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My version of an experience at college when I briefly dated a member of the Baptist Student Union.

They knew each other; they had a class together -but not as well as they thought. He knew she was religious, active in one of the campus student chapels, and somewhat conservative. She didn’t wear any obvious makeup and he had never seen her wearing stockings. She knew or at least suspected that he wasn’t a regular churchgoer and while he seemed nice - there was a hint of the rebel that might have made him appealing but not yet enough to be out of bounds on a college campus. He found her slim figure attractive, as well as her curly blonde hair - and thought a mutual attraction was felt by her as well.

So here they were, sitting under the stars and holding hands, quietly talking about whatever came to mind from life on campus, classes, etc. But they did not discuss everything that came to mind - certainly not to his mind. He finally turned to kiss her and she responded. He wasn’t sure where this might lead, but he had hopes. As they kissed he pulled her closer and with their bodies touching he could feel her breasts pressing against his chest. He also felt her stiffen slightly in resistance to any suggested movement towards lying down. Yet she kept kissing him and didn’t seek to flee his embrace.

The kisses were pleasantly firm as she resisted his teasing tongue with her clenched teeth. His hands were caressing her back, feeling the material of her dress and even the outline of her bra beneath it. She did not object unless his hand started moving around to her front. However, she did not resist when he took her head in his hands and while stroking her hair began moving his kisses beyond her lips.

He changed to light almost butterfly touches of his lips on her cheeks, her chin, even to her earlobes - slowly and lightly. Now they were close enough that without quite touching he could still feel her presence and her warmth. His hands were not moving quite so much now but resting lightly on her back. As they remained so, one hand began slowly to draw down the zipper at the back of her dress without her seeming to notice.

The night was warm enough to preclude any chilling breeze and despite her restraint so far, he thought he sensed growing warmth as well - certainly he felt it in his own loins. Their bodies were now close enough for his thigh to press against hers and at last he reclined with her partially on top of him - strictly above the waist that is except that his thigh could barely feel the outline now of her clothed mons venus against it. Beneath his fingers the zipper now passed beyond the clasp of her bra. He was becoming increasingly aroused by his success but stayed turned so that she could not detect his growing hardness.

As the zipper reached bottom, his hand slipped gently beneath the dress fabric but at the top near the zipper’s opening, where he began to gently stroke the back of her neck. As she didn’t object and even seemed to respond to his touch he moved his hand downward along the uncovered flesh - and she offered no objection! He first passed beyond the bra strap without touching it but then returned and with one had quickly released it, baring her back beneath his hand. As she realized what he had done she gasped lightly - and as her teeth parted in surprise his tongue quickly entered in newly impassioned kiss.

Her dress had crept slightly up her leg as she began to respond to his touching and kissing with more enthusiasm. His hand moved again to her waist - this time without interference. He sensed by touch that the hem of her dress had now crept perilously towards her waist and that by now her panties might even be just visible if one were to look. His other hand caressed her back, opening the gap wider as well, while his kisses focused on the sensitive areas of her throat, neck, and the hollow at its base. A feeble movement of resistance was followed again by acquiescence and then even encouragement as she continued to hold her head close to his. Emboldened, he reach out to her ass, still covered by her dress, and pulled her closer to him, now allowing her to feel his hard masculinity beneath her. There was again a moment of alarm followed by acceptance as both of his hands now cupped the panty-covered cheeks of her ass and pressed hot body against his.

The open dress and unfastened bra now began to fall open and even away, exposing her small breasts. His kisses continued towards them. Soon the material had gathered at her waist as he sucked, licked, and caressed her breasts and nipples. His hands now stroked her ass - remaining outside the material of her panties. He moved her gently on to her back, continuing to kiss her again on her lips, throat and breasts and his hands moved towards her front and her still clad mons beneath its white cotton shield. At first he just cupped it in his hand and pressed lightly. Then he stroked her upper thighs, white in the moonlight and still pressed together - his fingers touching lightly at the edge of the cotton fabric.

Her nipples were swelling under his attentions and soon her hips were thrusting up against the pressure of his hand. He began first with just one finger, to explore underneath the edge of her panties towards her thatch of hair. Her legs began to ease apart as he did so, encouraging further exploration. And he could just make out on her panties a growing spot of dampness - which really excited him.

Suddenly, she was unbuttoning his shirt and placing her hand against the bare skin of his chest. Quickly now, they were undressing each other until all they wore were her panties and his briefs.

Again they embraced with their bare flesh now pressed together and both of them exploring each other’s bodies. His hands finally returned to her waist and his fingers to begin probing beneath the wet crotch of her panties. He gently teased at the lips of her pussy and petted along its surface. Then he returned to rubbing her pussy through the material. Finally, Beth took his hand in hers and pushed the waistband of her panties down, to put his open hand firmly over her pussy. As he resumed his explorations from this new vantage point, she finished kicking off her underwear and lay back naked before him.

They kissed again, tongues now fiercely engaged, while his hand probed her pussy with one and then two fingers. Her hips again pressed upwards as he teasingly entered her with the tip of his finger, and then repeated it going deeper. Soon she was eagerly fucking his two fingers, and his cock was responding jealously. Now her hands were at the waistband of his briefs, pulling them down, and freeing his cock. She immediately took his dick captive in her hands, exploring it, further arousing him until she pushed his hand away from her pussy and led his cock to her slit. She guided it into her now wet, swollen pussy and pulled him on top of her as he entered her. Soon he was slowly riding her, thrusting deep and pulling out almost but not quite. Her legs curled around him to ensure this captivity. As he continued to fuck her, he guided her hands to her breasts and found her willingly responding to playing with her tits as he watched. Soon, one of her hands also slipped shyly towards her pussy and discovered the joys of her clit as he continued to fuck her with his cock.

Then, before he realized it, she had rolled him over and found himself on his back watching her wildly riding his dick. As she fucked him her hands also continued to play at her tits and her clit. Finally, swept away by this, they came together - collapsing in each other’s arms as his cock relaxed inside her. Their play resumed later, to include another peak as an impromptu 69 proved her tongue and lips as horny as her pussy, while he found the latter to be as sweet as any. But even at that they failed to again reach that first height.

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