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I Lost My Virginity At Sixteen To My Neighbor

I Lost My Virginity At Sixteen To My Neighbor

Marianne eagerly loses her virginity at age sixteen to her neighbor.
I didn’t want to move to Jacksonville. I had friends in Orlando; my high school; and more! But I was sixteen years old and didn’t get a vote. My mom had taken a job there that paid more, so I could see her reason for wanting to move.

We had been packing for three damn days without a break! Mom’s company was paying for our move, but not enough to cover the packing, so here we were doing it ourselves. Thank god for Jeff, our gorgeous neighbor! He had volunteered to help at night and on the weekend. He had just moved in next door a few months earlier and I really had the hots for him. He was in his mid-thirties, tall, nice body, friendly, your normal hunk. I figured he was way out of my league and untouchable, so I didn’t flirt much with him.

Mom had to leave for Jacksonville at three that afternoon so she could report to work the following day. I was to stay in the apartment until the movers arrived sometime the next day. Jeff helped almost all day since it was Sunday and he was a life saver. Without his help we would not have finished packing. It was around five, I think, when we finally finished packing, moving boxes, etc., and we were both exhausted.

I found Jeff lying on the mattress in my bedroom. He had taken the bed apart, cleared a spot for the mattress, and apparently collapsed on it. As I looked down at his slim, well-toned body, his tight t-shirt that did not hide his perfect abs and manly chest, I couldn’t help but fantasize about him. What would his cock feel like in my hand? Would he eat me and what would it feel like? What would his cock feel like inside me? I was a virgin, so I had no idea what he would feel like. His muscular legs were well exposed below the shorts he was wearing. Both arms were relaxed above his head and he appeared to be sound asleep.

I was thinking how good it would feel to lay down beside him and take a little nap, too. I could slowly move close to him and feel the warmth of his body on mine. Maybe he would cuddle me to his chest and smile.

Taking a deep breath, I made the decision to do it. I carefully crawled onto the mattress beside him, just close enough so that I could feel the heat radiating from his body. It was January and the temperature outside was in the mid-thirties, so his warmth was welcomed.

“Hey Marianne, I was so tired and this mattress looked so inviting I couldn’t resist.”

“That’s okay. I’m exhausted, too. And a bit chilly.”

Then Jeff put his arm around me and pulled me close. “Well, I can do something about that. Is that better?”

“That feels wonderful! You are so warm!”

“That’s what guys are for.”

I had my head on his nice firm chest with my hand near my face. He felt SO good. My first cuddle with a man other than my father. And it felt good…so good that I felt a slight tingle in my pussy, which also felt good. I thought, “Where could this lead? Should I or shouldn’t I get amorous with Jeff? I don’t even know if he’s attracted to me or not! How would he respond, if at all?”

* * * *

I was pleasantly surprised when Marianne quietly crawled onto the mattress beside me. She is such an adorable and beautiful teenager! Her long strawberry blonde hair; her nice breasts, which were never confined by a bra; her round ass, flat tummy…all created a perfect picture of the kind of girl I would dearly love to ravish. I’d been single and without sex for almost nine months and Marianne was an ideal fantasy for me.

When I took her in my arms and she willingly cuddled to me, my mind was flooded with fantasies of the possibilities. The fact that she was “jail bait” weighed heavily in the back of my mind, but the feel of her teenage body seemed to be more important at the moment.

I kissed the top of her head and inhaled the smell of her hair. The fragrance of her shampoo was still present and added to her attractiveness. I loved her gorgeous hair and had wanted to possess it since the day we first met. I wanted to run my fingers through it, lick it, run my hard cock through it, then shoot off in it as she giggled.

* * * *

I couldn’t believe it when Jeff kissed me on the head! Wow! I could take that as an invitation to kiss him back. Or maybe it was just an obvious friendly gesture. Either way, I loved it and just wanted to lay with him and let my thoughts wander and fantasize about the possibilities.

I moaned lightly when he kissed me, just enough to sound either appreciative or arousing. I would let him decide which.

He squeezed my shoulder closer to him and I cuddled closer. I took that as an indication that he liked my moan and the feel of my body, so I took a really, really big chance and started to draw small circles on his chest with my finger, waiting for a response before I let my fingers move elsewhere.

* * * *

Marianne moaned when I kissed her and started to run her delicate finger around my chest. What was she doing? Was she trying to arouse me? Was she trying to seduce me? It was obviously arousing me and my self-control would soon go out the window if she didn’t stop. The bulge in my shorts would surely become visible soon, too. If that happened, I could not be responsible for the outcome. If my hormones took over, then sweet little Marianne just might lose her virginity right here on this mattress!

Her finger making circles on my chest told me that she liked our cuddling and suggested even more than that. What if I were to gingerly move to the next level of intimacy? My erection was saying I should try it. So I moved my hand from Marianne’s shoulder and ran my fingers up through her gorgeous blonde hair, starting behind her ear and gathering a handful as my hand reached the top of her head.

“Your hair is so soft and silky. You are lucky to have such gorgeous hair.”

“You really think so?” Marianne whispered as she raised her head and looked into my eyes.

“I do. I’ve been wishing I could feel just how soft it was.”

She kissed me softly on the lips, her tongue pushed gently for entry into my mouth, which I granted. Her tongue explored mine as we each inhaled the sweet aroma of our bodies.

* * * *

His lips against mine were intoxicating! Oh my God! What do I do now? I want him so much! I want him to take me right here on this mattress. The boys I’d been dating were pimple-faced kids compared to Jeff. I would never give my honored virginity to any of them. But Jeff can have it right here and right now!

Our French kissing was getting us both aroused. We were both breathing harder and I moaned again as his tongue explored my mouth.

I was so glad that my best friend, Joanne, had told me all about her first time and what guys really like and how to turn them on. Otherwise, I would not have known what to do next.

I stopped circling my finger on Jeff’s chest and started to rub my hand up and down his body…from his chest to his flat abs and back, increasing the distance traveled with each circuit of my hand.

Jeff moaned to indicate that he liked it or that I should proceed. I didn’t care which he meant, I was going to proceed down to that bulge in his shorts…the bulge I had spotted a few minutes ago before I kissed him.

I let my hand slowly slide down to his bulge and let my palm rub over its full length. Jeff responded by groaning and pushing his hips up against my hand. There was no turning back now. A line had just been crossed. I was massaging Jeff’s cock and that was a level of intimacy that neither one of us had ever dreamed of. It was a level of intimacy that I knew would lead to our having sex.

* * * *

When Marianne’s hand touched my cock, I thought I would pass out. I knew right then that we were going to have sex. There was no way around it. When a girl massages your boner, she is saying something. She is saying, “I want that.”

I pushed up against her hand as she gently rubbed my erection. She seemed to know exactly how to stimulate me and I was about to show her exactly what I wanted from her. We continued to kiss eagerly as she continued to stroke my throbbing cock.

* * * *

His manhood was getting so big and so hard that it must be hurting him to have it confined in those tight shorts. I stopped rubbing it momentarily and I could feel it pulsing and throbbing in my hand. I wondered if it would pulsate like that in my mouth. What would it feel like to have his hard cock in my mouth? What would he taste like? I had to find out!

Jeff slowly pushed me onto my back and rolled on top of me. His hard erection was pressing against my pussy and that’s when I felt how wet I was down there. He felt so good as he humped against me and I pushed back against him, causing goose bumps on my legs and a shiver to run up my back. We were both moaning and groaning, wanting to explore all the new and thrilling feelings that were being unleashed. I raised my free leg and wrapped it around his waist.

He held my hands down against the mattress and kissed my neck and shoulders. He was so hungry for my body that I thought maybe I had started something that I might regret. He started to nibble and almost bite my flesh as he worked his way down to my breasts. He sucked my nipples through my tank top until they were so hard that I thought they would pop.

Then he released my hands and quickly pulled up my top to expose my plump tits. I was proud of my tits and Jeff was the first man to ever see them or touch them.

“Oh, Marianne! You are so beautiful! I want you so much!”

“I’m yours Jeff. I’m all yours,” I whispered, so breathless that I hardly got it out.

He planted his face on my breasts and devoured them. He sucked the nipples; he sucked the areolas; he licked the area between them as he moved back and forth to give each an equal amount of attention.

Then he slid down my body to my flat tummy and sucked my navel and stuck his tongue into it, trying to ream out the opening to gain entry into my body.

* * * *

When I arrived at Marianne’s shorts, I quickly opened the snap and unzipped them, then pulled them down to her knees. As I nibbled and pulled at her panties with my teeth, she lifted her hips and pushed them down for me, revealing the most adorable female pubic area I’d ever seen. There was very little hair and what was there was a gorgeous pink color! I was fascinated at the sight of such a beautiful pussy. It was dripping wet; the hair around it was wet; and the folds of its lips were so swollen and puffy that I thought I would faint if I didn’t get my tongue on them. I was actually going to penetrate that lovely pussy, probably for the first time in her life, and it would be glorious!

I kissed the hair around her pussy and pulled it with my lips, then suddenly and forcefully, I plunged my tongue into those swollen folds, parting them for the first time ever, licking them for the first time ever; and sticking my tongue deep within where nothing had ever been before.

Marianne was moaning and humping against my darting tongue. She was lost in heavenly feelings that she had never had before. I licked her tasty juices into my mouth and smeared them on my face. I wanted to cover myself with her body fluids. I wanted to possess this gorgeous creature that circumstances had given me.

* * * *

Jeff was licking my privates and I thought I would go crazy with sexual excitement. I wanted his cock inside me. I wanted it to thrust into me so hard that it would take my breath away.

Then he arrived at my clitoris and I went wild.

“Oh God, Jeff! Fuck me! Please!”

When he heard that, he rose up on his knees and dropped his shorts and briefs to reveal his engorged cock…the first real cock I had ever seen…and it looked enormous! How was that big thing ever going to fit inside me?

I helped him remove my panties and shorts that had gathered at my knees, then he took both of my legs at the knees and pushed them toward my shoulders. I was fully exposed to him; fully exposed to a man for the first time; fully vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to me.

He leaned forward and kissed me hungrily. Our tongues intertwined.

“I’m going to make love to you now, Marianne.”

All I could do was nod my agreement. I was so lost in the moment, so ready to take him inside me, that my voice wouldn’t work.

Jeff maneuvered his body so that his cock was laying on my clit. He racked it up and down my pussy lips to spread the juices on its pink, swollen head. When he had it in position, he looked up at me, his eyes barely open, a look of total sublime on his face. Then he slowly pushed his hard cock inside me.

“Oh!” I whimpered as it punctured my hymen.

But he kept slowly pushing into me until his full seven or eight inches had impaled me. His stomach was pressing against mine and his large hands were pressing my knees against my shoulders as he started to thrust repeatedly.

“Oh Jeff. Go slow. This is my first time.”

“I know…and I’m going to fuck you every way I can. This will be a day you will never forget.”

That both excited me and scared me. Was he going to be gentle with me? Would he hurt me while he was fucking me in every way he could? I didn’t care anymore. He felt so good inside me; the pain of his entrance had disappeared; his humping and grinding inside me was all I could think about. The sound of his cock as he pulled it in and out of me was a surprise. I had no idea that having sex would make a sound or that the sound would be so erotic. Every sloshing sound, every sucking sound, was erotic music to my ears. I was folded in half as Jeff pound into me and I was lost in the sound, the feelings, and the smell of sex.

My clit was enlarged and would rub against his pubic bone every time he buried his cock in me. I told him to push it in and grind himself against me so I could cum. When he did, I immediately began to have the most fantastic orgasm of my life! Jeff’s cock was deep inside me; his pelvis was grinding on my clit; and I was thrusting up to meet him. I had died and gone to Heaven!

Then Jeff yelled out, “Ah...Ah! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh fuck Marianne! Fuck!”

He continued to thrust into me as he climaxed. I could feel his cock spitting it’s cum inside me. I had visions of what it must look like as it ejaculated its load of cum…spurting and squirting. I wanted to feel it spurting in my mouth. I wanted to see it spurting on my face. I wanted more sex.

Finally Jeff finished his climax and released my tired legs and was about to lay down.

“Jeff, move up here on my chest so I can suck you. I want to suck your cock.”

He quickly complied and I eagerly sucked him into my mouth. It was the first penis I had ever had in my mouth and I would never forget a single detail of it. I felt veins on it, and the uncircumcised skin moved with my lips, and its head was both hard like an inflated balloon and smooth like a rose pedal. The mixture of his cum and my juices tasted heavenly…thick and creamy like warm ice cream. I lapped it up and sucked his manhood and stroked it with two fingers, managing to milk a large drop of cum out of it. It didn’t taste as bad as Joanne said it would. I liked it and wanted more. I kept his cock in my mouth until it went completely limp, a mere junior size compared to a few minutes before.

I smiled when he pulled it out and said, “I could suck you all day if you’d let me.”

“And I would let you, but I need to rest if I’m going to do what I said.”

I knew what he meant. He was going to fuck me in every way he could. I think that’s what he said. And I wanted him too. I wanted to experience everything with him!

* * * *

We slept for maybe an hour and Jeff woke up and pulled me even closer to him. He had been holding me with my back against his chest. Our bodies fit together perfectly. My butt was against his crotch and I could feel his limp cock lying timidly between my ass cheeks. It felt funny and arousing at the same time.

He thrust his hips slightly and his cock began to grow quickly, pushing its way between my cheeks. I pushed against it and Jeff moaned, pushed harder, and moved one hand down to my hips and pulled me against it.

Whispering in my ear, he said, “I want you from the back. That’s my favorite position. You’ll love it.”

“Okay. I’ll do whatever you want.”

Jeff rolled me onto my stomach and got on his knees behind me and between my legs.

“Arch your back to put your ass in the air.”

I did as he asked and felt his cock enter me almost immediately. He lifted my hips higher and was then able to thrust all the way into me.

“Oh God, Jeff! You feel so hard inside me!”

“Marianne, you are the best fuck I’ve ever had. You are so gorgeous!”

Then he reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. It hurt a little, but also felt strangely arousing. Jeff was fucking me and pulling my head back as though he was taking me by force…against my will. I started to fantasize that he had come into my room during the night and was taking me hard and fast, not allowing me to make a sound.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” I moaned as he fucked me deeper and harder; every thrust sending a chill up my spine. He was getting wild and was grunting like a bear as he pummeled me with his hard cock.

My climax was approaching as I felt his cock stimulating every inch of my pussy. I couldn’t make it last as long as I wanted to. My climax was on its own schedule and came crashing through me with a vengeance. My womb was on fire! Ants were crawling up and down my back!

“Oh Jeff! Fuck me! Fuck me! You feel so good!”

“I’ll fuck you ‘til you beg me to stop.”

“I never want you to stop!”

“I’m cumming! “

“Cum in my mouth! Cum in my mouth!”

Jeff pulled out quickly and lay down on the bed as I grabbed his pulsating cock in my hand. It was starting to spurt before I could get it in my mouth. I quickly rammed it down my throat and felt his warm, smooth cum surging down my throat. God it felt so strange! A cock in my mouth was spurting cum down my throat and I was swallowing it gladly. Just this morning I would not have dreamed that anything like this could happen!

“Do you like my cum, Marianne?”

“I love it. I could drink gallons of it. It tastes so good!”

“After dinner I’ll show you the sixty-nine position. Do you know what that is?”

“Yes. I’ve been told about it. It sounds wonderful.”

“Good. Let’s go out to dinner.”

* * * *

After dinner we went straight back to our “love mattress.” That’s the way I thought of it now. I’m glad it was the mattress from my bed. After tonight I would be living in Jacksonville and sleeping every night on this mattress…the mattress where I gave my virginity to Jeff.

Jeff held me and we kissed passionately as we undressed each other. As I pulled down his pants, I could feel that his cock was already hard and ready for me. I wanted to suck it slowly and feel every vein, every ripple in its skin. I wanted to twirl my tongue around its head and suck it hard to make it fill with blood. I wanted to push my tongue into its opening, taste the clear, sticky fluid that it gave me. And when it spit its load into my mouth, I wanted to relish every drop, savor every taste, every feeling of its warm, creamy texture.

“Why don't you lay down across the mattress with your head down here,” Jeff indicated where he wanted me.

When I was in position, he laid down above me with his cock just inches from my mouth. Before he was fully in place, I took his hard manhood into my mouth, raising my head to make it push down my throat. It made me gag, but I tried again.

“It’s okay if you gag. It’s a turn-on for a guy.”


“Yeah. It tells him that his cock is so big that his partner is choking on it.”

I guess that made sense.

Jeff bent forward and planted his head deep between my legs, pressing his tongue squarely on my clit. He did not slowly tantalize me with his tongue; he did not explore the swollen folds of my love nest. He went right to the target of my sexuality, the singular spot that was sure to get me off quickly.

“Oh Jeff! You do that so good!”

That seemed to encourage him and he started to flick his tongue around my clit, sending me into that wonderful agony of an orgasm. It came on so quickly that it surprised me. My whole body was suddenly burning from head to toe! My hips were thrusting uncontrollably. I had to forego sucking his cock while I enjoyed my orgasm. It seemed to last for several minutes as my head started to spin and my clit felt like it was being ripped from my body. It was pain and pleasure together in full measure.

When I finally returned to the present from wherever my orgasm had sent me, I turned my attention back to Jeff’s nice, hard cock. It was so engorged that the foreskin was fully retracted to expose the smooth silky-soft head. I love the head the most. I love its shape, its large bulbous size, and the large hole at its center through which it would give me its liquid treasure; its lovely juices.

As I pushed it down my throat again and again, I had to gag, but I was building a tolerance to it and was soon able to take his cock all the way down without gagging. It was wonderful to feel his manhood lodged in my throat, stretching my esophagus.

I would hold his cock in my throat until I had to breathe, then after taking a breath, I would plunge it down my throat again. Jeff would groan and moan each time I sucked him down. He was in a wonderland of sexual pleasure and I, the teenager next door who was a virgin just a few hours ago, had sent him there. It was a magnificent and glorious feeling to give him such pleasure.

All at once, Jeff arched his back, groaned loudly, and pushed his rod deep into my throat and began to shudder. I knew he was about to cum and I didn’t want it in my throat. I couldn’t experience every sensation unless it was in my mouth so that I could twirl my tongue around the head as it spit forth its sweet nectar.

I quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to stroke it with my hand while sucking hard on its head. Suddenly it started…my first full load in my mouth! It seemed to explode into my mouth. I thought I could hear it squirting, like when you squeeze the last drops of shampoo from a plastic bottle. You know, a squirting sound.

Anyway, the feel of his cum shooting into my mouth, across my tongue, and slowly draining down my throat, was heavenly. It just kept coming and coming. I moaned with each spurt from its head, tasting and savoring each large drop before letting it slide down the back of my throat. When my mouth was full, I swallowed and continued to receive his huge load of cum. Where was it all coming from? This was his third load of the day and his biggest!

I didn’t care where he was getting it. I just wanted it all for as long as he could give it to me. But all good things must “cum” to an end and Jeff eventually stopped ejaculating and his cock went soft. Even my efforts to suck him back to fullness did not work. He was done for the day.

“God, Marianne! That was fantastic! Where did you learn to suck a guy off like that?”

“I’ve never done it before, but my friend, Joanne, gave me some pointers.”

“Well, your friend Joanne is a terrific teacher.”

“Too bad I have to leave tomorrow. I’ll bet that Joanne and I could wear you out.”

“Are you suggesting a threesome?”

“Yeah. I’ve thought about that a lot. I think it would be fun with you.”

“Hmm. Maybe you could come back some weekend and we’ll try that.”

“I’ll tell Joanne. She’ll be excited when I tell her about you and about my first time.”

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