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Forbidden Love

First Time with a Twist
I’m Alex. I’m a sixteen year old guy. I’m 5’9 in height and very muscly. I work out at the gym daily and take supplements which have given me six pack abs and big muscles. I’m a really fit person who loves the outdoors. I’m really tanned as I spend as much time as I can swimming in lakes or jogging through the woods. I have dark black hair and crystal blue eyes.

The story starts one day while I was out shopping for clothes. I went into the city by myself because there is a wider range of shops there. I was alone as it was exam week and most of my other friends had an exam today while I was off.

The first shop I visited was a low clothes retailer. I normally don’t shop here but the clothes are cheap and just like big designers. You wouldn’t know the difference from far away. As I went through the rails of clothes I noticed a girl I know, Jenny, telling two guys to leave her alone as she tried to walk away from them. I decided to walk over and see what was going on as Jenny was shouting at them and on the brink of tears.

Jenny is sixteen. She’s about 5’5 in height and has long blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail mostly. She always wears baggy tops so it’s impossible to guess what size her boobs are, but they look pretty big judging from the shape of her jumpers at the front. She always wears leggings that show off her amazing ass. She doesn’t wear much makeup as she is naturally stunning.

“Leave her alone. Get lost now,” I said standing in front of the two guys. One of them was taller than me, but he was very skinny. The other guy was about my size but skinny as well. The two guys looked at me for a moment before turning and walking away.

“Thanks Alex, you really saved me. They came up to me earlier and asked me to take part in a threesome with them and when I said no they kept following me and asking,” Jenny told me.

“They're gone and they won’t be coming back. Are you OK?” I asked her.

“Sort of, I’m a bit upset,” she told me.

“OK come on and we'll sit down somewhere then,” I said.

We started walking towards the Hard Rock Café down the road. She told me about everything the two guys were saying to her, and she was about to break down in tears by the time we got to the Café. We sat on a sofa at the back of the Café. We kept talking for a while before she unexpectedly kissed me. Our kiss turned to a French kiss and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. We made out for about five minutes before she broke it off.

“I can’t be doing this, I’m sorry Alex!” she said nearly crying again.

“Why not?” I asked her.

“You went out with Vanessa for ages, and then broke her heart. Vanessa and Emily hate you for what happened even though it wasn’t your fault. They would hate me too if they were to find out I just made out with you, or that I’m even talking to you no matter what the reason,” she sobbed.

“That wasn’t my fault; Vanessa just can’t accept she was the cause of us breaking up. I won’t tell anyone about what just happened. I know you liked me when I was with Vanessa, you used to flirt with me all the time and say it was just for fun, but I knew it wasn’t and so do you,” I said.

“I want you Alex, but I don’t want to lose my friends,” she sobbed. She had her head on my shoulder now and was staring into my eyes. I had an arm around her comforting her.

“We will just keep it a secret. We can meet up here in the city where they won’t find out and not tell anyone,” I said.

She nodded and then kissed me again. This time she wasted no time in getting her tongue involved. We made out for a few minutes before the waitress interrupted us. We were asked to leave as we didn’t buy anything, and so we did.

“What are you doing in the city today anyway Jenny?” I asked as we walked down the busy shopping street hand in hand.

“Looking for clothes, you?” she said.

“Same with me,” I replied.

We walked into a large shop that sold women’s clothes. Jenny looked at dresses and chose one to try on. We walked to the changing rooms at the back of the shop. I sat down in the waiting area but she pulled me up and brought me into the changing room.

It was a small cubical changing room, with a curtain that hung from the ceiling to just below your knees. She pushed me onto the little seat in the corner and started to undress. She was soon down to her underwear. She wore a pink bra and a pink thong that was swallowed up by her ass. She took them off and slid the dress on. It was a very short dress. Half her ass was showing and it was just covering her mound.

“Prefect fit!” she said happily. She took the dress off and stood in front of the mirror admiring her body. I looked at her bra on the ground, 34C, and wow they were nice tits. They were perfectly firm. I was started to get hard thinking about fucking her. Suddenly she turned and pulled me to my feet. “Take off your clothes,” she told me. I did as I was told and stripped down until I was nude.

“Your friend is excited,” she said looking at my now erect cock. “Here put this on.” She handed me her thong. “I want your boxers, they're cool,” she said taking me off the floor and putting them on. They had the Cookie Monster on them. I had gotten them as a joke present from my uncle at Christmas. I put the thong on having no other option and got dressed. She got dressed too and then we left via the cashier’s desk to pay for the dress.

We walked around a few more shops and we both bought clothes. We shared every changing room together, but nothing happened between us. We got the bus back home, with her sitting on my lap the whole way home as I held her in my arms. I kissed her neck for about twenty minutes of the hour long journey, and she soon pushed my hand under the waistband of her leggings and my under hand up her jumper.

I slowly started to rub her clit as I played with her breast, all while continuing to kiss her neck, which I know from experience gets most girls into an aroused state. The bus was packed, and I tried to not make her moan, but soon she was moaning as I slid two fingers into her extremely tight pussy. I slowly finger fucked her. I realized she was not going to stop moaning so I put my hand over her mouth and started to finger fuck her as fast as I could go.

She soon reached orgasm. She let out a loud moan and came. My fingers were pushed out of her pussy followed by a squirt. Her leggings were now soaked. Everyone on the bus was looking at us. Jenny took no notice and was now nearly asleep beside me. For the rest of the journey we just sat there in each other’s arms.

We arrived at the last bus stop. We kissed goodbye and she told me to ring her tonight. We exited the bus separately as my ex-girlfriend’s house is facing the bus stop. I started walking the fifteen minute walk through fields to get home. I suddenly realized there would be no one at home for another few hours. I ran back to Jenny who was nearly home when I got there.

“Alex I told you we can’t be seen together!” Jenny said when I reached her.

“I know, but I just remembered that there is no one in my house for another few hours, we could go there,” I said.

“OK well we better run and hope no one see’s us!” she said.

We started running towards the gateway to the fields, about a two minute run away. We got there and were confident no one had seen us. We sat off walking towards my house, making small talk about our hobbies and interests if they had change since we last hung out.

We finally reached my house and went inside. It was empty as expected and I gave her a tour. When we finally reached my bedroom she pushed me back onto my bed and climbed on top of me. We started to make out but where interrupted by the phone ringing.

I got up and went to answer it in my parent’s room where the phone was. It was my aunt and she was just looking to talk to my Dad who wasn’t here. Jenny came into the room when I hung up the phone.

“Do you have any condoms?” she asked.

“My Dad probably has some. Open the closet and check the boxes on the bottom shelf, I’ll check the boxes under the bed,” I told her.

I checked all the boxes under the bed but found nothing. I went over to help Jenny search the other boxes from the closet.

“Find anything?” I asked.

“Just pictures, you were as cute as a baby,” she laughed.

“Thanks, can we put away the embarrassing photos and keep looking?”

“Yes sure,” she said. She passed me the box of photos and went to get the next box. It again was another box of photos. “Holy shit!”

“What?” I asked turning around to look in the box.

“Your parents have a box full of sex toys!” she giggled. I looked in the box and saw loads of dildos, vibrators, weird rings, whips, handcuffs, condoms, lubes, butt plugs, a deck of cards with sex positions on them, and a game of sex twister, blindfolds and clamps.

“Wow,” I said astounded. “Don’t touch anything; it looks like everything’s piled in a certain way.”

“Let’s bring it into your room,” she said. She got up and walked to my room. I followed her inside.

“Let’s just get a condom out and put it back,” I said.

“I want to try some of these toys though!” she giggled.

“Can we not lose our virginities first?” I asked.

“Of course!” she said.

She pushed me back onto the bed at started to take off her clothes. Soon she was in just my boxers. She undid the zipper and button on my trousers as I pulled my top off. She pulled my trousers off me then.

“You look so sexy in my thong, hun.”

She pulled the thong aside and took my cock in her hands for the first time and started to gently stroke it. It was now fully erect.

“You want me to suck it?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes please!” I said.

She licked up and down my 7 inch shaft before kissing the head of my cock. She then took it in her mouth and started to suck up and down the shaft while using her tongue to keep licking the head of my cock. She stopped sucking and took my balls in her mouth one by one. I was moaning loudly from the intense pleasure. She sucked on them and licked them each before returning to suck on my shaft. She tried to deep throat my cock but couldn’t get down to the end from gagging.

She stopped sucking my cock and kissed her way up my body until she got to my mouth. We started to make out. I flipped her so that I was on top of her now. I started to kiss down her body, stopping on her boobs to suck and lick her nipples. I continued down her body until I got to the waist band of my boxers. I pulled them off her with ease. I kissed her shaven clean mound, running my tongue over her clit.

She moaned loudly whenever I ran my tongue over her clit. I pushed one of my fingers into her pussy and slowly fingered her tight pussy as I licked her clit. I did this for a few minutes, until I could finally get my second finger into her extremely tight pussy. She was moaning even louder with my second finger inside her, and my tongue licking her clit. I found her G Spot and rubbed it as I fingered her. Soon she moaned louder than ever and squirted her amazing juices into my mouth. I drank it all up not missing a drop of the amazing nectar.

“I want you to take my virginity now,” she moaned recovering from her orgasm.

I went over to the box of my parent’s sex toys and got a condom from it. I took it out of its packet and rolled it onto my cock. I positioned my cock in front of her pussy and guided the head inside. I looked at her to make sure she was ready. When she nodded I started to slowly push my cock inside her pussy. She moaned loudly as it went in until I found her hymen blocking my cock.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes,” she moaned.

I pushed my cock in fast and she nearly started crying.

“Are you OK? Do you want me to stop?”

“No the worst part's over with, just fuck me gently,” she sobbed.

I started trusting in and out gently for a few minutes until she had gotten over the pain of her hymen breaking. When she started moaning again, I began to pick up pace. I was going fast now and she was moaning a lot.

“Harder and faster,” she moaned.

I started going faster and harder again and she was moaning a lot now. I was getting tired fast and she noticed this.

“Let me be on top,” she said.

I pulled my cock out of her and lay on the bed. She got up on top of me and gently lowered herself onto my cock. She started bouncing up and down on my cock. I took her boob in my mouth and sucked and licked it. My hands sat firmly on her bum cheeks helping her to bounce up and down.

“Alex what are you doing!?!?” someone shouted from the doorway.

I let Jenny’s boob fall out of my mouth and I looked at the doorway. Jenny stopped bouncing on my cock and sat fully impaled on it looking at the doorway where my mother stood.

“Mam you aren’t meant to be home for another fee hours!” I shouted.

“It was a slow day in the shop so they let me leave early!” she shouted back. “What do you think you’re doing having sex in my house with some slut? You’re only sixteen!”

“She’s not a slut! Sixteen is old enough to have sex now get out!” I shouted back.

She closed the door and walked away without another word. Jenny turned and looked at me. We lay there for a minute looking at each other before Jenny smiled and started bouncing on my cock again. I was about to cum. The excitement of getting caught had nearly pushed me over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum!” I groaned.

Jenny got off my cock and peeled the condom off throwing it onto the floor. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it while wanking it fast and hard. I came with a large groan into her mouth. I shot three spurts of cum into her mouth. It started to leak out there was so much. She swallowed my load and then licked up the bits that had escaped her mouth.

“That was amazing,” she said lying down beside me.

“I know, thanks for being my first,” I said.

“You too, but isn’t your Mam going to go mad at you?” she asked.

“Yes probably but it was worth it.”

We lay on my bed in each other’s arms for what seemed like an hour but in reality it was ten minutes. My mother burst through my bedroom door without warning.

“Get up both of you,” she said angrily.

“Mam what the hell are you doing?” I asked looking at her.

She went over to the end of my bed and sat down. She stared at Jenny and I for a moment. We were standing at the other side of the room, naked still.

“You two are going to get a nice hard spanking. And if that girl you’ve just been having sex with refuses I’ll bring her home and tell her mother, and any caring mother would not be happy to hear that their daughter has been having sex already at only sixteen.”

Jenny and I stood looking at each other for a minute. I could tell she didn’t know what to do. I guessed her mother would do worse if she found out she was after fucking me, but I knew she didn’t want a spanking either.

“Well Alex lie across my lap now before I get a belt and make it worse,” my mother said.

I did as I was told. I walked over and lay across her lap. I looked at Jenny who was watching me transfixed.

“SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!” the sound was very loud as my mother spanked my bum cheeks over and over with her hand. I knew they must be roaring red now, as she continued to spank me. The pain hurt a lot, and I was in severe pain. She spanked me for five minutes straight. I had always thought about being spanked by a girl, and that it would be a real turn on, but as it was my mother spanking me I didn’t get turned on. She finally let me up. I held onto my ass cheeks rubbing them to try subduing the pain.

“Now for your slut friend to get her turn,” my mother said.

Jenny walked out and lay across her lap without saying a word. My mother got straight to the spanking. As soon as she was across her lap I could hear smack after smack. I turned and looked at her. Jenny’s eyes were watering. She looked like she was on the brink of tears.

“SMACK SMACK SMACK!” my mother was spanking her harder then she had done for me.

“Please stop!” Jenny cried. She was in tears now.

“Good! You’ve a nice red bottom and I hope it hurts the both of you,” she said.

She let Jenny up. Jenny ran over to me crying. I put my arms around her as she crying into my shoulder. My mother got up and walked out without saying another word. We went and lay on my bed in a spooning position in silence for what seemed like ages, until we both fell asleep.

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Posted 13 Feb 2014 19:12
It was a good story, but somewhat agree the other about the mother part, felt it should have been more or left out... Still a goid read though.
Posted 26 Jan 2014 17:15
A little slow to start but when it got started it really took off
Posted 12 May 2012 10:09
WTF??? The mom parts killed it, man!! What was that??
Posted 12 May 2012 02:37
Hot story, well written. The mother appearing at the end had me wondering if she was suddenly gonna join them lol Certainly got me hard as I read it Well done
Posted 10 May 2012 18:54
Great story, good plot and some pretty good sex.

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