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The Fuck Show

Mia is transported into her own erotic story...
Leaning his elbow against the partially opened window of the car door, Daniel curled his forefinger through the fringe of his short, dark hair. The intensity of the midday sun had begun to subside some time ago, although the evening heat still lingered. Daniel could feel the beads of sweat trickling down the nape of his neck before dripping onto the collar of his white, polo t-shirt. He sighed loudly, signaling his annoyance at the slow moving traffic on the motorway.

And the temperature looks set to be another scorcher tomorrow, atmospheric conditions will make it feel even hotter…” the radio DJ announced.

“Mia…pass me another drink, this fucking traffic is horrendous. We’re gonna have to pull over to fill up soon,” groaned Daniel, taking a fleeting look at the fuel gauge.

His petite girlfriend, Mia, sat quietly reading her erotic novel in the passenger seat. Her perfectly sculpted tanned legs were stretched out in front of her, stopping short of her denim mini skirt that skimmed only a few inches beneath her wide belt. With her head bowed, her eyes were fixated on the words in her book.

Taking his eyes off the road, for a few seconds, he watched as the wisps of her blonde curls danced in the breeze. He reached up and adjusted the mirror so it reflected a perfect view directly up Mia’s skirt. Her white cotton vest top clung to her toned torso; the high neckline overemphasized her ample chest. Mia’s breathing was quickening as the juicy details unfolded before her eyes.

She slowly passed the coke bottle to Daniel without diverting her attention away from the page, as if transfixed by the words, which were fucking her pussy and consuming her every thought.

“You’ll go blind reading that shit, darling.”

Mia did not respond. She was somewhere entirely different, allowing her mind to drift to the fantasy of that hotel room.

“Urgh.” Daniel winced, as he tasted a mouthful of the luke warm pop. “That tastes fucking terrible.”

Mia continued her daydream, vividly imagining herself as the main character, being dominated by the arrogant, sexy bastard on her page and made to cum repeatedly until her body ached. Her loins pulsed as the words created vibrant imagery in her head. She began to shift uncomfortably in her seat as her pussy juices seeped through the gusset of her pretty lemon panties. She so desperately needed her fingers deep inside of her soddening cunt.

He cranked up the volume of the car stereo, blasting his favourite tune in an attempt to gain her attention.

“Earth to Mia!? Fuck sake, honey,” Daniel snapped. “You’ve been reading that shit for fucking hours now.”

“I’m just reading this last chapter,” she responded, finally breaking her silence.

Daniel smirked. “Read it to me. Looking at the cover of the thing, I’m starting to realise where you get your fucking kinky shit from.”

Her smooth little twat pulsed as she recalled their events, in the hotel room, earlier that morning. She had been a perfect lady, meeting his family for the first time the previous day, and she received her reward. She could almost still feel of him sucking his own cum from her after their intense early morning fuck session.

“You getting all horny, baby?” Daniel mocked. He ran his large hand up her leg, the heat of his palm teased at her inner thigh. “That filthy story making you nice and juicy for me?”

“Maybe,” she giggled.

“Fuck, yes. I’ll give you better than your book. Open your legs for me a little, baby. I want to feel how horny you are.”

“Not now Danny! You’ll crash!”

The stirring had already begun in his jeans. The thought of her delectable pussy, sopping and in desperate need of his tongue, made his cock press firmly against his zipper.

She responded and gradually parted her thighs. She was horny and began biting her lower lip to show her hunger for more.

A golden liquid smile danced across his lips as he watched her head press back against the headrest and open her legs fully to him. Daniel’s eyes darted back and forth from his horny beauty to the dreary road ahead of them.

“Fuck, you horny bitch. You’re going to have to suck my dick, baby. I’m fucking aching here!”

Mia’s eyes widened before a dirty laugh escaped her lips. “Now? Like here? You want me to suck you?”

“Yeah get your fucking head down and unzip me, I need it.”

Placing her book down, Mia maneuvered in her seat and glanced up at Daniel. At twenty-one years old she had never had the experience of performing oral sex in a moving car. Yes, it was fucking dangerously insane but fuck she wanted to taste his thick meat so bad.

She leaned her body over him and nervously tugged on his zipper. Her chocolate coloured eyes glanced up at him, through her thickened lashes. “Are you sure you want me to do this?” she asked.

“Looks like he has responded for me,” he laughed. He looked down, realising that the material of boxers were way too thin to contain the effect below. His hard dick had forced its way through the opening of his boxer shorts, ready for her hungry mouth. Daniel gasped, gripping onto the steering wheel with both hands as he felt her red coloured fingernails tracing the length of his thickened member.

A pearly drop of pre-cum already oozed from the eye of his raging boner. Mia proceeded to unbuckle the belt of his navy denim jeans, making him lift his hips as she dragged them down his pillar-like thighs. She cupped his heavy balls in her hand and he opened his legs for her.

“Fuck, I can’t believe you have my dick out!” he laughed, glancing around at the nearby traffic.

Daniel reached behind Mia and pulled up her denim skirt, exposing her lemon panties. He reached around and slid his finger over her gusset to feel how horny she was for him. She was wet. Very wet and ready for him. He gasped as he felt her warm tongue flick over his helmet. Clasping his raging erection in her hand, she licked his smooth balls. The musky scent of his aching loins showed her how much he needed to blow his load.

Mia took her time. Her warm lips engulfed his dick. She attempted to take the full-length of him her mouth. Gently, she clenched her teeth around his hard, uncircumcised dick, signaling her limits. Strings of saliva slid down to the base of his cock. His groans encouraged her as she began milking it and sucking his veiny length faster and harder.

“Shit, fuck! Okay baby, okay. That feels too fucking good!” Daniel gasped. He flicked the indicator and headed off the motorway, heading for a nearby lake. He needed to cum. He needed to cum bad.

He looked down as her head bobbed up and down on his dick, taking as much of him as she could handle. She was being greedy. He knew those delicate little panties would have a nice trail of her honey inside of them by now.

Mia looked up. The candy pink glow from the tired sun was signaling dusk was fast approaching. “Where we going, baby?” she asked, wiping the taste of his dripping prick from her lips.

“You’ll find out soon enough. Grab my tie from the back and cover your eyes!” he commanded, attempting to pull up his jeans with his free hand.

“You want me to blindfold myself?”

“Yes. You want kinky? I’ll show you kinky.”

Excited, Mia reached over and pulled his purple tie from his hanging suit in the back of the car. She followed his instruction and carefully tied it around her head. Velvet blackness shielded her eyes, heightening her other senses. Her pussy throbbed, knowing he was now in control. The intoxicating citrus blend of his aftershave lingered under her nose, making him smell even more desirable.

She could hear the wheels of the car slowly crunching along the stony ground before coming to a complete stop. The hum of the engine had finally been switched off. A delicious blend of nerves and excitement seared through her body. He panties were stuck to her smooth mound, creating a perfect camel toe.

The thud of her beating heart echoed in her chest as she heard the sounds of Daniel’s car door slam shut. She could hear his heavy footsteps, along the rough ground, walking to the back of the car before opening the boot. She felt like she was waiting for an eternity, as if he wanted to savour every second of his wickedness.

The cool rush of air forced its way inside as Daniel opened her car door. Her breath caught in her throat as the fresh wisps of air slithered up inside of her short denim skirt and tickling against her wet, lemon cotton panties.

“Follow me,” he commanded, grabbing a hold of her upper arm and pulling her from the car.

Mia stumbled as her black, glittered ankle boots tried to balance on the uneven surface. Daniel tightened his grip to steady her. He was much bigger and stronger than she was. With her vision restricted she had no choice but to trust where he was leading her. She could smell a familiar woodland scent. The earthy smell signalled that he was about to make her fantasy come true.

The fallen branches and twigs snapped underneath the weight of their feet and the overgrown shrubbery scraped against the calves of her freshly waxed skin. The three-inch stiletto heels were not holding up against the soft, damp ground. She smiled inwardly, knowing it would cost him a new pair.

“Stand there,” Daniel instructed.

She could feel the rough bark of a tree against her back before being forced against it. She held her arms against the trunk, displaying her willingness to proceed. Her panties were wet already.

She knew they were not alone. She could hear rustling footsteps, the slamming of car doors and the faint chattering of spectators. Her heart thumped, a sudden realization that she was about to become the evening’s entertainment.

“Danny, we can’t…”

“Can’t what?” he responded.

“Not here!” she meekly continued.

“If they don’t want to see they will move. Now shut the fuck up, I’m horny.”

The sharp, evening air to snapped against her body. He knew had better take his time. Daniel paused for a moment, absorbing the beautiful girl before him. She heard a slight moan escape from his mouth as he admired his willing little slut. Just by looking at her he felt like he could have jizzed in his pants.

Her white top clung to her full, pert breasts. The soft material trailed over her skin. She could feel his hand crawl up her spine before snapping open the clasp of her bra. She felt him tear it from her body, leaving her tits unrestricted. The cool breeze forced her nipples to stick out like bullets, looking like they needed to be bitten. His cock twitched in his jeans.

“You’re a sexy bitch, but you know that right?” Daniel growled. He cupped her cheek in his hand and raised her face up to his. His lips parted hers.

Mia responded, a gasp leaving her lips to let him know just how aroused she was.

“Is this what your story was like Mia? Everyone looking at the main character?”

Her breath was short and quick. She was almost panting as he ran his fingertips over her top, tugging on her erect nipples.

“I hope that cunt is dripping for me,” Daniel whispered.

She jumped as his fingers wandered down her body and touched her bare leg. He slowly trailed his fingertips up her inner thigh. She was so turned on. Moisture oozed into the gusset of her panties.

“I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to stick my hard prick in your juicy little cunt and make you cum in front of these dirty, filthy people.”

Mia writhed against the tree, feeling his thick cock pressing against her groin. She was so horny. She listened to his filthy plans for her, desperate for her engorged clit to be flicked. She felt his warm breath against her ear.

“I want to hear you beg for it like a filthy slut.”

She began panting more rapidly, feeling his large digits pressing into her flesh. She needed them inside of her, urgently.

“These people are getting horny looking at you Mia. I think they want to see more of your sexy little body. Should I show them?” Without waiting for a response, Daniel sharply tugged her top up over her tits, exposing her to the few people that had gathered to watch their private show.

“Oh god, yeah!” cried Mia, she instantly felt her nipples hardening, reacting to the cool rush of air licking at them. She moaned, feeling Daniel’s hot mouth engulfing her nipple, suckling on it before tugging on it with his teeth. He continued to suck slowly, yet forcefully, ensuring her dark pink areola shriveled as much as it could.

“How bad does your juicy little pussy need my fingers inside of it now?” Daniel’s voice was low and gravelly. He felt like if he touched his dick he could spunk everywhere.

Mia nodded weakly. She needed his fingers so fucking bad. His fingertips teased at her cotton-covered plump lips. The pad of his fingers slid along her freshly waxed bikini line, touching the hem of her panties. Gradually he touched her bald pussy lip, padding inwards toward her juicy slit.

“Ahhh..” she cried.

Daniel covered her mouth with his hand to stifle her groans, before sliding his fingers between her wet, desirable parting.

“You’re making my cock incessantly hard, you naughty girl. And now you’re soaking my fingers. Mmm…taste yourself Mia.” Daniel slipped his fingers from her saturated core and fed them to her. Mia lapped at them hungrily, sucking her own juice.

His lips pressed firmly against hers before his tongue explored her mouth, tasting her, with a need for more.

“So fucking delicious. D’you know there are strangers watching you Mia. They have their fat little pricks in their palms and beating themselves over how fucking hot you are, wishing they were friggin’ you.”

His words spurred her on. Her cunt pulsed. She could no longer control it; she could no longer fight the urge to cum. The dull ache in her loins needed a release. She felt his fingers inside of her panties begin to plow into her once again, stretching her tight hole.

“How about we give them a real show?” continued Daniel. He roughly yanked her saturated panties down her legs, exposing her bald lips to the people who had gathered around.

Mia cried out as her hips thrust forward against him. Her orgasm crashed through her body. His thumb pressed firmly onto her clit and rubbed vigorously, causing her juice to drip all over him. She came, violently, convulsing before him.

Her body felt limp. She panted as she leaned against him.

“Such a filthy girl,” he grinned.

He pulled at the tie around her head. Her eyes felt weary from tying it a little too tight. She felt vulnerable and very exposed, as some passersby had stopped to admire the view. The overhanging tree shaded her somewhat but she still felt so slutty, and so fucking horny.

She didn’t have much time to admire her tranquil surroundings. Her breath caught in her throat as his hands suddenly grabbed her rounded arse cheeks and pulled them apart. She could feel her tight, puckered hole being stretched, as if needing to be filled.

“I want to taste you Mia.”

Daniel passionately kissed her on the lips, a sudden intimate and sensual connection. He gradually bent down in front of her. His sea-green eyes were fixed upon hers as he held her mini skirt up around her waist. With a flick of his tongue, he brushed over her swollen clit, lapping her at her honey-covered slit. His tongue wove its way inside of her, tasting her like an exotic delicacy. He groaned as he began to drink her seeping liquid.

“You’re gonna make me cum again Danny,” Mia cried. Her fist was in his hair as she began to gyrate on his tongue. Daniel fed on her cunt more hungrily, with an animalistic greed. “Fuck, yes, that’s it!” she screamed. She could feel him sucking on her clit, hard. His fingers found their way inside of her again. She felt like he had all four fingers in her, she was so full.

Mia let out a yell as all the tension poured from her body. Warm waves of orgasm crashed through her.

“Mmmm.. so fucking yummy!” he grinned. “Now turn around and open your legs wide.”

Mia followed Daniel’s instruction. She took the position he requested and held her body upright by gripping the trunk of the tree. She could hear Daniel freeing himself from the restriction of his jeans.

He spat on his palm and rubbed it over the head of his sensitive dick. She looked fucking incredible. Her large tits were hanging freely and her white globes of flesh were pushed out. Her plump lips were soaked, and ready for his rock hard cock.

He spread open her cunt lips with his fingers before guiding his cock to her entrance. Her slit was red and blooming for him.

Mia screamed at the sudden invasion of his dick. It felt so deep, so soon. He began pumping her from behind. Her cunt lips sucked on his aching cock as her huge tits bounced and clapped together. He blonde curls jumped around her face as he gave her his dick as hard as he could.

“Ahh yeah, you sexy bitch,” he moaned. His jeans were down around his ankles and he was pummeling inside of his busty beauty. His dick was slick with her juice as continued to pound in and out of her pulsating hole. He needed his own release. He was so fucking close.

“Mia…Mia! I’m gonna…” he grunted. She could feel his muscles tensing as he pumped his hot, creamy load inside of her.

“Fuck!” he groaned as he pulled his dick out of her cum-seeping hole. He fingered it back inside of her. “Get your fucking panties back on. I want you to feel it in there until we get home.”

Panting, Mia fumbled to put her panties back on. She heard a faint round of applause given by the small crowd of people. Mia never gave them eye contact. She grabbed hold of Daniel’s hand as he led her back to the car.

“Fuck baby, that was truly amazing!” she giggled. “Maybe we should write an erotic story together.”

“A home-made porn movie would be better baby,” laughed Daniel, starting the car engine.

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