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A Journal of a Woman's Path to Sexual Bliss

First Step to Sexual Adventure.
Some would say I was slow in having sex and that point can never be argued, at least not successfully. Most of those same people would think I am now in the race with the more prolific and well ahead of others.

I grew up on the west coast in a beach town of some affluence. My family was not rich, but very comfortable, and we did just about everything we wanted. I never remember as a child being told I could not have something because we did not have the money. I just could not have it!

I was and am the youngest to four children. I have two brothers and a sister, who are all several years older than me.

We were not naturalists, but if you walk into the kitchen or down the hall, it was not a big surprise to see my parents or my siblings nude. I was comfortable with the site of both male and female genitalia. When my brothers were in their teen years, our parents decided it would be best if the family at the moment wore clothes. I did not understand then, and currently I think what a waste. I do know how often teenage boys have a semi or are fully erect. So I must admit Mom, and Dad were being good and wise parents.

In high school, I took all the nerd classes and was seated in the nerd row of the nerd class. So you can imagine just how much dating I did in those years. I did have dates for the Junior Prom, Spring Hop, etc., but always with another nerd, who knew no more about sex than I did.

Seemed like every week, there would be a buzz around school who was and who was not a virgin. Yes, you are right I was on the "Still a Virgin List" yet and a lot of really plain girls had escaped.

My boobs filled out nicely not real large, but filled a C cup fully, and I had large fat nipples. My nipples were an embarrassment at that stage, unless I wore a very padded bra to hide them. Today they are more D than C, and my nipples make a declaration.

I found at about this point that there was a direct line between playing with my nipples and my pussy. I had heard about how wet a girl could get between her legs. However, I had no idea just what they were talking about.
Do you have any idea how good it feels to rub your clit and your pussy? I did not, but god was I learning and soon found myself Maturbating first thing in the morning, sometimes in the shower with the assistance of the handheld shower head. Always at night and eventually in between depending just how strong my need was that day.

I knew my body would be thrashing around on my bed with the more powerful orgasms. I knew also I was careful to be quiet to be sure my parents or when my siblings were there to hear the effect of my orgasms. Yes, I knew that word now and love the pleasure it brought me.

My parents had planned a summer trip for the three of us through Europe, Theatres, Museums and Castles. Just how I want to spend my summer. I was fighting them every step of the way. Then out of the blue a close friend of the family had rented a Beach House for the Summer and would like me to help with the kids, ages 4,6 and 7. Oh thank you God, there must be kids my age at the beach, and they will not know I am such a nerd.

I guess I was not as quiet as I thought I was, because just before my parents were to leave for the Summer in Europe. Both my parents called me in to my Dad's Den. His Den was where he and I discussed all the thing that I needed to know and do if I was going to be the person I wanted to be. Seemed my definition of whom I wanted to be was changing.

When both my parents were there you know that the Shit is about to hit the Fan. "I am thinking what the hell have I done this time." It was about sex, no not the "Sex Talk "we had done that years before.

However this was about what guys will do to have sex, the disease factor and protection from pregnancy.

I was going to be on the pill, just like all the popular girls.

OMG was I excited, they think someone wants to Fuck me even if no one else does.

Most of the time my job mendt only to feed the 4, 6 and 7 year olds and see the were dressed. Unless parents were to be off for the day, which did not happened too often.

I think it was the third week were at the Beach when the parents came to me and told me that they would have to return to the city and may not be back at all. They had talked to my parents and it was my choice, I could return home to Santa Barbara or stay here. It was my choice. The beach is always cool.

From the first days at the beach I would see this guy come out in only shorts and wave and then run down the beach. He would return about an hour later, heavy in sweat and his package much more outlined by his wet shorts. He looked like an athlete, maybe even professional. Nice muscles, not overly so and long arms and legs. Each time I would wave and he would wave, I would say hi and he would be gone. He must have thought I was still a child. Well maybe I was but he was only in his early to mid 20's

Well see how much of a child this is. I took off my top and bared my boobs. I knew the girls were more than adequate and my nipples are close to great. My sister Amy always told me how wild men are over boobs and if you have them like you do, you can get whatever you want from them. I move the Chaise so he could not miss me.

I heard him say "Holy Shit" and turned and headed for his house.

Disappointment was not the word for it. My goal was to get fucked for the first time, and it was not going well at all.

I was just about to put my top back on and go into the house almost in tears.

When I heard his voice "Would you like some Ice Tea?"

"Oh yes"

I headed up his walk to the stairs with my bra over my shoulder. and walked across the deck to his front door.

My commitment to myself was to have sex before the summer was over and here was a really hot man and I could not think of a better time than today. I serious thought of pulling the rip cord on the bikini bottom and walking in his front door completely nude.

I thought I was very confident, but maybe not that confident for that approach just yet. In later years, I certainly would be.

He was at the sink and motioned for me to come over. He had various condiments on the counter. He was starring directly at my boobs, and I loved to have a man not a boy look at me like that. He brought the drink around the counter to me. When he turned in my direction, I leaned forward so his arm rubbed across my bare tit. It was obvious that this was no accident. He put down his drink and with his left hand caressed my right tit and squeezed my nipple, which immediately responded to his touch. He then pushed me back against the counter and placed both his hand on both tits and started to grope each and at the same time giving my fat nipples a real workout.

I get so wet when I play with my tits in bed, but I had no idea of what a wet pussy was until a man is playing with them. It seemed to me that with every squeeze or tweek my nipples got harder than they can get. I just knew if they got any harder they could erupt. Not really, but they were harder than I had ever felt before.

He then moved down and sucked my left nipple into his mouth, Oh God does that feel so good! I was afraid to look down because my pussy was so hot and so wet that there must be steam rising from between my legs. Somewhere along the way he must have pulled the rip cord on my bikini bottom, and it was around my ankles.

I could feel his hard cock pushing against my body. I now not only was steaming hot, but I was not sure

I could stand much longer. However, I did find the strength to explore his cock through his shorts. It felt larger than I expected.

He took my face and turned it up to him and kissed me. My first lustful kiss from a man and I promised it would not be the last. Not even the last this afternoon.

"Don't you want to take my shorts off and see what I have for you?"

God, yes I did but was not sure if I should, or if I should wait until the invitation. When I pulled his shorts down his beautiful almost erect cock popped out.

When we broke the kiss he Said, "You are one hot little Slut."

I was not then nor am I now little. I am almost five'11," but he must be in the 6'5" or 6'6" range. So maybe I was little.

I said, "I am not a slut; I am still a virgin, but this is a special day, and I want you to change my life now.

He whispered in my ear something about his age and mine. Nevertheless, it did not matter, at least to me.

He told me to follow him to the sofa and said, "If you have not seen one of these or played with one this is your time!"

He took a seat on the sofa, and I kneeled in front of him.

I had seen a man' cock, and I had seen videos, but that is where my knowledge ended and well before any thought of skill registered my mind.

I now took a real look at his size and more startling than size was he still had a cap on his cock. None of those bitches at school probably ever had an uncircumcised man and surely not their first. I took his cock in my hand, and it was strong and firm and heavier than I expected. I gave him a few strokes, and he began to grow from under his cap. OMG that was hot.

A few more strokes and he was fully exposed. I kissed his beautiful cock and licked him a bit. He was now very firm and one day I will know what is solid and when a man is as hard as he will ever be...

"Tell me what to do, you know I have never done this before."

"Honey you are doing just fine, and you can start sucking on me when ever you are ready."


That I knew and started to suck on his cock now. I have put my fingers in my mouth and sucked on them after finger fucking myself. Even so, his cock was filling my mouth like never before, and I was thinking I love that feeling of his cock in my mouth. Plus he tasted like nothing else. It tasted a bit salty, some tart and something that seemed like sweetness.

I would from time to time look up to see if he was enjoying my lack of talent, and it looked to me, that even if I was not well trained yet, he was liking what I was doing.

I must have been doing the best, if knew how back then, with his cock in my mouth when I heard "Oh God, Fuck Yes Fuck"

He unloaded what seemed like a half of a cup or cum into my mouth, I know that is not possible, it just seemed like that much. I know it was not, but it was so much that I choked slightly.

"Honey what wrong don't you like it?"

Even with some choking I kept sucking on him, I wanted every last drop of my first oral sex on a man.

Oh I liked it, but I had no idea it would be so much. Seemed liked a warm good tasting icing of whip cream covering the inside of my mouth filling every creavus with his special brand.

"God Dammit you could have told me it would be so much; I could have drowned. " At the same time, I gave him a fun punch in the shoulder.

I asked, "Can we do that again?"

He replied" I thought you came here for something else."

He took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. At the bed foot he turned to me and we kissed one more time. I know I had almost no experience. However, I love being kissed like he kissed me.

With my arms still around his neck he lowered me to the bed and spread my legs. Which took almost no effort because I want him so badly. Somewhere along the way I lost my Bikini bottoms not exactly sure where.

I expected for him to climb up on my body and play with my nipples and kiss me some more.

However, he started to kiss and lick me on the inside of each thigh a bit above my knees. I had no idea how tender that area was and how erotic it made me feel. Each centimeter he kissed and lick up my thigh made me hotter and wetter than I had been. Maybe others would not feel what I was feeling, since this was my first experience. By the time he had reached that little cup that is formed at the top of a woman thigh and just adjacent to her vagina, I needed relief, and I thought I would go insane if I did not cum very soon.

OMB (Oh My Buddha) thank you for the relief, as soon as he kissed that little cup, I felt an explosion. Well it seemed like a wonderful explosion to me at the point in my history. Later, I would know it was really just a mini, but it made me feel wonderful. He then took his tongue and ran it down my slit from top to bottom. It felt like with every centimeter he forced my labia more and more open for our pleasure.

In my mind it was like a speed boat cutting through the surface of the ocean on a calm day. I had a couple of more flows of pleasure.

Never been sure if that flow goes from brain to gentilia or in the other direction. He reversed directions several times each time forcing me more and more open and making ever wetter and hot still.

He then sucked my clitoris into his mouth and used his tongue, his very talented tongue to make love to my switch of ecstasy. My mind went into a kind of a overload status all I can say is I was the happiest I had ever been.

He looked up and his face was shinning with my wetness, and we kissed again. Oh how good that tasted much better than off my fingers in my bedroom.

He rolled from between my legs and lay down with our bodies touching.

He Asked, "If I was ready for the Cru da Gras?"

I only nodded in the affirmative.

He reached in the drawer and found a jar of lubricant and spread it over my labia and inside also.

Then he instructed me to do the same to his penis and that a little too much was better than not enough.

He told me "Move over and let me be in the middle of the bed."

He gave me a quick slap on the butt, I guess I did not move quickly enough.

His cock was pointing directly as the ceiling when he lay on his back in the middle of the bed. Then he instructed me to straddle him, and he would place his cock at my opening and I would have control of how deep and how fast, and if there was pain how much pain?

I pushed him into me and I loved the full feeling much more than when I had fingers in my pussy.

I pushed in even further and there was pain. Not so much pain but maybe more than I expected, and I backed off and the pain subsided.

I was determined to complete this ritual of all women and therefore, slammed my hip down on him as hard as I could. Yes, there was pain, but not more than before, and I seemed to have lost control of my mind and my body.

I thrust my hips back and forth as fast as I could to have him penetrate me at a very high rate. I will say, soon he dumped the first load of cum in me, that I ever had and will not be the last. Please do not ask how long it took since I have no idea.

That wonderful warm feeling, that believed mixture of our fluids, I collapsed on him, and we kissed again. I felt completely safe with this man.

It was wonderful experience for the first time. With his arms and legs wrapped around me and his cock in me, I could have stayed like until the Sun came up in the West.

I told him I would be back in the afternoon. He told me that would not be possible as he was going away for four or five days.

I then told him "I will have my legs spread and ready for you when you get back.."

He said " We will see, we will see."

I grabbed my Bikini and ran out of his house "I gave him my greatest treasure and he did not like me and I do not even know his name!

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