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The drive home

What I was thinking on the way home about you.
I was driving back late last night through NC. I was exhausted and just wanted to get home. But I also drank a lot of water and coffee before getting in the car.

I had to pee, and bad. I could fight if for a time, but I was getting desperate. I thought of you and your desire for watersports. It was dark. Hardly any cars on 95N at 10:30 on a Monday night.

I would have loved for you to give me road head for a few miles. I would not have cum--not having to go that bad--but it would have held it off for a while. Then we would stop. Maybe at a rest stop, but maybe just on the side of the road. With cars flying past on the opposite side of the car from the road, you would have knelt in front of me, naked. I would have directed my semi-hard cock at your chest, and after some hesitation to let the muscles relax after holding it so long, peed all over your chest and had it slide down your breasts and body, finally dripping off your hips. I would have moaned with the incredible release that comes with finally letting it go. You would have sucked in your breath sharply as the warm spray hit you, then shook all over as it trailed over you.

Immediately upon finishing you would have taken me in your mouth to get me hard again. It would take hardly any effort. I would stand you up and force you over the hood of the car as your hand continues to slide over your clit. You would scream as I entered you, and curse as I pulled back out. I would keep long steady strokes increasing in tempo as cars whirled past and you got as loud as you wanted, with nothing but insects chirping and the occassional whipping sound of a car as it went past.

With the hot air of the night and the contrasting cold of the car metal on your breasts you would cum hot and clutching on my cock and I would immediately follow.

It has been a while since I have had a strong orgasm like that and you would be filled with cum. I would recover for a few moments, breathing heavy leaning over you. Suddenly I would flip you around onto the hood of the car and dive in to your pussy head first.

At first you would try to push me away--that area being too sensitive so quick after an orgasm. Yet, I would take you with my tongue because I want to anyway. Within moments you would change from pushing me away to pulling my head down on you harder as a second orgasm builds, then rips through you just as another car roars past us.

My juices and your own slid down to your asshole while I was licking you. You now slide down the car and are sitting on the ground. I am spent, but the sight of you, hair mussed up, glistening with sweat and my pee, with a glazed, satisfied look on your face; with my cum slipping from your pussy . . . well, I do need to get cleaned up anyway right? I step up and slide my cock to your lips. Without hesitation you take it in gently tongue the remains of you and me off it. I get hard as you do and suddenly feel a surge of energy. Thinking we should get back on the road, I pull out and tell you we can keep that up in the car.

I open your door for you and lead you around to the seat. For whatever reason, perhaps fatigue, you lean in hands first and put them on the bottom of the passenger side, thereby presenting your perfect ass to me. Without any specific thought in my head, I step forward and push my cock into your ass. Its one of those moments where you ass was already going down as you started to swing into the seat and you were already wet from our earlier activities. Combined with the fact that I was freshly hard from you sucking and just good timing, I got about half in you before major resistance occurred.

While slidding in I let out a low moan to match where your started, but you got higher pitched as I plunged farther inward. We were both wobbly and on the edge of exhaustion, so this was not going to be rabid animal fucking. Instead, I pumped slowly into you from behind and you grunted loudly with each thrust. Two, three, four . . . twelve thrusts or so later and what I think of as the slow orgasm hit. The one where its not pumping in your ears, but because it is so slow and intense its like your whole world is your cock for three or four heartbeats. Coating your ass with cum on the side of the road, half in and half out of the car, and it being the second orgasm in a ten or twelve minute span--well, it is the most satisfying single sex event of my life.

Spent for the moment, we leave our clothes off and get back in the car. There are still many miles yet to go . . .

At least, that is how I was picturing it.
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