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Bec's first time

Bec's first time

This story is about my first love and me. Let me introduce myself, my name was Bec. I was sixteen at the time. I had long brown hair with small 32b breasts. Michael was eighteen, a well-built athletic football player with gorgeous blue eyes that I got lost in and jet black short hair.

My first time with Michael was so special. We were in love for long time. So long, that passionate cuddling or kissing filled every moment we spent together. We had passionate make out sessions that lasted forever, but we never went the whole way, even though we wanted to.

Tonight was different I wanted to let him go all the way. Tonight, the thing he most desired was Michael's for the taking. He certainly wanted me and that is what he intended to get.

Tonight was no different, we made out again. As the night passed, he wanted me and I knew it. The only thing unknown to him was just how much I wanted him. The passion we shared soon turned to heavy lust. We kissed and groped each other's body wildly. His lips met my neck at the same time his hands fondled my chest. He slowly and passionately caressed me through my shirt, while he gently sucked on my neck. My nipples got hard as he felt my perfect breasts with his hands. I had not noticed the tent in his boxers yet because I had my eyes closed, almost clenched tight. We knew we wanted it and the day we finally made love arrived tonight.

He worked his hands all over my sides and around my bellybutton on the outside of my shirt, as little shock-waves coursed through my body. He reached the bottom of my shirt and made his way back up to feel my breasts on the inside of my shirt, feeling my soft skin. He ran his fingertips on my skin above my bellybutton and slowly moved his hands around to my back. He hoped to get my lacy red bra off without much trouble. He started to pull my bra off out from under my shirt and to his surprise I never even tried to stop him this time.

Finally, he pulled it out from under my shirt and threw it beside the bed. He quickly moved his hands back up my shirt and to feel my beautiful, uncovered breasts for the first time. He cupped them softly as they were perfect handfuls. I didn’t have big breasts, just enough to notice. He slowly used his fingers to caress my hard nipples. It didn’t last long before he decided he wanted to see what he was doing. He broke the kiss and pulled off my shirt over my head. He saw my breasts and immediately placed his mouth over my hard nipples. He sucked one then the other and played with them using his tongue and teeth.

His fingers moved back and forth up my leg as his mouth covered my aching breasts. When his fingertips reached my thigh, it made me nervous as I felt his fingers touch my pussy through my matching French laced knickers. I got moist thinking about what was about to happen. I knew he would feel how wet I was through the thin material covering my crotch. His fondling sent a shock through my body.

I playfully moved his head from my hard nipples and slowly moved my hands past the waistband of his boxers and grabbed his rock hard cock. My eyes widened at the feeling of his length. It was so huge. I couldn’t wait any longer and I yanked his boxers down, relieving his cock of its confinement. His hard tool jerked with the new freedom I gave it. I reached out to grab it, but he stopped me right in my tracks. I knew what he wanted and I wanted to let him have it.

I laid back on the bed and let him remove my skirt. He removed my soaking wet underwear. He took his time doing this. After he removed all my clothes, I laid on the bed completely naked for him. He slowly worked his hands from my ankles up to my knees, massaged my legs as he went. He moved up my thighs right to my pubic bone, and back down, teasing me as he went. He barely avoided touching my gorgeous pussy lips each time. He moved his hand back up. He never stopped looking at my face as my eyes fixated on his hands.

Suddenly without warning, he massaged my clit, using my own dripping wet pussy juices for lubrication. This drove me crazy and he knew it. He moved his head down to my pussy and kissed me right on my pussy lips. He stuck out his tongue and moved it up and down, from the bottom of my slit and back up, stopping only to nibble on my clit. I couldn’t stop thinking why hadn’t we done it sooner,

Oh God, he performed such a wonderful job, my first orgasm struck and my legs shook on his shoulders. He thought it would be fun to lick around my inner thighs. All I wanted was his tongue back on my pussy badly. His hands moved all over my soft ass and caressed my meaty flesh. His hands finally moved off my ass and moved straight back to my pussy slit. He slowly moved his index finger into my pussy for the first time, while he still licked my thigh.

He moved his finger in and out of my pussy. He pushed it all the way in then pulled it all the way back out. He tasted his finger each time. He moved his head back down to my pussy and replaced his finger with his tongue. He moved his tongue in and out of my pussy while he rubbed and pinched my clit with his finger. He looked up at me and saw me bite my bottom lip while I rubbed and twisted my hard nipples with my fingers. I got wetter and wetter as my second orgasm started to hit. He knew I was about to cum and he worked his fingers fast over my clit. He bobbed his head up and down, trying to get his tongue as far into my pussy as he could.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning loudly even if I wanted. "Oh fuck, Michael Oh my God, fuck!"

I wrapped my legs around his head and pushed my pussy against his face, hard. He felt my hot cum flood out of my body with his tongue. He let it all flood right out of my pussy onto his tongue, as he cleaned up my pussy after I came. My breath was still rapid and heavy after I came down from my second orgasm that night. Michael continued licking up my juices around my pussy and my clit.

I opened my eyes, looked down at Michael and moaned, "Fuck me!"

It was all Michael needed to hear from me. He stood up and grasped his cock. He could've cum right then. He moved up my body as I just laid there on my back. He worked the tip of his cock up and down the slit of my pussy, repeatedly. He reached my entrance and slowly pushed his huge cock into my eagerly waiting pussy. He managed to get the head of his cock in my tight wet pussy.

He pulled out of my pussy and put it in again, a bit quicker this time using my left-over cum and his spit as lubrication. Soon he had half of his cock in my pussy. He pulled out a bit and thrust into me again hard. His whole cock felt amazing inside me. Michael felt his balls smack against my ass and he didn't even need to look down. He knew he had his full length inside me. He lost all control as he fucked me wildly, putting all of his cock into me then back out in quick, hard thrusts as fast as he could.

After a bit of this, he got tired. He picked me up and held me against his body with his cock still buried deep inside me, his hands were on my ass and my legs wrapped around him. He lifted me up and down on his cock while he turned around and sat on the bed. He sat down with me still straddling him. He moved his hands up and down my ass as I kept riding and rocking my hips on his cock.

My breasts bounced up and down right in front of his face. He caressed them and sucked on them. He laid back on the bed watching his cock go in and out of my tight pussy as I bounced up and down. After a few minutes of me bouncing on his cock, I fell onto him and kissed him, letting him fuck me as hard and fast as he wanted. He fucked my pussy for a few minutes like this and suddenly warned me he was ready to cum.

I got off him and he got off the bed. I got on my knees right beside the bed and took his cock in my hand. I jacked him off fast, but stopped and licked the tip of his cock, sending chills through his body. I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I tasted my cum as well as his pre-cum on his cock and I loved the taste. I moved my head from his cock and a long stream of his cum stretched from the tip of his cock to my lip. I moved my head back to his cock, letting the cum run onto my chin.
I worked his cock a little deeper into my mouth with each bob of my head back and forth. My tongue snaked around the underside of his cock as I took it into my throat. His hands moved to the back of my head and he pushed his cock deeper into my throat, he nearly chocked me and made me gag. I jacked him off, keeping the head of his cock inside my mouth.

After only a couple of minutes of feeling my hands work up and down his shaft, he neared his orgasm. He took his cock in his hand and used his other to tilt my head back. I looked up at him and I knew he was about to cum. I moved my hands to his balls and caressed them as he jacked off with the head of his cock resting on my chin. Without warning, he came.
A long warm stream of cum shot across my lips onto my cheek, the rest he managed to get into my mouth. He filled my mouth completely with cum, ran his finger along my cheek getting the cum that he shot on my face and put his finger into my mouth, feeding me his cum. I played with the cum in my mouth, sticking my tongue out so he saw what he did to me. I swallowed it all in one gulp.

I got off my knees and kissed him deeply and we could taste each other. We fell onto the bed in exhaustion, soaking the sheets with our sweat. He kissed me again and wrapped his arm around me and we fell asleep holding each other.

Author's note:

Hi everyone, thanks for reading my stories. I would like to say a quick thank you to the frogprince for doing an amazing job helping me edit these stories you all like.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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