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A Party to Remember

An account of my first sexual encounter with a long time crush.
One balmy summer night, I was sent a text by my friend that a party was going on at a class mate's house. It was at the house of a guy named Nathan, who I then had somewhat of a crush on. Supposedly, his parents were out of town and, by word of mouth, students were turning up by the dozens to get in on a little non-chaperoned freedom. I hadn't planned on doing anything that night, so I decided to take a quick shower, get dressed and head over to the party. For some reason, I was unusually horny that night, I don't know if it was just teenage hormones or a sign that I needed to make my move with Nathan, with whom I'd never really passed the "friend" stage. I picked out a cute grey dress from Forever 21 to wear and on a wild impulse, decided to go sans panties. Something about not wearing underwear made me feel particularly sexy, even if nobody else knew, it was my little secret! At the last moment, I packed a swimsuit and towel in a bag with me as I had remembered him having a pool. I hopped in my car, an old Honda Civic handed down from my older sister. I remember I had recently turned 16 and got my driver's license and didn't have to rely on her for transportation anymore.

When I got to Nathan's house, I entered through the side gate to his back yard. There were about 30 people there, half of whom seemed to be in the pool and hot tub. I did my round of chit chat wit friends but the entire time, I really just had the desire to be alone with Nathan. As the night wore on, I had few chances to speak with him. As it got later, people were leaving and surreptitiously sneaking back their homes. By about 2AM there were only a few people left chatting and a couple of people making out in the pool. I decided, I finally would get changed into my bikini and send a text my mom to say I was spending the night at a friend's house, so I didn't worry about over staying.

I walked up to Nathan finally and asked if he wanted to hang out in the hot tub and catch up. He said, "sure" and I we both sat down in the water and chatted about everything from our summer plans to the geometry class we were in the previous year and how we used to text each other without the teacher ever noticing! After about 10 minutes or so, Nathan was still talking about class memories from the previous year and I got the sudden and crazy impulse to tease him a little bit, just to see if he was paying attention. I began to subtly splash water on my bikini top, making the top of my breasts glisten from the water. He continued on talking with a fixated glance as I listened and made subtle affirmative gestures. I then lifted my left bikini cup slightly and splashed water over my full breast, briefly exposing it. He paused and laughed a bit in a slightly awkward moment but continued chatting.

After about 5 minutes, I leaned back slightly, bit my bottom lip and said that I was going to close my eyes a bit while we chatted. Under the water, I pushed my hand under my bikini bottom, listening and replying sporadically. With my fingers, I rubbed my clit in circles slowly, opening my eyes just slightly as I glanced at him. I nodded at his questioned and replied in curt affirmations while I began to breathe increasingly heavy as I secretly pleasured myself under the water. After a few minutes, it was obvious that he had figured out what I was doing under the water, even thought the view was somewhat obscured by the bubbles in the hot tub. He suddenly turned blush and in an adorably, self aware voice, continued to talk to me about school.

He was so cute, trying not to break concentration or make any sudden moves. I decided that he must be the shy type because I knew he liked girls. I needed to be more proactive. I put my hand on his knee and kept it there for a while. Every minute or so, I moved it about half an inch up his thigh. After a few minutes he put his arm around me and I leaned my head in on his shoulder. Meanwhile, I had moved he my hand up the right leg of swim trunks, my fingers only a couple of inches from his penis. He noticeably began to talk slower, in a somewhat nervous manner. I could tell his heart must have been beating 200 times a minute! But in all honesty, so was mine.

After what seemed like an eternity, my fingers finally crept up, my thumb brushing the tip of his penis. We talked, eyes entranced, as my thumb moved in slow and gentle circles around the head. I moved my fingers in further, my pointer and middle finger tracing gently up and down the underside of his cock which, at that point, was noticeably hard.

His breathing was heavy and deliberate and he spoke on, rubbing his hand around my shoulder. I continued to let my hands wander around the opening of his trunk leg for a good while, to further explore his manhood. My heart sped up in a surge of both excitement and inquisitiveness as I had never felt this part of a guy before and it was all very new. My thumb felt over the opening of his penis, down the shaft and I then I began to caress his testicles, feeling the texture of his skin. I continued tracing my fingers up and down his cock, starting slow and then increasing in speed. As I moved more vigorously, I began to form a firmer grip and began to stroke him. In a moment, mid story, he closed his eyes, breathed deeply and paused. It was apparent he could no longer hold out.

With a look of passion in his eyes he said, "Cara, do you wan't to go my room?" Without hesitation, I said, "Yes, I just need to get out of this wet swimsuit." We trotted inside and I went to the bathroom to change back into my dress. When I met him in his room. I didn't say a word. I gave Nathan a knowing glance. I said, "I want you so bad", pushed him gently on his bed and straddled him, kissing him wildly and multiple times. I took his shirt off over his head and began to kiss him up and down his chest, moving back up his neck and to his lips. After about three minutes of make out, I sat up, still straddling him and hiked up my dress. He was obviously surprised to see I wasn't wearing panties! I then unfastened his belt and jeans and pulled his boxers off to reveal his hard manhood standing upright and proud. I pulled up my dress again and slowly lowered myself onto him, accepting him all into my body, guiding his cock snugly into my womanhood, which was wet with anticipation. Still wearing my dress, I began to ride him slowly and then increase in speed, moving up and down as I sat on top, rocking my hips in and out, pumping him deep between my legs. He placed his hands on my hips, pulling me in deep as I let out a slight moan.

He suddenly pulled my dress over my head and unfastened my bra. I got up and readjusted myself, now fully unclothed and still straddling him from atop. I began to grind on him with increasing speed, my breasts bouncing as I bobbed up and down. He cupped my breasts, his fingers running circles around my hardened nipples, sending me into ecstasy as I leaned forward and placed my hands on his chest. His hands moved down my spine slowly, sending a shiver up my body and I kissed him around his collar bone. His hands reached from behind, firmly grabbing my butt to guide me as I rode him. I ran my hands through his hair and kissing him madly, whispering in his ear that I had wanted to do this with him for so long. He moaned, grabbed my bum tighter, spreading me open as his finger tips explored my anatomy from behind, running his fingers over the back juncture of my labia and up between the crevice of my cheeks and back down, going between both of my openings.

When I could tell he was almost at the point of orgasm, I decided I needed to get up before he could cum inside me. I hopped up, pulled him over to the edge of the bed, dropped to my knees, tucking my auburn hair behind my ears and then began to attentively lick the head of his penis, moving down and making broad licks up the length of his cock. I then slowly took all of his penis inside my mouth. Once I could not place it in any further, I began to move my head up and down. He grabbed the back of my hair firmly and moved his hips in and out.. This went on for about 4 minutes, my eyes fixed on him as his cock plunged the back of my throat. When I could not go any longer, he pulled out and began rubbing himself. Still on my knees, I looked deeply in his eyes and exclaimed, "I want your cum inside me." I then tilted my head back, opened my mouth and waited in anticipation for him to shoot his cum inside of it, filling my mouth. He looked a bit taken back and said, "are you sure?" to which I replied, "yes, I want you to."

He rubbed himself for all but about 40 seconds and then burst into a moan of ecstasy, his warm cum spurting into my open mouth and down the side of my face. He collapsed on his bed in a cathartic release. I swallowed his cum and got back in bed with him, this time lying beside him with my hand on his chest. I peered into his eyes, still with a bit of his cum glistening and running down my cheek, gave him a gentle kiss and closed my eyes and we lay in his bed through the night.

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