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From Friends to lovers

Jenny proves that love, or lust, can be born from friendship.
First chapter of my first story. Constructive criticism welcomed, but please be gentle.

The run was brief but I worked up a pretty good sweat. It was the end of a long eight-hour shift and it felt good to release a bit of stress. I inhaled long, deep breaths of the cool evening air that was spiced with the scent of mist and pine, strode to the front door and inserted my key into the knob. The exhaustion, coupled with a spike in testosterone and endorphins, made my hand fidgety, but I enjoyed the sensation nonetheless. My town-house felt hot and stuffy, as I stepped inside, so I shed my sweat drenched t-shirt and socks, as I kicked off my shoes and placed them at the foot of the stairs. Beads of salty droplets stung my eyes and clung to my skin, so after hastily eating a banana and pounding back a few bottles of water, I made a beeline for the shower. I stopped and stared in the mirror and looked for evidence of progress to my physique. My abs needed the most work, but my arms, back and shoulders looked decent enough and my legs and buttocks were starting to tone up nicely. I thought I looked quite dashing with my jet-black hair, warm brown eyes and tanned skin.

My mind somehow drifted back to work, not because I loved it, though it paid well and the hours were good, but because I loved the people who worked with me - especially Jenny. She had become one of my best friends, as I thought about her, but sometimes it couldn't be helped. With her light caramel eyes, full cherry lips and long tresses of coppery red hair, sometimes it was hard not to undress her with my eyes when she wasn't looking. The way she unbuttoned the top of her blouse, it was maddening! The swell of her small, perky breasts that tented her satin shirts. The way her firm nipples would peek through her form-fitting top to wink at me. The sway of her shapely hips and mile-long legs as she sauntered away from me with her slightly penguin footed gait...

Suddenly I felt a throbbing in my shorts and it dawned on me that it had been a week since I last emptied myself. That, combined with my less than wholesome thoughts on Jenny, had caused my virgin penis to harden like solid bronze and the mere thought of silky smooth pussy caused the dorsal vein to pulsate. Although I had never felt a woman's warmth, my spirit and flesh often conspired against my prudent nature. I dropped my running shorts and slowly pulled down my boxer briefs, as my engorged member sprung free from its cotton prison. It bobbed up and down to the rhythm of my heartbeat, as it filled with more blood and stood proud and erect, as I straightened my back and placed my hands on my hips. I was no porn star by any means, as my excited cock topped-out at just over six inches in length and four inches in girth, but I was horny enough to fuck anything with a tight, warm hole in it and thought of my bread maker sitting idly in the pantry, the hot pastries that might be baked if one wanted to do so. I wrapped my hand around the base, gently thumbed the circumcision scar that snaked its way around my shaft and felt the swollen head of my penis twitch in response. The very tip was slick with my pre-cum and the musky scent of my scrotum filled me with a carnal desperation. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. I gingerly reached for the bottle of lube in the top drawer by the sink and placed a few drops in my hands. This was going to be a good night, or so I thought until the phone rang.

‘Let it ring,’ I thought as I rubbed the warm liquid into the tight skin of my tense hard-on, as my testicles tingled and my scrotum dipped just a bit lower. But the ringing had persisted and the ring tone I had chosen grew more irritating by the second. After a good minute I wiped my hands dry and exited the bathroom, a scowl marring my damp face. Just as I reached out to angrily hang, up I noticed the sweetest name on call display. It was Jenny.

‘Odd,’ I thought as I picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me,” she answered in her bubbly voice. “Can I come over? I need to... talk to you about something.”

“I’m kinda busy,” I answered as I looked down at my frustrated cock. A thin stream of pre-cum seeped out of me, as it pooled on the floor. “Can it wait until tomorrow?”

“I don’t think you wanna wait until tomorrow,” she replied in a tone that awoke something fierce inside me. “It’ll be worth your while, I promise.”

I gripped the counter with my free hand, bit my lower lip and felt my arousal turn to frustration. The thought of rubbing one out in the shower seemed so junior high, but I didn't have time to properly satisfy myself until after Jenny's unexpected visit.

“I guess you can come over,” I croaked reluctantly. “Just give me a minute to shower.”

The cold shower didn’t do much to cool me off under the collar. My swollen cock was caught somewhere between supple and steely, every muscle in my body taut and tense as I struggled to contain the fury that simmered in my loins. I took deep, heavy breaths into my diaphragm as icy cold water streamed down my back. When I felt relaxed enough I turned off the tap and toweled myself off, doing my best to avoid my left testicle which had become heavy and pained from my continued arousal. Just then the door bell rang. I thought long and hard about putting on some pants, but the congestion in my nether regions made me think twice. I decided to pull on some cotton boxer briefs and hastily wrapped my towel around my waist. I’d have a quick word with Jenny at the door, no more and no less.

In hindsight I should have elected for pants. She wore her bright, sunny smile which made the freckles on the bridge of her nose twinkle and had let her wavy copper curls drape down her shoulders, which perfectly framed her heart shaped face. From the wet sheen in her hair it looked like she had just taken a shower herself. She wore a thin white blouse with the noticeable absence of a bra, as her firm nipples pressed on the cloth like thimbles. Lastly she sported plain green, hip-hugging summer shorts that brought out the warmth in her eyes and wore simple flip-flops on her ivory feet. She was the spitting image of the girl next door, and the excited bulge in my underwear throbbed in agreement.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully. “Can I come in?”

“It’s kinda late,” I said meekly, suddenly aware of how exposed I was. “I thought we could chat here.”

“Well, it’s kinda personal,” Jenny said as her eyes traced a few stray beads of water travel down my chest. “Besides, we’re friends right?”

“Of course we are,” I said as a sudden heat burned my ears and cheeks. I very much wanted to keep it that way, or did I? “Come in.”

I led Jenny through the doorway to the sparsely decorated living room, clean and Spartan but for a few pieces of art and a leather sofa.

“Take a seat,” I said motioning to the sofa. “I’ll just change into something more appropriate.”

“No need,” she said unexpectedly as she took my hand and pulled me to the sofa. How I ended up sitting next to Jenny in my towel, I couldn’t say.

“So, uh,” I eventually squeaked out as I gazed into deep pools of oak and chestnut. “What did you wanna talk about?”

My train of thought came to halt, as a pair of soft lips pressed lightly onto mine. For a moment I was frozen, until something inside willed me to kiss Jenny back. As if I was possessed, my hands found the crook of her waist and my lips pulled at Jenny’s. Her mouth opened slightly to accommodate my own and it took every ounce of will power I had left to wrench my lips away

“Jenny,” I implored her, but she would have none of it as she stripped the towel off of me with a strength I never knew she possessed and straddled me as she curled her slender fingers around the back of my neck.

“Shhh,” Jenny whispered as she nuzzled at my ear and neck. “You talk too much, you know that?”

She had said that to me often enough I realized, though it seemed a distant thought as she placed light, moist kisses along my jaw and chin and eventually found my mouth again. Stiff with apprehension, my hands found the small of her back beneath her blouse. Her lips tasted of vanilla and cinnamon.

The passage of time seemed to stop.

Jenny finally broke the kiss and for a moment it felt like I had woken from a sweet dream, as cool air filled the space where her mouth once met mine. No sooner had I opened my eyes, did Jenny remove her blouse and her lovely twin mounds sprung forth to meet me. My hands cupped her firm breasts gently and my anxiety and reluctance melted away, as the warmth of her humps seeped into my fingers. Gently, she placed her hands on top of mine and intertwined our fingers. As I massaged the heavenly flesh in my hands, our eyes locked and I saw a hunger that matched my own. Could it have been there all along? Had she waited for me to make a pass all this time?

Slowly, Jenny peeled my hands off her breasts and placed them on her firm, toned ass. Only her thin summer shorts shielded her well-sculpted rear from my grasp. My fingers instinctively squeezed and kneaded her round, buxom bottom and I felt Jenny shudder as she assaulted my mouth and her tongue slithered across my lips like a slick, pink serpent. I could stay locked like this with Jenny for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t hunger for anything, nothing but the taste of vanilla and cinnamon and the scent of fresh soap to satiate me. However, the determined length between my legs had other intentions, as my erection shifted beneath my boxer briefs to press snugly into Jenny’s warm, womanly opening through thin layers of cotton. Jenny must have felt the shift too as a smile crept onto her lips. She broke contact with my mouth and pressed our noses together to stare into the embers that flickered in my eyes.

“Do you want me?” She purred lustily, as she ran her fingers through my hair and wiggled her hips. Her pussy ground against my cock as it quivered in delightful agony.

Slowly my hands swept up Jenny’s sides and over her flushed breasts, thumbed her plump lips, and settled on the sides of her face. Every ounce of willpower I ever had was gone. Friends be damned, every fiber in my being begged me to forsake our friendship in exchange for carnal glory. The fury in my loins roared, proud as a lion, and I felt every bit the part as her body pressed hungrily against mine. There was only one answer that would suffice.


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