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For The Love of the Wolf King

I arched my back as Ralf kissed me down my stomach and I moaned out pleasurably.
My name is Annabelle Watts, and I had moved from a house in West Hampshire to North Yorkshire, England, and decided to go to a boot fair where people were selling all of their old stuff that they didn't want anymore. I was a single woman in her early thirties, five years since my divorce from my ex-husband.

I pulled my white Volkswagen up to the curb and switched off the engine and stepped out of the car and looked at all of the antiques people were selling. Nothing in particular caught my eye so I turned to leave when, something out of the corner of my left eye grabbed my attention. I turned back round and I saw a tall mirror with white frames that sparkled against the sunlight.

"How much for the mirror?" I asked the short woman with ginger hair in a checked shirt and jeans.

"Twenty pounds, miss," said the woman.

I paid the lady and she helped me to put it into the boot of the car. I got back into the car and drove back to my new house.

A few hours later, I had organized furniture where I wanted them to go. I almost forgot the mirror so I placed it down in my bedroom next to my wardrobe. I didn't know what made me buy it from the lady as there wasn't anything unusual about it. It was just a full length mirror with dirt on it with white frames around it. I stared at my reflection in it at my scruffy jeans and thin strap black top with my long black hair clipped back with a clasp. I started to turn away from it when I heard a gentle male voice call out my name from the mirror!


I turned back to the mirror and my eyes grew wide in utter shock. I saw another land in the mirror. It was a dark land in a dark forest surrounded by wolves. As I watched closer unable to take my eyes off what I was seeing, I saw the wolves part and a big, black alpha male wolf walked forward and looked straight ahead its big yellow eyes glowing in the darkness. It was as if it could see I was watching. It frightened me a bit.

Suddenly the wolf got on its hind legs and turned into a naked strikingly handsome young man with black hair down to his shoulders, brown eyes, and broad shoulders.

I gasped aloud.

"Annabelle, come," the wolf man said to me in the mirror. He motioned for me to come with his right hand.

I didn't know what to do. This was too weird for words. But curiosity got the better of me so I reached out and wondered how I was meant to get over to there. "How?" I asked.

"Through the mirror," he said. "Do not be afraid. I will not harm you nor will my pack," he smiled. "Come, my love."

"Nothing to it, just go through the mirror," I said to myself. I reached out but I was afraid.

"Take my hand," he said. His hand came out of the mirror. My eyes grew wide with astonishment. His face then body stepped out as well. His hand took mine and it felt so warm and soft in mine. My heart started to pound; my pussy beginning to throb in my panties.

I let the wolf man lead me through the mirror into his dark world.

When I stepped into the wolf world I gasped. There were hundreds of wolves all around us in the dark forest among the tall towering trees. The full moon was high in the sky.

I glanced around feeling afraid a little. The forest looked so dark and scary looking like the dark forest from Hansel and Gretel story before they met the wicked witch in the gingerbread house who was nice and sweet to them at first but really wanted to fatten them up to bake and then eat them.

“How do you know they won’t eat me?” I asked him nervously. My eyes on the growling wolves who surrounded us.

“Because I am the pack master, the king of wolves,” he replied, smiling down at me and squeezed my hand for assurance. “They know that if they did try and attack you they’ll be torn to pieces by me. “I want you to be my bride.” He lifted my right hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly. “Feel my heart, it's pounding against my chest for you.” He took my hand and placed on his chest where his heart was pounding like a set of drums.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Ralf,” he replied. “It means wise wolf.” He smiled down at me and I smiled back feeling my heart go pitter- patter against my chest. “Come, my pack will lead us to our palace and bed chamber.”

“Oh, I’m not quite suitably dressed for that, Ralf,” I pointed out.

“You look beautiful, my love,” Ralf said, kissing my lips with his. His eyes lowered down to the long, white dress I was wearing. I gasped in shock. “Welcome to the world of magic, my love.”

It was a plain white dress with long sleeves and round neck. My hair was down and flowing around in the slight breeze.

“Lead us,” Ralf commanded his pack.

The hundred pack of wolves walked forward.

“I will transform back into my wolf form and you can ride on my back. It will take us quicker back to the palace,” he told me. I nodded my head and he changed back into wolf form and I climbed on top of his back and sat sideways.

We had walked and run through the scary looking trees in the dark forest with mist around and jumped over bubbling swamps until we reached the depths of the forest. An eerie cooing of a barn owl as it swooped through the air and landed on a branch of a tree grabbed my attention. It blinked its small black eyes.

The wolf pack stopped running and went inside a big dark den made out of broken tree trunks and leaves one by one.

I stepped down off Ralf’s back and stroked his black soft fur. I watched as he led the way into the den. I couldn’t believe I was going into a dark, damp, muddy wolf den. I crouched down onto all fours and went inside.

At first I couldn’t see a bloody thing and then I saw flicking of light from the lantern torches on the walls of the den leading me the way.

“Ralf, Ralf,” I called out. I turned my head to the left and saw some of the wolves were curled up going to sleep together. Some were watching me closely as I walked past them.

“I’m down here, Annabelle,” I heard his familiar voice straight ahead.

I continued down the muddy lantern torched pathway until I came to a room sized space at the back of the den where Ralf had transformed back into his naked human form and laid out on his side upon layers of soft leaves, hay, and bird feathers.

“Come, my darling,” Ralf cooed, motioning for me to come to him. He didn’t need to utter another word, I went to him and we stared into each other’s eyes and then kissed passionately and our arms wrapped around each other in a lovers’ embrace.

I felt his manhood harden against me as he got excited and my pussy throbbed longing for him deep inside it. Ralf lifted my white dress over my head and then stared lustfully at my naked body opposite him. I laid down on my back on the soft leaves, hay, and feathers and watched as he got in between my legs and began kissing me down my neck, shoulders, collarbone, and the valley between my heaving breasts and took each of my erected nipples into his mouth making me gasp out, pleasurably.

Ralf kissed down my stomach tenderly and I arched my back moaning softly. He nestled deeper between my legs then entered deep inside me making me gasp out loud. He thrusted firmly back and forth but not hard, thank goodness. Ralf leaned down and we kissed whilst making love. Our bodies were one and our hands clasped together and rose over my head as our lovemaking speed increased by fifty percent. If we had been on an actual bed its knobs and railings would be banging against the wall, the bed would be shaking and squeaking like an earthquake.

“Oh, Annabelle, my beautiful bride, Annabelle,” Ralf moaned pleasurably. “I love you. I’m coming!” He cried out and thrusted harder and faster as he came deep inside me. I too let out a cry as my body was hot and sweaty as it went into spasms as I came.

Ralf and I stared into each other’s eyes lovingly.

“Did you really mean what you said?” I asked, breathing heavily.

“Yes,” Ralf replied. He too was trying to catch his breath back.

“I love you too,” I declared.

He grinned happily and kissed me all over my face and lips making me laugh out. Ralf’s eyes glowed golden and rose his head to the ceiling and howled out happily. His wolf pack howled back.

It sounded like music to me. “Ralf, I have something to ask of you,” I said.

“Yes, my darling,” he replied.

“Make me one of you, please. I can’t think of ever going back to the human world. I want to be with you forever. Make me a wolf, your bride.”

Ralf looked deeply into my eyes, into my soul and knew what I was saying was the truth. He kissed me passionately with happiness and his manhood was still inside me and he began making love to me again. Harder this time round like an animal. His eyes stayed golden as he bit into the side of my neck with his razor sharp teeth drawing blood making me cry out. He released my neck and looked down at me in concern.

“Are you OK, my love?”

I smiled and all of a sudden I felt this new sense of smell, strength, and energy run through me. My eyes glowed golden in the dark den. “Ralf, I’m one of you now,” I said.

Ralf continued to make love to me and as soon as we orgasmed, our bodies turned into wolves.

I was a beautiful grey wolf. As a wolf, I ran after my wolf mate back up through the tunnel to the entrance of the wolf den and the wolf pack followed behind.

Ralf and I nuzzled our muzzles together affectionately as we ran round each other and then ran side by side through the dark forest. We howled loudly and the pack howled as well.

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