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Growing Up In Space

Growing Up In Space

My girlfriend's daughter grew into a woman while we were marooned in space for four years.
I was making my annual supply run to the Martian colony, New Atlanta, on the cargo ship, CS-114. Mars comes close enough to Earth only once a year so that supply runs are possible. I was the Captain and my co-pilot was Todd Olson. 

Cargo ships are not designed for passengers. Except for the gym, every cubic foot of the ship is designed for cargo. However, three months is a long time for two guys to be alone, so the Captain and his/her co-pilot are allowed to bring a “partner” and their cabins are designed for two. 

Todd had his new wife, Tina, with him, a gorgeous twenty year-old blonde bombshell with blue eyes and huge breasts, which she loved to flaunt in front of me in the gym’s Jacuzzi. They had met in Las Vegas and gotten married a few days later. I didn’t see that marriage lasting very long, although they did spend a lot of their spare time in their cabin going at it. The ship’s designers had given the cabins good acoustic insulation, but when one passed by their cabin door, one couldn’t help but hear what was going on inside. 

I had my ex-girlfriend's sixteen year-old daughter, Kami, with me. Her mother lived in the New Atlanta colony and I was taking Kami to live with her. 

The only thing on the day’s schedule was the required course correction. It is a standard and simple procedure, all handled by the ship’s computer. 

“Okay, Todd, is the course correction program ready to go?” 

“Yes Sir. Loaded and ready.” 

“Good. Thirty seconds and counting.” 

When the countdown clock reached zero, the engines didn’t fire. 

“Todd! What the fuck’s going on?” 

“Don’t know, Craig. Give me a minute.” 

“We don’t have a minute, Todd! We have to do the course correction on time or we’re screwed.” 

Todd was typing feverishly on the computer keyboard, trying to figure out what happened. 

Finally he said, “Holy shit!” 

“What? What?” 

“The course correction software was not updated and the main program won’t execute without the latest version.” 

“You’ve got to be kidding me. What does that mean?” 

“It means that we can’t do the course correction and we’ll miss Mars. We’re fucked!” 

We both knew exactly what that meant. If a ship in route to Mars doesn’t do a course correction when required, the ship will go into a free return to Earth orbit. However, that, free return to Earth, takes almost four years. The ship goes into an elliptical orbit that crossed Earth’s orbit every year, but it takes four orbits before the two are in the same place at the same time. We were screwed. 

* * * * * 

That was two years ago. Since we are on a cargo ship, we have plenty of food, water, and oxygen to last more than four years. That is not the problem. The problem is boredom, especially with only four people on board. These cargo ships have been flying for over a hundred years and are kept up-to-date with all of the latest technology (of course except that fuckin’ course correction software update). It’s been two years and everyone is still pissed about that. 

If it weren’t for budget considerations, Earth would send us a rescue ship. We hadn’t even asked for one, knowing the answer already. We would just have to wait it out. 

Kami has become a young woman over the last two years. She’s now eighteen and no longer wears pigtails and yoga pants. Now she wears her hair in a beautiful chin-length bob with bangs down to her eyebrows, and mini-skirts that she’s made herself. Of course, she inherited her mother’s jet black shiny hair. That’s what attracted me to her mom in the first place. Asian women all seem to have beautiful hair, and that’s my weakness. 

Kami has kept up with her studies in the library. Well, the library is just a directory of books and assorted literature on the ship’s computer. She spends most of her time studying, reading, and learning. She is very bright and precocious enough to ask me or Todd or Tina anything without embarrassment. 

It was my turn to check the cargo holds. Todd and I rotate that duty, doing the checks every other day. It’s probably not necessary, but it’s required by our contract and it gives us something to do. 

As I approached Cargo Hold #3, I heard mumbling inside and the door was ajar. That in itself was a safety violation. 

I stepped inside to seek out the mumbling. It had to be Todd and Tina because I knew that Kami was on the computer. But as I approached a stack of storage containers, I saw Todd and Kami standing behind a large container making out! She had her arms around his neck and they were kissing heavily. She had her leg up and he was holding her thigh with her mini-skirt hiked up to her waist. 

I was shocked to say the least. And yet, I was fascinated with Kami and how much she had become a woman. I had my birds and the bees talk with her a year ago, so she knew what she was doing. Nonetheless, Todd was married and obviously Kami was off limits. 

“Hey! Just what the hell’s going on here?” 

“Oh my gosh, Dad!” Kami responded while pulling her skirt into place and straightening her hair. She couldn’t do anything about her red face. Kami has called me 'Dad' since she was about ten years old. That's how long her mom and I were together.

“Damn, Craig. Sorry. This is my fault. I got carried away.” 

“I guess you did!” 

“No, it’s my fault, Dad. I talked Todd into meeting me here. Don’t blame him.” 

“Go to our cabin, Kami. I’ll talk to you there.” As she left, I turned to Todd. 

“Todd, what the fuck are you doing? You have a new wife. Why are you messing around with my eighteen year-old? You have a new wife, for god sake!” 

“Sorry, Sir. It won’t happen again. Please don’t say anything to Tina about this.” 

“It better not happen again. Now get back to the Bridge and stay there.” 

“Yes, Sir!” 

As I walked back to my cabin I was dreading talking to Kami. Here I was thinking that she was so mature and so smart, reading all the time and learning so much. And now this! 

When I walked into our cabin, Kami was sitting on the bed crying. “Oh no,” I thought. “Why does she have to cry? That always gets to me.” 

I sat down beside her and she turned and cried on my shoulder. 

Sniffling, Kami said, “I’m so sorry, Dad.” She blew her nose on a tissue. “I was just experimenting. I’ve read so much about sex in the library and, well, I was just curious. I’m so sorry!” 

“So you were curious about sex and you found Todd to experiment with?” 

“Well, it wasn’t that way exactly. One thing led to another and we ended up there. It started innocently enough.” 

“Did it? Todd is the one I blame the most. He knows better and he has a wife.” 

“I know, Dad. I am sorry.” 

I gave her a hug and decided to discuss it more some other time, after she had time to think about it. 

“I found this one book in the library with photos and videos and the couple seemed to be so in love and seemed to love sex and it made them so close.” 

“What book was that?” 

“It’s a really old book, The Joy of Sex. I read it all the way through several times.” 

“I’ve never heard of it.” 

“It’s really good, Dad. Reading it made me want to have sex.” 

I didn’t know how to respond to that. This discussion was going where I didn’t want it to go. 

“Maybe we could have sex, Dad. You and me. We’re really close and having sex would make us closer. That’s what that book says. Sex between a loving couple makes them closer. We love each other.” 

“But that’s incest, Kami.” 

“Well, you're not really my dad, so it wouldn't be incest.”

"True enough, but I think of you as my daughter though." 

She laid her head on my shoulder and cuddled me around the waist. Kami and I had become close over the last two years. Now that she was eighteen, she was spreading her wings and was determined to try sex, and if not with Todd, then with me. 

I was hoping that would end the discussion and that she would forget about me and Todd as possible sex partners. I encouraged her to wait until we get back to Earth. Then she could make whatever decisions she wanted. 

Kami’s bunk is above mine and for the last two years she has been happy to sleep there. But last night she crawled into bed with me around midnight. 

“Dad, I’m cold. Can you keep me warm?” 

“Sure Honey.” I was dubious about her feeling cold. During the last two years she’d been fine. 

Kami cuddled up to me and put her head on my shoulder and her arm across my chest. 

“Mmm. You’re so warm, Dad.” 

“Go to sleep, Kami.” 


That first night together went well. Kami behaved and didn’t do anything but cuddle to me and go to sleep. But the second night was different. She didn’t even go to bed in her bunk, but just got into bed with me when we went to bed. 

“Kami, shouldn’t you sleep in your bunk?” 

“Why, Dad? You’re so warm and I slept so well last night. Please?” 

I was too tired to argue, so we cuddled and went to sleep. 

A couple of hours later I slowly awoke when I felt someone rubbing my cock slowly. I guess I had gotten an erection in my sleep, because my cock was already hard and creating a huge bulge in my pajamas. 

It took me a few seconds to put things together and to realize that Kami was rubbing me. She was also kissing my neck softly. 

“Kami, what are you doing?” I asked as I pushed her hand away. 

“Dad, please let me. I’ll just use my hand to get you off. I want to see it. Please, Dad?” 

My cock was as hard as a rock and it wanted attention. I rationalized that it couldn’t hurt if Kami gave me a hand job, so I just relaxed and let her. 

She laid her head on my chest and reached into my pajamas and pulled my cock out and began to stroke it slowly. 

“Oh, it’s so hard and warm. Does that feel good, Dad?” 

“Yes, sweetie.” 

She kept her slow stroking until I reached my climax and started to spurt cum straight up in the air in long streams that fell back on her hand and arm. 

“Ooh! That’s amazing!” She kept up her slow hand job until the final spurts of cum simply oozed out of my cock and ran down her fingers. 

Without any encouragement from me, Kami licked the cum from her hand and arm, glancing at me as she did. 

“Mmm. It tastes good! I like it.” Then she bent forward and took my cock in her mouth and sucked out a few more drops as I ran my hand over her head. 

“Do you mind that I did that? That I sucked you? I just wanted to try it.” 

“No I guess not. Now go back to sleep.” 

“Okay.” Kami cuddled up to me and I knew that things were now changed between us. She had caused my sexual arousal and caused me to ejaculate with her hand job. Then to top it all off, she had sucked my cock briefly. Things would never be the same between us again. 

The next morning Kami didn’t want to get up, but wanted to cuddle more. 

“Dad, would you like for me to do again what I did last night?” 

“No, Kami. I need to get my day going. It’s my turn to do the cargo walk-down.” 

“Can I come with you?” 

“I suppose, but it’s really boring.” 

“That’s okay. I’ll be with you.” 

“Okay. Get dressed.” 

During the walk-down, Kami stayed close to me and even had her arm around my waist part of the time. Then when we were in the cargo hold that was furthest from the front of the ship, she threw her arms around my neck and pressed her body hard against mine. 

“I want you to have sex with me, Dad. Right here would be really sexy.” 

“Kami. No!” 

“Then let me suck you; give you a blowjob. I know how. That book told me all about how to do it.” 

She immediately dropped to her knees in front of me and started to rub my crotch, which soon created a bulge. 

“See? I knew you would want to.” 

I had given up trying to resist Kami’s advances. She was too gorgeous, too determined, and I was too lonely and vulnerable. If my sweet 'daughter' wanted me, then I wasn’t going to deny her the little pleasure that she got from being stranded in space with three other people. This four-year delay in our lives was hard enough as it was without having to fight with her and deny her what she wanted. She was growing up in space and it was my job to help her. Well, that was my justification anyway. 

Kami unzipped my pants and pushed them to the floor, followed by my boxer shorts. By the time my cock was free, it was fully erect and throbbing in anticipation. 

“Ooh, Dad You’re so big. Let me know if I do it wrong.” 

She licked my cock up and down its length while holding and playing with my balls. Then when she put the head between her lips and started to suck, I moaned and reached out and took her head in one hand and put my other hand on her neck. 

She started to stroke my cock and suck on the upper three or four inches, bobbing her head slowly as she did so. 

I lost control and pulled her head toward my stomach, forcing my cock deep into her mouth. 

“Mmm,” Kami protested my forceful action, but let me push into her mouth anyway. Then she gagged and pulled out. 

“Wow. I can’t take it all, Dad.” 

“Sorry. I lost control for a second.” 

“Really? Do you like what I’m doing?” 

“Yes, sweetie, I do.” 

That seemed to encourage her, so she tried to deep throat me again. She was able to almost do it before gagging. But she took a deep breath and tried a third time. That time when she got to the gagging point, I pulled her head and forced the rest of my cock down her throat. She fought me only briefly before realizing that she no longer was gagging. 

She let me hold her face against my stomach and my cock deep in her throat until I figured she needed to breathe, so I let her pull away. 

“Ooh, I love the way you forced me to take it all. That really turns me on, Dad.” 

My cock was jerking up and down, almost ready to shoot off, so I pulled Kami’s head onto my shaft again and started to ejaculate as soon as it was in her throat. I could feel my cum streaming in surges through my cock and out the end. It seemed like my gut was emptying into Kami’s throat. 

Kami was looking up at me with a surprised look that turned into a subtle smile. She apparently loved the feel of my cum spurting down her throat. 

When I was finished, Kami slowly pulled away, sucking with her tight lips all the way. 

“Mmm, I loved that, Dad. You’re cum was spurting down my throat and it was so amazing! Did you like it? I tried to do it right.” 

“It was wonderful, Kami. You learned well.” 

She stood up and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “I want to do that every night for you. Okay? Please say you’ll let me.” 

“Okay. How can I say no to you, sweetie?” 

“Oh thank you, Daddy.” and she hugged my neck so hard that I had to stop her. 

* * * * * 

That night after we went to bed, Kami started to kiss me and rub my cock, getting me ready for another blowjob. 

“Kami, I think it’s time that I show you some sexual pleasure as well.” 

Excitedly, she said, “Really? Do you want to go down on me? That would be exciting!” 

“Well, I was thinking about the sixty-nine position, but I can go down on you to start.” 

“Oh yeah. I read about that.” 

I rolled her onto her back and pulled up the T-shirt she always wore to bed. I kissed her nice breast and erect nipples before moving down across her flat tummy. Her breathing was already getting rapid as I approached her pussy. 

“Ooh, Dad. That is so arousing. I’ve never felt this way before.” 

“Just relax, Kami.” 

She laid her head back on the pillow and started to run her fingers through my hair as I licked my tongue around the tender, virgin folds of her labia, pushing and probing every inch. 

I probed her vagina as deeply as my tongue would go, then ran my tongue up to her clit and made circles around it. 

“Ooh God, that feels so good. Mmm.” She started to thrust her hips against my tongue and pull my face into her pussy. 

Suddenly she groaned loudly and arched her hips as her orgasm swept through her young body. 

“Oh, oh, I think I’m cumming. Oh God.” Kami was having her first orgasm ever and wasn’t sure what it was. I had wrongly assumed that she had masturbated before and knew what an orgasm felt like. My giving Kami her first one was special. 

“Oh, Dad, that was so amazing. You can do that again any time you want.” 

“Now turn around.” 

Kami turned around in bed so that we were in the sixty-nine position. As I lowered my head between her legs, she spread them wide and took my cock into her mouth. 

“Oh this is nice, Dad.” 

She raised her head and took my cock into her throat, held it there for almost a minute while I made it jerk in her throat, then pulled it out. 

“Is that good?” 

I didn’t answer because my tongue was deep in her vagina, snaking its way back and forth. Kami resumed her deep throat and licked my balls at one point before starting to bob her head up and down on my cock. She was moaning louder and louder as I played with her clit. 

“Oh God, I’m cumming! Don’t stop eating me. Don’t stop!” 

While she was talking my cock started to squirt cum on her face. She made an “Ah” sound as she opened her mouth so my cum would shoot into it. 

“Mmm. You’re cum is so tasty, Dad. I love it.” 

When I turned around, she was still wiping cum off her face and sucking it from her fingers. 

“Oh, that was so good! Tomorrow night I want to fuck for real.” 

“Whoa slow down, Kami. You’re moving too fast.” 

“Oh. Well, I just thought that would be the next logical thing to do between us. That’s when we’ll become really close; after we fuck. Don’t you think so?” 

“I don’t know, Kami. Maybe.” 

I knew that the next night she would try to get me to have real sex with her. I also knew that it would be hard for me to resist her attempts. I’m a normal male of the human species, alone with three other people for four years, and the girl sleeping with me every night, my daughter, was a gorgeous, sex-charged woman who was determined to explore every facet of her new-found sexuality. The safest thing for me to do was to let her explore it with me and not with Todd. 

The next night I found work to do on the Bridge, hoping that Kami would get sleepy and go to sleep without me. It was my intent to delay her plans as much as possible, although I knew that a delay wouldn’t change anything. 

When I walked quietly into the cabin, Kami was fast asleep in my bunk. She looked so beautiful and so innocent lying there. It was really hard for me to ignore the fact that she wanted to have sex with me. Even now, my body was anticipating what might happen when I crawled into bed with her. 

I showered the day’s stress from my body and quietly, slowly slipped under the covers next to Kami. Without waking up, she moaned, turned over, and cuddled up to me. I held her close and went to sleep. 

The next morning I woke up early and slipped out of bed. 

“Dad,” Kami said sleepily. “When did you get back? I tried to wait up for you.” 

“Sorry, but I had stuff to do on the Bridge. It was late.” 

“Don’t go yet. Let’s make love.” 

“Kami, I have to go to work. Maybe this afternoon we can get in the Jacuzzi.” 

“Okay, that’ll be nice.” 

* * * * * 

When we entered the Jacuzzi, Tina was already there in her white bikini, her boobs barely being contained by it. 

Without embarrassment, Kami said, “You’re breasts are really large, Tina. I wish mine were that large.” 

“Thank you, Kami. Todd loves them, too.” She was looking directly at me when she said it. Then she reached behind her neck, untied her bikini top, and let it fall away. Her large, plump breasts now hovered in the bubbling water. A sly smile crossed her face. 

Kami’s mouth dropped open as she said, “Wow, Tina, they’re beautiful. Don’t you think so, Dad?” 

“Yes, Kami.” 

Tina moved over to me and rubbed her tits against my chest and kissed me. I froze, not knowing how to react to Todd’s wife’s advances. 

“Tina, stop it. I don’t think Todd would want you to do this.” 

She smiled and chuckled, “He wants me to seduce you.” 

“Oh my God!” 

“What? You think that would be so terrible?” 

I didn’t answer. Kami looked at me and at Tina. She obviously didn’t know what to say or do. 

Tina said, “Craig, we’ve all been stranded on this ship for two long years with two more to go. Todd and I think that the time remaining would be more interesting if we were to, you know, play around, and swap partners and stuff. Don’t you agree?” She put her arms around my neck and kissed me again and pushed her tongue into my mouth. 

Kami was spellbound watching us. 

“Tina, I don’t think that would be advisable. Kami we should go.” And we got out of the Jacuzzi and left the gym. I made a mental note to never catch myself alone with Tina again. No telling what she was capable of. 

When we got back to our cabin, Kami was all over me, kissing me and rubbing my crotch. She was aroused and was determined to have sex. 

“Dad, I want you to fuck me now. Seeing Tina’s breasts and watching her kiss you made me so aroused. Let’s do it right now. Take me to bed.” 

She had one arm around my neck, one hand rubbing the growing bulge in my pants, and was kissing me furiously. My will power faded quickly. 

She pulled me over to the bed, our lips never parting. Then she quickly removed the T-shirt she was wearing and pushed down my swimming trunks. Now that we were both nude, she pulled me on top of her on the bed and wrapped her legs around my waist. 

“Fuck me, Dad. I want you so much,” she whispered as she kissed my neck and shoulders. 

My cock was at the entrance to her vagina, so I slowly pushed into her. As she felt me penetrate her body, Kami took a deep breath and held it as she pushed her hips up to receive my cock. 

“Mmm. Push it all the way in.” 

I continue to push into her and she flinched when I popped her hymen. 

“Ow, that hurt.” 

“Sorry, but I thought you knew it would.” 

“I did. Keep pushing into me. I want to feel your cock fill my body.” 

I made one final thrust and was all the way into her virgin body. It was warm and tight, and quite moist. 

“Mmm, Dad. It feels so good. Fuck me slowly. Pretend I have large breasts like Tina. I want to do this all afternoon.” 

I continued to thrust in and out of Kami, trying to withhold my climax. Having sex with my daughter was much more arousing than I thought it would be or should be. I, too, wanted to do it all afternoon. 

It wasn’t long before Kami had a wonderful Earth-shattering orgasm. She locked her legs around my waist and fucked her hips up at me, moaning and grinding until it was over. 

I held off until she was through, then exploded deep in her body, filling it with my cum. 

“Ohh, Dad. I can feel you cumming inside me. Suck my breasts. Pretend I’m Tina.” 

I did suck her breasts and pretend she was Tina and my cock began to grow again. 

“Mmm, I feel you getting hard again.” 

We fucked for what seemed like hours. We would rest for a while, then fuck again. She loved it from the back, doggie style. Finally we were exhausted and went to sleep. 

When we woke up, Kami was cuddled up to me and said, “This has been so wonderful, Dad. I just knew that when we made love that it would be.” 

“Me, too, sweetie.” 

For the next several nights, Kami and I made love. We were no longer father and daughter. We were more like lovers. 

* * * * * 

I was making my walk-down of the cargo holds when I heard someone behind me. I turned and it was Tina wearing shorts and a blouse unbuttoned halfway down to reveal her bra-less breasts. She walked up to me, put her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply, our tongues exploring sensuously. 

“I’ve been patient, Craig. I want you right now, right here.” And she pushed me against the bulkhead. She reached down and grabbed the growing bulge in my pants with one hand and pulled her blouse to one side with the other, allowing a breast to be fully exposed. 

Then she put her hand behind my head and pulled it down to her breast. I took it in my mouth and sucked it hard, making her nipple erect. 

“Mmm. I knew you wanted me, Craig.” 

My passions and hormones got the better of me and I turned and pushed her face first against the wall. 

“Ooh, you want to take me from the back?” 

I quickly and roughly pushed down her shorts, probed her ass with my cock to find her pussy, then rammed it home, almost lifting her off her feet. 

“Ugh! Fuck me hard!” 

I only thrust up into Tina for a couple of minutes before I started to shoot off. I pressed my body hard against her back as my cock spurted its load. 

“Mmm. Yes, cum in me, Craig. Cum in me.” 

Her orgasm followed quickly after mine, making a groan escape her lips that echoed through the corridor. 

“Ahhh, fuck. God your cock feels good” 

I kept thrusting into Tina until my cock went completely limp and slipped out of her, followed by a flood of cum that made triangular puddles on the ship’s patterned deck. I continued to press my body against her back as we both gasped to catch our breath. 

“You’re good, Craig. I somehow knew you would be.” 

“You know that I’ve wanted to fuck your brains out since the day you came on board.” 

“Really? We could have been doing this for two years?” 

“What about Todd?” 

“Oh, Todd. He’s fucking Kami right now in the Jacuzzi.” 

“What? How do you know that?” 

“Because they were fucking when I got out to come find you. Todd knows we’re together.” 

I had visions of Kami being screwed hard by Todd. I was surprised that it excited me, and my cock began to grow as a result. 

With her face still against the wall, Tina said, “Is your cock growing again?” 

“It is and I want you to suck me off.” 

“Mmm. Gladly.” 

I let her turn around and she dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth, taking my cock all the way down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft like an expert trying desperately to show me how good she was. And she was good. She would push my cock down her throat, then lick my balls with her tongue while rotating her head to stimulate it. 

I put my hand on the back of her head and held her nose against my stomach as my second climax approached. She needed to breathe and struggled to get off of my cock, but I held her tight until I shot my load. She gagged and sputtered as my cum shot down her throat, but I wouldn’t let her go. Tina would never forget the day she gave me a blowjob! 

When my cock was finally finished spurting, I released her and she quickly pulled out and gasped to get her breath. 

“Damn, Craig. You’re an animal aren’t you?” 

“Sorry. I’ve just wanted to do that to you for two years. I couldn’t let you go.” 

She stood up and put her arms around my neck. “Don’t apologize. I love it rough like that. In fact, I wish Todd would be rougher with me like that.” She kissed me deeply and said, “Fucking you for the next two year is going to be fun.” 

When I got back to our cabin, Kami was waiting for me, looking a bit sheepish. Visions of Todd fucking her in the Jacuzzi once again filled my head and my cock began to grow. 

“Dad, how did things work out with Tina?” 

“Good. How was sex in the Jacuzzi with Todd?” 

“You’re not mad at me? I was afraid you’d be mad.” 

“No, sweetie. It’s time we all loosened up and messed around. The next two years will pass more quickly if we do.” 

“Oh thank you, Dad.” and she came over and kissed me. When she felt my bulge against her leg, she said, “Oh, Dad. Would you like to fuck me?” 

“Yes, but no. I don’t have the energy right now.” 


“I need to relax in the Jacuzzi for a while.” 

“Can I come with you?” 

“Of course.” 

When we got in the Jacuzzi, Kami cuddled up to me as we relaxed in the warm, bubbling water. 

“So was it good with Todd?” 

“Well, I was surprised that it wasn’t better than it was. I thought it would be fantastic, but it wasn’t. I prefer you, Dad.” And she started to rub my cock. 

I just relaxed and let her have her fun, but I knew that I couldn’t get it up again for a while. 

* * * * * 

Thank goodness I’d had a vasectomy. Todd, however, was fertile, so both girls had a standard five-year birth control implant inserted in their thighs. It was so common a procedure that anyone could do it. Since Todd was the dangerous one, he got the honors to do it. Pregnancy would not be an issue on this mission. 

For several months, Todd and I swapped partners for a night. I guess after a dozen or so swaps, we got it out of our systems and we all four decided to stop. 

Kami and I are very happy together. She doesn’t want another man. She just wants her 'Dad'. 

Todd and Tina, once back on Earth, decided to stay and not immigrate to New Atlanta. I don’t know if they’re still together or not because he resigned his commission from the cargo fleet and I never hear from him.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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