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First Time Loving

A nerd gets his first fuck, all thanks to his sister!
I’m Jake. I’m seventeen and a bit of a nerd. I’m quite muscly as my Dad makes me work out with him and our older brother in our home gym out in the garden as I don’t play any sports. I don’t have six pack abs, but my stomach is quite flat, and my arms are muscly. I’m about 5’9 in height and have really tanned skin from the tense workout sessions I do with my Dad in the garden under baking hot sun daily. I have black shiny hair that is cut short, and sapphire blue eyes like everyone else in my family. My parents are rich, making it big in stocks, owning small chunks of various businesses like Google and Facebook. They buy me everything I want and my Mom and my sister always have me wearing the best and nicest clothes. You really wouldn’t think by looking at me that I spend most of my free time sitting in front of my television playing PlayStation with the rest of the nerds from school.

The story starts one day when my parents had gone to a wedding in Hawaii and left my sister Amy and I at home. I sat outside on the patio under a canopy playing PlayStation. We have the garden set up so that there is a television and PlayStation under a canopy along with sofa’s and a dining set. We have a pool just after the canopy in the garden with the gym equipment on the other side of the pool by the loungers. My sister had four of her friends over and they were all lying topless in skimpy bikini’s tanning on the loungers. They knew I was just meters away from them, but I took no notice of them lying their topless as I played Battlefield 3 with my friends online. I would go into my Dad’s office and look at the security camera footage of the garden later and see them, if I looked now they would cover up.

I should tell you a bit about my sister. Her name is Amy, she's eighteen and she is about 5’7 in height. She is amazingly tanned, due to spending most of her time outside by the pool tanning or in the pool. She has long black hair that goes about half way down her back. She has the body of a super model. A flat stomach and an amazing ass that every girl dreams of having. She has 34C boobs, which are firm and perky that I can’t help stare at whenever I get the chance. She never goes anywhere without her best friend Gabriella, or as she likes to be called Ella, or Gabby. She is seventeen. Ella more like fallows my sister around, taking in the perks of being rich and having such a stunning best friend. Ella gets treated like family by my parents. Ella is tanned as well, due to always being at the pool with Amy. She has medium length blonde hair which she normally keeps in a ponytail when at the pool. She has 34B boobs which are small and firm. She is around the same height as my sister and has emerald green eyes.

I lay on the sofa for a while playing PlayStation. It was about 5pm now and my sister had decided to start cooking food for her, Ella and me. Her other two friends had since left and it was only them two left. She cooked up burgers and sausages which I ate thanking her for the meal. Ella sat beside me on the sofa while we ate, still topless. I couldn’t help but stare at her whenever I thought she wasn’t looking, but she caught be a few times and winked. My sister had put on her top before she was cooking and had not taken it back off yet. When we finished the two left to go back over to the sun loungers and keep working on their tan.

An hour passed before my sister came over to me with a bottle of Budweiser in her hand for me. She had since taken her top back off and was now walking around in a skimpy thong. I took the beer off her and watched her ass as she walked back over to Ella with two beers. Time passed and I heard a splash in the pool. The two of them had jumped in. The called for me to go get more beers from the fridge. I got them from the fridge and walked over to hand them to them. They told me to get in the pool multiple times but I refused. Ella walked out of the pool to the top of the steps and start walking towards me. She was now completely naked, and her naked body was shining from the water.

“So are you going to come in and skinny dip with two smoking hot girls or are you going to play your PlayStation?” she asked me. She was now standing beside me, running her hand up my shirt. She started to pull it off and I let her. She proceeded to put a hand down my shorts, feeling my flaccid cock and softly stroking it.

“It looks like your friend down here wants to come and play with us” she giggled still softly stroking my cock which was now starting to get hard. She used her other hand to yank my shorts down to my ankles leaving me nude now. Being nude in front of my sister isn’t that big of a deal to me, she has seen me naked loads of times, but her hot friend has just come on to me, and I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden she pushed me, straight back into the pool, and then she jumped in too. We had fun in the water like normal for a while before Ella and Amy got out. They went to lie on the loungers while I floated in the water.

My sister went into the house and came back five minutes later with one of her many handbags. They called me over to them. As I went over I saw something on Ella’s hands. I noticed she was handcuffed to the lounger, not able to get up. She lay there with her legs spread wide open so I could see her beautiful shaved dripping wet shaved pussy as I got closer.

“Do you like Ella Jake? Do you like how she is so helpless right now, handcuffed?” Amy teasingly asked me. “You see Jake, Ella is my lesbian slave. We’ve been having lesbian sex for two years now. She will do anything for me, and I mean anything! Just watch”

Amy walked over to Ella and pushed the lounger back until Ella was lying flat out on it. She got onto the lounger and sat on Ella’s face.

“LICK MY PUSSY BITCH! I’M NOT MOVING UNTIL I CUM, AND THE LONGER IT TAKES ME TO CUM THE LONGER IT WILL TAKE YOU!” she shouted at her. I walked around and looked at Ella, who was furiously working her tongue around my sister’s clit in order to make her cum. I was sure the neighbours knew what was going on, from my sister shouting to the sound of Ella eating my sister out. I had started to stroke my cock, but my sister told me to stop, saying it was their job to get me off.

“I’M CUMMING BITCH” my sister screamed in ecstasy. I stood beside her and watched her squirt her juices into Ella’s mouth that happily licked them up. Amy fell back onto Ella who kept licking her clit. Amy got up about a minute later and took off the handcuffs holding Ella to the chair. She pushed Ella on to her knees and used the handcuffs to cuff her ankles to the lounger. She positioned herself between Ella’s legs and started to eat her pussy. Ella started to moan very loudly and play with her nipples.

I decided to get my cock sucked for the first time. I stood over my sister in front of Ella’s face and shoved my cock in her mouth. She welcomed it and started sucking it’s head while wanking it with one hand and playing with her nipple with her other hand. My cock is 7inches erect. She licked up and down the shaft and sucked my balls taking them in her mouth in turns. I felt lucky I shaved my pubes that morning because they were too long. Soon Ella was cumming all over my sister. She completely missed her face and squirted her juices down my sister’s body. I took my cock from her mouth and got on my knees and licked Ella’s juices off my sister’s stomach.

When her stomach was clean of Ella’s juices, Amy got up and un-cuffed Ella. She cuffed her again to the lounger by her wrists and told me to lie under her. I did as I was told. Amy guided my cock into Ella’s pussy and started bouncing Ella up and down.

“Ella is a slave Jake, she has to do the work not you, at least until she can’t go fast enough anymore for your liking” Amy told me.

Ella started bouncing up and down on my cock slow at first. I played with her nipples while she done it. Soon she was going fast and Amy, who had been sitting on the lounger opposite playing with herself, got up and moved my hand to Ella’s clit and told me to rub it. We fucked for about five minutes before Ella started to get tired. I decided to start fucking her hard and fast. Soon she was moaning very loudly.

“I’m cumming” I managed to groan before shooting my hot creamy load into Ella’s pussy. Ella cummed at the same time, her body shaking in ecstasy even more then when she had cummed from my sister eating her out. She collapsed onto me and my sister started clapping.

“Ella and Jake losing their virginity to each other finally!” she said. “But it’s not over yet!”

She took the cuffs off Ella and put them on me. I was now standing with my hands cuffed to the lounger. Amy took some more cuffs from the bag and put them on my ankles.

“Bend over big boy” Amy said.

I looked down and seen Ella between my legs. I could feel her tongue on my ass while her hand got my cock erect again. Suddenly I felt a cold liquid get poured onto my ass.

“You might want to hold your breath” Ella said.

I could feel a cold object get put into my ass. It was pushed in further and further until I heard something slap against my ass.

“Wow you took all 6 inches of this strap on in your ass first time. Have you been robbing my dildos and using them on yourself?” Amy asked.

“No” I moaned.

“Well now you’re going to find out what it feels like to have someone fuck you in the ass until you cum”

She started moving the dildo in and out of my ass slowly. Soon she was going fast and it was being rammed into my ass at force. I moaned loudly. Ella was sucking my cock now. With every trust from Amy, I was pushed forward pushing my cock into Ella’s mouth.

“I’M CUMMING!!!!!” I shouted. I came right into Ella’s mouth and she drank up every bit of it. Amy slowly pulled the strap on dildo from my ass and took it off. Amy removed the handcuffs and led me over to the sofas. I lay down with Ella in my arms and fell asleep. Best day ever.

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Posted 03 Feb 2014 11:09
Good story. Well written. Hope there's a part 2! Does the sister want him? Hmmmm.
Posted 03 Nov 2013 21:28
That was awesome!! do you have any others about theese three?
Posted 10 May 2012 10:40
Needed more build up
Posted 10 May 2012 05:36
Very hot story between a brother, sister and her best friend with that added extra of a bit of handcuffs involved. Very sexy reading it and got me really hard, wish I was there
Posted 09 May 2012 12:04
I liked it but I like more descriptions. Still a very good effort
Posted 09 May 2012 11:45
such a lovely story!
Posted 09 May 2012 09:55
Great story, touching on a lot of hot areas
Posted 09 May 2012 09:52
@IsThisOkay I may write a second part and involve the sister in it, but that's only a maybe. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Posted 09 May 2012 09:23
well done and extremely hot.....wish i had a sister like you
Posted 09 May 2012 09:06
Very hot
Posted 09 May 2012 07:39
i like it very good.

Posted 09 May 2012 07:11
this was a well told story everything was explained and the plot was hot
Posted 09 May 2012 07:06
Hot story and spicy too. Could sis be so helpful? 5

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