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Her First Time

I love how you tease...

The rain smashed against the windows, it was another stormy night in England.

I had already showered and was sitting at my dressing table wearing my normal bed clothes; my favourite blue silk bra and knickers with my silk blue robe tied around loosely. My hair, still wet from the shower lay against my shoulders and chest. I completed my journal installment and smiled.

"19 today" I said aloud, and laughed as I cheered my hands in the air, thankful that no-one could see me.

It was then a clutter hit onto my window behind me, I got up and peeked to see who it was - my friend Danny.

I returned to where I was sitting before, checking my image in the mirror. He had always drove my brain wild with thoughts that one shouldn't really have about her best friend.

He walked over to me his arms outstretched.

"Happy Birthday" he winked.

"Can I kiss the birthday girl?" he asked, a smile spreading across his face.

I raised one eyebrow and acted innocent.

His hand, lightly brushed my jaw before kissing my lips. Lasting longer that I thought it would have, he opened his mouth every-so slowly and pressed hard against me. It was as though the moment was just us, uncontrollably my hand reached into his hair brushing through it and pulling it softly.

I wanted him more, wanted him so bad.

His body edged closer to me, now running his fingers through my hair and lifting me up so my legs where tied around his waist. Pressing my back into the wall as the kiss got more steamer and deeper.

Making his way towards the bed, he stopped kissing my lips and moved towards my neck and shoulders before lying me down on the sheets. Pulling away my robe he continued to kiss and caress me, gently moving his lips all over my neck and shoulders, unclasping my bra as I lay still. Continuing to sweep his lips over my neck, skimming his tongue over my nipples moving down to my waist, kissing my stomach.

"I want you" he whispered, kissing the inside of both my thighs and using his tongue to softly press the silk on my knickers into me. My head spinning as I reached up, holding the end of his chin I led him back up to lie on top of me, pressing my lips hard against his and roughly running my fingers through his hair.

His hands running all over my body made my stomach fizz inside, pressing his hand against my breast and his lips harder against my lips he moved his hand down between my thighs, curling his finger over the side of panties and pulling at them to go down. Pulling his hand away, I rested it on my waist, we kissed even harder than we had already. It wasn't long before he made his second attempt, curling his finger round the edge of my underwear and lifting my leg up onto his back. I could feel how hard he was against my inner thigh, he noticed that I had noticed too. This time I moved my own hand down, holding them up. His playful attempt at pulling them down and myself holding them up made him laugh softly.

"Please" he whispered, seductively.

I let my hand go, running my nails on his back as he curled his finger round the edge of my knickers for the final time. Pulling them down softly, before roughly pulling them off the end of my ankles. He was sitting up now, looking down on me with a grin baring his face. Lifting up my hips and opening my thighs, he leaned more forward just inches of my face.

"I love how you tease me" he said, chuckling softly before pushing himself into me, my pulses erupted as I pulled into his back pushing him closer to me. He began moaning lightly as he pressed deeper and deeper into me, pulling himself back and forth. His thrusts got deeper and deeper, making us both moan louder and louder. My nails digging into the sheets, pulling at them as he moved his hips, grinding against mine.

All sensations alive, I could feel him as he began to slow down, before moving fast at speed. I moaned loud, louder than I had ever heard myself do before, gripping tightly with one of my hands onto the sheet wrapped into my fist, the other pressing hard into it back. He groaned, moving slower before I could feel him cumming and going softer inside me, his eyes rolling before he stopped and smiled at me as a bit the corner of my lip.


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