on his deck; it made me want to tease him even more. I kept one hand on my breast and slid another one down to the top of my bikini bottoms.

I ran my fingers along the seam of the top and then around to the tie on my hip; flipping over to the inside seam I ran my fingers down the front to feel where my pussy meets my inner thigh. I slipped a finger under a bit, to feel how wet I was, before taking it back out and circling over my clit through the outside of the fabric.

I spread my legs wide open to either side of hammock and kept rubbing my clit through the outside. The hammock swung a little more now with motion of my hip tilting it. I watched him pull his cock right out of his shorts now; I looked big even from here. He rubbed it fast, no longer trying to be discreet with his eyes glued to me. I pushed my bikini bottom off to the side of my pussy and slid two fingers inside; I pulled the front down with my other hand and rubbed my clit. I fucked myself with fingers; pushing them in and out of my pussy, picturing it was his cock as I watched him rub away at it enjoying my show.

I could feel my cum running down from my pussy to my ass. I came over and over in waves of pleasure as he watched me. I wouldn't stop until I made him cum too. I untied the bottom and gave him a perfectly clear view of my fingers in my pussy. I tilted my hips forward and let him watch me cum again, moaning in pleasure as the sensation went through my body. I watched his cum shoot up all over the front of his shirt before he relaxed back in his chair.

I picked up my bikini top and bottom and turned away from him to walk back over to the hose. I sprayed myself again with the hose to cool off before going inside without looking back at him.
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Posted 22 Oct 2013 23:23
You just described the neighbour of my dreams!

Posted 22 Jul 2013 13:45
Such a tease....brilliant x

Posted 11 Jul 2013 14:00
What a Great Tease!!
Posted 11 Jul 2013 06:06
a fun teaser you are! nice story!
Posted 11 Jul 2013 06:06
a fun teaser you are! nice story!

Posted 10 Jul 2013 21:41
Nice dirty little story. Such fun teasing like that.
Posted 10 Jul 2013 01:15
Ummm that was hot!
Posted 08 Jul 2013 07:37
The poor frustrated neighbour, but you gave him a good show
Posted 08 Jul 2013 06:37
Posted 07 Jul 2013 01:11
Nicely done
Posted 06 Jul 2013 15:59
wish I lived next door to you
Posted 06 Jul 2013 13:22
girls just want to have fun!!!! good story

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