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Young Tease

Megan teases, then seduces older man
Megan was an angry girl in high school, but she had her reasons. Her mom died of cancer while she was a sophomore, and she had to grow up quickly. She had to watch her younger brother and sister after school, get dinner ready for the family and keep the house clean. Her dad treated her like the woman of the house, expecting her to be an adult overnight . There was more to her anger than that, though Megan didn’t realize it at the time. Shortly after she started developing breasts, her father had seemed distant and awkward around her and their relationship changed, so when her mom died it was as if she had neither parent. For his part, her dad didn’t understand how to deal with a young woman going through puberty and didn’t have his wife of twenty two years to rely on.

At school the boys seemed to prefer the big breasted bubbly types without a brain, and the popular kids ignored her. She resented being tethered to her younger siblings, and felt like she was all alone with nobody she could talk to. Everybody else at school seemed to have no responsibilities. Their parents gave them whatever they wanted and they were free to hang out and do nothing. She was an unhappy little girl, and took it out on the world.

Her few occasions to date, such as the senior prom, weren’t very successful. She was painfully shy around boys and the evenings were clumsy affairs, usually capped off by feeble attempts on the part of the boys to feel her up.

By the time she graduated high school, her sister was old enough to take over her responsibilities at home, and Megan began working as a sales clerk at her dad’s jewelry store. Her outlook improved as she no longer had responsibilities for the kids, she had her mom’s old BMW to drive, and she was going to start college in just a few months. She still felt uncomfortable with her petite body; it appeared to her that her slim hips and butt were far too boyish and her breasts were far too small. At least they now filled up an A cup, but that wasn’t much consolation.

With the job came the need to buy clothes. She usually just wore jeans, but now she needed to dress up in skirts and fashionable tops. It was hard shopping for dressy clothes. Everything seemed to be designed for girls with more curves, and even the petite sizes were a little baggy on her. Also with the job came Megan’s first time out in an adult world; virtually all the customers were much older.

Megan was helping a man of about sixty one day who wanted to look at rings. The lock on the display case was giving her trouble and as she bent over trying to get the key to work, she noticed in the mirrored display case that the man was staring down her shirt. When she looked up, he averted his eyes, pretending to be looking at another part of the display case, but as soon as she looked down she could plainly see him ogling her. She was shocked. She had never noticed an old man eying her sexually and couldn’t understand it. She felt a little flushed, and after he had left, she went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror while bending over to see what he saw. The neckline on her top was slightly too big for her petite frame, and when she bent over she could clearly see her small breasts covered with her little, heavily padded bra. She had very little cleavage and didn’t understand the attraction. Especially for a man almost as old as her grandpa.

The rest of the day, she experimented with the older men that came into the shop, seeing if they tried to look down her shirt as the old man had done. She bent over for all of them, then quickly looked up to see if she could catch them, and she was certain that most of them did. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Had this been going on all along, or was it just that this top was more revealing than others? It sure seemed to her that the boys her own age ignored her. She felt strange; half disgusted and half excited.

That night, she went to the mall and bought sexy underwear to wear under her skirts and tops. She had never bought underwear that was sexy or frilly. It was fun trying them on, though it was embarrassing shopping for them. They were kind of expensive, so she only got two panties and two bras. Both the panties were thong style. One of the bras was black and one white, and both of them only had about a half cup that only covered the bottom of her breasts and the nipple. She bent over while trying them on and moved around to see how much they would show. Depending on her position, she could almost see her nipples. She was surprised that she felt so excited thinking about wearing these in public.

She locked her bedroom door, threw the shopping bag on the bed and took off her clothes. Flinging her bra on the bed, she put on her new underwear and posed in front of her mirror in all sorts of provocative positions. She had never thought of herself as sexy before. She was trying to imagine herself as these old men saw her, but she still couldn’t understand them. She tried on several of her work outfits to see how they would look with the new underwear, picking one that she would wear the next day. It was a sheer camisole top with thin straps, and a very short skirt. She could just make out her black bra through the thin top. The short skirt barely covered her thong when she sat or bent over. She was excited thinking about tomorrow.

She put on a pair of gym shorts and a tee and sat in bed with the TV on. She fired up her computer and spent some time on Facebook. Boring of talking to her ex-classmates, she typed “old men sex” in the Google bar. She rarely looked at pornography, considering it gross, but her curiosity was aroused. A list of websites opened up with older men having sex with younger girls. Curious, she clicked on one. Of course she knew that old men still had dicks, but she had never given thought to the fact that they sometimes got hard. She had never considered anyone over 40 as a sexual being. She wasn’t attracted to older men, but they seemed to be attracted to her and she was very curious about that. Given how many websites were devoted to older men with younger girls, it seemed that it wasn’t uncommon. As she clicked on some of the thumbnail images, galleries of videos or pictures showing old men stuffing their dicks into younger girls opened up. She began to get very horny. She turned off her lights and took off her clothes, then lay back in bed. She brushed her nipples, which were already beginning to stiffen due to the cool air from her ceiling fan. As she looked at the dirty videos, she reached between her legs and began idly brushing her fingers up and down her pussy lips. As the blood began to race to her pussy, the lips parted and she gently stroked her inner lips. They also began to part, exposing her sensitive clitoris. She gently circled the little bud, applying only indirect pressure to it. She knew exactly how to bring herself to the edge of orgasm and stay there for a while, extending the pleasure. Tonight though, she was impatient to feel the waves of pleasure crashing into her pussy immediately. As the man in the video mounted his young girl, Megan slipped her fingers into her vagina and imagined herself being filled with a large cock. As the video reached its climax, with the man spurting wads of gooey cum on the girl’s buttocks, Megan allowed herself to come with a vengeance. She switched off her computer and lay quietly, allowing her breathing to return to normal. Then she put on her PJs and went to sleep.

Her first customer the next day was Mr. Thompson, a friend of her dad’s that was a long time customer. He was probably around fifty five and said he was looking for a birthday present for his wife. She had known Mr. Thompson and his wife for a long time. He played golf with her dad sometimes and the couple had even been over to their house, before her mom died. Now her dad didn’t play golf anymore and never had company.

“When’s her birthday, Mr. Thompson?” Megan asked cheerfully.

“Next week,” he said.

“That means her birthstone is ruby. Do you want to look at rubies or were you thinking of diamonds?”

“Show me some rubies please. I’ve never gotten her rubies.”

Since rubies were July’s birthstone her dad had ordered a large selection of various pendants, earrings and rings with rubies set in them. She took Mr. Thompson over to the case where they were displayed.

“Let me pull them out of the case so you can see them better,” she said.

She bent over at the waist and made a show of having trouble with the key, giving Mr. Thompson a perfect view down her top. She couldn’t imagine Mr. Thompson being interested in her but was interested to find out. “Hell, Mr. Thompson still probably thinks of me as a child,” she thought. “The last time he saw me I was probably thirteen years old.” As she jiggled the key she could feel her little boobies jiggling in the flimsy bra. Looking in the mirror on the bottom of the display case, she saw Mr. Thompson intently looking down at her. She was very surprised and a little excited. She finally got the case opened and put the jewelry on the countertop.

“Why don’t you look at these for a moment while I get one more collection out,” Megan said.

She went to another case that had a few ruby pieces, turning her back on Mr. Thompson. She bent over at the waist as she reached into the display cabinet. She could feel her very short skirt riding up her thighs, and imagined that she had Mr. Thompson’s attention. She doubted that he could see her thong, but probably very close to it. She raised her butt a little higher in the air, just to give him another half inch of visibility. She carried the case of ruby jewelry over to where the others were, and came out from behind the counter to stand next to Mr. Thompson.

“Do you see anything that you like?” Megan asked.

“These are pretty,” he said, pointing at a pair of ruby earrings.

“There’s a matching pendant,” Megan said, showing him a beautiful ruby set on a gold chain. “Let me show you.”

Megan took the pendant and put it around her neck. The pendant hung just above the neckline of her top. Mr. Thompson stared at the stone, or her body, Megan couldn’t be sure which. She picked up the ruby earrings and held them to her ears, allowing Mr. Thompson to see what the jewelry looked like. He asked the price, and when Megan told him, he said, “Those are perfect. I’ll take them.”

Megan put her hand on Mr. Thompson’s arm and said, “Your wife will love them. I’ll gift wrap them for you.”

As Megan reached over to grab the cases so she could put them up, she intentionally brushed against Mr. Thompson for just a second, but it was long enough to tell that he had an erection. He looked astonished, and Megan said, “Oh, excuse me please.” She continued as though nothing had happened, leaving Mr. Thompson to wonder if she had noticed the boner he was sporting.

As Megan wrapped the purchases, she made it a point to bend over her work, allowing Mr. Thompson some last views of her dainty little upper body. Megan rang up the purchase, put them in a little bag, and said goodbye to Mr. Thompson as he left the store.

Megan was really surprised. She understood that lots of men liked younger women. She knew that there were even a few perverts that were turned on by very young girls. But she would never have guessed that Mr. Thompson, a long time friend of the family who had known her as a little girl would find her skinny body attractive. She was going to have to rethink her views of herself. Either her body wasn’t as pitifully underdeveloped as she thought it was, or it seemed that there were lots of men who enjoyed under developed bodies. Or, perhaps men just liked looking at any girl, underdeveloped or not. It seemed ironic that men would stare at her lustfully while they were shopping for a gift to show their love to someone else.

Her experience with Mr. Thompson was repeated with most, if not all of the other male customers that came into the store. They all seemed to be fascinated by her small bosom and thin legs. This encouraged her to shop for more clothes with low or loose necklines. Her collection of frilly, sexy undergarments also grew over time.

She was starting college at the local university so she continued to live with her dad and work at the store. In her second year at school her dad decided to open a new location in the mall specializing in less expensive jewelry that was likely to be more popular with the mall crowd. He promoted his assistant manager Pat Moeller to run the store. Megan and a couple of other young ladies would help. It took a couple of months for the store to be finished out the way her dad wanted. Finally it was ready to open. The day before the new store was to open, Megan and Pat were working together at the old store. At closing time, the other girls went home, while Megan stayed to help Pat with the closing. Megan took the till into her father’s office to get the deposits ready while Pat locked up and pulled the metal bars down over the glass windows.

After Megan finished the deposit, Pat said, “Before you leave there’s something we need to talk about. When you work here, your dad’s the boss. However, when you work at the new store, I want you to dress professionally and appropriately. No more revealing outfits. Is that understood?”

Megan was momentarily too stunned to say anything. She couldn’t believe Pat was talking to her like this. Finally she said, “I think what I’m wearing is appropriate and professional. If my father doesn’t mind, it should be good enough for you.”

“What do you mean, ‘if your father doesn’t mind’? Of course he minds, any father would. Do you think he likes having his daughter parade half naked in front of his customers? Or in front of anybody, for that matter. Your father is the most decent man I’ve ever known. I know it’s killing him to watch your shameless behavior and outrageous outfits.”

“Well, if he feels that way he can tell me himself. It’s none of your business.”

“That’s why I haven’t said anything. However, once you move to my store, it is my business, and you need to dress more modestly. Any questions?”

“Yeah, I have a question. What are you going to do if I don’t?”

“I’ll send you home to change the first time, and fire you the next. If you prefer, I can ask your father to keep you at this store and I’ll find someone else to take with me.”

Pat had kept his voice and demeaner calm but Megan was getting angry. She knew that her father needed her to work at the new store. There were very few people that were trusted with closing, and Pat couldn’t close every night. The other girls could work during the days to give him some time off, but one or the other would need to close.

She shouted, “You can’t fire me. And you can’t tell me what to wear. Who do you think you are, my father?”

“No, I don’t think I’m your father. If I were, I’d have put an end to this long ago.”

“I don’t know how you think you would have done that. My poor little father can hardly do anything since my mom died. He certainly can’t tell me what to do.”

Pat knew what she said was true and it tore him up to think about it. Mr. Jackson had been so confidant and outgoing before his wife died, but had crawled up inside himself since the death. It pained Pat to think about that, as Mr. Jackson had the nicest man he’d ever known. He not only gave him a great opportunity at the store, he had paid for much of the cost of Pat to get his business degree from the university. And three years ago when his wife of ten years had decided that she didn’t want to be married anymore, he had been like a father to him, helping him with legal help and consoling him. Listening to this little brat talk about her father that way made his blood boil. He couldn’t understand why Mr. Jackson had withdrawn from her when she needed him more than ever, but it still made him furious.

“I’ll tell you how I would have made you, if I was your father. I’d have thrashed your ass for dressing and acting like a tramp.”

Megan came up to Pat, looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Easy enough for you to say, since you aren’t. You wouldn’t touch me, you little lackey. You’re more feeble than my father. That’s probably why your wife left you.”

"You're wrong about that. I have half a mind to thrash you right now, even though I'm not your father.."

Megan was wearing a very short skirt, with a skimpy pair of panties. She went over to Pat, stuck her butt in his face, and lifted her skirt, saying, "Go ahead and thrash it, asshole."

Pat never raised his voice, but he was very angry and yelled, "You cover yourself back up and stop that!"

Megan laughed at him, and said, "Go ahead, little man. Spank my ass. I want to see you do it."

With that, Pat sat on the couch in Mr. Jackson’s office and grabbed Megan by the arm. He clamped his legs around hers and pushed her down across his leg. He pushed against her upper back to keep her face pushed down on the couch, lifted her skirt and started swatting her butt with his bare hand. Megan kicked and squirmed and tried to hit him or free herself to no avail. The more she squirmed, the less accurate his swats were and her upper legs were getting it as much as her butt. She tried to scratch at him and she was screaming and crying at the same time. He was angry and slapped her butt harder than he meant to. She was wearing thong panties, so he could clearly see her butt and upper legs turn bright red.

As soon as he stopped spanking her, he realized what he’d done and regretted it. Not only was he going to lose his job, he may very well go to jail. He released Megan, who continued lying on the couch sobbing for a very long time. He tried to console her, then apologize, but she just continued sobbing with her skirt hiked up over her butt. He wasn’t sure what to do with himself as Megan continued to sob. Finally she sat up and her sobbing stopped. As she sat sniffling with tears on her face, Pat handed her a tissue. She took it and dabbed at her face.

Pat said, “Listen Megan, I’m really sorry. I had no right to…”

Megan cut him off, saying, “You had every right. I was such a bitch. I didn’t mean what I said.” And with that she began crying again. She put her head against Pat’s chest and he held her in his arms to comfort her. What Pat didn’t realize is that she wasn’t just crying because of the pain. Even Megan didn’t completely understand the flood of tears. For the first time since her mother had died, Megan felt like a child while she was being punished, rather than the adult that she had forced to become overnight. She felt like she had missed her childhood and resented it. After she finished her cry, she wiped the tears again and got up. Eying Pat, she noticed that he was quite good looking. He wasn’t old like the men who ogled her in the store, and he wasn’t young and awkward like the boys at school. He was probably in his late thirties and was distinguished looking, with a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee. She wondered if he lusted after her like the older men, but decided he probably didn’t. He never stared at her like they did. He probably saw her as a kid. Life was funny; everybody treated her like an adult and she hated it, because she missed the freedom from responsibility of her childhood. Now she wanted this man to see her as an adult but he surely saw her as no more than a child, and a spoiled one at that.

“ I’ll see you tomorrow, Pat. And I promise I’ll dress right.”

“OK, goodnight,” Pat said. He was relieved that for at least the moment it appeared that she wasn’t going to tell her father. “See you at the new store.”

When she appeared at the new store the next day, she was wearing a longer skirt and a pretty little sweater. She looked much more appropriate.

“Hello Megan. You look very nice today,” Pat said. He was pleased that the issue over her dress and behavior seemed to be resolved, but even more pleased that she appeared content to not mention the events of the day before. He felt deep remorse and fear for his actions.

“Hello Pat. Thank you,” said Megan, obviously in a very good mood.

After they locked up, Megan took off her sweater as she sat at the table in the back to prepare the deposit. After Pat locked up he joined her in the back, cleaning the coffeemaker, preparing the cash drawer for business the next day and other end of day tasks. He then sat at the table next to her as she finished the deposit. Megan had worn one of her sexiest tops under the sweater, but Pat couldn’t say anything as long as she didn’t wear it in front of the customers.

When Megan had finished, she stood up and said, “Look what you did to me, Pat.” She raised her skirt up to her butt and showed Pat a welt at the top of her leg.

“Ouch, I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to hurt you,” he said. He was nervous, not knowing where this conversation was going.

She bent over, thrusting her butt into his face, and said, “Kiss it and make it better.”

“Look, I’m sorry, Megan,” he said nervously.

“Kiss it better,” she repeated playfully, her butt inches from Pat’s face.

He stood up abruptly and grabbed his coat. “Time to go. See you tomorrow, Megan.” With that, he went to the back door and waited for her. She grabbed her sweater and went out the door while he held it for her. She brushed against him as she walked by and gave a playful giggle.

“Bye, bye,” Megan said with a grin.

That was the last Megan mentioned of the spanking, and thankfully nobody else seemed to know about it. Things settled into a routine, and Megan worked fewer hours as her classes took more of her time. She still relieved Pat two nights a week but she was well behaved. In fact, since the incident she had never seemed more mature and pleasant to be around. Her relationship with her dad even improved. Megan came to the store a couple of days before Thanksgiving at closing time to decorate the store for Christmas. She had already decorated the main store, as she did every year. It was a job she enjoyed and was good at. She knocked on the delivery entrance at the back as Pat was preparing the deposit. He’d already sent the other girls home and locked up. He let her in and went back to work.

Megan took off her coat, laid it on one of the chairs at the table and went into the front of the store to begin decorating. Pat didn’t look up from his work. She had laid white cotton batting in the display windows to imitate snow and laid gift wrapped boxes and ornaments on the “snow”. By the time Pat finished his work and came out, she had finished the display windows. He almost gasped when he got his first look at her without her coat on. She was wearing one of her shortest skirts and the skimpiest top he’d seen her in yet.

Megan could tell he was shocked and said, “There’s no customers. Besides, this is going to be hot work, going up and down that twelve foot ladder.” Then she added, “Do you like it?”

“It makes me a little uncomfortable. I wish you wouldn’t come in to work dressed like that, customers or no customers.”

“Ah, you’re a fuddy duddy. Come help me with the ladder and the tree, will you?”

They went into the back and pulled the ladder out from under one of the storage shelfs. When Megan bent over, Pat could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. He easily got a glimpse of both nipples down her loose top and quickly turned away. They set up the ladder and Megan got the box of ornaments from the storage room while Pat brought out the big box that contained the tree. Megan went to work stringing the large ornaments that would hang from the ceiling while Pat pulled the tree out and set it up. As Megan hung each ornament from the ceiling, Pat would then help her move the ladder. As he stood by the ladder waiting to help move it, Megan made a show of bending forward over the top of the ladder, allowing a look up her top. As she climbed up or down the ladder he could easily see up her short skirt as well. He tried to avert his eyes, but couldn’t help but get a glance or two and noticed she wasn’t wearing panties either. When she leaned forward to tie the ornaments, he could see the bottoms of her little titties. She was driving him nuts. When she had finished, she climbed down for the last time and they carried the ladder into the back.

While they were in the back, Megan rubbed up against his erection and said, “I thought you didn’t like my outfit.”

“Cut it out!”

“Ooh, do you need to spank me?” she asked playfully, as she lifted her skirt and bent over, presenting her bare butt to Pat.

There wasn’t an imperfection on her young body; no fat, so sags, beautifully perfect skin. He badly wanted to reach out and touch that magnificent ass. He was so worked up into a horny frenzy from being teased that he could do nothing but stare at it for what seemed to him a long time.

“Well, are you going to spank me?” she said.

“Put your skirt down,” Pat ordered. “And stop doing that. I’m your boss. You need to stop acting like that.”

Megan put her skirt down and turned around. Standing close to him, she asked, “Don’t you like me?”

“Yes, of course I like you.”

“I like you too,” she said, putting her arms around him and pressing her body to his. She tilted back her head and put her lips on his, gently kissing him. She took his hand and placed it under her top on one of her breasts. Breaking the kiss, she asked, “Do you like them? I think they’re too small.”

Pat couldn’t say or do anything. His head was swimming and his knees felt weak. He hadn’t been this horny in as long as he could remember. He badly wanted to take this little girl and ram his dick in her. He rolled her stiff nipple in his fingers.

Suddenly he broke her embrace and said, “NO! This is wrong. This can’t happen.”

“Why not?” she pleaded, surprised.

“Well, first off, do you even use birth control?”

She just looked at him.

“Of course you don’t. Think having my baby would fit into your plans for your life? Or your father’s plans for you? Not to mention our age, or the fact that you’re my employee, or the fact that you’re the boss’s daughter. You’ve got to stop doing this.”

Pat went into the bathroom to get away. He was shaking. It was a damn good thing he’d been right about her not being on the pill. If she had said that she did use birth control he’s not sure he could have resisted the temptation. She was so delectable he didn’t know how long he could hold out. It would be the end of everything if he didn’t figure something out. He could get in trouble for sexual harassment, not to mention what her father would do. He couldn’t see that a relationship with such a young girl had anywhere to go, and when it ended she wasn’t likely to be real mature about it. He’d better figure something out before he got in that position again. It took a long time for his erection to subside even a little. When it did, he came back out of the bathroom. Megan finished decorating the tree and grabbed her coat.

“Goodnight,” Pat said, as he held the door for her.

“Oh, look at this,” Megan said, as she held mistletoe over her head.

Pat ignored her and locked up, then went to his car. As soon as he got home he hung up his slacks, threw the rest of his clothes in the hamper, grabbed a hand towel and laid in his bed. He closed his eyes and replayed the scene of Megan on the ladder with her titties jiggling in view under her top. He gently caressed his sac. The skin contracted tightly around his balls, and he squeezed the base of his dick, which by now was very stiff. He ran one finger lightly down the thick vein that ran along the underside of his dick, all the way from the tip to the base, then very slowly did it again. His dick was bobbing up and down, ready to spray its load with the slightest increase in pressure. He stopped rubbing the vein and held his sac again, gently caressing his balls. He replayed Megan jutting out her bare butt in front of his face, and imagined what it would feel like to rub his hand over her butt and pussy. He imagined holding her hips while driving his dick into her pussy. He felt again the ecstasy of holding her little titty in his hand, with her hard pink nipple. He circled his dick with his hand and moved it up and down while squeezing, imagining it was sliding in and out of her tight pussy. The second time he moved his hand down his dick his balls began that familiar tingling, telling him they were ready to deliver. He let go of his dick, trying to prolong the pleasure, but it was too late. He hastily tried to position the hand towel and his cock spasmed as it flung two, then three wads of cum. He grunted loudly. A thick stream of cum oozed out of his dick, and he lay still, breathing hard and feeling the pleasant aftereffects of his orgasm. He got up and wiped up the mess that he had missed in his towel, put on some clothes and went to watch TV.

It was around 10:30 by the time Megan got home. She hung up her coat, grabbed her pajamas and went into the bathroom to take a bath. She usually showered, but tonight she felt like a hot soak to warm up. She ran a very hot tub and eased into it a little at a time, until she was completely immersed. She closed her eyes, laid back and reveled in the thoughts of Pat enjoying her body. She was certain that she was the only girl in the world that was almost twenty one and still a virgin. She badly wanted to have sex, and she wanted it with Pat. Tonight was the first positive sign she’d had that Pat was interested, though she had to throw herself at him to get any response. His erection had seemed huge, though she didn’t have much of a point of reference for comparison. She slipped her fingers into her pussy and imagined Pat’s cock buried in her. Her other hand began drawing circles around her clitoris, which was beginning to emerge from its hiding place. She fantasized about being wrapped in Pat’s powerful arms with his dick thrusting in her pussy while she fingered her clit. Suddenly she felt warm all over as she climaxed. Her brain was flooded with pleasure that seemed to emanate from her pussy and run throughout her body. She knew that she had to have the real thing, and vowed that she would have Pat.

The next morning Pat still couldn’t get Megan’s sweet body out of his mind, and as the warm water of his shower washed over him, he began to get horny again. As his dick began to get stiff, he held the tip against his stomach, exposing the underside to the spray of water. He closed his eyes and thought of Megan’s sweet ass and tits as the water massaged the sensitive vein on the underside of his dick. As he remembered the feel of Megan’s stiff nipples between his fingers his dick convulsed in orgasm, shooting its load. He reached out to support himself as his knees slightly buckled.

As he finished showering, Pat couldn’t help but have a very bad feeling, as though he were driving through a thick fog and didn’t know what was ahead, but certain it would end badly. “I’ve got to get her out of my mind, she’s the boss’ daughter, and she’s too young,” he thought, though he knew it was futile. The best he could hope for was the strength to resist her until she moved on to a new crush.

Pat got extremely busy after Thanksgiving, and three of the other girls from the main store helped him until Megan finished her fall semester. Despite their help, Pat had to work six days a week. Megan still came in twice a week to work evenings and close, but she was busy preparing for finals. Fortunately for Pat, they weren’t left alone in the store. He was beginning to feel better about things, though he still masturbated often to the memory of her tender young body. He hadn’t been so alive to his sexual needs since his wife left, and was thinking it was time for him to get over her loss and start dating again.

When Megan finished her semester in Mid-December, she was able to work full time at the store, and Pat got some much needed time off. The store was doing really well, and everybody was busy. One of the few times that they found themselves alone after closing, Megan pulled something out of her purse to show Pat.

“I did it,” she said as she showed Pat a thin plastic case. Opening it, he could see that it was birth control pills. “I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now.”

“That’s fine,” Pat said. “But that doesn’t change things for us. Our relationship could never go anywhere. There’s too big an age difference, and besides, you’re my employee.”

“Didn’t you ever just have sex because you wanted to, even if the relationship wasn’t lasting?”

“Yeah, when I was in my twenties, but I’m not anymore. It’s more complicated now.”

“It doesn’t have to be,” Megan said.

“But it is,” Pat said with finality.

One night in early January, while Pat was closing alone, Megan showed up before closing time to take down the Christmas decorations and put up the Valentine decorations. She went into the back to get out the empty boxes for the Christmas decorations while Pat locked up the store. When he came into the back to prepare the deposits, Megan had removed her coat and he noticed that she wore the same top she’d worn when she put up the decorations, this time over an extremely short pair of terry cloth shorts that hugged her ass, leaving little to the imagination. Pat felt his stomach sink with a deep foreboding about what was going to happen, but he felt powerless to stop it. He told himself that he was going to have to be strong. He hoped she would show some restraint, but he didn’t expect she would.

While he prepared the deposits, she started emptying the decorations from the display windows. She cleaned the displays out thoroughly with a vacuum and dust wipes. By then Pat was finished, and started helping her strip the tree and put it up. When they got the ladder out of the storage room, Pat noticed that once again she wasn’t wearing anything under her top. When she started climbing the ladder, he saw that she wasn’t wearing panties either, and could see her pussy lips through the leg holes of her shorts. The body he’d masturbated to over the last month was on full display, and he couldn’t force himself not to look. He knew it was wrong, and he knew where it was leading, but he was powerless to look away. He also knew this was exactly what Megan was trying to do.

After they got the Christmas decorations put away, Megan began decorating the shop for Valentine’s day. She used pink and white glass marker to decorate the display window, and hung red and pink heart shaped ornaments from the ceiling. When she was finished, Pat put the ladder under one of the storage shelves in the back. When he turned back around, Megan had removed all her clothing and stood in front of him naked. He stood there in shock as she moved toward him and began unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his slacks. She pulled them down, then lowered his underwear and took a look at the first penis she’d ever seen in person. It was very thick and very hard. Megan couldn’t imagine that fitting inside her, but she was determined to try. She wrapped her small hand around it and Pat moaned. She put her lips on his and he instinctively reached up and held one of her titties. There was nowhere to lie down, so Megan put her hands on the table and bent over at the waist, thrusting her butt high while spreading her legs. With Megan’s pussy staring him in the face, Pat lost his resolve and moved into position behind her. He knew that her little pussy was too tight to attack without lubrication, but he didn’t have any at the shop. He licked his fingers and gently worked first one, then the other into her pussy as he reached around with the other arm and stroked her little titties. Her nipples shriveled into hard little buttons. He placed his dick at the opening of her vagina and exerted gentle pressure. It wouldn’t budge an inch. As he pushed into her, his dick wasn’t going into her vagina, it was merely stretching the opening. He tried putting more saliva on her, then tried again. It wasn’t helping; she was too small. He tried spreading her pussy lips with his fingers while he pushed, and that seemed to help a little. He had the head inside her now.

Megan grimaced as her pussy lips were stretched. It wasn’t pleasurable, but she felt sure it would be, if she could just fit him inside her. She wondered if boys her own age would fit easier. “Maybe dicks get thicker as you age,” she thought.

It was all he could do to keep from pushing hard, as he urgently needed penetration, but he knew that would hurt Megan. He pulled his dick out and put more saliva on it, hoping that would help. She groaned when he pulled it out, but he quickly replaced it and began again. After he worked the head past her opening, her tight pussy rubbed against the sensitive vein and he began to feel intense pleasure. He reached around with both hands and cupped both her titties, letting only the nipples peek out between his fingers, which he lightly squeezed together. Megan felt intense pleasure from her nipples being played with. Pat was groaning as he continued trying to work more of his dick into her. Megan’s hymen had likely been broken years ago with all the fingering she did, but the stretching of her pussy was still painful. She winced as Pat pushed deeper into her, stretching her skin tighter, but Pat was quickly losing the ability to be as gentle as he needed to be. He was nearing orgasm now, and his movements were jerkier.

His balls felt an intense sensitivity and loads of cum filled Megan’s pussy. As the warm cum filled her, it also lubricated her and Pat’s cock suddenly slid deep inside her. The sudden penetration took Megan by surprise, and kind of scared her, but when she found that it didn’t hurt much she relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of being filled so completely. When Pat stopped humping with his cock still buried deep inside her, she reached down to her clit and fingered herself until she climaxed. Her pussy contracted on Pat’s cock several times while waves of warmth and pleasure coursed through her body. After a few seconds, Pat reached over for the roll of paper towels and held them under her pussy while he removed his dick. His dick was sore from the pulling of Megan’s pussy, and he had a slight shiver as he pulled it out. He wiped himself off as Megan did the same. When they faced each other, naked, Pat felt a deep sense of remorse. He had seen it coming, but now that it was over he knew he shouldn’t have.

“That was nice,” Megan said.

Pat started putting on his clothes and said, “Megan, we can’t do that anymore. It isn’t right.”

Megan got dressed, and they walked out together. The following Monday, on Pat’s day off, his doorbell rang after lunch. He opened the door to find Megan. He wasn’t surprised; his doorbell never rang, and he’d half expected her. Saying nothing, he opened the door wider to let her in. She came in and took off her coat, throwing it over the couch. She walked into his arms.

Despite his misgivings, he took her into his arms and hugged her. They kissed deeply, then Pat led her into his bedroom. As she began stripping, he went into the bathroom and got a jar of Vaseline and a hand towel. He took off his clothes and joined her in bed. They lay under the covers hugging and kissing. Megan touched his hard dick, and Pat showed her how to caress his balls without hurting them. He laid her on her back and took turns sucking her nipples into his mouth, flicking them with his tongue while he lubricated her pussy with the Vaseline and worked two fingers into it.

He then moved her onto her side and snuggled beside her, lifting her leg as he worked his dick into her pussy from behind. It took a long time to work his dick all the way in. She was very tight, despite the Vaseline. However, at least it didn't hurt her this time. In fact, it felt wonderful. She had never felt as good as when Pat held her in his arms and filled her so completely. As her lubricated pussy allowed him to begin rhythmically working in and out, Megan reached down and fingered her clit. It was fully emerged from its hood, and was so sensitive that Megan could only apply indirect contact, drawing circles around the clit but not directly on it. She pulled on the skin around it, which caused intense pleasure. Pat cupped both of her titties with his hands and was nuzzling her neck with his lips. She felt so warm and loved. Suddenly she tensed as her orgasm crested in intense waves of pleasure.

"Oh, Oh, oOOOH, ummm, ahhh," she said while her head rolled from side to side involuntarily.

When the contractions of her pussy had subsided, Pat pulled out of her and said, "Come on top of me."

He lay on his back and Megan straddled his crotch on her hands and knees. She positioned her cunt over his dick and lowered herself onto it, allowing it to pierce her pussy. She continued until it was completely inside her, then she sat on his crotch to try to get more penetration. She began humping her butt up and down, allowing his shaft to slide in and out of her well lubricated vagina. She moved up until nothing but the head of his dick was left inside her, then down until it was fully buried again.

This felt better than any sex Pat could ever remember having. Her pussy was so well lubricated by now that his dick slid smoothly, but her pussy was so tight it squeezed against him. If he hadn't masturbated the previous night he would likely have come before she did. He could feel himself getting close and knew it wouldn't be long. Megan's little titties were dangling in his face, swaying as she moved. Pat allowed the hard nipples to brush against his hands as they moved.

Looking down at Pat, Megan felt better about her body than she ever had. The grimace on Pat's face as he writhed under her ministrations, and the involuntary grunts and groans told her how much he got turned on by her. This was better than teasing a bunch of old men. Pat was younger and more virile and he found her attractive.

Suddenly Pat bucked his hips upward, trying to get more penetration as he shot his load into Megan. Three, four times his dick tensed as it spewed. Megan collapsed on top of Pat and they lay there for a long time, clutching each other. Finally, Pat kissed her and gave her the towel. She held it under her as she dismounted and lay beside him. She wiped herself and allowed Pat to use a corner to wipe his dick off. They lay side by side for a while longer, then got up and dressed.

"You know, Megan, you deserve better. We can never go anywhere or do anything for fear of being seen. What kind of a relationship is that for you? Why don't you meet men your age?"

Megan simply kissed Pat and said, "Bye, bye. I'll see you later." Then she was gone.

All the rest of that spring and into the summer, Megan continued coming by on a regular basis; sometimes in the morning before work, sometimes after one or the other of them had closed the store, sometimes on Pat's off days. Then in late August, Megan moved away to attend a university in another city. Pat had been thinking of opening his own store for some time now, and Mr. Jackson helped him do so for a minority interest in the store. With Mr. Jackson's help, Pat was able to get financing. It took a long time to become profitable, but eventually he was able to pay down his loans and start showing a profit. Both Megan and Pat eventually met and fell in love with mates their own age, and rarely saw each other again.

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