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Bye Bye Roommate, Hello Lover

Bye Bye Roommate, Hello Lover

When a roommate moves out, an unexpected oppurtunity arises.
It had been eleven months and nine days of this living arrangement; sharing a three-bedroom apartment with Marcus and Brian. I had known Marcus for quite a few years. We knew Brian more as a friend of a friend who needed a place to live. Needing a third person to get the apartment we wanted, Marcus and I agreed to let Brian move in with us.

Brian was probably an okay guy. But he just wasn't very compatible with Marcus and I. When determining the hierarchy and animalistic roles that men in their 20's often do, he was on the bottom. He was the one who took the role of the "girl" in banter when the opportunity arose. It was never evil spirited, just immature ball busting thats quite common among guys our age. And its not like Marcus and I ganged up on Brian and were just being plain nasty. We often took many shots at each other, or ourselves for that matter, saying things like "I'd fuck Mark Wahlberg. He's a hot piece of ass."

However more and more things like this bothered Brian and it showed. He believed he was more mature and above such childish ribbing. We began to speculate that maybe the reason it bothered him so much was that maybe he was gay, yet not comfortable enough to be out of the closet. We had always made it clear that we had no problem with gay men, as we both had friends that are gay. Brian was easily the most handsome of the three of us, and very fit and fashionable. Yet we never saw him with a girl. And in the later months, he began hanging out more and more with a group of guys from his school's dance program. Not that that necessarily makes him gay, but it just coincided with his increased annoyance of things like me saying "That girl reminds me of you, Brian".

So tension was building as our lease grew closer to termination. Marcus and I decided we did not want Brian back. His attitude was kind of annoying, but our schedules made it very rare for all three of us to be together within the same four walls at the same time. So in that regard he was tolerable. But he was also always late with his share of the money. He made more than enough to cover his part of the bills, yet always had an excuse as to why he didn't have it on time. And we had had enough of that. So when we told him we didn't want him signing the lease again for another year, it was met with a brief argument, and then accepted. He had until the end of the month to find a new place and move out.

Three days after this conflict, I came home to an empty apartment, sat on the couch and noticed something very different. Marcus had gotten home from the gym before me, and was showering off. He saw me down the hallway and entered the living room wearing only his towel.

"Brian moved out," he said.

"I see that," I said.

"Took all his stuff too", he said.

"No shit, dick," I replied.

"I'm a dick?" he said.

"You're a great big dick, Marcus," I joked, taking out some of my frustration on him, after I had spent minutes staring at the wall where Brian's beautiful flat screen TV used to reside.

"No, this is a great big dick," Marcus said, removing his towel, revealing his member to me.
I had technically seen Marcus naked before in changing rooms and shower at the gym, but never really looked. When naked with other guys, most men are aware of the nudity but try to keep it out of their field of vision as much as possible. So while I may have seen Marcus naked before, it was more like seeing it out of the corner of my eye. Here his junk was presented front and center in front of me, for about five seconds, but seemed like an eternity.

"Oh, thats nice," I said sarcastically, "I'm taking a shower."

"Yeah, you probably could use a cold one now," he joked, making a play for the alpha male role in this new living scenario.

Minutes later I returned to the living room to find Marcus perusing a magazine. I grabbed two beers and sat down.

"Brian even took that half gallon of milk. He really didn't like us, I guess," I said.

We discussed our plans for the night. Neither one of us had enough money (or desire for that matter) until payday to go out to a bar. We would have sat and watched the baseball game, but that option was lost when Brian took back his TV. Marcus had a small TV in his room but it would have been awkward to sit together on the edge of his bed to watch anything on TV. It was 7:30 pm- way too early to go to bed. So after some bullshitting, we decided to play Truth or Dare.

The game was really silly. The truth challenges didn't reveal any great secrets. He did get me to order a bunch of pizzas to my ex girlfriend's house though. Then came one fateful moment of the night where things would change. When I was asked "Truth or Dare", Marcus stood up, pulled down his loose, athletic shorts, once again revealing his cock and balls to me, and simply said, "Truth".

I was at a loss for words. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on. I looked briefly at his exposed penis, then back up to his eyes.

"This isn't how the game is played," I said, hinting at my confusion.

"Truth," he said again, his eyes demanding mine head south again.

They did, and I glanced at Marcus, below his waist. It was a penis and testicles. I wondered why he would do this. A few seconds passed, and my eyes began to focus on the unit that was a few feet away from me. He must had about six inches, dangling, flaccid, with a pretty decent width. Nice shaped mushroom head. I couldn't believe I was looking at his cock and critiquing it in my head. Again, my eyes ascended to Marcus', who immediately chased my eyes back down with a quick nod of his head, and the word "Truth" once more.

I was so confused, but followed instruction. I examined him further. His cock looked very smooth. Not a lot of big veins on the shaft, which always made me turn away when watching porn. All traces of pubic hair had been shaved away, and he looked extremely smooth, including his balls. He had a naturally darker complexion from his Spanish heritage, so his skin was kind of a light tan, despite never sunbathing. I was really impressed at what I saw, and felt two rushes of blood, one to my own cock, which became a little swollen as I admired Marcus', and to my cheeks. I felt like I was beginning to blush, embarrassed that I was beginning to enjoy what I was looking at. Just at that moment, Marcus pulled his shorts up and sat down. I turned my head quickly, hoping to shake away the red from my face.

"So truth," he said (again with that damn word truth), " Is my cock ugly or messed up?"

"What?" I asked. I still was having a hard time figuring out what had just happened, and why I had gotten excited during it.

He went on to explain that he ran into this girl Gina recently that he hooked up with months ago. She was a bit crazy I thought, but Marcus treated her well. Perhaps she expected more of a relationship, and insulted his manhood out of spite. But I also remembered another girl he used to hook up with, Cindy, getting drunk at a party, and telling how great of a lover he was, so tender and smooth as he fucked her. It was a really funny conversation, but I wouldn't tell him about it. But she likely made it clear to Marcus how good he was, and after seeing his cock first hand, I didn't know why he would be self-conscious.
So after hearing the reassurance from me, he smiled. But he didn't just smile, he smiled at me. His eyes fixed on mine. I looked at him. Marcus was really a handsome man- tan skin, blond hair, dark eyes, nice smile. he stood 5'11, three inches taller than me. He worked out. He had some bulk but wasn't ripped. Cardio and situps weren't part of his routine, so he had a little belly. He had that nice combination of muscle and cuddliness that I think women would find attractive. And I knew his torso was smooth. I don't think he actually grew any body hair there, so he probably didn't shave it like he did his pubic area. And here I sat, not understanding what was coming over me as I looked at my roommate across the room. I felt the heat of my blushing again. Quickly I said "Truth or Dare" and continued the game, taking it in a different, far less awkward path than we had stumbled down.

We played a few more rounds of the game, but I could not stop envisioning Marcus naked. I couldn't take it anymore. My heart was pounding, and I had get this out of my system. It came time to ask him if he wanted truth or dare. His answer was truth, and like he did earlier, I rose to my feet, and boldly put it out there.

"Truth is, you have a great cock, Marcus," I said.

"OK, you said that," he replied. He was taken back like I was earlier.

"No, I mean it. A really great cock. Magnificent. Can I see it again?" I requested.

Unsure what was going on, but appreciating being appreciated, he stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor. I walked across the room and stood in front of him. I muttered a few more complimentary words, my eyes fixed on his member. I felt a bulge growing in my shorts.

It was clear I was approaching the point of no return, and I didn't want to look back. I reached for his cock and held it in my hand. His shaft was smooth and curved slightly to the right. It had a nice thickness and was heavier in my hand than my own. I ran my fingers up and down it in a similar fashion as if I was tickling someone. I heard a deep sigh as I gripped his flaccid penis and gently tugged on it.

"Let's see yours," he said in a soft tone which exposed his nervous excitement.

I quickly removed my shirt, baring my fit top to him, and then followed with my shorts and boxers. Still unable to speak the words "I want you", my rock hard, throbbing cock made the admission for me. At five and half inches hard, I was a little self conscious as fully erect I was still smaller than his half erect dick. But he didn't seem to mind too much. His eyes looked down at my cock, and his breathing was audible. He allowed me to remove his shirt. I placed my hands on his smooth body and drew myself closer, rubbing his chest, shoulders, and arms, as our cocks tangled with each other. Marcus was reluctant to reciprocate the affection, but he did not resist either. I kissed my way up his neck, wrapped my left hand around his neck and pulled his lips to mine.

The kiss was a slow and tentative one. It took a few seconds for Marcus to open his mouth a little, and allow my tongue to enter his mouth. But when he did, our tongues were drawn together like magnets, electrified by the growing passion. At last, he placed his hands on my hips, and began exploring my body. I felt my precum oozing on to his hardening cock as we made out.

"Damn it you are fine," I whispered into his ear once I broke free for some air. My hands were wrapped around his back, pulling his body into mine as I kissed and sucked his earlobe and neck.

"Can I?" I asked, an open ended, rhetorical question as my kisses descended down his smooth body.

I dropped to my knees and was eye to eye with this cock. I kissed him below his waist. His skin was very smooth. He either waxed the area or it was freshly shaved. I traced a line with my tongue down past his cock to his upper thigh, so I could examine his balls. Keeping consistent with he rest of his body, they were perfectly groomed, and after a brief massage with my hand, they found their way into my mouth. I kissed his sac and took a ball in my mouth, one at a time, lightly flicking them with my tongue. My eager cock bounced with joy at the act I was performing.

Then I began working my way up his cock. Long, warm tender kisses went up his shaft. I traced the underneath of his engorged mushroom head with my tongue before kissing the tip. I tasted my precum that had rubbed off on him during our embrace, but once I kissed the tip of his now hard, seven inch cock, he gave me his own offering. I gripped his strong cock and looked up at him as I rubbed the tip of his dick on my lips, like I were applying lipstick. He gave a faint smile of approval.

I had tried to savor this moment for as long as I could, but I wanted Marcus so badly right then. I tried to suck him slow and softly, but the heat of the moment was too overwhelming. I squeezed his ass and pulled him close, asking him to fuck my mouth. His hips slowly rocked as my head bobbed up and down on him. My tongue curled and massaged his shaft while inside my mouth. He moaned softly as he rubbed my shoulders, letting me know my first blow job was a satisfactory one.

His precum coated my teeth and I began to think about the entire scene. I had asked to see Marcus' cock. I gushed over how beautiful it was. I leaned in and kissed him. I dropped to my knees to suck his cock. By comparison, he was the bigger one ( both body and cock). I was more toned and fit looking due to my running and ab work, and have trimmed pubic hair and more on my body, but it didn't matter. If there was a new order being re-established, clearly he was going to be the dominant one, and I'd fill the female role.

This realization led me to my next act, yet another in a series of things I never thought I would do. I released Marcus from my mouth, as much as I didn't want to. I kissed him, pushed him back onto the couch, and then retreated to my bedroom. I returned with a box of condoms and lube. I turned off the living room light. The adjacent kitchen light would provide enough light to see each other, yet keep it dim and highlight the contours of our bodies with the stark contrast of light of shadow.
I sat on his knees and opened the condom. Marcus rubbed my fit body. It felt so good to feel him touch me, to appreciate my body as much as I did his. I leaned in and kissed him again. When I pulled away, he directed his kisses to my chest and squeezed my firm ass. Then he finally touched my cock for the first time, with a very soft grip and slow jerks. I flashed him a smile.

"Marcus, you're killing me baby," I said, as I pulled away from him. I put the condom on him, along with a generous amount of lube, as well I squirting a large amount for my back door.

"Whoa, are you sure about this," he wondered, his soft tone still showing his anxiety about having some man to man loving.

"It will be okay," I said.

"You've done this before?" he asked, with a look of astonishment.

"No. But it will be okay. Just go slow at first, okay, baby."

Truth be told, I have played with my ass before. When I was a teenager I had read that stimulating your prostate heightens orgasm. So there had been several times where I had worked a finger in. I never had fantasized about being with a man before. It was solely an act to make masturbation that much more enjoyable. I had always fantasized about being with women. The last time I had fingered my ass I slid two fingers in. I knew Marcus would be much more of a challenge, but I wanted him to really have an unforgettable experience. It was both our first time with a man, after all. And again, I had begun to call him baby, so if I was going to take on the role of the girl, I had better embrace it, right?

I took hold of his cock and raised myself on top. I slowly inserted the tip in to my cherry hole. I clearly underestimated the difference in size between my two fingers and his manhood. I paused, resting my head on his shoulder. He asked if I was okay, and I assured him I was. I gradually slid down, having him penetrate me to his full length. I rested on Marcus' lap. The initial pain and discomfort took a few minutes to subside. He wrapped his arms around me, and soon I began to move up and down for him.

Having him fill my ass gave me a new distinct pleasure, but not as much as hearing him moan did. It became clear how much he liked being inside me. After a few minutes of this, I decided to fully submit myself to my new lover. I bent over the arm of the couch, and let him enter me doggy style.

It was with some trepidation that I offered up my ass in this way. But he kept in mind that I was still new to this, and fucked me tenderly, rather than pounding my ass. He slowly entered me, and gave me some short thrusts to adapt to the new position. I reached for his ass and pulled him deeper into me. His strong hands cupped my buttocks and ran up and down my back. His touch was amazing. I arched my back and sat up, yearning for another kiss, which he obliged. He rubbed my chest, and slid a hand down to my package, caressing my cock and balls as his tongued penetrated my mouth as deeply as his cock did my ass.

I dropped back to the couch, raising my ass higher in the air. A subtle moan by Marcus showed his approval of the new angle. My entire body quivered with joy.

"Spank my ass baby," I moaned. I couldn't believe I had just said that, but he did it. Not too hard, but waves of pleasure rippled through my body with the two spanks he gave me. I enjoyed being his slut, but I did want to be in control some too.

I instructed him to lay on his back and I mounted him once again. Bracing myself with my hands on his solid chest, I rocked back and forth. His girth was secured inside me, thrusting at a methodical pace. I reached for the lube and coated my cock and could not resist stroking. Marcus, who had been grasping my tight buttocks, lent a hand. His slid his hand up and down my cock, giving me a little twist as he reached the tip. The overall feeling I was experiencing was phenomenal.

"You got a great dick too," he said.

Those words made me melt. I dropped to him, and kissed him passionately. His hand returned to guide my ass as he filled me. My well lubed member slid in between our two bellies as I laid on top. I got the right the amount of friction under the tip, and considering all that had happened, I finally had reached my arousal breaking point. Marcus could feel my whole body shake, and hear me purr as I nibbled on his earlobe, when at long last, I erupted. A seemingly endless rope of cum shot in between us, coating both our stomachs.

Marcus continued to thrust inside of me as my weakened body caught its breath. After a minute to recover, I sat back up and leaned back. I was feeling fatigued from my muscles being so tensed, and the nervous anxiety during this whole episode, but was determined to make Marcus have as explosive of an orgasm as I had. I squeezed him with my ass as much as I could although I was feeling pretty worn out at this point. Marcus placed his hands on my hips as I rocked back and forth, my abs tensing and moving in waves. The light from he kitchen hit them at a perfect angle to make them look especially toned, and they glistened from the combination of lube and cum that had smeared all over me.

"You really have a nice body," Marcus said, almost panting as I worked his cock.
He must be close, I thought. I loved hearing him compliment me, and this was the loudest and clearest he had spoke since I first touched his cock. He must really be enjoying me as much as I am him I thought. I leaned down and kissed him deeply again, my hands running through his hair. My mouth migrated back down his neck, to his shoulders, and chest. I inadvertenly licked up some of my cum. I didn't mind the taste, and made sure to lick up some more, with some left on my face for Marcus to see.

Then I sprung back up. My new position must have really agreed with Marcus as he let out a loud moan. I arched my back and grinded on him intensely. He rubbed my abs, working the residual cum into my skin as if it were sunblock. Inside me I could begin to feel his glans swell. I knew orgasm was imminent. His body began to buck as he let out a visceral groan, releasing his cum inside of me. I dropped back to him as his body has a few more quakes, the last shots of cum being fired in my ass. I kissed him once more and rested my head on his broad shoulder as we caught our breath, and fell asleep on the couch.

My eyes had closed and twenty minutes later they opened. I believe it was the combination of sudden noise outside and the feeling of Marcus' manhood finally becoming flaccid enough to slide out of my tight little asshole that woke me. He was always a deep sleeper, and after all that had just transpired, I was hardly surprised. The kitchen light was still on and a band of light struck perfectly on my face. I got up to turn it off and then return to my manly bedding.

When I entered the kitchen I noticed a note with a key on it. The note read, "Here's your key back. You 2 are perfect for each other". That wasn't there before was it? I did wake up to some guys laughing and yelling loudly out on the street. Did Brian enter the apartment and see us sleeping naked together on he couch- or anything that happened before we fell asleep?! I was so tuned out to the outside world when Marcus was fucking me that a grenade could have gone off in the next room and I wouldn't have noticed.

Perhaps I was being paranoid, but I think Marcus would not have reacted as calmly as I was if he saw that. I quickly threw the note in the trash, put the key in the drawer, and turned off the light. I carefully laid my naked body back on top of Marcus' and sighed deeply as I shut my eyes. It may be nice having a booty call living with me, and I began to fantasize of showering with Marcus in the morning.

We may have been found out, but I'm going to enjoy this as long as I can.
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