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Buddy's Mom

My friend Buddy's mom seduced me, and I loved it.

Buddy’s Mom (mF)


We had been swimming all day at the Westwood Pool, and were waiting for Buddy’s mom to pick us up in the parking lot. It’s a bitch not having your own car and having to catch a ride, but it was better than staying home or riding the bus. I had never met his mom, but expected she would look like everybody else’s mom, sort of like the lady on the cake mix box. Was I wrong!

“Here she comes,’ Buddy said.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here in a 1956 restored white Ford convertible was the most luscious woman I had ever imagined. She had a blonde pony tail and was wearing a white pleated skirt and a red jersey halter that cradled her delicious ripe boobs like a pair of eager hands. The red leather seats really set off her white skirt.

Buddy and Paul jumped into the back seat, leaving me riding shotgun with his mom. She introduced herself and asked how the others knew me. I explained that I was transferring into their prep school, and had met them at orientation on the last day of class.

She asked all the usual polite questions about where
I lived and why I was transferring to Westgate Academy. I explained that my dad had high hopes for me, and wanted me to be in a good college prep program, even if it was across town.

During our chat, my eyes kept being drawn to those long tan legs that seemed to peek further out of her skirt as the air blew on it. Better yet was the hint of two perky nipples poking through her halter. Her white sandals showed off her red painted toenails, and made her toes look good enough to suck on. She seemed totally unaware of the view I was enjoying, but my hard-on poked up through my shorts so far that I threw a towel over my lap to hide it. The trip to Buddy’s house was only twenty minutes, but it was torture for me.

His mom explained that the boys were being taken to a ball game by their fathers, so she had to drop them off first before taking me home on the other side of town. When we pulled up in front of Buddy’s house, they jumped out, yelling behind them as they ran,
“See you soon.”

Buddy’s mom jumped out of the car to get something from the house before driving me home, and I thoroughly enjoyed the view as her skirt slip up as she left the car. When she got back in, the show was repeated, and I thought I would about burst at the sight of the flash of her thighs. I kept the towel in place in my lap, hoping she wouldn’t see the tent in my shorts.

It was a thirty minute drive to my house, and we chatted along as we went. I finally broke down and asked her how the mom of a fifteen year old could be so young, I would guess about thirty. She explained that she had married Buddy’s dad after his mother had died three years ago, and was “a little younger” than her husband, Jack. I suspected that “a little” was an understatement. He was an investment advisor, and traveled all over the country to meet with clients.

As we drove along, the air became cooler, and I became hotter, watching her nipples extend and bulge the fabric of her halter. She also allowed her skirt to blow up from the floor vent air, and I began to wonder whether she was coming on to me. She was very animated in her conversation, and from time to time would pat me on the arm and thigh to make a point. I was going nearly crazy with lust for this lady, who was twice my age.

When we pulled into the circular drive in front of my house, she noticed that no one seemed to be home and that she had hoped to meet my parents. I explained that they were on an overseas trip for two months, and that I was “batching” it on my own. She gave me a little smile and asked why the towel was in my lap. At that, she grabbed the end nearest her and pulled it off.

“Oh, My!” she said, “You are really a big boy!” I turned bright red and apologized about my condition, but she shushed me quickly.

“Please don’t worry. Do you think I’m attractive, then?”

“Oh God yes, I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

She took off her seat belt and slid over toward me, wrapping her fingers around my protruding cock. When she squeezed it, I gritted my teeth and tried to hold back an orgasm.

“You know,” she said, “I’ll bet you are going to go into the house and jerk off, aren’t you?”

What could I say, but “Yes, I guess so.”

“Why wait,” she asked, “I’d love to see you do it right here. This is a very private place, and no one could possibly see you. Now let’s see that beautiful cock of yours.”

I didn’t know what to say, but willingly slid down my trunks to expose the hardest cock I had ever had in my life. “I’ll give you a hand,” she said, “and began slowing stroking my cock with her right hand.” As she stroked me, she loosened her halter so that the curve of her breasts was fully visible. When her nipple appeared, I lost it, and squirted three times over a foot in the air. All she said was, “That’s a good boy.”

“It was really nice to meet you, Tim, I hope you will come to visit often. I can always drive you home, you know. I’ll bet we can have a lot of fun together”

That was a promise of things to come that made my head buzz. “I’d really like that. Hope to see you again real soon”

“Why not come over to our place on Thursday? You can play tennis with us, and have a swim in our lap pool and stay for a cookout. Of course, I’ll be more than happy to drive you home. Especially since your folks are away.


Thursday came much too late for me. I really liked Buddy and Paul, but Buddy’s mom was unbelievably gorgeous.

I took the cross-town bus to their house, and hadn’t realized that they had a tennis court on the back lawn. Buddy and Paul were already volleying, and motioned to me to join them as I walked around the house. Whether the three of us would play a round robin, or two on one, I didn’t know, but I was ready to play.
My question was answered when Buddy’s mom came out of the house in a tennis outfit. How sports clothes can be so intensely erotic, I have no idea, but that very, very short skirt with matching white panties and a close fitting top were enough to stir my senses. Even the sports bra didn’t hide her curves. When she bent over to pick up a ball to serve, I almost lost it. I hadn’t had a good look at her ass the other day, but I sure got a show now. The skin-tight panties accentuated every curve, and they were luscious curves.

After the game, she asked if anyone would like a dip in the pool. I had brought my trunks and the three of us went into the house to change. In a few minutes, we were all in the pool. It wasn’t a large at the one at Westwood, but was really refreshing. What I didn’t expect, was that Buddy’s sister, Leah, would be joining us.

She looked young, but going on twenty-five. Her tits weren’t as big as her mom’s, but they looked firm and full bulging out of her white bikini. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her, and she was the kind of girl that bikinis are made for.

She introduced herself to me, and told me that any friend of Buddy’s was a friend of hers. That worked for me, I could use all the young, sexy friends I could get. As we played around in the pool, I could get a good view down her bra top, almost to the nipples. It was enough to get me hard again, but the cool water helped bring it down.

Jack’s dad was out of town on business, so the five of us had a cookout. Leah was going to a sleepover with friends, and Buddy was off to Paul’s house for the night. It looked like Buddy’s mom would have to drive me home alone, still in her tennis outfit. I could hardly wait!

She didn’t seem at all uneasy at the two of us being together, and asked about my folks. I told her that my dad was sales vice president for a large engineering company, and had taken my mom to Europe on a business trip, that they were prolonging for some vacation time.

Once again, she found some way to stroke my bare thigh, without being obvious and it seemed totally natural. When we got to my place, she asked if she could come in and see it. “Sure,” I said, “It’s really a totally awesome house.”

The house was a rambling stone contemporary ranch style with few windows in front, but huge ones looking out to the back lawn.  As we walked through, she was very complimentary, and seemed to love the layout, especially the den, which looked over the well groomed yard. There was a huge leather sofa facing the windows, and she plopped down on one end. “Could you get me a beer?” she asked. “Join me if you like.”

Would I ever! I hustled back with two long neck Heinekens, and sat on the opposite end of the couch. She had tossed back a couple at home during dinner, and seemed to be very relaxed at the situation. I, on the other hand, was getting tenser by the minute, and she squirmed around to face me with her back against the couch’s armrest. I did the same on my end, and we sat facing each other.

“Do you still think I’m attractive?,” she asked. “Oh yes,” I replied, “and very sexy too.”
She smiled at me, and let her knees drift slowly apart. I don’t know when or how it had happened, but her tennis panties were nowhere to be seen.

“Haven’t you ever seen a pussy before?”

“Only in magazines” She spread her knees wider and said, “This is no magazine, it’s the real thing.” My shorts were almost ripped open by my cock stiffening, “Very nice”, I said. You sure beat anything I have ever seen in any magazine.”

“Why don’t you slip your shorts off?”

It took only a second, and there I sat facing her with my pole fully extended. She stretched out one leg and caressed it with her foot, which nearly made me cum on the spot.

“I thought it was only fair that I should pay you back for the show you gave me last time. I don’t know if you know that girls masturbate, too.”

I had seen some stag movies of girls fingering themselves, but never in real life. Her right hand dropped down to her crotch, and she started sliding it up and down in her slit. The juices must have come immediately, since I could hear the faint slurping noises as she pleasured herself.

“I’ll bet you’d like to stick your cock in here wouldn’t you? That would be fun, but it isn’t time yet. Let’s just enjoy the moment”

As she continued, I started stroking my cock with slow, even motions, enjoying my own private porn show.

As she stroked, she kept crooning,

“I don’t know what’s come over me. You just turn me on so much. What a beautiful cock you have. It’s so long and smooth and young. It’s a far cry from Jack’s wrinkled old hairy pecker. He’s so old, I hardly even get a chance to see it.”

“Oh my God, such a cock. I can just feel it inside me thrusting in and out. I’m getting so hot I can barely stand it. Rmmmmmmmmmh! I think I’m cumming. Oh, God, yes!”

When her finger disappeared into her cunt, it was too much to take, and I shot off in streams onto the couch. “Want a taste?,” she asked, and slid over and stuck her middle finger in my mouth. The taste was both sweet and pungent, and I savored the flavors.

“Want to feel my tits?”

She slipped her top over her head to expose those gorgeous breasts. I had only peeked at before in the car.

What a silly question.

I reached up and massaged both glorious globes, and lightly pinched the nipples on both. On command, they both stood up proudly.

“Want to lick them?”

What a question! I pulled one after the other into my greedy mouth, and pulled at them with my lips.

“Ohhhhh, my,” she murmured, “that feels really nice. You really know all the tricks to make a woman feel special.”

I didn’t really know anything, except that she had me totally under her control. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to please her, but that I couldn’t help myself.

She dressed and went out to the kitchen to get a paper towel to clean up the sofa. I was pissed that the game was over, but was in no condition to continue, after blowing my load on the couch.

“I really have to go now,” she said, but I hope we can get together again soon.”

I watched her as she climbed into the car, and I got one more good look at that lovely ass.

It would never be too soon for me.

Continued in Chapter 3


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