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Tayler and I

A short story of how a usually boring train ride got a little more than hot.
So this story is a true story, a story about an outburst of lust and hunger in a public setting.

The story starts on a warm summers day, my boyfriend, Tayler, and I decided it would be nice to go for lunch and maybe some shopping in the city, but parking is usually a nightmare so we opted for public transport instead. Now usually riding on the train in summer is definitely not the highlight of my day, for it is usually crowded with nowhere to sit, and far too hot to breathe properly.

As we borded the train which was not as full as usual, we spotted a table seat. I was relieved as standing up for the hour long journey usually gets pretty tideous. At least sitting down would give me a little more room, and I was less likely to get rubbed up against by strangers who may or may not have showered that day! We sat down next to eachother, opposite an elderly gentleman who was so engrossed by his newspaper he seemed to have drifted off. As the train began to move, I intertwined my fingers with my boyfriends and we rested our hands on his thigh.

Tayler had muscular thighs, being a rugby player he was muscular all over. And he was tall, 6"2 infact, and beyond gorgeous. Really quite the catch. I was almost always turned on when I was around him, he knew exactly what to say and do to get me hot. He liked to wind me up, and get me hot in public, knowing I couldn't do anything about it gave him pleasure. Today was no exception. He leaned close to me, and whispered into my ear. "I can still taste your cunt on my tongue from this morning, baby you taste good" he mumbled, practically nibbling my ear. I squirmed in my seat trying not to let him get to me, crossing my legs over in an attempt to halt the tingling in my pussy. My attempt failed miserabley, I was horny as hell and my black lace panties were already damp.

I turned to him and kissed him hard, he was right, I did taste good. Tasting my pussy on his mouth was the final straw, I couldn't hold back any longer. I moved my free hand down to my cunt and rubbed at my swollen love button through my panties. The lace felt incredible on my needy cunt. As hard as I tried to keep it descreet, I'm sure I must have looked a little flushed, and am certain that the few people nearby could smell my sex. It didn't matter to me though, infact it made me even hornier knowing that strangers were watching me play with myself.

I jumped a little as I felt Taylers strong hands grab me by the arm and pull me to my feet. I quickly moved my hand from under my skirt and looked at him, puzzled by what he was doing. He pulled me through the isles of the train carriage, not speaking a word. I figured he must have been angry that other people could see me touching myself. I was a little scared of what his reaction would be. Finally he stopped, opening the door of the train tiolets, pushing me in infront of him before locking the cubicle behind him. He pinned me against the wall, I could tell what he wanted by the hunger in his dark, sexy eyes. He pulled my top over my head, releasing my full , bra-less D cup breasts, and quickly pulled my skirt up so my soaked panties were exposed.

He fell to his knees and within seconds he had his mouth on my pussy. The warmth of his breath, along with the damp lace and his expert tongue exploring my cleanly shaven pussy was driving me wild. I'd never felt so wanted, so needed. He ripped at underwear to get at my sopping cunt, and forced two fingers deep into my warm velvety canal. It hurt a little being stretched so fast, but my god he knew how to move his fingers. He found my g sport easily, stroking it, while sucking greedily on my sensitive clit. It didn't take me long before I felt the tell-tale signs of orgasm. My stomach tied in knotts, my legs starting to shake, my breathing quickening. I let go, I came hard over his face, grinding my pussy lips into him as I threw my head back in ecstasy.

He gave me no opportunity to recover, or even get my breath before he rammed his thick hard cock deep into my hole. He picked up both of my legs and I wrapped then around his toned waist. He pumped furiously into me, his balls slapping against my ass as he kissed and bit at my neck, my lips and my colarbones. He was panting hard, holding me against the wall, fucking me harder than he ever had before. I was moaning loud, feeling myself reach orgasm for a second time very quickly.

He must have felt the signs that I was going to cum again, and he reached around with one of his musclar arms, and circled his finger against my tight virgin asshole. It sent shivers up my spine and deep in the pit of my stomach. I exploded over his cock again, and again. Wave after wave of intense bliss. He didn't let up for a second, still pumping fast into my aching cunt. I knew he would be close too, as he started to groan.

I kissed at his neck, nibbling my way up to his ear lobe, I knew how he loved his ear being kissed, licked, bitten. I wanted to feel him shoot his hot seed deep inside me. I nibbled at his ear, whispering how badly I wanted his cum. It seemed to help him out as soon I felt his throbbing manhood pulsate, shooting streams of his hot spunk into my welcoming cunt. He pulled me close to him by my hips, really pressing himself into me as far as he could as he let out the final squirts of his juices. We stayed in position a while, kissing, exhausted and sweating a little.

After he put me down, I realised what we'd just done, and where we were. I straightened myself out, took off my broken, soaked underwear and stuffed it into Tayler's pocket as a momentum. I turned and kissed him one final time, before unlocking the tiolet door, and stepping out, holding his hand for a little support as my legs were still weak. To my surprise there was a lady stood outside the door, she must have been waiting to use the tiolet, she gave me a knowing smile and a wink to accompany it. I'm almost 100% sure that she heard what was going on, and if she didn't, she must have been able to guess by the "after-sex" look on both mine and Taylers faces.

Although a little embarrassed, it was also a huge turn on, knowing people had heard me cum multiple times. I almost wished that we would have left the door unlocked, and that someone would have walked in, maybe even joined in! (Wishful thinking I know).

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