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Owned - Chapter One

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This is the first chapter of my life as a submissive.
As instructed I arrived thirty minutes early at the airport. Before taking my seat in arrivals I checked the board for details on the flight my Mistress boarded some ten hours earlier. I felt both nervous and excited, for this was to be our first meeting following a fourteen month online relationship as Dom and Sub. 

As I sat waiting I thought back to six weeks ago when Mistress told me to book two weeks off work, and at 7.30pm on the Friday evening before the start of my holiday, be at the local airport. I was instructed to travel by public transport and bring nothing with me other than the clothes I was wearing; everything else would be taken care of.

It was made very clear to me this was non-negotiable and I should comply without question, and well here I was. My thoughts were interrupted by the announcement that Mistress' flight had arrived. Suddenly I felt very nervous and scared. Yes we had come to know each other very well but this was a big step, and one I had willingly embraced with little consideration.

I brushed aside my thoughts and left my seat to take my place at the barrier. There I waited watching the passengers making their way along the corridor, some in groups or couples, others alone. There were greetings and hugs exchanged with friends, lovers and families as they entered the foyer.

I soon became aware there was only me left. Had Mistress changed her mind? Was this just a joke? My doubts were soon to be answered.

I looked back up the corridor to see Mistress confidently striding toward me. Momentarily I gazed into her cold dark brown eyes and immediately felt her superiority and authority ripple through my body. Quickly I dropped my eyes to the floor for fear of rebuke, and made my way to the barrier exit.

Once alongside me she gently settled her cases upon the floor. ‘Follow me slut, and take good care of my luggage!’

With that Mistress turned and made her way to the exit.

Quickly I picked up her cases and followed, being sure to keep my head bowed. Once outside Mistress was greeted by a tall, slender woman standing next to a large black car. I sensed that they had known each other for some time and that this woman knew all about me.

I was instructed to put the cases in the boot and get in the back of the car. The tall, slender woman and Mistress took their places in the front of the car and our journey began.

After some thirty minutes of silence we arrived in front of a three story mews residence where the car came to a rest. The tall, slender woman and my Mistress made their way to the door with me dutifully following behind.

As we entered the hallway I was instructed to stand to one side of the door while they both carried on down the corridor through a door at the very end.

While standing there alone I took in my surroundings. The hallway was painted a deep red and the walls were lined with pictures. I could not identify the subject matter as the lighting was too dark. The carpet was a lighter red than the walls and very thick and luxurious. The whole place looked spotlessly clean and smelt of fresh flowers.

It was at that moment an older lady appeared from the doorway ahead and approached me. She smiled warmly at me and took my hand, leading me down the corridor.

We went through the door my Mistress had done some time ago and then up some stairs immediately to the left. I was led along a corridor past three other doors, before stopping in front of the fourth. The old lady opened the door for me to enter.

As I walked in I once again noticed the smell of fresh flowers and the quality of the décor and furnishings, even in the subdued lighting. I stood there for a moment not knowing quite what to do when I heard Mistress' words.

‘Take off all your clothes, place them neatly folded on the chair by the door and stand facing the wall, slut’.

I knew by the tone in Mistresses voice not to argue, and complied with her instruction. Once undressed and stood facing the wall, the door opened and I looked to the side to see the old lady enter and pick up my clothes.

She turned to face me and smiled as she looked upon my naked form stood facing the wall. She then left, closing the door behind her, and the room fell silent. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me; I heard no movement but knew there was someone there.

‘Now, my slut, your training begins in earnest,’ Mistress whispered in my ear, and I felt my body begin to shake.

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Posted 10 Jan 2014 10:49
kind short, and some thing to be desired before much better of a rating
Posted 06 Nov 2013 09:18
This story left me wanting more!!
Posted 05 Nov 2013 22:23
I am excited to read part two my pet. I am very happy it was published for you, I will look forward to it soon I hope.
Posted 05 Nov 2013 03:26
This story had the potential to be very interesting. Unless there is a chapter two quickly to follow, I wasted five minutes reading your forward.

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