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Switching Genevieve

Shy, married Geni explores her sexual kinks with a sexy, mature photographer.
Genevieve Westfield swore as she fumbled through her underwear draw in the bedroom. “It’s no good; I have absolutely nothing to wear!” Panties, bras and stockings were heaped in various colour coordinating piles on the shabby chic bed and the wardrobe door hung open spilling out assortments of dresses and blouses from within.

“Calm down Bunny.” Her husband gently told her as he rubbed the smooth, naked skin of her delicate back.

“George, for goodness sake, I have to leave in less than twenty minutes. Just get out and let me concentrate.”

Genevieve had turned 30 a week ago and her husband had generously bought her a photo shoot package. She was still as ravishingly beautiful as she had been in her early twenties, with her wavy raven hair tumbling down the full length of her back, her full luscious lips as plump as oranges and her skin which hinted a warm olive undertone, perfectly complimented her deep, chocolate eyes. Having had no children Jenny’s body was still firm and toned; she sported a subtle masculinity to her physic, broad shoulders, small hips and long, slender thighs. Her British father’s milky complexion mixed effectively with her mother’s Italian genes culminated the inter-cultured artistry which had become Genevieve. George had been heedless of his 9 year relationship and despite sophisticated romantic affection when the mood struck him, his Geni had been left to entertain herself on most levels of their partnership.

It was no surprise that Geni left the house that morning without pausing to kiss her husband goodbye. George was stood discouraged in the kitchen clasping a glass of grapefruit juice as he watched his wife leap down the 5 small steps from the front door and onto the gravel driveway. Her heels sunk between the stones as he watched her through the open aperture of the door way and slinging her suitcase onto the back seat of the yellow punto, he stared as she started the engine and reversed aggressively onto the street and then pulled away in the direction of Reigate.

Geni sighed heavily. It was a relief to be away from him. He crowded her when she needed space, yet ignored her when she needed him. This estranged, chalk and cheese marriage was whimpering on the edge of destruction and Geni cared little about salvaging the miniscule tit-bits which now remained.

“Hello? Genevieve Westfield, I’ve got a photo shoot package at 10am today?” She mouthed into the intercom of unit 2b.

The front door automatically unlocked and Geni pushed it forward, struggling to hold it open whilst she dragged her heavy case behind her. A list of companies and allocated room numbers and floor space were listed on a laminated sheet, stuck at an angle against a cork notice board in front of her. She ran a finger down the list from top to bottom with her manicured fingernail and stopped when she reached Steve Roman Photographics. Inconveniently the studio was situated on the 3 rd floor and with no available lift, Geni began the ascent up the spiral stairs heaving her bag one step at a time behind her.

“Hey, let me get that for you, Genevieve right?” A voice came from behind her. He was friendly, upbeat and impressively buff for his forty five years. “Steve. Hi.” He said as he cracked a smile and held out his hand to shake hers without so much as a puff from running up 2 flights of stairs.

As Steve took the final flight of steep steps ahead, Geni found herself eyeing up the exquisite semblance of his shoulders and neck. The skin-fade of his hair cut exposed tanned, golden skin and the white t-shirt he wore hung over the roundness of his shoulder tips and flowed loosely down the rest of his back, stopping just above the waistband of his jeans. As he turned a corner the wind from an open window lightly blew the material away from his body and Geni caught a glimpse of his tight stomach covered in a delicious bed of dark blond hair.

“First time?” Steve emphasised, holding the door to the studio open.

“What!? Oh, err, yes. I have no idea what I’m doing so apologies in advance...” Geni trailed off, feeling damp under the arms as she flicked her long thick hair away from her moist forehead.

“It’ll be fine, really really. I go put the kettle on, cuppa?” He shouted before disappearing into the kitchenette.

Feeling thirsty and nervous, she agreed to a tea and perched her bottom on a black leather sofa by the window. Biting gently on her lower lip, Geni slowly took in the studio as she ran a palm up and down her thigh, tapping her foot on the laminate flooring below. The walls were painted a vibrant variation of white on white, the yellow of the laminate complimented the airy, bright and cheerful demeanour of the four walls and the enormous skylight which featured dominantly in the centre made for impressive observation. A red box caught her eye in the far corner and feeling curious, she tip-toed over to peek inside.

“If you like anything, feel free.” Steve whispered suddenly over her shoulder as he held out a large mug of tea.

Geni was embarrassed; the box was full of leather corsets, thigh high boots and PVC mini-skirts. Chains, studded belts, whips, leather tassels, spanking panels and anal beads all decorated a coat stand behind the box, out of view from the sofa.

“Oh my goodness no! Ha-ha. Definitely not.” Blushing, Geni closed the box lid and shuffled back to the sofa and sat crossed legged whilst she sipped on the steaming hot broth.

Steve perused his model. He noticed her vulnerability and lack of confidence. She sat with her shoulders stooped and avoided his eye contact, her body language remained closed and one thick curl was allowed to fall across the left side of her face, as if to hide it. He found himself staring in awe at her beauty, unable to understand how such a striking woman could find herself so withdrawn and discouraged from self confidence. Perhaps there would be a darker side to her personality? Maybe a part so suppressed that this trembling character of insecurity dominated over it instead?

“Do you have any outfits Geni? May I call you Geni, rather than Genevieve?”

Geni swallowed and blinking hard said “Of course, I actually prefer it. It’s easier.” She mumbled, spluttering out the words awkwardly as Steve sat down next to her.

Geni could smell the aftershave teaming from the pours of the photographer’s skin. It was woody, earthy, perhaps a little musky and when mixed with the sweet smell of tea had become arousing. As Steve rested back against the cushion his legs fell slightly open and the material of his jeans brushed against Geni’s hand. The first, accidental touch was magnetic. A pulse of electricity hurdled through her pinching at her finger tips. The small sweat marks under her arms grew as each perspired drop of salty water leaked into the material and spread like ink to wet paper.

Geni was horrified at the site of her sweat patches and turned a shade of crimson red. Steve studied her face and realising something was wrong quickly evaluated, logically what the problem could be. He assessed her face, neck, collar bones, hands and feet. Drawing his eyes upwards, he assessed her fingers which were playing nervously with one handle of her bag. He noticed the long, slim line of her thighs, neatly crossed one over the other, and then the breasts which rested gently over her folded arms. Lastly, he noticed the sweat.

“Geni, did you bring any outfits? Why not pick one and go get yourself changed ready for the first set. It can be anything you like.”

Relieved and feeling dismissed like a naughty child, Geni took herself into the toilet to change.

Her hands were shaking as she opened the suitcase. Its contents exploded over the cold floor and she rummaged through creased outfits which included a red pencil dress, a pair of 50’s style sunglasses and some lined stockings. It will have to do. Geni shrugged and then wiggled out of her jeans, top and padded balconette bra.

Firstly, she gently pulled on the stockings. She dipped her toe into the end and then slid, ever so carefully, the sheer silk over her calf and stretched it around her thigh. The stocking ended six inches from her mound, which she had trimmed to modest perfection. A garter belt which hung from her hip bones secured the material and she repeated the same process to her other leg. As she bent forwards to pull the second stocking over her plump, yet firm skin, she caught site of her half nude body in a full length mirror nailed to wall next to the lavatory. She noticed imminently that her once perky breasts were now dangling less than firmly. As she stood upright, they rested back down against her rib cage and she couldn’t help but feel disappointed that the position of her nipples now sat an inch lower than only a few years previous. The skin supported the faintest beginnings of a stretch mark or two and the colour of her nipples were starting to darken. Her ribs protruded from under her bust, which she silently enjoyed the site of, but a deep cutting red imprint of her bra now gauged a sore dent into her side which ruined the leanness of her once defectless body image.

She scooped up the red dress from the floor and lifted it over her head, pulling the fabric down over her breasts and then her hips. It fitted snugly to her shape, showing off her bottom, stopping just below the knee. The low, cowl neck of the dress would have revealed a cleavage should her breasts have been bigger, but instead it only showed the bare, flat indent of bone and skin. The floaty, almost opaque fabric rested over her small tits, the erotic shape of the nipples poking through. Upon leaning forward, the low, layered neck line of the dress flashed a breast to unsuspecting on-lookers, so she mentally took a note to pose standing upright, with her shoulders back and her spine arched.

Geni fingered the final touches to her outfit, a small and delicate pair of diamond stud earrings and a pair of deep navy leather shoes with pointed toes and a small kitten heel. Geni felt sexy yet classy, there was nothing to suggest she would be anything more than a vanilla prude and that stereotype fitted perfectly within her comfort zone.

When she exited the toilet Steve stopped in his tracks. “Geni you look hot! The red suits you.”

Geni blushed and with her shoulders hunched, walked over to Steve.

“Where do I stand?” Geni asked Steve, tapping her right foot and spinning full circle.

“Right over there. About three feet back from the edge of the paper.” Steve walked behind her, guiding her shoulders until she found the right position to stand in.

Geni felt vulnerable and shy. She was attracted to Steve and that made things even worse. She’d been with George for almost ten years, never batting so much as an eye at another man. She was faithful, honest and trusted by many, but today, something felt different. Steve’s confidence radiated through her and it lifted her. He made her feel alive and despite the anxiety, she began to breathe. Steve whizzed around her, buzzing, humming, clicking, adjusting and flashing. She felt still and silent in a world that was busy and determined. As she watched the scene in front of her unfold, her nerves dissipated and her heart changed gear. Her breathing slowed, her pulse calmed until finally, she felt the cool breeze she’d be longing for since she arrived float in through the open window, swim across the studio floor and cross her body in the most blissful way she could have imagined.

“Right, ready.” Steve said in her direction from behind a studio flash light.

“What I need you to do, is look directly here.” Steve pointed into the lens of his camera. “Tilt your head slightly down and bring your left arm behind your head. Like this.” He demonstrated a pose and Geni giggled. Steve was fun.

“That’s it! You’re a natural! Here, look right here, head down, up, up, up, up, hold it there.” The camera clicked away.

“I don’t know what to do with my hands? Maybe I could hold something?” Geni shrugged her shoulders again and pulled a look of discontent.

“OK, fine. Grab something from the corner whilst I change the filter.” Steve was busy rummaging through a box before taking a quick swig of his tea.

“I don’t really know what to choose? What shall I use?” Geni was confused, she was at the prop box but there was nothing inside it other than clothing. The coat stand with the S&M gear stood patiently beside her. Oh god, I hope he doesn’t ask me to hold any of that. She thought to herself.

Steve did mean that, he approached her, and without hesitating grabbed a leather tasselled whip and slapped her backside with it teasingly.

“Ouch! “ Gasped Geni. “Is this a joke?”

Steve laughed again and took her hand. He guided her strongly back into position and with a slap, placed the whip into the palm of her hand.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Geni stroked the tassels and let them fall between each one of her fingers. Rather than returning to fetch his camera, Steve moved in close to her chest and said, “What would you like to do with it Geni?”.

For the first time since she had arrived at the studio, Geni looked him directly in the eye. His deep brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, filled with passion, longing and desire for the taste of her mouth. She moved her eyes from his large, glistening pupils and down the shaft of his nose to his mouth. His tongue flicked over his lips and she felt the warmth of his breath on her cheek. A throbbing sensation inside her pussy elevated and the fabric of her dress rubbed against her sensitive nipples making them hard. Geni moved forward, into him, pressing her body next to his and whispered a kiss to his neck. Steve stood as steady as a statue, deliberately accepting her move on him. He did nothing but hold his gaze to hers for a few tantalising moments before eyeing up the contents in the prop box and then back to her gaze.

“Yes. I’ll do it.” Geni breathed heavily, aroused, excited and mentally stimulated by the thought of becoming the extreme opposite to the woman she was playing in her life with George. A deep seeded need for control and rebellious affliction on others was arising from a place she had never explored and her mind clattered with images of sexual pain, bondage, domination and authority which she craved to explore. It would be right here, now, in this world of secret temptation with Steve that she would take her imagination to forbidden places and then act out the fantasies on a real life, willing and obliging human whom could handle everything she could throw. Geni walked to the prop box, opened the lid, and pulled out a crutch-less pair of latex shorts. She tossed them to Steve. “Put these on.” And he did.

Their roles in the play had been adapted. Geni was in charge which fed her confidence, the boldness of her tone evolved and her stance fixed and unyielding. She heaved the red dress up past her thighs and balanced it on the rim of her suspender belt. The creases of her bottom hung below the small black panties and the gap between her thighs presented a smooth and plump assemblage of pussy lips neatly tucked away inside the crutch of her underwear.

She was eager to engage in this eccentric and peculiar act of control. Her mind chattered with idea’s which stimulated her physical senses and she danced between the idea of spanking his exposed genitals or demanding that he tongue her clitoris through her underwear.

“Come to me.” Geni insisted as she sat on the lid of the red box, parting open her legs and pulling the mesh fabric of her panties to one side.

Steve crawled on his hands and knees to where she sat, his cock frozen and ridged with anticipation. He lifted a hand to her inside thigh, softly stroking the shiny crease which divided upper thigh from labia but in a flash his hand was knocked away.

“I want you to use your mouth.” Geni said in a serious tone. Expecting him to follow orders she tipped back her head and pulled the cowl neck of her dress to the left so she could frisk her own nipple.

“Umm, you really know what you’re doing don’t you.” Geni voiced between small moans. “Suck a little harder on my clit, I love that.”

Steve thrust his face harder against her pleasure button, using his tongue to flick and his lips to suck at the sensitive pea-sized erogenous zone that was causing Geni’s legs to shake and her juice to leak onto the prop box lid. He rubbed and stroked every inch of her labia with his wet tongue, lapping in the tasteful sensation of her cream like a spoilt kitty cat.

“Ah, ooh, yes, right there, keep going, don’t stop.” Geni gasped for air as she desperately encouraged Steve to continue. Her finger tips grabbed a hold around the lid of the prop box, her toes curled, her mouth dropped wide open and as she thrust her hips hard against Steve’s face the rush of hot blood gushed deep into her pussy compelling every nerve ending through her body to reach the highest peak of climax she’d ever consumed in her life.

“OH MY GOD!” Geni was jerking uncontrollably from the intensity of her whole body orgasm, her eyes remained tightly shut and her heart thumped from her chest as she immersed herself in the pleasure Steve had just created for her. Steve pulled away and went to stand up.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done yet.” Geni pleaded with him, grabbing hold of his arm and pulling him forcefully towards her.

“That’s good, because I haven’t even started yet!” Steve grabbed her, lifted her from the box and carried her to the sofa in one strong, swift and sweeping movement. He laid her down on her back and wrapped her raven hair around his hand.

“Now I’ve got the control, what shall I make you do to me?” He tugged at her hair as he spoke, forcing her head backwards so that she was staring up towards the ceiling. With his free hand he ripped the neck of the dress open along the seam until reaching her belly button and pulled both sides of the material open to expose her chest. He kissed it passionately and then licked her skin, pausing momentarily upon reaching the nipples as his technique swapped from licking to hard biting. The pain caused Geni to squeal and she tried desperately to move her body away from his sharp white teeth but his weight bore down against her and she was powerless to move.

“Urgh, that hurts, stop, please.” Geni whimpered, exhausted from her struggles. But Steve didn’t seem to be listening; he was hungry for her, wild and unmanageable. Finally he paused and looked into her eyes.

“If you want me to stop, why are you so wet between your legs Geni?”

Steve took her wrist and forced her to feel the wetness between her legs. He was right, she was soaked.

“I don’t understand?” Geni looked bewildered and confused, she touched herself again to reassess the moisture and it was true, she was undoubtedly turned on. She was thrown. Whilst her brain was registering pain, her body was registering arousal.

“Is this possible?” She asked.

“Of course, just relax Geni, lay back down. I’m not going to do anything to scare you.”

Geni did as she was told and laid back down on the sofa. Her heart jumped a little as Steve began biting the sides of her neck and then at her lips. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip before turning his body a full ninety degree angle and pushed his cock and balls into her face.

Geni wrapped both hands around his un-cut cock and pulled it down and towards her mouth. The tip was glistening as if it had been iced and she couldn’t wait to have a taste of his fruit cake. As she opened her mouth to swallow the fleshy head she suddenly felt the stinging pain of a heavy spanking between her legs.

Without so much as a flinch or squirm, Geni spread her legs as wide as possible, dangling one over the edge of the sofa and the other over the leather back. “Yes, yes!” She moaned, pushing her tongue as far out from her mouth as she could stretch to lick a bead of cum from the head of his cock. A second slap to her pussy shortly followed by the sting of a slash across her stomach had her caught between painful displeasure and intense arousal but she continued to take in the hand being dealt.

“Naughty Geni, bad girl, having made me suck on that beautiful clit of yours and wetting my prop box.” Steve continued to whip her intimately whilst giving her only the first half an inch of his thick cock to tease her.

Geni wrapped her arms around his hips, trying desperately to pull his body downwards so that she could fill her mouth a little more with his salty seasoned meat.

“You want that do you Geni? You want more do you? OK, you can have it, as long as you take it all.” Steve thrust his hips down towards her mouth, pushing the entire length of his cock deep into the back of her throat making Geni gag. He forced it as far down as her small throat could handle without chocking her to death before slipping it out and dangling it teasingly in the air once again for her to want for.

Geni coughed and spluttered, gasping for air. “Yes, more, more, please, I want it again.”

“No. That’s enough Geni, you have to earn it.” Steve replied, climbing off her and pulling her to her feet. He placed the whip in her hand and then used the tips of his fingers to press firmly into her lower stomach.

“Let me drink you?”

Geni knew what he meant. He was asking her to urinate into his mouth. She paused before answering.

“Kneel before me you dirty little man.” And then whipped him hard across the chest to make certain her understood she was serious.

Steve obliged and dropped to his knees, his erect cock still protruding through the crutch-less shorts, eager and desperate to orgasm. He tilted back his head and opened his mouth wide whilst Geni positioned herself directly above him, her legs open wide and her red dress neatly above her hip bones. Geni reached between her legs and parted the labia, spreading the two neat, trimmed lips wide apart so that her stream would flow directly into his mouth.

“Don’t spill a drop.” Geni demanded before relaxing her pelvic muscles and concentrating on opening her full bladder. Steve nodded politely.

The first drop of yellow, steaming piss hit the back of his throat, awakening his taste buds. The urge to suck at the bitter droplet overwhelmed him and he momentarily closed his mouth to do so. As his lips shut tight, a short light stream of urine bounced from his chin to his neck and dribbled like perspiration onto his collarbones.

Geni whipped his bollocks furiously in disappointment that he had wasted some of the golden wine and the sting of the leather imprinted red marks across the saggy, delicate skin of his testis. His cock became slightly flaccid as the sting infiltrated his upper thighs.

“I’m sorry Geni, I didn’t mean to miss it. Your piss tastes so delicious I just couldn’t resist the temptation to devour every molecule of flavour inside it. Please forgive me; can you go again for me?” Steve begged, wrapping his arms around her calf in desperation for her to share some more of the yellow wine with him.

“Fine, but if you make any more mess, I’ll have you lick it up from the floor.” Geni rested her finger tip under his chin and told him off as if he was being a naughty school boy. She was enjoying the power switch and was smugly satisfied that this gorgeous stranger was allowing her to piss into his mouth. This freaky, dirty game of oral was arousing her, and she wondered how the combination of her pussy juice and pee cocktail tasted to him.

Assuming position, Geni controlled the opening of her bladder once more and sprayed the liquid into Steve’s mouth. This time his mouth remained wide open, his eyes staring at the tiny hole in her pussy which eliminated the yellow stream. He downed the contents of her bladder without wasting another droplet, swallowing only once as the hot stream stopped and started as Geni relieved her final few millilitres.

“Oh Geni, that was great, you have the more distinguished flavour of piss I have ever tasted. Thank you for doing that.” Steve kissed the tops of her feet and then wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, stood upright and kissed her.

As they embraced with a long, passionate kiss to the mouth, Steve groped her bottom and squeezed it tightly. His finger tips slid along the peachy cushions of her cheeks and teased the outer lips of her pussy. He couldn’t quite reach inside her hole, so he twisted her around to face the window and forced her to bend over the edge of the sofa. The sperm inside his bollocks were already travelling in grand numbers up the tube and leaking from the tip so Steve knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer before accidently exploding all over the floor. He spat a large globule of saliva onto his palm and wetted the foreskin before pushing its full length deep into the lumpy, warm passage of her vulva allowing himself to ejaculate.

Geni moaned with delight as she felt his member slipping in and out of her and his bollocks banging erotically against her upper thighs. She dug her fingers into the leather, marking it with her long nails as she was pumped full of meat and cum. Her small breasts jiggled forwards and backwards at each thrust and enjoying the site of her own body, watched her reflection in the window glass to her right.

When Steve was empty, he kissed down the length of her smooth back and stroked the back of head, whispering to her.

“Geni, you’re the most amazing girl I have ever met.”

Geni smiled out of site with a new understanding of her own sexual kinks and felt Steve’s now flaccid penis slide gently out of her. The warmth of the mixed juices trickled down her inside thighs and a feeling of contentment and delight encompassed her. She spun slowly around to face Steve and embraced him with a long hug before finding her feet and delicately walking into the toilet on tip-toes.

“Thank you for today Steve.” Said Geni as she emerged, fully dressed in her original clothing attire she’d arrived in earlier.

“No problem Hun. It was all my pleasure.” Steve pecked her on the cheek and held the studio door open for Geni to walk through. He was polite enough to carry her bag back down the three flights of steep stairs and into the car park where her yellow punto was awaiting her.

“See you around.” Said Geni as she stepped into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“Yeah, see you Geni.” Said Steve as he watched her pull away and out of his life for good.

As Geni drove home, she remembered the sexual encounter as if a dream. It could have easily been a dream if her thighs hadn’t been covered in red marks and her panties weren’t oozing with the smell of Steve’s semen. But she was, and they were and she hoped with all her might that George wouldn’t be home on her return. Or did she? Perhaps her experience with Steve had awoken her in the realisation that her husband was simply a nonchalant prick? Maybe it would be best, after all, that George was indeed, home and waiting.

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