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The Play House (Part 1)

John takes his wife to the new swing club
The Play House - Part 1

Jo lay naked on the bed. The room was hot and the air conditioning struggled to cool the air, beads of perspiration ran down the valley between her breasts forming a small pool in the recess of her abdomen.

Parting her legs she smoothed the palm of her hand across her tummy and down to her pubic mound. The fingers of her hand snaked over the bare flesh of her shaved pussy and she let out a gentle moan as they found her erect clitoris. Two fingers held the skin folds open exposing her most sensitive of organs as her other hand came in for an assault of pleasure.

With her legs extended and wide open Jo rubbed her blood engorged clit with one hand as she spread her pussy lips open with the other, her juices flowed from her gaping hole as her first desperate orgasm approached. Inserting one finger, then two, into her sopping slit Jo thrust her hips upwards to meet her stabbing fingers; biting on her lower lip, throat moaning as the orgasm coursed through her groin and throughout her body.

Arching her back Jo rubbed frantically at her pussy, desperate to extend the exquisite sensation of her climax. Another small but intense orgasm caused her pussy to squirt; the spray soaked her hands and splashed over her thighs.

As her orgasm subsided Jo collapsed back onto the bed, her heart pounding, her breathing heavy. Turning her head to one side Jo gazed into the mirrors on the wall. There were four on one wall and four on the other. Each mirror was approximately one metre square with a heavy box frame. The bed she was on was the only thing in the small room and the subtle lighting illuminated the bed like a work of art in a gallery.

A muffled cough from behind the thin wall reminded Jo that she was a guest in an exclusive club called 'The Play House'.

A couple of hours earlier she had arrived at the club with her husband John. Together they had recently become swingers and John had joined the club on the recommendation of a good friend. The club was unique because it had players and watchers; quite simply the players had sex in one form or another and the watchers got their kicks whilst spectating the action.

Jo knew that behind each of the mirrors in the bedroom a guy or many guys had been watching and wanking as she finger fucked herself to orgasm. As she lay there recovering she could still detect the taste of the Jack Daniels and spliff that she had smoked at the bar just before going into the bedroom.

Jo got up from the bed and smiled sweetly at each of the mirrors as she left the room through the only door. The small corridor led to a changing area where she had left her clothes. After slipping back into her underwear; high heels and silky summer dress Jo re-joined her husband at the bar.

The bar area was busy with all sorts of men and woman young and old, Jo scanned the room and was pleased to see that most of the members were quite fit; attractive men and women. John had a drink ready for Jo and handed it to her as she sat next to him at the bar.

“That’s the first time I’ve seen you squirt,” John said.

“I was so fucking horny in there, it was intense,” Jo said, sipping her Jack Daniels. “I can’t wait to try out some of the other rooms here,” she added, grinning at her husband.

“Well, there’s the dogging room,” John said reading from a menu at the bar. “The captive room, Turntable room and the Roman Bath room,” he continued.

“I like the sound of the dogging room,” Jo said, licking her lips.

John smiled and read the details of the dogging room procedure out loud to Jo.

Jo was listening but had her eye on the young bar-tender who had been watching her since she sat at the bar. They exchanged smiles. Jo felt her nipples harden as she eyed the young man up and down. His tight white T shirt gave away the fact that he worked out often, his chiselled abs were clear to see through the thin cotton. Jo also noticed that the young guy was also sporting a sizeable bulge in his jeans.

“What do you think?” John’s voice broke through,

“I’d definitely like some of that!” Jo whispered,

John turned to see where his wife’s attention had drifted. He saw the young bar tender and smiled.

“I think my wife would like a refill, Sonny,” John said reading the name badge of the guy behind the bar.

“Do you think that you could….. fill her up?” John said, and winked at the young man.

Sonny grabbed a bottle of Jack as he moved towards Jo.

“Sir, I think your wife is very sexy,” Sonny said as he poured the drink into Jo’s glass,

Placing the bottle on the bar he undid the top button of his jeans, unzipped his fly and withdrew a monster of a cock from behind the stonewashed denim, “And I’d love to fill her up!”

Jo gasped as she gazed upon the young man’s meat. He wasn’t even hard but she could see that he was much bigger than her husband’s erect cock. Jo felt her pussy tingle and the gusset of her knickers became moist as she oozed her own love juice. She tried to imagine how Sonny’s cock would look engorged with blood, dizzy at the thought of being impaled on such a fine example of healthy young man meat.

“Fucking Hell..!” John exclaimed as he studied the bar tender’s exposed love stick, “I’m impressed,” he said, "and I think my wife will be too..."

“I can get cover, we could meet up later in the Roman Bath room, it’s my favourite room here,” Sonny said as he tucked himself back into his jeans.

John looked at his wife for approval and saw that she had one hand in her panties.

Jo slipped her hand from her moist pussy and offered her fingers up to her husband’s mouth. John cleaned the pussy juice from his wife’s fingers with his tongue, then turned to Sonny.

“I think we have a date,” John said feeling a twinge in his groin.

A small voluptuous redhead in a clingy white lycra dress walked up to Jo and whispered in her ear, John heard every word.

“Good choice honey,” the redhead purred, “If you’ve never experienced multiple orgasms before, Sonny’s beautiful cock will satisfy you for sure.” She winked at Jo, “It’s like a fucking piston sweetie,”

Jo giggled, the redhead chinked glasses with Jo and leaned in for a kiss, Jo turned her head and offered her cheek, but the woman placed her glass on the bar and cupped Jo’s head in both hands turning her gently until Jo was facing her.

John watched mesmerised as the voluptuous redhead placed her glossy lips over Jo’s mouth. He stared as he saw his wife relax; then begin to French kiss another woman. This was a first for Jo and a growing hardness in his trousers told John that he liked this new avenue that his wife was exploring with open eagerness.

After two minutes of noisy, wet, French kissing, the redhead whispered something into Jo’s ear, picked up her drink from the bar and headed off towards the Mirror Room.

Jo turned to John and noticed his arousal, “That was nice,” she purred. “I know I’ve had a few drinks but I think I could have gone further with her.”

“What did she say to you?” John asked,

“She said she’d love to get naked with me.”

“How do you feel about that?” John said,

“Judging by the bulge in your trousers, I’d say I was as keen to try it as you would be to watch it!”

John laughed and tried to adjust his trousers to give his cock room, Jo grabbed his bulge and tugged his length.

“Wanna’ see your baby get tongue fucked by another woman?” Jo said in a husky voice,

“Hell yeah!” John said with a dirty grin.

“I’m really horny again hun, can we check out the Dogging Room now?”

John took his wife’s hand and led her down a corridor,

“I’m excited too,” he said, “I’ve been looking forward to this room ever since I read the menu.”

A sign above the door read “Dogging Room”; another sign explained with diagrams how to use the equipment inside. Jo squeezed her husband’s hand as she read the diagrams, her pussy was beginning to tingle again.

John opened the door and they walked in.

Inside the Dogging Room were six padded tables that appeared to be on tracks which guided the lower half of the table through an arched opening in the wall. Four of the six tables were already occupied by couples. Jo looked at each in turn.

The woman were lying on the padded tables with the lower half of their bodies through the arched opening in the wall, around the arch was a fabric flap to conceal anything from the other side.

Jo’s attention was drawn towards the woman on the first table, her giggling had turned to ecstatic moaning, the guy that was with her was whispering something in her ear as he fondled her tits through her blouse. Jo also saw that the woman’s body was rocking back and forth as a total stranger fucked her pussy on the other side of the wall.

A similar thing was happening to the women on the other tables. Jo could see the excitement in the men’s eyes as their wives or partners writhed in exquisite pleasure in front of them.

Jo climbed up onto the padded table and lay down; it reminded her of the inspection table at her doctors’ surgery.

“Are you comfortable?” John said,

“I’m ready,” Jo whispered.

John pushed the table towards the archway, it moved with ease and he watched his wife’s stiletto heeled feet and shapely legs disappear into the hole in the wall, he saw how the fabric around the archway pushed her light summer dress up over her thighs as her hips and waist followed through, only Jo’s upper body was now visible to John, her ample breasts were already showing signs of arousal; her nipples were rock hard with anticipation.

It was only moments until John heard his wife’s sharp intake of breath as she felt someone’s hands touching her legs on the other side of the wall.

“Someone is peeling off my panties,” Jo said, her voice trembling with excitement.

John was finding it difficult to hide his own arousal; his hard on was obvious to Jo. She grabbed the bulge in the front of his trousers as she felt her legs being spread and a bearded mouth kissing her exposed pussy. John unzipped his fly, removed his throbbing cock and placed it into his wife’s eager hand. Jo’s eyes rolled back and she let out a soft moan as she gently tugged on John’s shaft.

“Oooooh, I’m being skilfully tongue-fucked by someone right now,” she said panting.

John looked at the wall, the archway and imagined a complete stranger just there on the other side but out of sight, was feasting on his wife’s pussy. He looked at Jo, her eyes were closed, her mouth was slightly open and her breathing was heavy. She was enjoying the attention that was being paid to her sopping slit.

John looked around at the other beds being used in the room. He saw one guy sucking on his wife’s nipples as she rocked wildly from being hard fucked on the other side of the partition. Another guy was standing over his woman and wanking as she spared no detail in telling him exactly what was going on between her legs. Yet another guy was just kissing his wife passionately as she writhed in ecstasy in front of him.

John felt his cock being squeezed tight. He looked at Jo, she was staring straight at him, her eyes wide.

“Oh god, oh fuck, yes!” she cried out loud.

John knew that his wife was being penetrated by her invisible lover, her body began to rock back and forth as the cock pounded her hard.

“Fuck me! This guy is huge,” Jo panted.

John could see his wife’s nipples standing rock hard beneath the thin material of her dress, her eyes were now closed and she was grunting with each thrust of the stranger’s length.

Jo tugged on John’s cock, his pre cum oozed out lubricating his helmet, the throaty moan coming from his wife’s open mouth as her body rocked was horny as hell. John knew that he was moments away from coming his load.

On the other side of the wall, John could hear the stranger grunting as he reached the brink of his climax.

“Oh god honey, oh fuck John, I’m gonna’ come,” Jo said pulling her husband’s cock towards her open mouth.

John fed his twitching tool into Jo’s mouth, she slurped and sucked noisily, panting through her nose as she felt the surge of her orgasm welling up from within.

Behind the wall a muffled groan was audible, big hands grabbed Jo’s hips, the huge cock inside her stiffened, she felt it being driven to the back of her pussy, felt it throb and pulse, and finally explode a torrent of hot cum inside her. Spurt after spurt, the huge shaft throbbed and spent it’s heavy load inside Jo’s body.

Jo instinctively clamped her legs around her lover’s ass and held him tight as her own climax ripped through her body like an exquisite electric shock Panting for air through her nose she continued to suck hard on John’s shaft as her body, stuffed with two hard cocks, writhed in orgasmic pleasure.

John’s cock twitched as it spilt it’s seed across Jo’s tongue. She drank the salty fluid down as if her life depended on it, milking his erection for every drop. Jack threw his head back, a satisfied growl escaping his throat.

Releasing her husband’s cock from her mouth Jo purred, “Mmmmmmm, oh fuck me baby, that was yummy,”

She felt the long cock being withdrawn from her pussy. Jo relaxed her legs allowing her lover his well-earned freedom, her tight pussy lips smacked shut as it made its exit.

John leant forward to kiss his wife, with both hands clasped at the back of his head Jo pulled her husband into a passionate French kiss.

As their tongues explored each other’s mouth John felt his wife flinch. Her eyes opened and she broke away from their kiss.

“Someone else is inside me, John,” she whispered in his ear.

John could see and feel his wife’s body rocking, this time with a quicker rhythm.

“Two in a row, eh?” John said, smirking. “You dirty cow!”

Jo’s head fell back onto the bed, the power of the thrusting cock forced little grunts from the back of her throat.

“I think there’s more than one back there,” she said between grunts. “I can feel two sets of hands holding my legs apart, Christ John, this feels so fucking dirty!”

A similar satisfied grunt came from behind the wall. John looked at his wife.

“He’s coming inside me, Jeeeez this feels good!” Jo panted.

It wasn’t long before John realised that a third cock had begun pounding his wife’s spunk filled pussy as her body began rocking back and forth again.

“I can tell that these are young cocks’ babe,” Jo described to John. “But it feels delicious to be used this way,” she said holding up three fingers to John.“This is a record for me,” she continued, “Fuck, I feel like such a dirty whore, oh, oh god!”

John heard moaning from behind the wall, he saw Jo’s eyes roll back as she took yet another cum load.

Seconds later he saw his wife’s body rocking yet again giving away the fact that she was on the end of her fourth cock this evening.

“Oh Jesus! Oh Christ, I’m gonna’ oh god!” Jo bit her lower lip, pushed her body towards the cock between her legs, and enjoyed another orgasm.

Squeezing her vaginal muscles to grip the hard young shaft in her hole Jo felt the stranger’s cum travel the full length of his penis and eject into her body.

John watched his wife knead her breasts and squeeze her nipples as her body succumbed to the intense pleasure.

“They must have been queuing up behind there,” Jo said as her invisible young lover withdrew from her pussy creampie, she felt something being placed around her ankle. “But it was fucking delicious!” she added with a giggle, Now I need a freshen up and a drink,”

As John pulled the bed back into the room he saw that his wife’s pussy was oozing the sperm of four strange cocks, her vagina lips were red and puffy and her G-string was hanging sexily from one of her ankles. Helping Jo from the bed John put her G-string in his pocket and kissed her on the lips.

“I’m buying,” he laughed.

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Posted 05 Nov 2012 07:05
I'm about ready to cum....bring on part 2
Posted 23 May 2012 06:04
So fucking hot. Bring on part 2
Posted 21 May 2012 07:47
My name is Jo. Wishing it was me in the story!
Posted 18 May 2012 17:48
Great story idea! I love all the possibilities it could provide!

Posted 18 May 2012 15:28
Extremely sexy and arousing, very well written. Please continue with part 2, looking forward to it.
Posted 18 May 2012 11:07
WOW!!! that was one very hot story..Can't wait for part 2.
Posted 18 May 2012 10:16
A very hot story! They don't really do those things in those they?

Posted 18 May 2012 10:14
Delightfully saucy, very well done. A 5!!!!

xx Steph

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