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Sandy's Secret

If you thought I was cured of my foot fetish... think again!

I recognise it. I have a foot fetish. A strong one. Well, not quite, because I can have fun with sex even though no feet are involved. Anyway, my girlfriend, Brenda, told me that she was not interested in fetishism in general, and especially not in foot fetish.

Whenever I brought the subject into our conversations she told me that it was just the idleness of unemployment, and that I should find some physical activity to do instead of surfing the internet at all times.

A block away from home there was a huge sports facility and I decided to sign in just to see if with exercise I could lose some weight, which was indeed necessary, and try to forget a little bit my ever growing foot fetish.

As it comes, I started going to the complex which had a swimming pool. After doing some aerobics and weights, I would take a refreshing swim and go home feeling a new man. And amazingly, after a few weeks I found myself not thinking about feet at all. I could tell that my in-bed performance was improving because we were having almost everyday great sex, and I felt like my girl was almost knocked-out after each session, which was definitely not the case before starting in the gym. But then something happened.

One day I was waiting for the aerobics class to begin and found out that Nelson, our instructor, was fired and that a girl, named Sandy was going to take the class. It embarrassed me to take an aerobics class with a girl. It was kind of a chauvinistic way of thinking, but it was my old-fashioned education to blame. When I was heading to the door to leave, Sandy entered. And I froze.

I’d probably sound a little bit corny, but Sandy was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my whole life. She was medium height, with pitch black hair, green eyes, and extraordinarily proportioned features. And the body! Slender, round butt, long, strong legs. Please don’t ask me if she was a good instructor or not, because I was doing the movements as an automat, just looking at her body, bending over and over again.

After class she was interested in knowing if we’d liked it, and everybody said ‘yes’ and thanked her. She looked at me, smiled and left. I realised that I was the only one who hadn’t greeted her after the class, but I wasn’t able to follow her and apologize.

When I finally managed to leave the class, I tried to find her around, but she was gone. Definitely that was going to be my aerobics class forever.

Next morning I arrived at the gym very early, and went straight to the aerobics room. My plan was to talk to her as soon as she arrived, and tell her I was sorry for my rudeness the day before. Five minutes before the starting time, another girl entered and prepared herself to teach a class. While the other participants started to come in I asked the new teacher what happened to Sandy. She told me she didn’t know, and I left the room, my embarrassment of having aerobics lessons with a woman mixed with the anger of not seeing Sandy again.

I went to the complex front desk and asked what had happened to her, and the secretary informed me that Sandy wasn’t hired for aerobics, that she had done that class yesterday to help, but that her job was as a swimming and water gymnastics instructor.

It looked like my platonic love was over, but I thought that I could talk to her for a second about my behaviour the day before, and went straight to the swimming pool. And that was the moment I lost my mind…

The perfect body and the beautiful face were still there, but she was bare footed, and that was definitely too much for me. I fell in love with those feet. They were petite, plump with unpolished nails and medium-length toes. She politely asked me what I wanted, and all the things I’d prepared to tell her, just vanished from my mind.

So there I was, looking at those glorious feet, unable to speak, a throbbing erection growing at my pants, and Sandy looking at me as one would look to a person who has lost his mind. Which was indeed the case. I blushed and, unable to utter a word, left the swimming pool in a hurry. I can only imagine what Sandy would think of me, acting as a stupid, rude asshole.

I got home, looking for my girlfriend and try to make love to her, just as an act of relief. But she wasn’t there. I felt my penis throb and desperately ran to the toilet to masturbate and release my sperm. Unbelievably I unzipped my pants and just got off my underwear and started to cum. Loads of sperm. When I came out of the toilet, Brenda had arrived and asked what had happened and why was I screaming in the toilet. I blushed again and told her that I had hit myself with the sink.

After that incident, I was unable to return to the complex. Just the thought of running into Sandy made me blush. What in the world was happening to me with this girl? I mean we hadn’t exchanged a word and I couldn’t take her off my mind.

My girlfriend was quite pissed off because I wasn’t paying her any attention at all. So one day I decided that I had to talk to her at once, apologize and try to act normal and after that pretend that she didn’t even exist. With that on my mind, I walked there and went straight to the swimming pool. And there she was. Oh my god! I hid behind a wall and spied on her.

She moved with a certain grace and she had a smile for everyone from little kids learning to swim, to aged veterans trying not to let years take the best of them. And her feet! I felt like I could spend hours looking at them, massaging them, kissing them. And my penis got up again. Holy shit! I couldn’t talk to her with that bulk in my pants. So I decided to look at somewhere else and calm down a little.

At last my penis returned to normal and I headed straight to talk to her. " Hello," said I, trying to appear normal.

"Well, well, well. It’s you again," she replied with a smile. "You’re not running today?" 

"I’m so sorry. The other day I acted stupidly." 

"Yes you did. Well, what’s this all about?" 

"I wanted to apologize." 

"For running away?" 

"No! I wanted to apologize the day I ran away."

She then told me to wait, as she approached the edge of the swimming pool, and addressed some instructions to a boy learning how to swim. I wasn’t able to take my eyes of those feet. When she walked, her soles seemed more athletic. When she was satisfied with the movements of the boy, she returned to me. "So," she said with a slight blush due to the rapid movements made to the boy, "the day you escaped you were trying to apologize? Apologize for what?"

"Well, you were my aerobics teacher the day before and everybody greeted you after the class, except me." 

"Yeah, I noticed. I thought you hadn’t liked the class." 

"Oh I did. I liked it very much!"



"Well that’s a surprise." 

"A surprise? Why?" 

"Because I noticed you were not paying attention to my class at all."

"Why do you think I wasn’t paying attention?" 

"I don't think you weren't. I’m sure about it. You were looking at me. The way I moved, my body, but not the class. Just me."

She'd noticed! So in my embarrassment I lowered my head, and saw her feet again. So close I felt I could touch them. And my penis felt that too, and started to swell. So I looked at her eyes again hoping she didn’t notice the bulk. "And how did that make you feel?" I asked.

"It’s a bit weird, but I felt flattered." 


"Yeah. I mean you stayed all class and tried to move along. Sometimes even tried to look like you were concentrating. I noticed you were looking, instead of exercising, because I’m very perceptive. And I found your efforts very touching." 

"Amazing!" I said. "Well, about the running…" 

"Don’t say a word!" she interrupted. "I think I know what happened to you that day, and today you just confirmed my thoughts." 

"About what?" 

"About why you escaped running the other day. I know what happened." 

"You do?" 

"Yes. I’ve told you I’m very perceptive." 

"I can’t wait to hear your theory." 

"Theory?" she laughed heartily. "There’s no theory. For me is obvious." 


"That you have a very strong foot fetish. You love my feet don’t you? At first you loved my body, and when you saw me bare footed, you just couldn’t resist that sight, and ran away from me."

I didn’t know how my face might have looked, astonished as I was. She laughed again and asked me, "Are you married?" 

"No," I muttered. 

"Good. Would you buy me lunch?" 

"Sure. When and where?" 

"I’ll finish here in twenty minutes. Wait for me outside."

Half an hour later we were in my car heading down south. When I asked her where were we going she told me not to ask, and enjoy the view. She gave me some directions and I noticed we were going to the seaside. After a twenty minute drive we arrived at a very little beach, with a tiny bungalow in it. She stepped down the car and told me to wait. She got into the bungalow, and a few seconds later she appeared back in the door, waving me to go inside.

A nice looking young woman welcomed me to the restaurant. In fact there was only one table by an enormous window with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Sandy sat down, the girl bowed and took her slippers away. She asked me If I wanted to be bare footed as well, and I replied yes. "What is this place?" I asked. 

"I discovered it a long time ago. It’s not only a restaurant. It’s also a place where you are left alone, to do as you please. No one bothers you, and you don't bother anyone. The food is superb, but the owner's biggest concern is customer's enjoyment. That they can just sit back and relax."

Once she said that, she raised her feet up to my legs. She was caressing my leg, and going up to my crotch. When I tried to touch her feet, she told me to keep my hands still and only move when ordered to.

In that moment the waitress brought some cocktails. Sandy, without removing her feet from my thighs, drank a long sip and I did the same. She then sat back and told me to strip. "Take all of your clothes off." She saw I hesitated and said menacingly, "Whenever I say something you'll have to do it at once."

It was exciting to take orders from this spectacular woman, so I got naked. Then she started to caress me with her feet. Going up from the legs, thighs, and when she arrived at my penis it was already fully erect. I was expecting the caress but she only gave it the slightest of touches. I felt it, and was in the verge of an orgasm.

She stood up ordered me to open my legs and she climbed to the top of my chair, where my back was resting and pressing her pussy against the back of my head, started to rub vigorously her feet soles on my abdomen and thighs. I felt that I was about to cum but strangely when I felt the surge, somehow it stopped. I was screaming in pain and pleasure when Sandy asked me, "Do you want to come?" 

"Yes, please!" I screamed. "Please let me come." 

"Okay," she said and she started to rub again my abs and my thighs. When I felt near the explosion again, I was sure that she was not going to let me come, but then she just touched the head of my penis, slightly with the tip of her toe, and I started to cum. An enormous load. She smiled and said, "I bet you liked that."

I just couldn’t believe that a woman could have that power. I was still trying to recover my senses when the first course came. I think it was some kind of soup. We started eating hungrily, chatting about ourselves. When the dishes were retired, Sandy stood up and took off all her clothing. I was overwhelmed, and I felt my cock was starting to raise again. Sandy noticed and told me seriously, "I don’t like beggars." 

"What do you mean?" 

"That you won’t cum until I say so!"

I loved it when she got bossy like that, but I didn’t think she was going to make me cum again so easily. She then ordered me to lay on the floor face up. She stood up and started rubbing my legs again with her feet, going up my abdomen, arms and throat.

In some places she would push hard, which I liked very much. Then she placed her soles all over my face one at a time and pushed down as if killing a bug, which was desperately delicious. I felt that my cock was starting to swell again and unbelievably I was about to cum. Again! Then she sat placing her pretty ass over my tummy, and started massaging my face with her soles. That movement was making me crazy.

I felt the orgasm coming again, but suddenly the sensation would disappear. And seconds later I’d feel it again. Her feet were all over my face, and oh I loved it!. Then she ordered me to open my mouth, and when I did it, she would introduce a toe, which I sucked hungrily. Later on, all five toes were inside my mouth. It hurt a bit, but the pleasure was infinitely bigger than pain. The urge to cum was getting unbearable. She removed her feet form my mouth. "Do you want to cum?" she asked me 

"Yeeesss," I screamed again in agony. "Please make me cum! Now!" 

"I told you I didn’t like beggars. You begged me, now suffer!"

Without standing up from my belly, she turned 180 degrees and started caressing my cock with her feet. I desperately needed an orgasm, but she wouldn’t let me have it. I couldn’t understand. This had never happened me before.

I’d lost count on how many times the explosion was imminent and backfired. It was painful but marvellous at the same time. And the rub continued. I could feel her feet caressing my dick all over and I was getting dizzy in desperation for my reward. Then she turned and started rubbing my face again with her feet.

I felt the softness of her sole in my face, sometimes pushing hard with her heel, others softly caressing it, making me only closer to the moment of truth, but never reaching it. I was becoming desperate, and all of a sudden, she stood up and kicked my balls with all her might. I felt a surge of pain and pleasure running through my body. Pain because of the tremendous kick, and pleasure when my penis exploded with another out-of-the-earth orgasm.

When, some minutes later I finally recovered, the main course was served. It was a dish of fish and potatoes which I really liked. The conversation was getting more personal, and I was enjoying the most marvellous afternoon in my life.

Dishes were retired, and without uttering a word, Sandy sat over me. We started to kiss and I noticed she was very excited. I'd had two orgasms and she'd had none, so her body was screaming for a reward I was gladly going to give her. I started kissing her neck, and went down to those spectacular tits. The nipples were hard as nails, and I enjoyed myself very much sucking them and hearing her groan in pleasure. Then I made her lay down and started to go down from her tits, to her belly button, which I passionately sucked, and then went down south.

Her pussy smelled like glory. Her exposed outer lips were duly sucked. Then I started very slowly with the inner ones, and when she was extremely wet, I reached her clitoris, which made her moan noisily. I was mesmerized with her intimate perfume, and the extreme wetness. The feeling of having such a gorgeous woman enjoying herself made me feel the most powerful man on earth.

I also wanted to make her pay for my suffering before, so I worked her clitoris thoroughly but denied her orgasm four times. When she was reaching the orgasm for the fifth time, I let her come and she screamed and contorted. She tried to escape but I reached back to her delicious pussy and made her cum four more times. Exhausted, she closed her eyes, and fall asleep for a couple of minutes while I sat down again by the table.

She finally recovered and desserts were served. Strawberries and a hot chocolate sauce. This time she didn’t wait for us to eat. She sat over the table and placed a strawberry on her toes, and approached her feet to my mouth, so I ate the strawberry directly from her unbelievably neat and beautiful foot. Then she repeated the operation, once more.

After that she poured some of the chocolate sauce on her foot, and ordered me to clean it, with my tongue. I obeyed licking her toes, her sole and even her ankle. The mixture of chocolate, her delicious flesh and the smell of woman made my dick hard again. Some more sauce was applied and I licked her feet again even after there was not a hint of chocolate in them. Over the table there was a bottle which contained some kind of oil. She poured it generously on her feet, until they were covered with the oily substance. She ordered me to lay down on the floor.

She stood over my belly and started rubbing her feet up and down. They slid with ease because of the oil applied. Then she opened my legs, sat opposite to me, and told me to look. She rubbed my cock again with her feet. The sight of those petite beauties running up and down my erect cock, were simply too much for me. I didn’t want to look because it was driving me crazy, especially when I started to feel that my dick was again desperate to shoot and the urgency went back and forth. Then she ordered me in a rather vicious manner to keep looking.

Those soles, those nails, her face with a proud grin, all of it was sending signals for my penis to explode, but something made it impossible. Then she stopped, and sat on my chest. Poured some more oil on her feet and started rubbing my face with a vengeance, making me again five or six times in the verge to cum, but not being able to do it. Then she got close to my head and whispered in my ear, "Don’t you understand that you can only have an orgasm at my will? Don't you realize that if I don’t want you to cum, you won’t cum?" She laughed malevolently and said, "This is an orgasm you’ll never forget."

So she started kissing my mouth and massaging my cock vigorously with her feet. The intensity of the kiss was growing by the second. Her very long tongue was all over my mouth, and I noticed that I needed some air. At that very moment, she pinched my nose strongly with her fingers, never stopping the rub of my cock with her feet and not releasing either my mouth form the kiss or the nose from the strong pinching.

Her feet were moving faster and faster and I knew this time she was going to let me cum, but asphyxia was approaching. The orgasm was the most powerful ever, and I tried to scream, but were unable to, as my mouth was covered with hers. The last spasm of my orgasm and my fainting happened at the same time.

A few minutes later I had already recovered from my passing out. It was impossible to believe that such a sexual experience could be possible. Then I noticed that Sandy was already dressed, and told me to get dressed myself as she was going to introduce me to the owner of the restaurant. I put on my clothes, sat down and seconds later Sandy reappeared with Brenda, my girlfriend. I was about to say something but Brenda waved me shut.

"Tom," she said, "do you like the engagement present I gave you?" 

"Engagement present?" 

"Yes. This afternoon was my engagement present for you. This might sound unusual but, would you marry me, Tom?" 

"Of course I’d marry you. But I don’t understand the present. And this place?" 

"I own the place. It’s only known by a handful of very select people who come here for absolute privacy, without the fear of ever being discovered or bothered." 

"And Sandy?" 

"Well…" she hesitated a bit, and said, "She’s my pupil. She's an escort. I was an escort myself for a long time before I met you. Later on I trained Sandy to take my place. We’re partners, she does the 'physical' work and I handle public relations and management. This restaurant is an important part of our business relationship, as we bring VIP's here. Seems they're satisfied as our business is growing up steadily."

"Did you say you trained her?"

"I’ve taught her everything she knows."

"But you always told me you had no interest in fetishism, and specially not in foot fetish." 

"I lied. And before you ask about it, the answer is yes. You are going to enjoy more afternoons like this, but with me! The Mistress!"

And her expression told me that indeed she was the mistress, and I was going to enjoy the mistress everyday! Am I lucky or not?

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Posted 17 Mar 2014 16:35
Enjoyed the twist at the end great story

Posted 11 Oct 2013 04:54
A great story with a wonderful twist at the end 5+

Posted 10 Oct 2013 13:08
A perfect story by a great writer, I loved every word, every detail. For a man who loves ladies feet this was perfect.

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