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True Story - My first public sex

I was watching twin sisters fuck on the dance floor while a hot little latina rode my dick

I am a normal guy. 6’ 3”, 180 lbs, semi-athletic build. I got married at a 23 but soon realized my wife and I had very different outlooks on many things, one of those being sex. We ended up separating after 3 years.

I have always been flirtatious, but not a sex hound. In fact, I was a virgin on my wedding night, so once I was on my own again I felt slightly awkward. After about a month of just going to work and going straight home, I decided it was time to go out and meet some people. I had moved out of the city so I didn’t really know anyone, but I decided to go to a club anyways.

It was a Thursday night, so I figured the crowd would be a bit more docile. I got there early (about 10 pm) because I had to work the next morning at 7, but I still wanted to dance some before going home. I started flirting with one of the waitresses from Colombia. Just hearing her accent turned me on. I had a couple of Coronas and then more people started to show up.

I was sitting by myself feeling like quite a loser when this gorgeous tiny little Asian looking Hispanic girl walked in with about a dozen other people. This girl was not even 5 foot tall, but had long dark hair with tasteful blonde highlights that went down to her tight ass. Her breasts were small, maybe barely a b-cup. Her legs were very toned and accentuated with clear platform heels that had to be 6” tall. What really made her stand out though were her bright blue eyes that matched her bright blue dress. Even in the dark smoky room she was beaming. Her group sat down pretty close to me and started talking amongst themselves. Several of the girls glanced over at me, but being the only white guy in the Latin club, I was used to getting stares. I figured I would use that as an excuse to go and try to integrate into the group though.

I went up and the only thing I could think to say was, “How tall are those shoes?”

The girls just laughed and she said, “Apparently not tall enough.”

Even with the absurdly tall heels, she still did not reach my chin. The other girls in the group half pushed her in my direction and told her to go out and dance with me. I was still kind of shy in those types of situations, but I went with it. We went on to the dance floor and she really put on a show. Her dress was very nice: The sleeves hung off the shoulder and the top was tight, accentuating her obviously bra-less breasts. From there it just flowed downward to an open bottom that just barely covered her ass.

We started dancing just on the other side of a railing from where her group was sitting. They were raised about three feet, so they all had a very good view. She put her arms around my head and moved sensuously to the music. She was looking up unto my eyes as she slowly sunk down, her hands snaking their way down my chest. When her ass was practically on the ground she dropped her hands to my ankles and started her way back up. Her hands made their way up my legs and took the inside route. I could feel each fingertip through the thin fabric of my dress pants. Her hands continued up until they met at my crotch. She gave me a devilish grin as she flicked the tip of my prick with each hand, confirming that I indeed had already become semi-hard. She then passed her hands to my ass as she continued to dance to the music. I then realized that I had barely moved since we got out there, so I put my hands on her back and slowly caressed the exposed skin and the silky smooth fabric that covered it. From my vantage point I could down her dress through the small valley of her breasts, and it was getting me even more turned on.

I could also see that she was getting excited because her very perky nipples were becoming very obvious under the thin layer of fabric that covered them. She kept swaying her ass back and forth to the music and I started to wish I was on the other side of her so that I could enjoy that view. She must have read my mind (or seen where my eyes kept straying) because she turned around and pressed her back and ass into my body and continued to sway back and forth. She grabbed on to the back of my legs and again slowly dropped down to the ground, looking back at me when she got all the way down. Instead of coming back up though she put her hands on the floor and just brought her ass back up towards my groin. She rubbed her ass against my legs and when she was on all fours, with her legs straight, half her ass was showing from beneath her tiny little dress. My dick jumped and was now pointing obscenely out towards her. I saw no sign of anything except flesh under her dress. She started bucking back against me and her ass would bang against the base of my cock, sending my balls into a rhythmic swing. I could feel pre-cum start to ooze out of the tip of my cock.

Unfortunately, the song that was playing came to an end and they starting playing salsa. I wasn’t comfortable enough with my salsa dancing skills to dance with a stranger so we walked up to the bar and ordered some drinks. I had to reposition my dick on the way so it wasn’t quite so obvious. I got our drinks and we went and sat back with her group of friends. There were several couples in the group and a couple of single girls as well. I don’t remember a whole lot about the rest of the group except that they were a good looking group and all the girls dressed up in shiny semi-provocative little dresses. I sat in one of the tall, high backed bar stools that was around the table and she came in behind me and pulled another stool right in front of me, with the back to the dance floor and I helped her sit up in it. The seat itself came up to her waist. I spent the next 15 minutes with my arm around her talking into her ear and letting my hand roam around high tight stomach and thighs. Although she never gave any resistance to my advancing fingers, I couldn’t find it in me to venture under her dress, although it only just barely covered her pussy with her sitting how she was. (As a side note, I asked her her name several times, but with the music blaring I never did understand what she had said.)

The music changed back to reggaetón (Latin club music) but before we had a chance to get back on the dance floor, a couple of girls got out and started grinding on each other. We both turned to watch as these two girls, definitely related and would later find out to be twins, ground their bodies together. My girl/date/companion laid her head back on my chest and brought her hand around her back and placed it firmly on my dick. As the twin sisters continued to get more into each other, my girl wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my dick and started to slowly jack me off through my pants. No one else dared to go out on the dance floor as the twins starting becoming more and more lewd. They were both dressed in blue jeans and nice shirts, but they had their hands all over each other rubbing each other’s pussies and tits like sex starved whores. Then one of the twins dropped to her knees, opened her mouth and bit down on her sisters snatch. The other responded by putting one hand on the back of her sister’s head, mashing her face further into her crotch. The other hand went to her own breast, and her head went back in ecstasy.

What followed could only be described as fully clothed public lesbian incestual sex. The twin that was still standing forcibly fell to her knees, holding her sisters face tightly to her jean clad pussy. She gently laid her sister’s head on the dance floor, letting her adjust her legs to a more comfortable position. The girl on her back reached one hand down to her own crotch and started massaging her mound while her sister rode her face like a mechanical bull. After a short while the girl on top reached back and put her hand over her sister’s hand and started pushing her fingers into her sister’s groin, trying to reciprocate the pleasure she was receiving from her. As she arched her back and lifted her ass off the floor, her sister flipped over and buried her face into her raised cunt, kneeling back down onto her face in an extremely sexy 69 position.

During this entire show, my date was still stroking my dick though my pants and had turned her head and started kissing my neck. In doing so, her legs had parted and were giving an open view to any who cared to look in that direction. I looked back to see if her friends had noticed her lewd behavior and was surprised to see two of the other girls with their legs spread wider than my date’s and their boyfriends fingers hard at work on their quickly moistening cunts. That was all the incitement I needed. I finally dipped my fingers down and pulled them across her waiting labia. I found out then that she was wearing panties, even if just barely. A triangular patch no more than three inches wide at the top covered the smooth mound above her vagina. As the cloth headed downwards, it was lost within the folds of her slick outer labia, like an arrowhead pointing me towards my goal.

As my finger brushed over her erect clitoris, she threw her head back and moaned into my ear as I started kissing her neck. All the while the twins continued their erotic show on the dance floor, the two couples behind me continued to masturbate each other just as my date and I were doing, and my dick was throbbing, ready to burst free from its fabric prison. I continued to watch as the twins continued to sexually consume each other. They would change from position to position, and even started to scissor each other on the still empty dance floor. By that point, one of the twins had a noticeable wet spot showing over her pussy, whether it was from her sister’s salivating mouth or from the juices flowing from her own cunt I never knew. What I did know was that if this continued much longer, I would probably jizz in my pants and have my own wet spot.

What happened next was something I never would have expected. I already thought I was dreaming. I had only read about these types of things in stories, but I swear I was actually there and it was happening. When my date put her lips on my ear and said, “Do you have a condom?”

My dick jumped and I almost did cum right there. I had not really planned on an actual sexual encounter that night but to my very good fortune, I did have a condom stashed in my wallet, and I told her as much. She told me to give it to her and I gladly did. I wasn’t sure what she had planned so I just went along with it. I was ready to follow her to wherever she wanted to go. When I felt her start to pull down my zipper I almost started to panic. We were right on the edge of the dance floor and up on a raised seating area, bring my crotch up to about eyes level for anyone who was on the dance floor. Surely she was not thinking of doing anything right there. Surely or not, I was wrong. She pulled my zipper all the way down and slid off her chair and faced me, leaving a small wet patch on the vinyl cushion. She pulled my face down to hers and kissed me full on the lips for the first time and asked me, “Are you clean?”

I certainly was and told her so. She smiled and said, “good, so am I.”

With that, my nameless date put her hand into my slacks and through the opening of my boxers and finally freed my aching dick. Her eyes sparkled when she saw it jump out at full attention. Being a tall guy, I have a slightly larger than normal dick, about 9” when fully erect. I expected her to pull out the condom, but instead she dropped her head down, and I her warm mouth cover the head of my prick. The twins were still out on the dance floor, laying one on top of the other, legs intertwined and kissing passionately, but they had now been joined by others (dancing not dry humping). My date continued to suck the tip of my cock into her mouth, her tongue passing on the underside and even into the slit at the tip. Being such a small girl, she couldn’t get much more than the head in her mouth, so she started kissing down the side and bottom, licking up my pre-cum as she went. Her ass was very much on display as she was semi bent down with her back towards the dance floor. One guy saw the opportunity and stuck his hand through the railing and squeezed the bare flesh on display in front of him. This made my date quite angry as she balled up her fist and punched him hard in his forearm, causing it to bang heavily on the bars of the railing. The guy grabbed his arm and took off. I was quite relieved for one that the situation didn’t escalate and secondly to know that the girl sucking my dick wasn’t a complete whore.

I did kind of welcome the distraction though because I was very close to cumming and wasn’t sure what she wanted me to do when that happened. It was too loud to audibly warn her. She quickly answered that question without even saying a word. She had me turn my chair so I was facing towards the middle of our group and dropped her head back down to my dick for a minute or so more of mostly licking my dick. She paid special attention to the super sensitive area just below the head and also stuck her tongue into my slit and sucked the very tip as if to suck and lick the pre-cum out of me.

Then she pulled out the condom. I thought I had pretty lucky to get a girl to go down on me in the middle of a club, but when she started pushing the condom down my shaft I figured it could only mean one thing. She really was going to fuck me right there. I was now facing all of her friends as she rolled the condom down as far as it would go. They were now moving their attention from the now obscured twins to the new show that was right before them. One guy now had two fingers slowly fucking his date’s cunt while the other was still content with massaging the soaked panties from the outside. My date pulled my legs together and with her absurdly high heels placed on the bar on the bottom of the bar chair, she straddled me, face to face. She raised herself up and put one arm around my neck with her hand in my hair and kissed me deep as she pulled aside her minuscule g-string and positioned her sopping wet cunt on the head of my cock. I could feel the heat of her pussy all the way down my shaft even before she impaled herself with it. Without breaking our kiss, she slowly lowered herself down until her ass rested on my thighs. I could feel her shudder as she bottomed out on my prick. She started rocking back and forth grinding her pussy harder into my crotch, holding on to my neck for balance. I moved my hands down to her semi exposed ass and held the tight flesh as she rocked harder and harder. Her pussy was so tight around my cock it was unbelievable. She would push herself up and her cunt lips would grab my cock head as it was trying to pull out, and then she would drop back down, moaning loud enough to hear over the music.

As I sat with this gorgeous little Hispanic girl writhing on my dick and watched as her friend came closer and closer to orgasm. She (her friend) started to buck her hips and grabbed onto the chair and started to shake visibly. I could barely hear her moan as she finally broke the threshold. She thrust her pussy forward pushing her boyfriend’s fingers deeper into her cunt as she rode out the last waves of her orgasm. Her boyfriend pulled his hand out and sucked his fingers off as she settled back into his lap, leaving her very puffy labia very much on display.

My date continued to bounce up and down on my shaft and I could now feel her hard nipples brushing against my chest. I had a huge desire to suck on them, so I leaned her back (causing her hot cunt to slide further down my pole) and with one hand behind her back, I pulled her dress down and sucked her nipple into my mouth. It was heavenly.

Her breasts, as I said, were quite small, very fitting for her size, but what really got me turned on were her tiny perky nipples. The nipple was dark brown and smaller than a quarter. The tip was no more than a quarter of a centimeter wide, but the nipple stuck out at least a centimeter. It was also rock hard and sitting on a very firm tit. I started thrusting my pelvis forward in my seat as I sucked her nipple harder and harder. Suddenly she threw her head forward, pulling her tit out of my mouth. She bit down softly on my ear and moaned loudly. I could feel her legs shaking. I was holding her tight to me and she brought her hands down behind her and grabbed her own ass. I had a great view as she pulled her ass check apart and rocked her pelvis into my lap.

I spread my leg slightly and brought one hand down to her ass. I extended my middle finger until it touched my dick and then ran it across her flesh, from her stretched pussy lips across her asshole. Her whole crack was slimy with her pussy juices, and when my finger touched her ass hole she shook again. The second pass I laid my finger directly on her rosebud and gently massaged it, wetting my finger with her juices. She was writhing out of control now, hair flying all over, so I figured she liked it. I dared to go a bit further and slowly started to sink my finger into her ass. I continued slowly until the first knuckle started to apply pressure to her hole. She could definitely feel it, because she buried her head into my neck and yelled out, “Ay Dios mío!!”

I was so close to cumming I could barely move. She started pounding her cunt into me again and I just sat back and let her. As she rocked back and forth I could feel her ass clench down on my finger. I held my finger firm so that as she rocked back it applied more pressure from my knuckle onto her ass hole. With one of those strokes, her juices had lubed up my finger enough that it slid in past the knuckle. That put her over the edge again and she threw her head back and ground her pussy with all her might onto my cock. I could feel her whole body shaking, from her neck where my arm wrapped around it all the way to her pussy. It felt like I had a mini washing machine on the agitate cycle wrapped around my dick. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I exploded deep into her pussy. As I squirted my 4th or 5th strong stream into her depths she started twitching on my cock, her spasms matching my thrusts. After another 10 seconds or so we both collapsed back onto the chair, my finger slowly sliding out of her ass. Her friends whistled and she picked up her head and kissed me again. Before I went limp, she grabbed the base of the condom and pulled herself off my dick. She was still so tight that I jumped when her cunt lips stretched past the head of my cock. She stood up wobbly and licked the underside of my cum filled condom covered dick once before pushing it back into my pants. She put her hand on the zipper, but I quickly intervened and zipped myself up.

She and her friend went off to the girls’ room as I went to the men’s room so we could all clean up. I did the best I could, but there was no way I would be able to hide the evidence of the past 30 minutes. My crotch was soaked with her pussy juices. I threw out the condom and wiped my dick off with a wet paper towel and made my way out of the bathroom. Her group had already congregated just outside the restrooms. When the two other girls made their way out my date was now wearing a pair of jeans and the same top, which I now realized almost certainly was a long blouse and not really a dress. She just winked at me as I stared in feigned shock. I followed them out into the parking lot where I told her that I had to work in the morning so I really needed to get home. She said ok and with that she pulled a wrinkled folded up piece of paper out of her purse and put it in my front pocket. I bent down and we kissed for a while and then she patted my pocket (where she had put the paper) and said, give me a call.

I stood there and watched her take off with her friends, still trying to take in the events of the night. I remembered I still had not closed my tab at the bar so I went back in to do that. I went up to the bar and told them to close me out. When they handed back my credit card, the girl in front of me turned around and I realized it was one of the twins. I couldn’t resist so I said, “That was quite a show you put on.”

She answered back and said, “So was yours.”

I talked to her for a couple of minutes to learn that they in fact were twins and they were both bi. They didn’t fuck each other but were very comfortable around each other and were both extreme exhibitionists. I suddenly smelled sex, and looked down. The wet spot on my crotch was starting to dry and turn white so I said my goodbyes to her and went to my car. I remembered the paper that my date had put in my pocket so I pulled it out and opened it up. I realized then that the smell of sex was not coming from my crotch but rather from my pocket. Wrapped up in the paper was her tiny little g-string. It wasn’t more than a tiny black mesh triangle and three frilly elastic bands. It was still damp from her juices. The paper had a note written on it that said she lived in Houston but came up to Dallas frequently to visit her friends. If I ever went down to Houston to give her a call and she would call me the next time she came up to Dallas. She left her phone number and e-mail address, and I finally had her name.
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