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A Conservative Lady, or A Latex Fuck Bunny?

Beware of What You Ask For, You May Just Get it!
I had dated Diane for about three months, all was well, and we had an exciting and intimate relationship, as any basically vanilla one would be. She was an educated, 42 year-old professional woman, 5'3" tall, 110 pounds, bright blue eyes, and long silky blonde hair, a rock hard stomach, and beautiful tight 34 “B” cup breasts of a teenager and a 22-inch waist.

She dressed impeccably; but with a hint of edgy sensuality that was unmistakable. On one of our early-on dates, she wore a very tasteful black leather pencil skirt that fit to her ankles, a white silk blouse buttoned to the neck and black patent pumps with at least 5 inch heels and wide ankle straps… with tiny brass padlocks on them, holding her feet captive in her shoes. Upon noticing them, I commented on how erotic they looked, her only response was to say, ”Thank you…” She spoke with confidence and a sensual inflection that captivated me.

I had hinted a few times that I was an aficionado of kinky and unusual things, but with no response other than a fleeting smile or two. Twice, on our dates, I wore my skin-tight leathers, boots and motorcycle jacket that I wear when riding my Harley. The only reaction that I received was when I wore the tight leather pants with the snap off Codpiece. This drew a brief caress of my bulging pouch, with her eyes opening wide and a “Yummy” whispered in my ear.

A week later, a card arrived in the mail. Inside the “write it yourself” card was this message:

“You and I have had a great time for 3 months, you treat me like a Princess, now, I have someone that you really need to meet. Come to my home Saturday night, 9PM; drive your antique red convertible that you showed to me. Don’t call to inquire about this, just show up.”

Naturally, I did as directed. When I arrived at her door, I was driving my red and white 58 Edsel Convertible. I had decided that this date was the make-or-break date. She was driving me crazy with her teasing and flirting.

I made sure to dress as kinky as I could. I chose my ultra tight fitting black leather Cod-Piece jeans, a black latex pull on Tee shirt top, my Marlon Brando style Harley Motorcycle jacket with studded shoulders and back, and custom made knee high lace up riding boots that have a 4 inch heel and a 1 inch platform. I chose black latex gloves that fitted tight to my wrists and a piece of chrome plated chain with a brass padlock around my neck, nice and tight, like a choker.

I was greeted at her door by a voice that said, “Come in, I’m still upstairs getting ready.”

Once in the living room, I sat down to wait. Shortly, she appeared at the head of the stairs, quite a bit different from what I had come to expect. She was wearing a long, shag style black wig, Elvira style, a pink satin tie top with short sleeves that just skirted the bottoms of her breasts, a very short white vinyl micro mini skirt that just touched the bottoms of her behind, and thigh high pink lace up chunky heel platform boots. Around her neck, she wore a wide white leather choker with a large chrome steel ring hanging from it.

“WOW,’ was my only response.

It was met by her reply: “WOW” to you too…”We need to talk a bit, so make your self comfortable,” was her reply.

“Up to now,” she said, “You have known only Diane, the lady you treat as your Princess, and for that, I thank you. But now; it’s time for you to meet DeeDee.... she is quite different, and a big part of my life, and hopefully yours too.”

“I’ve teased and taunted you, tried my best to get to you, and without fail, you proved yourself to be a gentleman.”

“Now, this is DeeDee. She is not a Princess; she is a bitch, a slut, an exhibitionist, and a whore. You make love to Diane, you fuck DeeDee. Diane caters to you, but you will learn to cater to DeeDee.”

“Diane dates a man, DeeDee picks up men and toys with them for her entertainment.”

“Diane is loyal and faithful to her man, DeeDee hangs out at dance clubs, and uses men to her desires, and if she does not get what she wants, she has a fuck buddy that takes care of her lustful hunger if her night out was not fulfilling.”

“Sometimes, DeeDee visits him before going out, just to get in the mood...Sometimes, after. Now, let’s go out for a drive out East to Robert Moses Park”.

As we left her house, even her walk was different, very confidant, very self-assured. Walking slightly behind her, I marveled at her tight ass as it moved so seductively from side to side, amplified by the high heel platform boots that clicked away as she walked. With each step, the tight shiny white vinyl micro skirt moved in rhythm making it obvious that she was not wearing anything under the skirt. My cock hardened immediately.

Once in the car, she smiled at me, asked if I was OK, I said,” YES” with an excited gulp of air.

She reclined her seat, loosened the knot on her blouse, smiled at me with wet seductive lips then she pulled a large vibrator from her bag as we started out. The wind in the car from the convertible top being down blew her blouse open, exposing her breasts to the wind, within minutes; she was reeling with moaning sighs of delight. About half way to the Park, she slid her hand over to my pants and unsnapped the Codpiece that covered my bulging cock. She began pulling my cock out from its confines and started to slowly stroke it, getting me rock hard was not a problem...I was already!

As the trip continued, I saw her experience at least three crashing orgasms, each increasing with intensity as she relieved her self with what can only be described as wild abandon.

We pulled into the deserted parking lot of the beach-park complex and parked in a secluded location near the water’s edge.

Now she said, “It’s fun time”... She leaned over to my side of the car, and with her mouth wide open, began to suck and lick my cock like a cherry lollipop. Stopping only for enough time to let me enjoy it more and more, as she kept telling me that she was a slut and a whore, and needed to be used and treated as one.

Finally, my flood of cum was shot into her hungry mouth as I came with a fantastic explosion of lust.

Pulling away from my cock she stopped for a second to smile at me and

With her full mouth of my hot seed she told me to open my mouth and kiss her. She grabbed my head, and pushed her mouth against mine, our tongues met as she pushed the load of cum from her mouth into mine, only making her wilder and hotter than before. She sucked the cum back into her mouth, and swallowed what was left. Licking her lips, she said,

“That’s how DeeDee gives a blow job...Did you like it?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

“Good,” she said, “You and I are going to have one hell of a ride.”

“One thing I forgot, DeeDee does not allow men to fuck her pussy, SHE fucks men with her fuck DeeDee in her ass while she is bent over the fender of a car. The only way a man gets to fuck DeeDee’s pussy is to throw her down, pin her to the ground, pry her legs open and FUCK the crap out of her.”

Reaching into her bag she said, “Here’s a tube of KY and my favorite pair of handcuffs, you’ve got 15 minutes to get me over the fender of this car, handcuff my wrists together, screw my ass till I scream or its goodbye.”

With that, she opened the car door and jumped out. She began to trot across the parking lot laughing and sticking her tongue out at me. I jumped out and ran after her, as I got near, she stopped and turned to face me, she shifted from side to side like a prizefighter, trying to evade me. I played along with her for a short while, until I reached out and grabbed her around her neck with my right hand. She stopped moving immediately and became very compliant. Her face was bright red, and her breathing rapid, as she looked deep into my eyes.

“Tighter” was all she said.

I tightened my grip on her beautiful neck, she did not fight to get away as I squeezed with all my might. It was obvious that she was barely breathing, but was in what can only be described as orgasmic bliss. I lead her back to the car; I released my grip on her throat, and pushed her face down onto the hood of the car. I spread her arms out on the hood, and spread her legs wide open as well. She did not move nor try to get away. I left her there as I retrieved her handcuffs and KY from the front seat of the car. I pulled her arms back behind her back, and cuffed them together. I squeezed a large gob of the KY jelly onto my gloved left hand and stuck it under her raised skirt. My lubricated fingers slid easily into her very willing ass, I twisted them around inside her tight rear to lubricate it for easy entry. Every movement of my hand was met by moans of sexual delight and longing. With my Codpiece already removed by her, I was able to immediately press my exposed and engorged cock against the rosebud of her rear. I bent forward and spoke into her right ear:

“Listen, you bitch, you are going to get what is coming to you. I am going to FUCK your ass and fill you with my cum” She moaned with expectation and delight.

With one firm push, I stuck my cock to its full length into her ass, listening with delight as she cried out “YES”.

She pushed back to amplify her pleasure. With that, I pumped away until we both came with shuddering cries of passion. After climaxing and filling her beautiful ass with my hot cum, she begged me not to leave her. I stayed deep inside of her as she slowly rocked back and forth on my cock. Within minutes, she had my cock rock hard again! We continued to fuck for nearly an hour, until we saw the night security approaching!

On the ride back to her house, she commented on the latex gloves that I had on, she asked if I liked latex, to which I emphatically said, “YES.”

“Me too,” was her reply. ”DO you have a lot of latex wear?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied, “everything you can think of, and probably more.”

She asked about several other fetishes, all of which I replied positive to. About half way home we stopped for some refreshments. While we were, sitting in the diner she looked out the window at a truck carrying a dumpster away from a Chinese restaurant across the road.

“Can you imagine being dressed in head to toe latex, plugged with vibrating dildos?

A ball gag, and a full latex hood, then falling into that mess of Chinese food… how gooey, icky, wet, and horribly slimy it would be…just imagine the feeling of the waste crushing around your body, the stifling heat, fighting for air…?” She stopped talking abruptly, blushed red as a beet, obviously forgetting that she was not daydreaming, but talking out loud to me. She changed the subject in a very rapid manner and continued blushing for some time. To ease her very apparent embarrassment, I reached across the table, and took her hand in mine. Looking into her eyes,

I said,”Yes, I can imagine jumping into that horrible mess, but only if I was holding onto you when we did it.”

She was speechless and very red-faced for at least a minute. Changing the subject again, I asked how was I to know when DeeDee was coming out to play again.

She just smiled and said I would have to wait and see.

“But, why don’t you pick me up Wednesday night, say 9PM?” she said.

It’s all true. It happened in 1991....


A tale in three parts.

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