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A New Hunger - The Next Morning

The story of how a girl lost her virginity, part I
Ten o'clock rolled around, and once again, on the hour, a clock's vigorous chime jarred me viciously into consciousness, leaving me confused and alarmed. I sat straight up, and looked around quickly. Less startled than before, the night started to come back to me, but I was still blurry, and my head hurt. I really liked to party back then, and it was still pretty easy to go overboard by mistake. With sunlight filling the room, it was plain that I was the only one still left from the party.

Thinking about the night before, my head felt like it wasn't quite attached right, and my body felt a little tight and off balance from sleeping wrapped in a blanket on the wood floor. I got up and half jogged, half staggered my way to the bathroom. The pain in my head and the dizziness were getting worse, but once I sat down again I was going okay.

I hadn't realized how badly I had to pee. It had been making me far more uncomfortable than anything else, and once that was done I felt almost fine; until I caught sight of myself in the mirror, that is. My hair, blonde at the time, was more than messy, but less than tangled. My lipstick had smudged from the cum, and my mascara ran below my eyes from the small, watering tears of surprise I shed when Jim unloaded in my mouth.

Lea, my friend's mother had obviously gone to work and I wondered if I was the only one in the house. I came out of the bathroom, adjusting my tiny blue skirt and scratched my head as I straightened my hair as well as I could without a comb. I liked hanging out in the house when it was quiet, it really was quite beautiful. Lots of timber and glass. A lacquered tree trunk serving as the central column for some spiral stairs leading between three of the four levels. I walked into well decorated, well stocked kitchen the kitchen, hoping beyond hope that she had left some coffee behind in the pot.

To my surprise, I found a mostly full pot of coffee, and the machine was still keeping it warm. I poured myself a cup, and put some milk from the fridge in it. I drank the first half of the cup hastily, then slowed down as I examined the painting of a female matador hanging on one wall, then the view from the window above the sink. Snow dusted forest could be seen on the slopes across the narrow valley, and heavy, low clouds floating lazily about them, concealing the tops of the mountains.

A moment later, I heard footsteps descending the stairs. A man in his early thirties was coming out of the upstairs bedroom. He wasn't my friend's father, but I think her parents were divorced. I wondered if he was the conquest of an older woman, or a lover to her.

He wore only boxers and a t-shirt. Unsure of what to do, I said, “Hey,” as nonchalantly as I could.

“Hey,” he said back to me, “I'm Ben. You're one of Cara's friends, right?”

Cara and I weren't close friends in the strictest sense, but we certainly had our points of bonding, and one of them was our love of partying. From that day on, it also included our love of cock.

“Yeah,” I said.

“I'm Lea's...” he trailed off, searching for a word.

“Boyfriend?” I asked him.

“Yeah. More or less. It's complicated, but that's no surprise.”

“What do you mean?”

“It's the first relationship I've been in for a while, and I worry that I'm being used.”

“Lea is a lot older than you.”

“Ten years isn't that much,” he said.

“Why do you think she's using you then?”

“I don't, really. It's just that if I were in her position, that's what I'd be doing to me. When we're together, it doesn't feel like we're together, if you know what I mean.”

At that time, I didn't but I said, “Uh-huh.”

“Well, it's what it is. I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, so I'm not really here to judge,” Ben paused, “Wow. I didn't mean to just shovel all of that on you.”

“No, it's fine,” I said, “I asked.”

The awkwardness grew slightly, so I endeavored to find words again.

“How's your morning?” I asked him ineptly.

He laughed a little and said, “It's fine, how about yours?”

“Alright. Now we can start over.”

He smiled. “Good. Feels like it's going to be a good day.”

“Yeah? I can't tell yet,” I said.

"You don't look so good.”

“Thanks,” I said sarcastically, examining the features of his face to try and figure out if he was being a jerk or not.

“I didn't mean that. All I meant was that you look like you're not feeling well.”

“Nothing serious,” I said, “Just drank a little bit too much last night.”

“I remember those days,” he laughed again, “Enjoy it now. It doesn't last.”

This wasn't the first time I'd gotten that advice, so I just nodded.

He continued, “Got anywhere to be?”

“No,” I said.

“Well, you're welcome to grab a shower before you go. I was about to make some breakfast for myself before I get back to grading papers,” he told me.

“Alright,” I said, “Thanks.”

“Upstairs and to your left,” he directed.

As I started up the stairs, he got to work rummaging around the kitchen collecting the pans and equipment he sought. I let myself into the upstairs bathroom and started the shower. I closed the door and got undressed. It took a little while for the water to heat up. I looked at myself in the mirror, cold, naked, covered in tiny bumps. Once the heat had reached my preference, I stepped into the clear glass box in the corner of the room, and sat for a moment on the seat jutting from the wall to feel the water fall on me for a few moments without having to stand. The hangover wasn't so minimal as I had thought. It wasn't terrible either, but it was nice to just sit and warm up.

After turning up the heat slightly, the room was beginning to fog up a little. Through the large window in the bathroom I could see a beautiful treeline, but the clouds above them were obscured by the mist of the shower. I put some organic, balsam and something shampoo in my hands and washed my hair. I scrubbed myself down with a pleasant citrus body wash, and even used an apricot scrub to get the smeared makeup off my face.

Ben is a very attractive man, and that notion was starting to sink in. I could feel the water on my body, but I was starting to feel another source of moisture from within me. My thighs tingled gently as I thought about him. His perfect calves made me bite my lip, even his ankles were perfect. Wishing I could have seen him without the boxers, my hand reached down to my neatly trimmed pussy. Without parting my labia in the slightest, I inserted a finger, and felt myself for a moment. Again, I bit my lip.

Careful not to moan to loud, I fingered myself for a little while before my swelling clit demanded some more direct attention. It wouldn't have taken me long to orgasm, but I had a different thought of what I could do with some of my sexual energy. I didn't think anything was going to come of it, but I thought it could have been very fun to just flirt with Ben while I wound myself up even more in my mind. I could always get off when I went home, couldn't I?

I shut off the water and stepped onto the mat outside the shower. Shivering in the cold air again, I toweled off quickly and went to get dressed. As soon as I did, I realized that my clothes had a drink spilled on them at the party, and they both looked and smelled awful. Not wanting to put such filthy rags back onto a clean body, I wrapped myself in the large bath sheet I had dried myself with and made my way back downstairs, carrying my clothes.

Ben looked up at me as I came down the stairs. He didn't say anything, and went back to work. I was a little relieved and a little disappointed. I always keep a clean change of clothes in my car, so I made for the front door, just as quietly as he worked.

As I approached it, he intercepted me and said, “You're not going out there like that, are you?”

“I have to get my clean clothes,” I said, then held up my clothes, “Don't worry, these don't provide much protection from the elements as it is.”

“You'll freeze. It's snowing out.”

“It's like seventy-five feet away. I'll be fine,” I insisted.

“Alright,” he said, motioning for me to go.

Once down the front steps I only made it about fifteen or twenty feet before I realized that I had made a terrible mistake. Shivering violently, I ran back to the house and clawed my way back up the stairs clad only in a damp towel. Ben let me back in immediately and threw a blanket around me. I turned around for a second, and dropped the cold towel while staying under the blanket.He noticed the obvious sound that it made, and once again the awkwardness of the situation grew considerably.

That wasn't the only thing that was growing though. I was nothing but pleased when I turned and saw the head of his soft, but hardening cock starting to emerge from his shorts. He clearly wasn't aware of it yet, and I just smiled to myself. At first this was a harmless game in my head, but with that information, I couldn't help but wonder how it would play out, what my next move should be.

“Let's get you warmed up,” he said, and turned.

I followed him. “I'd love to,” I said almost seductively, as I regained myself.

He led me to the living room where I had slept. Apparently, while I was in the shower he had built a roaring fire, and cooked most of an elaborate breakfast. I sat next to the fire for a moment, while he brought me another cup of coffee and a plate. I thanked him and started eating. The warmth of the food helped bring me back up to room temperature. My hangover was all but gone, maybe scared out of me by the freezing system shock I had just experienced.

As I drank my coffee and ate, he said “If you're alright for a second, I'm going to step outside for a second, but I'll be back.”

“Alright,” I said, “Oh wait, could you get my clothes for me?”

“No problem,” he said, and took my keys.


As he left I wondered why he needed to step outside in the first place. It was freezing cold and there wasn't anything to do except stand on the deck and look at a view you could see just as well from the huge windows that lined the walls of most of the rooms in the house. Not thinking much more of it, I kept eating and thinking how glad I was that I was warm again.

It took several minutes for Ben to return. I had parked a decent distance away, but I thought it was taking him a long time. When he got back, I asked.

“I was just having a smoke, that's all. Did you want to join me?”

“No, I was just curious.”

“Don't smoke weed?” he asked.

“Oh. No, I do. You said you were having a smoke, and I just assumed you meant a cigarette,” I told him.

“I thought I saw you head out into the woods last night with a couple other girls. Lea thought you were sneaking off to have a lesbian orgy, but I thought it was too cold. So, did you want some?”

“Um, sure,” I said, still wrapped in a blanket.

Ben handed me my clothes, and I finished the coffee before I stood up. I left the blanket behind me when I did, and he immediately turned around, clearly embarrassed by my nudity. I felt a little bad, but I still waited a few seconds before I even started getting dressed, bathing the radiant heat of the fire, I held each icy piece of clothing in front of it before I put it on to warm it up.

Once I put on my top I sighed, and said “Would you turn around, you look ridiculous.”

“Are you dressed?”

“Partly. I don't if you see me though, care though.”

“What if I do?” he asked.

“Stay that way if you want to,” I said, “But if I were you, I'd want to check me out.”

I had no idea what had gotten into me. This was one of the strangest moments in my life. I did not know what to do next, but I couldn't seem to remember how to back off. I was so embarrassed and so excited at the same time. Suddenly, he turned back to me, and looked at me. There was something in his eyes, his whole face really. Maybe even his whole body. He had not spoken, but I could tell that he was no longer concerned with hiding his lust.

Eyes stuck between his legs, I couldn't help looking at it. The sight of my naked body had gotten him mostly hard, and he was very visible through his underwear. He had clearly forgotten about the herb, but that was fine. My intentions had shifted, and I didn't want to be high on anything but the adrenaline the first time I got fucked.

I put down the panties I was warming up in front of the fire, and looked him in the eyes, standing my ground. Much taller than me, Ben was not imposing, but masculine, comforting. His frame was strong and athletic, but he wasn't all that muscular. In short, he was pretty much what I thought, at the time, an attractive man was.

Overwhelmed by lust and paralyzed with hesitation, my heart was beating faster and harder than it ever had, and only rarely has since. Still basking in the heat and light of the fireplace, I put my hand to my pussy, and played slowly and quietly with myself as we continued to gaze at each other. For a long moment he just stared at me, looking me up and down, not falling into the same trap I had again. His cock was completely hard now, extending all the way out of his shorts. He took his cock in his hand and began massaging it slowly, but roughly.

The last night I had sucked a cock for the first time, but I hadn't seen it more than a silhouette, and now here was another, right in front of me in perfect light. Ben's cock was a little shorter than Jim's, maybe only seven inches, but a little thicker. The length of his shaft was covered with beautiful veins, the magnificent flared head protruding from under a narrow sheath of skin.

Unable to restrain myself any longer I dropped to my knees, snatched his hard dick from him, and put it in my mouth. He groaned loudly and instantly. I swirled my tongue around the head of his shaft, inadvertently running the tip under his foreskin. That time he bellowed out a low growl in his pleasure. From underneath, I seized his scrotum and massaged his balls while I sucked him off, pulling him into my mouth.

The texture of his cock was different too. His head was strangely smooth, and it had a curious set of ridges along the back of it, under it's hood. I ran my tongue over it again and he bucked his hips forward. I backed off for a second, gagging a little. Just a little, but it was hard to recover from being speared like that. Nevertheless, recover I did, and I took him in my hand.

“I'm sorry about that,” he said.

“It's okay. I must have been doing something right,” I joked.

Our eyes met as I started jacking him off toward my face, licking the underside of his shaft and head occasionally. He grinned, and took me by the hands. After I stood, he led me to the kitchen, where he placed a hand on each of my hips and lifted me to the smooth, clean counter top, where he set me down.

With trepidation behind my eyes and in my heavy breath, I watched as he lowered his face to meet my wet pussy. My legs were open, but he took my thighs and splayed them wide before he continued. I gasped when I felt his tongue on me for the first time. The first time any tongue had touched me like that, in fact. I was dazzled by the experience, how it felt, how he knew where I wanted to be touched.

While I stared at the ceiling, convulsing with passion, he switched to using his fingers, and I felt his hot breath break in waves against me as he caught it. I didn't even see him reach into the bowl of fruit to his right and using only his tactile senses select the right cucumber for the job. Narrower at one end, tapered in the center, and slightly curved.

Ben pushed the cold, phallic fruit against the slickened entrance of my vagina, and I clenched for a second at the temperature, but it didn't take him more than a second to work past that. I was very, very ready to be fucked. By anyone. With anything. He slid the cucumber in and out of me, gradually working it further into me.

Biting my lip hard, I moaned through it, and embraced the small pain that came with the pleasure he was instilling in me. He hit bottom in a few more strokes, and soon he was thrusting it in and out with a steady rhythm. That rhythm took over my body, interrupting my now sustained moan of pleasure while I got fucked with a vegetable. A minute or so later, he was fucking me so hard with it I was screaming continuously stopping only occasionally for breath as I rapidly approached orgasm.

What happened next was incredible. He pressed one finger against my ass, and started licking my clit again as he kept pounding me with the slippery cucumber. My breath quickened further, I gasped and gasped but couldn't exhale. As my orgasm built and I prepared myself for it my knees lifted up off the counter and I put my ass in the air. The was driving it into me straight down when I started to cum.

I was so wet that my juices squirted out around it as he fucked me, and erupted quick jets of hot fluid when he pulled it out. Each time he did though, he immediately plunged it back into me. I could do nothing but lay there, twitching and shaking as he provoked the best orgasm I had ever had. Thirty seconds later, it was done, and I lay on the counter panting, sighing in my satisfaction.

My thighs were soaked and I lay shivering in a puddle of my own fluids as finally let me come down. Barely able to raise my head from the counter, I could only sort of see him take off his shirt and drop his shorts. I tried again to sit up, and see more clearly what was happening, but my muscles rebelled, half of them ignoring the others, and I collapsed backward again.

I felt it through the counter when Ben climbed up onto the tall counter himself. A moment later I saw his face again, this time above me, and only a few inches from my own. He looked in my eyes and kissed me once. Our lips were connected for the moment that he sank his huge prick into me. He didn't see any need to warm me up any further, and just plunged in full force. As his thrust reached the end of the line, it triggered a small aftershock and I writhed under him, cumming just a little bit on his big thick cock. When it hit me, in that moment I ceased being a virgin. I gave it to him, he took it, it didn't matter. I was done with it.

For a moment he remained still, but an instant later, he retracted and started fucking me hard and fast. Ben's strong shaft flew in and out of me, the large, masculine head of his organ sliding perfectly into my g-spot at the end of each thrust. My body tensed up, and my limbs started shrinking towards my torso. I thought that I would cum again in no time at all, but it passed and I relaxed for another moment. He fucked me for ten or fifteen minutes, and I screamed the whole time.

Between screams, I cried out “Don't stop fucking me!”

I'm not really sure what was orgasm and what wasn't by that point, but my legs were wrapped tightly around him; so tightly that he had to work against them just to retract.

He was almost finished. After another minute, maybe two, he said, “Fuck, I'm going to cum.”

“Oh fuck, oh yes! Do it, baby!” I yelled at him, asking for it.

“Oh fuck!” he yelled again.

“Oh yeah, do it, cum! Cum for me!”

He moaned and screamed trying to hold on. Both of his arms were under my back now, holding me close to his chest. He bit me where my neck meets my shoulder while he held on for a few more minutes.

He looked in my eyes and said, “Tell me how much you want it.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I yelled as he pounded me, “Cum! I want you to cum for me. I need it. Cum baby, cum in me! Fill me up with your hot...” I stopped talking as he began shooting his load inside my tight young pussy.

I screamed and wailed as he fucked me senseless while he emptied all his cum inside me. I felt as though a hot geyser of pure sex had just gone off inside me. I came again, my muscles contracting autonomically around his ejaculating cock, prolonging his orgasm as well. I enjoyed every second of it, every pulse of hot white cum pouring into me, and I locked myself around him in ecstasy.

When we had both finished, Ben pulled out, and knelt over me. He jerked a few last drops onto my face and put his cock back in my mouth. I sucked it for a moment, and then allowed him to withdraw. He got down off the counter and not a second after I felt his feet hit the floor his hands pulled me by the waist off the surface and he picked me up in both arms. I lay limp in his arms, my limbs and head dangling toward the floor where he held me. Without any further words, he kissed me once more on the mouth and carried me upstairs to the bedroom.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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