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The sight made my manhood stand again. She was rubbing her boobs and her cunt( choot) I was getting

Hot Aunti..


This is the story of me about two years back I was 19 at that time the stories of this site had made me a sex lover after the first day I visited this site I had started having dreams of having sex to different TV actress.

One day when I woke up my mother told me that because of a death both my parents were going out of town so after having breakfast they left. {We at that time lived as a joint family I mean me my parents and my uncle   and his wife}. After having the breakfast I went to my room and started surfing the net. At 10:00 my uncle had left for office and now it was only me and aunty at home she was doing some work and I just sat by the pc and kept reading the stories on this very site ofcourse). At 1:30 she called me for lunch so I went down while I was still thinking about the new story in which a boy had fucked his aunty… while thinking about it my dick was standing and it seemed like a flag pole in my thin cotton shorts as I reached the table I saw aunty there wearing a thin red sari she was a young lady about 29 years of age… long black hair short height slim bally and a figure which could make any man mad (38.27.40) brownish complexion before that I did not have any desire to have sex with her and I had never paid attention to her sexy body.. while having lunch she stretched her hand to get the glass which was near my hand her pallu just slipped and I accidentally looked at her boobs the site was fantastic and the big bobs were trying to get out from the tight blouse of hers… the thought of her boobs made my dick stand and the top of it came out of my shorts which could not be seen from the chairs we were sitting on she was sitting right in front of me and could possibly see the color of my face change but did not say anything about it I think see had noticed me looking at her boobs then I kept on thinking about it and having lunch suddenly her fork fell and she bend down to get it so after she got up she had a smile on her face which I did not notice as I was busy thinking about her boobs after lunch I went in my room and started masteburating in the hurry I forgot to lock the door and as I was masteburating the door opened and there stood my aunty looking at me…. what r u doing she screamed by that time I was out of the shock I felt very ashamed of my self standing in front of my chachi naked she kept on shouting and abusing me. I had winds blowing in my mind as I was caught red handed I then bent down to my knees and held her feet and started apologizing well but she had some thing else in mind which I came to know later) I was very upset as I thought she would tell my parents about it and I will be punished. the thought even made me sick that what would happen after she tells my parents. Just imagine my condition that I even forgot that I was not wearing anything except a T-shirt. I just found that out when I noticed her looking at my dick well that was enough to make it stand again but she again said that she will tell my parents I kept on apologizing then she said she could forgive me if only I do what ever she says and this order was not just for now but the whole life at that time I had no other option so I agreed then she went out of the room but suddenly came back in and ordered me to take of my shirt too. I was shocked but again I had to then she ordered me too sit at the corner and watch she took her clothes of one by one. And now she was only wearing a bra and panty.


The sight made my manhood stand again. She was rubbing her boobs and her cunt( choot) I was getting out of control and started masteburating again but she shouted and abusing me like a bitch and frankly speaking I liked that any ways she started rubbing her body again and I couldn't do any thing with the worlds sexiest woman in front of me naked I was not even allowed to masteburate but my dick was standing all the time she was also out of control by that time. She came near me and held my dick in her hand and said that my dick was thinker and longer then of her husband she started giving gentle strokes to it that made us both mad and we started kissing like two frustrated assholes. After kissing passionately we went to the bad and laid down now she was on the bed and me on top of her she was screaming as well as abusing me and enjoying the each stroke and making the sounds, those sounds were making me more mad and I was abut to come as it was my first time with a lady. I told her that I was coming she said too early darling, then I said   it is my first time she said ok but I want u to cum on my boobs and so did I after cuming I fell on her like a bag full of sand. We laid side by side she held my dick in her hand then she came on top and took my dick in her mouth the gentle strokes of her lips made it stand again and then she took it out then she sat on it and started going up and down at every stroke I felt that I was gona die it was not pain but I felt amazing I cant describe the feeling in words then suddenly her strokes got faster ad faster but then she stopped I looked at her but couldn't say anything then it was my turn to get on her.i did not know how to put it in so she held my dick and then she inserted it in her pussy herself I started moving and after about 8 mins she started screaming abit louder I stopped but for that I had to listen to a lot of abusing then I felt a lot of liquid in her pussy but I did not stop pumping after 2 mins I told her that I was gona cum she told me to get my dick out of her pussy and put in in her mouth and so I did. I came in her mouth and she drank it all. After that we both laid there side by side for 10 mins and then she said come on lets have a bath so we went into the bathroom and started getting washed up. That was the best bath I ever had. After that day we used to have sex when ever we were alone and just before 6 months she went to another city with her husband and left me alone now when ever I go to that city we have sex when her husband goes to work. But that’s only once in 3 months and hence I feel alone…..


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Posted 28 Nov 2008 12:16
It's pretty good, few mistakes but nobody's perfect. one thing I'd work on is breaking those paragraphs apart. Also some punctuation would help, that's just a suggestion though.
Posted 04 Dec 2007 23:24
very good indian story

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