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The Pleasures of Fantasies....

Rosa and her fantasies...
Rosa has always been good with her fantasies. She loves to verbalize her fantasies while we make love. I've told her a thousand times she could make millions on phone sex! She has the voice and nuances to say the right thing at the right time.

Rosa started her story telling when we where college. We lived in a neighborhood that had the houses setting back to back. One early summer afternoon, I was watching two sisters that shared a house sun tanning in their backyard. Rosa walked in on me looking out the window at the two sisters. The sisters had just finished putting sun tan lotion on themselves and each other. They were now laying on the their stomachs with your tops undone. Rosa walked up behind me and looked over my shoulder out the window.

"You'd like to fuck them, wouldn't you?" Rosa asked.

Before I could answer, Rosa reached around and slid her hand down my gym shorts grabbing hold of my hard cock. My cock was as hard as steel.

Rosa started to stroking it. "You'd like to put your face between those beautiful legs and eat that pussy, wouldn't you?" I just moaned softly.

"Then you'd love to mount that pussy and fuck it like the stud you are, wouldn't you?" I exploded inside my shorts. Rosa just kept on stroking until I was drained. "Go clean yourself up. Then come back and eat me pussy while I watch them." That was the beginning of her fantasy story telling.

The following story took place years later. Rosa is 5' 4" and weighs about 125lbs. Rosa has 34 full C's breast with a very nice ass. Brown hair with slight blonde highlights to accentuate her beauty. In public, Rosa is a very conservative looking woman. She never dresses flashy. She looks great in a French blue business suit. No one would ever imagine she is such a great orator of erotic fantasy's.

Rosa came into the bedroom around 7:00 in the morning. She had been at the program center all night implementing a new program for her employer. Rosa is the manager of a group of programmers. She walked over to the bed and undressed. She climbed into the bed nude and rolled her back to me. We embraced in the "spooning" position. It didn't take long for my cock to become erect and nuzzled nicely in her ass crack.

"Long night?" I asked.

"You have no idea. Richard is so good at programming but at implementation time, he is such a prick!" Rosa stated.

Richard is her number one programmer. Richard is approximately 6' 2" and 210 lbs. Richard is well built and looks good in jeans with cowboy boots. Richard has that smile and look in his eyes that light-up women. Rosa will almost do anything to keep him happy. She arranges for him to have the latest equipment regardless of cost. Richard knows Rosa wants to keep him happy and he really pushes her to get his way. I also know Rosa has the 'hots' for Richard. She is always commenting on how the young women throw themselves at Richard. I think she is jealous!

As we spooned, we were both becoming aroused. After a few minutes, Rosa reached around and placed my cock between her legs. Now my cock was nuzzled between the folds of her lips, her pussy lips. I began to stroke her gently with my cock. After a few minutes more, Rosa told me she needed her pussy licked. I was very happy to comply.

Rosa has the most delicious pussy I have ever eaten. Her mound is so soft with a taste of honey. Her pussy has just enough fragrance of pussy to let you where you are but no offensive aroma. I could spend hours eating her, if she would let.

Rosa rolled over on her back and I slid down between her hers. I started by kissing her thighs, slowly working my way to her pussy. I nibbled at the folds while slightly place my tongue between her lips. Quicking my pace, I began to insert my tongue into her pussy repeatedly. Rosa began to breath deeply and thrust her hips up as to insure her pussy was getting tongue fucked.

After a few minutes of this, I moved up to engage her rosebud. My simple touch sent shock waves through her. Rosa reached down and pressed my face firmly into her pussy. She thrusted up into my face while I was thrusting my tongue into her and slightly sucking on her rosebud.

Rosa finally pushed my head away and she needed a 'minute'! After a short pause, Rosa simple stated, "Fuck me. Fuck me now!" I moved up on her and mounded that beautiful wet pussy of hers. My paced was hot and passionate. There was no turning back now. I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her! My seven inches were buried in her one second and then slamming back into her the next second.

I could tell Rosa was dreaming. "You're thinking of Richard, aren't you?" I asked.

Rosa slowly opened her eye's. She looked directly into mine. "Yes I am. I want to fuck him so bad. I almost can't control myself when we pull an all nighter at the center!"

I quickened my pace. I wanted to consume her pussy. Staring into me eye's, Rosa began yelling, "Fuck me Richard, FUCK me!"

"Richard, fuck me! Slam your cock into me, slam it! Oh God your cock feels good. It's so much bigger than I'm use to Richard, FUCK ME!!!"

"Don't stop, don't stop, fuck me! Cum in Richard, cum in me! I want to feel your cock explode in me! I want to feel your cum shooting up my cunt! FUCK ME RICHARD!" Rosa yelled.

I couldn't keep up. I couldn't stay at that pace. Between my frantic pace and Rosa's wetness, my cock came out of her pussy. Rosa laid there panting. "Put it back in Richard! Fuck me! You can't stop now, I'm so close!"

I reached down and grabbed my cock. I instinctively guided back to her wet pussy. When I felt contact, I thrusted forward. Rosa let a loud gasp. I pushed forward, sliding my cock into her hot tight cunt, not! "You're in my ass! You're in my ASS!" When I heard those words, I gently started fucking Rosa's ass. Within seconds her mood changed.

"Oh Richard, Richard your cock is unbelievable. I never thought this would feel soooooo good. Fuck my ass baby, fuck it Richard!"

I had now picked up the pace and began fucking her ass as if there was no tomorrow. Rosa was thrusting her ass up to me and I was slamming my cock into her.

Within minutes Rosa was screaming, "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum! Richard fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Cum in my ass baby! Fill Rosa's ass with your cum!"

I pumped a couple of more times and then exploded in her ass. Her anus contracted hard on my cock and I just kept cumming. Rosa moaned, squirmed and then shook as if she has been tasered.

With our orgasms behind us, we feel into a spooning position. Rosa reached around and stroked my ass as we feel asleep.

As I drifted off, I heard Rosa say, "Richard, you can fuck my ass anytime, anytime! Your cock was unbelievable. I love you!"

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